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  1. I was obsessed with a guy I dated for 2 months when I was 15 for 7-8 years. he was all I thought about. it was because I had a deep scarcity mindset and he brainwashed me into thinking he was the best guy I could ever be with. I got into personal development so I could become a high value woman that he would fall in love with. as I built up my self esteem and improved my self image I got over him and saw how much of a loser he was. just focus on yourself and you'll get over her.
  2. dr. berg has helped so many of my health issues as well as my family's health issues. keto was the most helpful diet for me to be on while I was transitioning from being obese to a healthy weight and his videos helped me understand the diet and how to do it properly saved my life. every keto side effect you have, he has a video to address that issue including things like low energy and constipation which were also symptoms I experienced. unlike most doctors who prescribe antacids for acid reflux, Gerd and heartburn dr berg actually says the problem is that you don't have enough stomach acid which is why you should take apple cider vinegar or betaine HCL before a meal, this helped my friend and her parents get off of antacids which they used for decades. I have about 40 more personal examples how his advice helped people I know heal their health problems naturally instead of with pills. I think it is terrible to be censoring information that does not agree with the world health organization. we have a right to research alternative methods of healing and do what we want with our bodies. this also extends to health advice that other ethnic groups support such as native American medicine, Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine etc. people have a right to be able to have access to alternative healthcare information
  3. I had a lunch infection and my doctor prescribed me 250mg of azithromycin to be taken for a week. what are some things I can implement to restore my gut back to normal and increase gut diversity?
  4. @Leo Gura how close are you to finishing
  5. he hasn't posted a video in like 2 months. even a new blog post would suffice for now lol. does anyone know if he has a video coming up soon?
  6. @Leo Gura when is it coming?!?!?!?! also how much will it cost - the same as life purpose course?
  7. when are these courses coming out
  8. wait what??? Leo's working on a manifesting course?? where did he say that
  9. help, I let out a big sneeze and pooped my pants. ive had poop leak out before but it wasn't as much as this. I have been having frequent diarrhea so I think thats the reason. does anyone have any quick remedies to combat this while I work on my long term health? I'm just worried this is gonna happen in public one day, thank goodness I was at home when this happened. smh I had to throw out my favourite pants
  10. @ZenAlex I used to believe I was an asexual as well. I could never relate to people who say they badly miss sex and all that stuff. when a guy touched me it didn't feel good. I was really frustrated with myself because I wanted to be like other people and then I found Kim Anami. Check her videos and podcasts out. She calls it the Kim Anami Guarantee that everyone is truly a sexual being and can experience all types of orgasms (gspot, cervical, analgasms, throat gasms, ejaculation, energy gasms and nipplegasms. she thinks that asexuality is a myth and for some reason certain people just introvert their sexuality. Through her work you'll be able to increase your desire, libido, sexual stamina, number of orgasms etc. you just gotta work on your blocks. Personally myself, I have already started to fantasize enjoying sex with a man, which is huge for me! I no longer believe I am an asexual and I am looking forward to a heavily sexual relationship with a man. she has an online salon called sexual mastery for men. there's 2 cons to this. one it's 1200 usd and secondly it's only released once a year. so if you miss this salon, you'll have to wait a whole year but I believe it's absolutely worth it. please check her out on YouTube, watch her podcasts and sign up for her salon. I am so grateful to this forum because i only found out about her because someone mentioned her on this forum. You are not asexual! You are just blocked from your true authentic self!
  11. so aside from having any health problems and just maintaining good hygiene and a clean diet, the big reason why you're averse to your partner's fluids is because energetically there is some part of you that is not completely accepting them. I know this from experience, the best head you'll ever give is to the person you can completely surrender to. people who are truly madly and passionately in love are also very nasty lovers lol because they accept every single part of each other at that moment. you need to work on your sexual blocks and clear the energy between you and your partner. try to contemplate what it is about your partner that you cant fully accept.
  12. how can I go back to a state of being very deeply fascinated with something, like that feeling when you're so stoned and everything is just so interesting.
  13. not true at all lol, so many girls with big belly and no ass
  14. primary: 2.1 secondary 3.1 I swear Leo has posted this psychopath test before and he later thought this wasn't very accurate. he posted on his blog this test like last year or the year before. You score for primary psychopathy was higher than 50.45% of people who have taken this test. You score for secondary psychopathy was higher than 74.89% of people who have taken this test.
  15. I would like advice/ wisdom/guidance for how to make my own decision about whether to take it or not. no biased or political answers please.