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  1. Well, for that you would need someone else who has self-awareness. People on these forum exist only as words. There’s nobody with schizophrenia in my direct experience
  2. I’ve done shrooms more than 50 times by now, ranging 3 to 7 grams per trip. It’s quite interesting that I have never seen any beings, gods or entities. It’s always been me, God. What is Climax of Buddhahood ??
  3. To be constantly awaken in the god mode and to lose my ability to imagine life
  4. I'm God but my ego can't control the game. All the questions that you asked reflect a depth of your spiritual development, go deeper.
  5. You have hijacked your reward system. You need to watch less porn. I don't think you really value your girlfriend, if she's 7 and you want to fuck 10 go approach girls for a few years and then you'll be able to do it easily. But see the problem here is you don't have enough integrity to tell her about the porn star. Moreover, you don't want to lose her because she's the only available option for you at the moment. Would you be happy if she started watching some hot dudes on webcams ? I highly doubt it. Work on your integrity and don't try to be someone who you're not.
  6. I reached levels of God so deep and so profound that there was no ego. I was God for eternity outside of space and time. I was complete, peaceful and fearless. I transcendent all survival and there was nothing else to do. Only to be. I was "being" forever, basking in the infinite love. and then I decided to go back and enjoy the illusion. The truth isn't going anywhere, I just really love games As long as I enjoy this drama and the illusion I will keep playing roles and I will keep making stories and construct realities. Funny thing is that I don't think it will ever change. I'm gonna be playing hide and seek with myself forever. That's what I've been doing so far.
  7. Paradoxically God doesn't want to be God, it wants to be this form. Normal life has no meaning if you smoke 5MeO. You can't concentrate on survival at all, it loses all the purpose. Once I have my survival settled, I’ll be doing psychedelics all the time. Probably when I’m 40 or 50. Even if I lose my mind, it’s still worth it.
  8. Oh yeah, I wish I had known that spirituality is a real thing
  9. Exactly. That's the reason why I want to stop, at least until I'm 40. I got to the point where nobody can convince me that I'm not God.
  10. You're 100% correct. It has to be balanced.
  11. Bro I feel envy, it's been a while since I eat someone All this God stuff such a distraction
  12. I liked vaping 5Meo in public places. Usually everything stays the same. I didn't see any patterns or loops or whatever. It was just me. Everywhere was me and me looking at me. I was also able to zoom in into infinity when I was looking at anything. I didn't feel my body anymore but I could see it. It was as though I felt another body underneath my skin, but that body was nothing that was appearing as my human body. That nothing is what I really Am.