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  1. That's the thing, there's nothing there. I'm simply stating the meaning of their concept.
  2. I hold no value in concepts, Prarabdha is a concept within a concept.. You have yet to see my friend.
  3. You first tell me what you mean by 'evil', 'evil' to me is an intention placed into the act. But then still, killing an ant is the same as killing a baby. The reason society reacts differently to both acts is because in their perception of the subject 'humanity' (themselves) is more important than the other.
  4. Bullshit. with full insight and realization you'll see that the notion of "Karma" (which is every action that isn't a reaction) completely pulverizes.
  5. You're afraid of your own thoughts.
  6. Thank you for sharing, but it's not that simple sadly.
  7. The 60% Muslims choose to ignore of the Quran, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and Sunnah are full of Muhammad's selfish desires and the other 40% which all Muslims seem to hold onto is taken from previous religions. If you really wish to uncover what reality is like, i'd stop wasting my time with this garbage.
  8. If you really found the Absolute Truth you wouldn't need approval.
  9. No one here tried 1cP? Guess i'll be making a report soon.
  10. I hope he'll consider live streams for forum people
  11. @Heart of Space Hahaha I love you and I know you are