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  1. @Preety_India the point is how extreme the republicans are becoming.
  2. A guy from the UK where they also have two major political parties (labor amd conservative) posted this joke; in America they also have two major parties. They have the democrats who are like our conservatives and they have the republicans who are like the Musolini fascists.
  3. A friend claims that vegatarians, be they vegan or consumers of eggs and dairy live on average 9 years longer than meat eaters. Anyone know this to be fact?
  4. The question isn't if conservatism will die, but if the republican party will die.
  5. No, I think the fact that she is mentally ill is an important point. She does after all hold elective office and as such helps formulate public policies effecting the entire nation of 340 million people.
  6. Someone asked me today if I think that Marjorie Taylor Greene is the GOP version of Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez. My answer was no, AOC has an ideology. Marjorie Taylor Greene has a mental illness.
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/news/ex-gop-congresswoman-says-party-202908037.html
  8. Just supposing the republican party does cease. Surely something will come in it's place just as the republicans came upon the demise of the WHIG party. What do you suppose will usurp a vacancy left? The Libertarians? Or maybe the Alliance party? Or some yet to come party?
  9. Long time republican strategest Steve Schmidt says that he left that party two years ago to become an independant and has since become a democrat. He also said that he not only expects the republican party's demise but says it is deserved.
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/jacob-monty-quits-gop-donald-trump-092604945.html
  11. @Raze I agree with him that children shouldn't go to school. In my sister's psychology tex books I have read about research on learning in which the researchers discovered three things. 1. Students in a classroom lecture are daydreaming 70% of the time. 2. They get only about 17% - 18% of what is presented in a lecture. 3. The human mind processes information better from the written rather than the spoken word. To that I will add that unlike the spoken word the written word isn't gone after you read it - it is still on the page so if your mind does wander a little you can just read it again. Years of my life were wasted sitting passively in classrooms like a bump on a log daydreaming while someone elae got to talk about the subject and do things on the white board. I am now very thankfully doing home school. I learn far more in less time - I get to read the book, follow the examples, and do problems in a notebook rather than trying to stay awake while someone else does those things. I really believe school to be the most ineffective, inefficient method of education ever devised as well as the most collosal wasted of time and taxpayer money ever devised.
  12. Millions unemployed, hungry, homeless or on the verge of homlessness, yet the roughly 600 American billionaires become $637 billion richer. Is anyone beginnIng to get a handle on conservative priorites?
  13. It all does seem quite meaningless. From Aristotle to Einstein and modern day theoretical physicists, who are philosophers as much as scientists, the best minds of the past 3,000 years have tried to answer 'what is the meaning of life' yet still no answer. Inescapable conclusion - there is no answer.
  14. This is more like the Tim Pool lunacy showcase.