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  1. Great job, you should be proud of yourself! I suggest you read about my journey to the absolute:
  2. You don't actualize a concept of yourself, or an image of yourself. You search internally for the cause of your ignorance. and actualize the self, your core being. not the mind masturbation you might be performing daily to yourself (don't take it wrong).
  3. Hello there fellow seekers of the Absolute. Sorry for the click-bait guys, but there is no shortcut to absolute truth . Instead of giving you false perceptions I will be giving a summary of my journey to absolute truth, not for approval, but to help making you more aware of the false reality you are living in due to lower consciousness. Along the way I will hopefully be triggering your subconscious soul-memory. So DO NOT dismiss or judge this story, for the Source/God has given each and everyone of us life to seek the absolute truth and when found to live and expand this greater understanding onto the seekers. Of course this knowledge cannot be understood by the believer through words or concepts, (it can only be communicated and understood by the knowers, because only they will find the deeper understanding/meaning behind the words or concepts) let alone through a thread on a forum. That's why you have to seek yourself and if you truly, from the depths of your existence, SEEK for absolute truth and intensely want it, that's when you will arrive at your (next) truth (keep in mind truth can change, not the absolute, but rather your truth). That is how the Light will eventually sprout inside of you by experience and sensation, it is not something you can link together like connecting the dots. (Seek and you shall find). So If you wish to trigger this absolute truth unto yourself I advise you not to fast forward scroll through this thread, but rather to read everything with intend. I also tend to share some more personal things to help give you an understanding about the individual (me). My personal self Up until the 19th year of my life, It wasn't really great, I had a hard chilhood and had to leave the house with no contact when I was 16. I started facing the world alone without having any Idea where I was headed or where I would stay, standing with my back against the wall trying to survive day to day. Also I did what I wanted to do because I was living my own life, when I reached rock bottom at 19 I started smoking weed (Funny since I always told myself that I wouldn't ). That is when I truly started to know my worldy self, also my personal horizon on everything expanded greatly. This was an uplift to my emotions and my life overall. I came from a spiritual family with a spiritual mother and aunt that had a bond that even twins can't connect like. Also, they were so far ahead of me spiritually, my worldy self couldn't even comprehend the deeper understanding behind their doings/sayings, and just thought of them as my slightly strange but o so loving and giving family (Oh how I was the strange one in the end). My aunt was like a mother to me, that taught me things my actual mother didn't or couldn't, but she passed away a couple of years ago due to lung cancer, this was a fallback for me with lots of emotions up until my Awakening. The start of the journey This journey began in approximately 2017 when my muslim friend Adam who I met in elementary school came to me with tears in his eyes (we're both 25 now and stayed friends) and said that he had a vivid dream about us and everyone standing at judgement day. He saw me getting taken into Hell while he was going to Heaven (probably because he still lived at home with dinner being served every day and living according to his religion). He also cried in the dream because there was nothing he could do to help me. Keep in mind my friend grew up in a muslim household and everything other than that what he believes in is complete false, simply because Islam is 'the truth'. I don't even judge him now because we've all hold false perceptions of reality at first, I didn't even believe in the Source/God and was a total Atheist, who used logic and science for truth. He practically begged me to learn about Islam because he believed it was a sign from 'Allah'. However, back then I didn't know much about the details of this religion, but he showed me some things in this book and compared it to science, which seemed pretty convincing and made me think, but I still didn't believe there was a God. So there is a God ? This was until I started scientifically looking for mistakes in the evolution theory and I found out how complicated our DNA actually is. This can't just come from nothing. But the biggest switch was when I learned about the formula that came into existence when the Big Bang happened called 1.618, better known as the Golden Ratio or the Spiral of life. I thought if I take apart my phone and throw it into the cosmos we could wait a million years, but it would never be a complete phone in the end. Or I could smash my keyboard for a bazillion years and in the end I wouldn't all of a sudden get a quantum code designed to create new universes or something, so basically you could say that I found out life doesn't just happen to be. This was a definite eye opener that there was indeed an intelligent designer behind our existence. So I began to inquire into Islam, because if this was the truth I wanted it! But if it wasn't then I wanted to save my friend from this false perception! At first they show you all these 'miracles' of the Q'uran that are so convincing, because you are still thinking in concepts and words to comprehend this so called 'truth'. Soon I found out how this cult actually worked and how these so called 'scholars' of Islam are changing words in the translations of the Q'uran/Hadiths in the benefit of Islam. Then I found out (as they (muslims) all say) you can only really understand this book if you read it in the original Arabic language, but my friend didn't even know how to read Arabic. I looked for someone who could help me with translations and it turned out to be even worse than I thought (not going into further details because this truth doesn't even matter). This couldn't be the word of God, this couldn't be Absolute truth, I refused to accept this tyranny, never the less Adam asked me to come to the musk one time just for the experience, so I went. There I found their Imam totally working on the emotions of these people, on the fears and desires (otherworldy desires), He told us to fear Allah! He said to be scared of Allah, how Allah would punish you if you didn't live according to the Q'uran or the Prophet, this went on for about 20 minutes. Before I decided to come with Adam to the musk I found a giant scientific mistake in their scripture. I decided to confront him with it after the gathering ended, to see what his reaction would be. After I showed the imam the error in their scriptures, they were all looking flabbergasted as if they had never heard about this before. After 45 minutes of the Imam browsing through their scriptures, he came to the conclusion that this wasn't a mistake,. It was just me who was an idiot basically and didn't understand their scriptures. That's when I was sure.. These were NOT the scriptures of the Divine. Of course Adam also refused to see this as a mistake, but I knew that it was a done deal for me, even though he still tried to make me see his truth. Emptiness So there I was, knowing evolution wasn't the answer and religions weren't the answer. I was aware that I knew exactly nothing of our existence, the things I was so sure of most likely weren't true as well. I deeply asked myself these questions over and over again, why are we here ? Were we just born to die ? What happens after 'death'? After a month of being pointblank and still seeking for Absolute truth, I came across a book called The Universal One by Walter Russel (http://educate-yourself.org/cn/TheUniversalOne1926WalterRussell.pdf) If you haven't awakened yet, or even if you have, I advise you to read this book even if it takes you 2 days to understand 1 page. This book is full of true knowledge about our universe and will benefit YOU, the reader, greatly. Of course you don't have to believe me! Just open the book and look for yourself. With some of this knowledge inside my head and actually starting over with everything I thought was truth I had some sort of a different view of the world. I still wanted Absolute truth, but I knew that I knew nothing. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING! My girlfriend was having a small party with some friends, in the end (about 5 hours later) only 2 friends of mine stayed. My girlfriend was sleeping and we smoked some blunts while talking about divinity and such. We put on some chill music, started filling balloons with Nitrous Oxide and began inhaling them (It's a thing here in the Netherlands). This wasn't the first time, so it wasn't a big deal or anything. A couple of rounds later my friend put on ASAP Rocky - L$D, as I inhaled my filled balloon again, I started to flow away further and further. I focused on my breathing and thought of nothing (unintentionally), I felt I went further away from my individual self yet I was still there in the Now. Then IT happened. It was as if my humanity got taken off layer by layer, The Ego, my Desires, My Fears, my Emotions. For once I was able to completely let go of the past and was fully in the present, It really felt like I was dying, as I was thinking that I was dying It was as if the universe downloaded data inside my head, because all of a sudden I felt and experienced (NOT HEAR) someone giving me a feeling that it's okay to let go and that reincarnation was a fact, so I would come back, Then finally all my attachments in the world were gone and I was aware that all that was left over was consciousness. THEN I REALIZED all I am IS consciousness. After that, I felt a LOVE which was so BIG and SO POWERFUL, I've never felt anything like this before in my life. This love could only be from the Source/God (what I knew the moment I felt it), and it kept on going, After this great sensation of love I was given this sense of UNITY with everyone and everything that's in this universe. I quickly became aware that I am you, you are me, I am the trees, the trees are me, we are ALL ONE. We are not in nature, we ARE nature, we are not in the universe, we ARE the universe. Then I was given the knowledge that RELIGION WAS NOT THE ANSWER INDEED and that NOTHING TRULY MATTERS EXCEPT CONSCIOUSNESS! I felt this deeply intense feeling of happiness and bliss, like I've never felt before. Soon after I came back, I stood up shocked/surprised and said "GUYS NOTHING MATTERS IN THE WORLD, ONLY CONSCIOUSNESS and leveling that truly matters" and they were looking at me all weird, I still see their faces haha . My perception of reality got changed to Absolute Truth for good! The day after, I wanted to find out what happened that caused this great but weird experience, that's when I found out it happened because the brain always needs and gets oxygen every second of the day. The Nitrous Oxide causes 'Cerebral hypoxia', this occurs when not enough oxygen can get to the brain, that gave me a Near Death Experience. So, my mind thought it was actually dying, that's when enough Dymethyltryptamine was released to cause my Spiritual Awakening. Even the day after this experience I was still feeling this insane love and empathy towards other people, also this feeling of unity just kept hanging by and the thought that all I am is consciousness. I felt I couldn't talk to anyone about this, because they would think I was crazy, but I knew there was one person who would listen without prejudice for sure, that was my mother. I called her and told her; "Mom there's something really weird that happened to me", she replied with "What happened !?", thinking something bad happened. That's when I started explaining my experience to her, when I was halfway she just stopped me and said "Really honey ? Congratulations, I'm so intensely proud of you!" SHE KNEW! SHE KNEW about Absolute Truth all along, she knew this would happen one day, and as she told me "Congratulations", all of a sudden a memory came back to me. When I was 12/13, she told me that when I was 3 years old she closed my 3rd eye, because I was bothered by entities (positive though), but I couldn't sleep because of it. Then I remembered she also said it would open when I would be 24 years old............. This awakening happened 2 months prior to my 25th year old birthday, believe it or not. I started crying because I was happy, for the first time in my life I cried because I was happy and because of everything that was changing around me. All of a sudden I didn't just care about myself, but I started to care about all beings in the world, even animals and even strangers, My whole world got filled with light and I started to feel this bliss and happiness throughout the whole day, even a week later still. Even up until now, moments of happiness and bliss come and go. I know now what my task is in this world, to become more aware live in constant awareness of Absolute truth and to help others planting seeds for their awakening. To the reader Please try to understand that the key to peace on earth is inner peace (self-realization). Be conscious and conscious about consciousness. Awaken your true self (your spiritual self) in order to obtain enlightenment. You may stop trying to fill the whole with earthly desires, because you are the one you've been searching for all along. Meaning, this eternal sense of bliss and happiness cannot be found when you reach outward, but rather reach inward. Don't look external, look internal. While I'm talking about knowledge, that is beyond this phenomenal world, please don't try to understand absolute truth through worldy/earthly concepts and words. Give up all these concepts and inquire into the nature of your being (the true self). Ask yourself the right questions: how did we all happen to be? And if you continue in the realm of intellect (trying to understand the divine through these concepts and words) you will become entangled and lost in more and more concepts. We must all give love in order to receive love, Hell is on earth and it's a state of mind that's why the world is so desperately in need of love. We must all enter into the kingdom of the one infinite source which is heaven and you enter that kingdom once you have become enlightened by the divine itself, I say this once more, the Absolute truth must stumble upon you, you cannot stumble upon it. I've added a diagram for the believers to give a deeper understanding of the surfaces of consciousness. I'm giving you all love and peace into your journeys, if anyone has any questions i'd be happy to answer them
  4. You need to intensely want truth, not relief of your suffering. SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND my friend. You will need to know your worldy self and not the lies you tell yourself to be, also have a good heart. goodluck. P.S 10 min meditation a week ?????? try 45 minutes per day, you don't seem to want to help yourself truly. Also lose this idea you have of awakening lose all concepts.
  5. Don't get confused with the voice in your head, it's the devil my friend. Once you've 'died' you'll know no questions asked. Read my post, hope it helps!
  6. When you've just woke up and when you're about to go to sleep.
  7. Devil is just your ego desires attachments choices based on emotion etc. The things you've build up from birth up untill now once you've achieved the light you can precede that devil by that self God, the devil can never win. God has no opposite.
  8. It's one, not you, that's pretty self centered, as if you're the leading role in a movie, no we're all the leading role.
  9. This is what islam believes, if you believe in the Q'uran then yes
  10. What are you talking about
  11. Did I just write that all for nothing ? Well just be then.
  12. @LastThursday You just said "The only way to know is to "experience" or become aware of it directly. Thoughts are not good enough" So I said read my article. I've experienced the absolute in different ways so now I "know". This does not depend on my viewpoint, it is what it is and always has been. Life is the effect produced on the substance of Mind by the sequence of alternating electromagnetic pulsations which constitute the process of thinking. The progress of this effect is registered in integrating light and manifests itself in that orderly periodic phenomenon inherent in all matter and all things which man calls "growth"(experience). Life is merely the registration, in matter, of states of motion of thinking Mind. Man calls these various states of motion of the one substance by many names, and they appear to be many substances. The apparent difference between the many is due solely to difference of motion and not to substance. Many states of motion are possible but there are not two substances in the universe. There is only one substance. As all states of motion are MEASURABLE and are under the absolute CONTROL of mind, and as man is mind, man may, with dawning knowledge of causes change any one state of motion into any other state of motion, and by doing so transmute any one substance into any other one. The granite rock may become gold or radium at will of man. The force called "thinking" which impels Mind into concentration and decentration in sequence is the only energy of the universe. There is no other energy. The universe is Mind only. The universal constant of energy registers, in the substance of Mind, the illusions caused by the thinking of Mind. All thinking is expressed in measurable and opposing impulses of opposing motion. All motion is action and reaction. Life is merely the action of thinking; and thinking is as eternal as the thinking substance of Mind is eternal Let me try to elaborate: Inferior to God there is nothing. Opposed to God there is nothing. Creation is not more, nor is it less than it has always been from the beginning. It cannot be more than God nor can it be less than God. God is in reality, and it exists in substance. God is thinking Mind. The substance or body of god is light. The One universal substance which is God is a tangible substance, a thinking substance, comprehensible and describable and possessed of principles which are familiar to man through man's observation of the One universal substance in "created" things. The substance of all "created" things is light. The One substance of thinking Mind is all that exists. The "created" universe is the registration in matter of the idea of thinking Mind. Mind is expressed in light. Light is the storehouse of the energy of thinking Mind. The universe is a universe of energy. Energy is expressed in light. Mind is the universe. Mind substance is "spiritual" substance. Spirit is light. (Added picture maybe that helps) SO CONSCIOUSNESS GOES BEFORE MATTER MY FRIEND 'Buddha' got a physical building out of the ground with just his thought, and so did 'Mahavatar Babaji' by the way, look it up. These are just levels of consciousness we are yet to realize.
  13. @lastthursday Read my article on my experience. Actually no they dont become thought, thoughts create matter which goes to the cosmos then fuses with antimatter and creates lightwaves.
  14. This is ridiculous, something can only come from something not from nothing and nothing can come from something. Consciousness comes before matter my friend. Everyone always exists as you can get a phone call now telling you that some relative passed away some hours ago (sorry for that example but maybe so you'll understand).
  15. This may be interesting: http://www.gnosis.org/search_form.html
  16. What kind of insanity of I may ask ?
  17. He's surrounded by people who feed the ego most likely. @Aeris When you point at others 4 fingers point back to you my friend.
  18. See, like everyone else you want to learn the way to win, but never to accept the way to lose. To accept defeat, to learn to die is to be liberated from it. So when tomorrow comes you must free your ambitious mind, and learn the art of dying.
  19. So are you saying people who are born deaf cannot think?
  20. @Leo Gura This is true yet I don't think he will receive it in this context. He has to experience and feel the sensation.
  21. You haven't read my article have you ? And what do you want sending me Q'uran verses ? Your prophet was a slave trader, pedophile (boys and girls), murderer, your prophet was possessed by your Shaytan and has mental health issues. Do you really support this man and wish for me to expose your sex cult ? If you do wish to follow religion, may I advise you to follow the word of the Messiah ?