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  1. This is exactly what the problem is, you're trying to use logic for Understanding, yet logic is a facet of the mind which differs for each of us, so what logic are you even trying to use? Something that is partial can never understand wholeness.
  2. Actually you don't understand otherwise you wouldn't be asking such a question.
  3. You have to question yourself, have I been deluding myself my entire life and am I just conditioned by the external world into believing there can't be an Absolute Truth? Before you could ever realize God, first you should question if there is a thing such as God. Could there be an Absolute Truth? BUT before questioning that, first you must realize that believing there isn't a Truth/God (being an Atheist) IS ALSO A BELIEF, and with that realization must come the realization that YOU have been fooling yourself your whole life, so if you've fooled yourself with that, what about all your other thoughts on reality. This way you have the opportunity to start blank. You have to go step by step and then work yourself further from every realization because realization gives you the openness to question further. I recommend Openness and Willingness, be committed to finding out for yourself, and most of all, doubt your own mind patterns, mechanics, constructs, structures formed by your thoughts. That's all .
  4. The thing is not everyone want their illusions destroyed, most of us enjoy our self-induced fantasy. But if you have a desire for truth then you should commit because you can discover Truth only if you are willing to give your whole mind and heart to it, not a few moments of your easily spared time.
  5. How do you even become a moderator?
  6. Well yes, everything moves through consciousness, but I'm talking about when you actually start losing your identity, start letting go and you die. my awareness definitely went out of the body literally into emptiness/nothingness and that's where all realizations began. 5-MeO doesn't work for me somehow, might need to start plugging. Smoked up to 13mg now slowly building but nothing. Only experiencing heavy body loads.
  7. @Leo GuraDoes 5-MeO always work for you? In the sense of dying, consciousness leaving the body, entering emptiness etc?
  8. You planned on taking 35mg 5-MeO ? I know you wanna die but that's probably not the one you're looking for..
  9. Better to uncover Absolute Truth yourself than to post something you have no understanding of, in a sense that's also lack of honesty to yourself.
  10. I did no such thing, nice projections though..
  11. I understand that, obviously for him it's not nonsensical but rather his fundamental ground for reality. An idea is never true. That being said, reflect on it. Are your ideas of reality really true?
  12. my friend, society is a 1% of reality. You will not understand Reality with it.
  13. Don't be so hard on the poor guy, it's his ignorance that created his bliss. Better to ask him for open-mindedness!
  14. I'm not sure he does, I don't think so. It's definitely not Truth but indeed quite a good map to understand society, not reality.