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  1. So why is there a toxic mindset when going against conspiracy theories? By the likes of Leo and others, on this thread alone like i have pointed out already, why the hypocrisy? You would never see me talk about conspiracies on this forum if i didn't see them get shat on in the 1st place, you say don't take it personally and i don't but i can still respond to try and point out the toxic mindset of anti-conspiracy theorists.
  2. All the videos Leo has made post 2015 i've seen at least twice, including that one, i already know his stance on them but the problem is he is being hypocritical and doesn't see the spiritual foundation that many of the major conspiracies are built upon.
  3. I don't understand how it's antithetical to everything you teach. I understand when you say we shouldn't waste our time on conspiracy theories and should only focus on the higher consciousness stuff and i agree with that because this can be an obvious trap. But should we completely ignore them? Especially when so many of them are true and they have the foundation of spirituality behind them just like the example of the pedophile rings which is built upon black magic which is basically the result of (negative) consciousness work, it's connected to the stuff that you make content about so how is it antithetical to the stuff you teach when it uses the stuff you teach to exist? And it's fine if you don't want to talk about it but then don't talk about it completely, because you're still talking about conspiracies and conspiracy theorists but in the BAD light, so you are talking about them as long as you can bad mouth them which is hypocritical, i mean in this thread alone you and couple of other people are calling Terrence a conspiracy theorist which is you talking about conspiracy theorist but only in bad light, i would think that would also be antithetical too and i don't intentionally talk about conspiracies here because i know you're against but then i see you shit on them so then obviously i have to defend them when i know they shouldn't be denied because of how many of them are true and important to be talked about no matter what. There is nothing wrong for a person to be doing consciousness work and also look at conspiracy theories at times, i was doing consciousness work for the last 7 years and over the last 2 years i have looked into conspiracies too (because consciousness work started to overlap with many of them) and there is much more truth to them then you and many others claim to be, you said the ratio of truth and falsehood with conspiracies is something like 20% truth mixed with 80% falsehood which i simply don't understand how it could be possible, maybe we just looked at different conspiracy theories. But anyway the whole point of this is that i hope one day you change your mind on at least some of them before it's too late, before they become an official fact and completely accepted as such, it's useful to know about some of them and not just dismiss them as some stupid waste of time and act all superior towards them because you're doing consciousness work when some of them do indeed overlap with the consciousness work.
  4. I don't consider pedophile rings as a conspiracy theory, i know it's usually considered as one but i can't consider it as one in 2024 after all the evidence about it, one would have to be intentionally ignorant to see pedophile ring as a conspiracy, it would be like saying that God is a conspiracy because there is no selfie of him. And if yo wanna say that i shouldn't talk about it anyway then that's fine but the problem is it's not that conspiracy theories are not allowed to be talked about on this forum, they are absolutely allowed to be talked about but only if they are being DENIED or if someone else is being accused of being a "stupid" conspiracy theorist just like we have seen in this thread alone multiple times, it's completely hypocritical.
  5. Isn't a pedophile ring considered a conspiracy?
  6. Even tho i don't really care about the reptilians topic i do think that could also be true in some way because i know a human being can do black and white magic so i don't see why reality wouldn't be able to allow morphing, i mean if flying, teleporting, healing, materializing is possible, why wouldn't morphing be? I'm open to it but i don't care about it as of now
  7. Bro how are you still hating on Alex Jones in big 2024 after he was right on most things he said 🤣🤣🤣 I wonder if one day you will actually have the guts to admit you were wrong for hating on Alex just how you were admiting your mistakes in the last episode, if that day comes that may be your 9/11 Do you really still think there isn't a child pedophilia ring run by the elites where they fuck children, kill them, drink their blood, and do all sorts of insane ritualistic stuff? Of course they do it for the sake of black magic, that's basically the most effective way of doing black magic, i think this may be the missing piece of the puzzle for you which makes you deny these things, you probably think it makes no sense for them to be pedophiles just for the sake of it with which i agree but pedophilia is basically the best source of black magic which is exactly why they do it, and black magic is of course done for the wordly things, this is the reason why these people are the richest on the planet, because black magic gives you the wordly in the exchange for some kind of sacrifice of energy of yourself or another being while white magic gives you God embodyment in the exchange for the wordly, you basically have to give up the wordly to get it, give up things like sex, food, sleep, money, power, etc. You really need to get deeper into this stuff man, this is an important part of spirituality that you have ignored which would help you with things like: embodying God, your health problems, understanding the reasoning behind the things elites do, superpowers, etc. And also it would help you to understand that Terrence is right, gravity doesn't really exist, it only exists if one indulges in the physical dimension completely (and white magic makes a person go beyond that).
  8. 1. This is a harder one, but try to get to the point where you are light enough of a being that you transcend physical 3D world so that you can just walk through things, basically you become like a ghost in a way, this is harder to do practically but it's possible, and no you don't need to die to do it, you can do it while still living in this worldly avatar. 2. Don't drive a car. Instead walk, run, teleport or fly (not with a plane but literally speaking with your body, this one is also practically harder but can be done, it's connected to the previous point about becoming lighter) 3. Don't buy products, if you need something materialize it, in other words spawn it, again just like previous 2 points this one also includes going beyond the physical reality aka doing white magic. 4. Don't grow fruits, don't eat, do breatharianism. 5. This is a harder one, but i'm looking at it more from the perspective of needing electricity for the sake of using internet to be able to help others, if we just talk from the point of needing electricity for survival then i would say just transcend survival, hard one to do but possible too. 6. Watching porn in big 2024 is crazy ngl, this is a simple one, semen retention is the way to go, the 2nd most important aspect of a human's life.
  9. And that's where semen retention comes in, that's how it starts, you have all the sex in the world, you realize it ain't it, you go the other way and realize you were scammed by the society from the get go, cultivating sexual energy for happiness > wasting sexual energy for happiness. And also SR is basically the 2nd most efficient practical unifier of your basline state of consciousness with God that there is.
  10. Just unite with God so that you have God's bliss in your baseline state of being 24/7 and then you won't need anything and if you want something it will manifest instantly. Practically speaking do: no-sleep, semen retention and you can add breatharianism to it as well later on. I'm sure you have probably already heared of semen retention/nofap/brahmacharya so i won't go into it. I can give you a couple of sources/channels that explain how to practice no-sleep, the problem is many are in russian so you would have to translate the script of the video in google translate or ChatGPT. Basically no-sleep boils down to removing deep sleep out of our life, we still rest the body and the mind, but we don't fall into deep sleep anymore, practically the way to do this would be by having an alarm clock that rings every 15/20 minutes once you go to sleep, that way you won't reach the deep sleep stage while still resting your body and mind and also you won't need as many hours of sleep as usual because deep sleep hours will be gone and they make most of our sleep hours per night, the reason why doing this gives us a state of bliss is because the state of bliss is actually our natural state that we sabotage with things like sex, food, and most importantly deep sleep, deep sleep has 0 benefits and only destruction, it's the core of all diseases in the body and it takes so much of our energy, but anyway this is just a nutshell, here are some of the channels that talk about it: These are all russian channels and here is a playlist in english even tho it's not as detailed:
  11. Lmao i remember that video, i was crying from laughter when i saw it for the 1st time while reading the comments under it 😂😂😂
  12. True, but i mean as a pointer it's still pretty useful to say consciousness = God's thought, it's not true ultimately but it's a pretty good pointer when trying to describe it in language
  13. We can sleep without deep sleep or in other words without "losing" consciousness so it doesn't matter
  14. I agree but i would specify it as God's thought, not just a human thought
  15. But choosing celibacy isn't necessarily demonizing sex, celibacy = sex with God, sex with God > sex with humans, imo celibacy > physical sex