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  1. Most Germans speak English
  2. If so , reply and join me and the group for Pickup ;))
  3. Okay so OneNote 2010, it is saved locally. Can I copy all of the software along with the data onto another computer as a back up and as a future transfer as my computer ages . If not, then what am I missing? Couldn't find this question on the Common book Mega thread .
  4. Are you really that sure it's delayed grief? I remember reading that if it's delayed grief your just numb, I am happy still ? I think I'll just build up on doses of shrooms to find out.
  5. Be careful what you wish for. My dad commited suicide and in return I will very likely inherit a 5 bedroom flat in London. It would be helpful if you had a video on grief @Leo Gura I am much more okay then I should be. I don't know if this is because I love my life and am excited for the future especially now as fucked as it sounds. Or if it's because of how I view death, free will and not resisting what is. Maybe it's because I am Loki financially free . Maybe it's because I am actually numb or because I've released all of the emotion of it over the last week. Or maybe it's because I highly value my mental health and I use mindfulness to recognize thought patterns that would cause me pain so I change them. Maybe I just wasn't that attached and close to my dad. Some other thoughts outside my own mind would be nice especially from someone who could relate.