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  1. Magic mushrooms were the first psychedelics that I tried 4 years ago. By this point I've been on 50+ trips on mushrooms. I had tried: penis envy, golden teacher, Mexican cubensis, blue meanies, malabar, etc. Recently I stumble upon a new type of the shrooms “Enigma” which is a mutation of B+ Cubensis. From my personal experience Enigma is the most potent shrooms I’ve ever tried. Today I did 3.5 grams and I was impressed with its potency. My highest dosage on shrooms was 8 grams (golden teacher) but still it wasn’t as powerful as these 3.5 grams. Visual field on these shrooms just insane! These shrooms cut through my ego as a knife cuts butter. I realized so many traumas and insecurities of my ego during the first wave of the trip (around 2 hours after I took them). It was terrifying, but I didn’t have a choice other then just surrender. The second wave (after my ego was dead) took me to the absolute. It was similar to 5MeO-DmT experience but of course longer. I love these mushrooms so much! Did you guys try Enigma shrooms?
  2. For the last 6 months I've been doing a lots of psychedelics (shrooms, lsd, DMT, 5-Meo-Dmt) and I was telling myself that it's more important than anything else. I ended up developing addiction and I was in denial about. Also I became socially isolated (I was only talking to my co-workers). Eventually I also developed addiction to weed and all my spare time I would smoke joints, jerk off on some porn and eat fast food. I guess it's because I had realized that I'm the actual God and it scared the shit out of me. Nevertheless I stopped around a month ago and now I work a lot on my social skills. I don't remember feeling so good. Be careful with psychedelics !
  3. My friend, I feel you. I have the same issue. But don't feel sad and don't be depressed. Sooner or later you'll get to the point of approaching. Start with small baby-steps. Try to go to meetups and just talk to people (men and women). Even if it will take you years to make an approach it's still fine. Don't criticize yourself, don't think that you're some kind of inferior man or something like that. Instead try to invest in yourself as much as you can. And of course - love. Self-love is the answer. The reason why you're afraid of approaching women is because you put too much value on them. You need to find out why you're doing so and become conscious of the root cause. Again, find more ways of loving yourself. If you can't - find a good psychologist who will guide you.
  4. I remember I did some LSD and somewhere in the middle of the trip I decided to smoke some 5MEO. I did just a few puffs and then I just got scared as fuck so I stopped.
  5. In 2020 I stumbled upon an interesting booked titled "Your Brain On Porn". As I was reading it, I was getting the idea that porn can be dangerous for men. My problem was that I wasn't really skeptical enough so I blindly bought into the idea that Porn is horrible. I read a lot of stories about guys who watched some real shit on pornhub and I was afraid to end up the same way. I made a decision to stop watching porn. Eventually I shot myself in the foot. Why? 1. Not watching porn makes your sexual cravings unbearable. Yes, I'm talking about cravings for sex, not for porn. For me I need to have sex or to watch porn. There's no alternative, nothing in between. 2. NoFap made me needy. Whenever I was encountering with women I couldn't concentrate on their personal qualities, all I wanted was to have sex with them. I was basically objectifying them. Also it was a big turn off for women because they could sense my neediness. 3. NoFap made me aggressive and emotionally irritated. Again, I wasn't angry because I wasn't watching porn it was because I clearly and truthfully wanted to have SEX. 4. NoFap improved my confidence. Yes, no fap can boost your confidence, but you'll have to pay the price for it (and it's not worth it). I've been watching porn since I was 13 and now I'm 26. Amount of porn consumption hasn't been increased since I was 13 nor did I change my video preferences. I watch normal porn without animals or some weird shit. Don't buy into something without verifying it for yourself. Direct experience is your only authority.
  6. I'm actually thinking about it. I spent 10 days in the Netherlands, I went to the Hague, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam. I rode a bicycle around small villages. I'm fucking in love with the Netherlands. Where do you live btw?
  7. Actually you're right. I met a plenty of good high-quality women and men in the Netherlands. The vibe there is just awesome, I really miss it here in the West.
  8. hahhaa I can't stop laughing It's not only about women though. Also a lot of men.
  9. I also like playfulness and fun as well. It's not like I want to talk about some deep shit always. But if she can't talk about some serious topics then she's not my cup of tee
  10. You're stressing too much on intercourse. if it's that important for you it's great. For me it's also important, but what I seek is not sex. I seek intimacy and intellectual connection. if I have intellectual connection then of course I want sex. I'm having troubles getting high-quality girls, but I don't give a damn about one-night stands with bubbly chicks in clubs. Again, nothing wrong with them and a lot of men like these type of women. My standards are different.
  11. haha that was my starting point. Now I smoke a lot or do edibles
  12. It's actually healthy to be able to go into deep topics right off the bet. Neurotic people avoid deep conversations because they are afraid to open. Women's intelligence for me is defined not by ability to talk about Nietsche, but rather her preferred topics and the way of seeing things. If all she talks is fashion, movies, trends, clothes, parties, Instagram etc. she's not intelligent for me.
  13. Weed definitely isn't my friend. I've developed addiction because I smoke weed couple times a week for the last year.
  14. Sex is important for me, but if a girl can't hold a serious conversation she loses her attractiveness and value for me. Well, I didn't say that. There are many girls who can be way more deeper in topics then me, but it's rather uncommon.
  15. I also use psychedelics to deal with personal issues and traumas. I've been uncovering a lot of bullshit in my psyche for the last few months and I still need to go a long way. In order to attract a high quality women in my life, I think I need to be also a high quality. For that I need to do a lot of things, but I'm just 25 and I have time.