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  1. In case anyone else , is also in a position where they have made a few solid commitments in their life but they tend to fade out . / Any kind of permenant commitment on any level, then listen up . I have made a commitment contract with my friend , for a number of things not to do / otherwise I have to pay him a thousand pounds and also socially post weird videos of myself . ( Not sexual ofc you perv ) I am pretty sure this will work . The commitment needs to be just bad enough that you know it would painful , and just okay , so that you would actually do it . Also I'd recommend having a guy because for me personally , I would find it painful to be so weak , to not follow through on this agreement . If you know you need this , reply to this thread !! Let yourself be known . I will pay for your solicitor to write up your contract
  2. @bmcnicho did you know her before and after the trip ? Did she change ? Did she miss the people in previous lives ? How much did she remember ? Is she an old little wise lady inside ??
  3. Morning all , My favourite and most fascinating DMT stories I have read , have been of people experiencing other life's for months or years or decades and then coming back to 'their' life Anyone have any they have read or better experienced ? Example , I remember hearing about someone experiencing an entire lifetime being a pharaoh , and then coming back 😂 now whether that's true who knows And also saw on YouTube someone living their life, dying and then coming back to their 13 Year old self that decided to smoke dmt , all to learn to not be so materialistic and that meaningful relationships are more important than the big yacht , to him ? Idk Also someone experiencing another persons life with a family for a couple of months and then casually coming back . I'm skeptical now to be honest
  4. @Princess Arabia @Jason Actualization @Michael569 @Yimpa thank you guys 🙏
  5. Everything is okay , thank you everyone . I literally got everyone who I know meditates to visualise him being okay with the emotions they would feel if he was . I imagined getting everyone to use all their god power to make up for all the negative momentum. As well that was the best and clearest session of visualisation I've done 😅, I can see now I'm usually just lazy and dont have the commitment / vision. I got the idea of one of Leo's meditation books , focusing on an image with higher consciousness to manifest it. I wonder if you guys would have done the same or done something slightly differently , for me it was no chances taken.
  6. If you have a moment please visualise with full consciousness , my friend George having a healthy mind and heart thank you
  7. Chat Gpt , tasked with depicting a bunny progressively in higher states of happiness - bliss . https://youtu.be/Dm1slNhJ2Zc?si=XinhNUj-j5r-YYNS Draws dmt looking image as the final with the description : ' here is an image of an entity that, embodies the ultimate form of happiness transcending all beings and concepts . This entity is the very essence of happiness , the only existing being and the defining force of all existence ' Cute right ?
  8. Through visualisation or something else. Generate genuine fear towards wasting time and living below your standards
  9. @StarStruck the reason you get nervous and don't know what to say , is because you believe that so that's what your thoughts tell you in the moment . If you manage to to Visualise distinctly a different reality , it will take place . Try it
  10. To reframe this question, I meant can your life purpose have low ambition
  11. Haven't started it yet, I've been implementing other things like health and OneNote as a main. I've had always thought that maybe a life purpose isn't for people with low ambitions ? what is the lowest amount of ambition a life purpose could be ? or is this the wrong question, perhaps
  12. Okay so continuation from last thread of mine potential GF slay . So one of my thinking points is that if she moves from America back to me in ye old England (giving up the chance to live in America) , she will naturally be conditioned with amazing frames/ principles for life from being with me . List of some examples : -Starts wanting to sort out the unidealistic/ unconscious/ dysfunctional parts of life and has an attitude to work on these -is eventually led to understanding her spiritual experiences , see the very below -has an easy discipline attitude -has an example of a system of how to go about permeant change, and also the mistakes in going about it -Has an attitude for a healthy body and a healthy way of living -has an attitude to have some sort of purpose in life, -being more of a future/ self thinker, asking lots and lots of questions and having a pure sense of responsibility and independence Questions for all you Leo fan girls... From your experience - Have you had a gf/bf where they have adopted your very positive thinking patterns overtime, and did it positively effect them when you broke up or didn't ? -if she ends up not being similar to me in terms of not working on herself and building her life , have you had a similar situation and has that value dealignment been a deal breaker? Also just a very casual mention , if this is what I think it is, then she's the biggest spiritual baddie I've ever met , she contemplates the nature of reality and the many possibilities and her life every other day just by her pure unmolested nature, to the point where she has an existential crisis which leads her to experience absolute nothingness on a regular basis, which if I am not tripping is what Leo calls absolute infinity , and the Vedas say is 'the final solvent, sorry, the ultimate solvent into which somethingness finally dissolves , pinch me
  13. @Sugarcoat 4 years , friends for three.
  14. This girl became my temporary girlfriend (2 weeks) until she moved to Houston Texas from the south of the UK . She really likes me and wants to move back mainly because of me she says. She's homesick and grieving her old life. If she stays five years she can get a permenant American citizenship , if she moves back she loses her opportunity to be an American citizenship, (pretty much) . Obvs is highly situational and personally dependent but saying that any thoughts are much appreciated
  15. @Leo Gura @Leo Gura k , love you