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  1. who do you sympathize with the most out of all humans?
  2. https://academyofideas.com/books/ good books with topics like propaganda, jung and philosophy
  3. agreed , i love the journals too
  4. https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/76373.Majority_Report
  5. Person: George Orwell feels like he is talking about the pendulum swing from individual to collective
  6. your paintings and drawing is so versatile which i love
  7. @Leo Gura hey leo would you pursue changing th education system or political change in general if i you had a choice
  8. Having the skill of visualisation can pull you to the future. Even in bad times it includes: creativity, intuition, vision, ambition purpose and you could argue spirit
  9. There's an option in the cog section
  10. Always trust your gut but i would also say you could make your life into a real life video game with that money and actualized.org. Things like life purpose are some of the best ways to get fufillment.
  11. @mandyjw I found the holes, can fit them in the wall now.Thank you
  12. Thanks for the inspiration and wisdom @Nahm I have a larger whiteboard and its a pain in the ass to set up. What have you guys used to hang it up?
  13. Thanks guys, very useful
  14. Is there a balance in creating + picking up personality traits that you feel comfortable with expressing and then not identifying with them, and if so, how? would it obstruct the faster way into becoming the enlightened being?