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  1. Amazing idea, thanks @Insightful27
  2. Hello, everyone. Lately, I've been trying to avoid the news about Palestine, as it has become too hard for me to deal with. All these images, destroyed homes, suffering children, having their future taken away... Is just a monstrosity. It's inhuman. This can't keep happening. With this example, I'd like to show you how even someone with a low spiritual stage such as Alex Jones can see the reality. Even this well-known stage orange individual is able to realize Israel's genocide. As a globalized society, all countries have to condemn and hold IDF accountable for what it's doing. The world has to act NOW. I'd love to read your thoughts on this topic, especially what, in your opinion, would be the best ending to this conflict. Regards, and much love.
  3. How is strength training a waste of time? Taking it to a extreme, unless you're making a good living out of it, maybe. But on an everyday level? It improves you health, not only physically, but mentally. And when looking for a partner, an aesthetic body and good looks definetely matter. Quite a lot.
  4. Started a topic bc I didn't know this thread existed, sorry. Crazy stuff.
  5. Well, what do you think? Is it really happening?
  6. Too good not to be shared with you people ? Note: Credit to the author, I don't know who did it.
  7. Yeah, maybe I should've posted something to support my claims. My apologies to the forum. This video reinforced my opinion, it's pretty clear. https://mobile.twitter.com/voicelesscorpse/status/1581139510305296385 Again, I am not saying this is the truth, but this whole story looked too stupid to me.
  8. I've read somewhere it's all a hoax made by an oil company, with that exact goal... To cancel and invalidate climate change activists and their work. Gotta search more about it though. It just seems too stupid. No staff there to bring them out? All these cameras? Seems staged, really
  9. Hey, thanks to everyone for sharing your views on this topic. Yes, I think it is a complex phenomenon and it depends on many factors. But I can see how this middle-class you @DocWatts mentioned is disappearing around me. Upper- and middle-class boomers and x's are raising poor millennials and z's. These new generations may be able to afford a house or be able to live a comfortable life, but only with the support of their parents, that is, absorbing others' wealth, not creating any. If they invest intelligently, by the time they are 60 they may be in a comfortable financial state, even being able to retire, but, man, that's a whole lifetime. I don't see, not even close, the same opportunities they had in the 60s-70s, even in the 80s, nowadays. At first, I thought it was due to, well, not laziness exactly, because people did not have a strong motivation or any willingness to get outside, to the "real world" and build something great, meaningful, to take risks and try to succeed. And although it may be the case sometimes, I see that the problem is more systematic. Our society has completely changed. I've seen people trying way, way harder than me, obtaining more degrees, masters, PhDs even, working long, long hours to just get by. Being the same age, or even older, their perspective is to achieve what I have (owning a house and building a family; do not think that I'm some sort of a millionaire) in 10 years or so, by age around 40. (I am not bragging, that's a fact; I just become lucky and found a very well-paid job. If I didn't, I don't know where I'd be). These cases, they're not just anecdotes, they're the norm. I've come to believe that it has to do with capitalism. This system is designed to increase the wealth gap between the rich and the poor more and more. It started in the 1600s, so could it be the case that the system is getting obsolete? As a society, we are more prepared than ever, almost everyone is going to college, but wages are at their lowest, the rich are getting richer and the poor, are poorer. I'm not saying we should pursue socialism, but maybe the current capitalism needs to be fixed or rethought.
  10. Hi, everyone, Lately, I have been worrying about the future of us, young adults, especially concerned about those who "should" be becoming parents, owning a house, having a stable career, etc. Note that I said "should" referring to the fact that we are getting close to 30 yo and beyond, not that this is what we have to do. Times have changed, thankfully. I'll like to add that I have been doing pretty well, honestly, so this is not a post about self-pity or some kind of projection due to personal frustration. Also, I live in the Basque Country, so in where you're from, things could be otherwise. The issue is that in these last 4 month or so, I've been observing around me, and it is the case for the vast majority of my friends around 25-30, that they're still living with their parents, and plan to do so for quite a few years, still. Salaries are at their lowest. The average yearly income in 2019 was slightly above 24k €/year, and the most common was of about 18,5 k €/year. All of that before taxes, of course. (https://elpais.com/economia/2021-06-22/el-18-de-los-trabajadores-cobraba-menos-del-salario-minimo-justo-antes-de-la-pandemia.html). Again, this is the case where I live. I have not a single friend making over 2k €/month, most of them not even close. But, as an example, an average 80 m2, three-bedroom house, costs between 200k € - 350k €. And when we talk about it, millennials and gen z, the atmosphere is not pessimistic. In fact, this situation has come to acceptance. We have normalized it; to be 30 and living with your parents, to be a wage slave, paying first necessity stuff like electricity and gas at outrageous prices, and not becoming a parent because simply it can't be afforded. And when talking to boomers or gen x about it, they can't grasp how significant this is. They think that it happens because the younger generations are not as ambitious as they were, or that they're just lazy. I mean, I'm from Spain, a first (???) world country, from the EU... It's just unbelievable that we can't afford a decent living and independence. What do you think is the root cause? And how do you think is going to escalate? I don't think that's sustainable. Thanks a lot, and love to y'all.
  11. Hello, everyone. In a nuthsell, I just can't completely let go: I refuse to die. This has happened quite a few times, in meditation sessions, which just manifests as a slight fear sensation, but specially during 5-meo-DMT trips. All 5 trips I have made in my life, adjusting my dosis from mild to moderate, never to a high one, have shown me how terrified I am of letting EVERYTHING go. I just am not ready. I have recently become a parent, I am deeply in love with my wife, bought my dream house, made an important career change and my life is doing great, honestly, plus I have two big projects in mind to work on in mid- and long-term, involving business and specially my family, of course. I have been pursuing enlightement, but I am just not ready. I have tried to convince myself otherwise, but the results have been disastrous, because as I can now see, there are many thing I want to experience, go through and achieve in life. This brings two questions, and I'd appreciate all of your invaluable opinions, specially yours, @Leo Gura: I have discovered the path I want to follow for the next 10-20 years. I'm 25 now. What aspects should I keep on self-developing in order to keep improving? And what would you say is the most important thing to teach my children, so that they can also be in the path of self-development? For the record, I am now going to deeply study the episodes "How to raise a rockstar kids" and the "Advice to young people" series, so maybe my answers are already there. Thanks in advance, love to y'all.
  12. Where do thougths come from? What is the reason of a thought? When and how is it produced?
  13. How can we develop our intelligence? Is it just defined by genes... Or is it possible to develop more conciousness in order to be "smarter"? Can we actualize ourselves towards infinite intelligence?
  14. Hello there, y'all. After my 5-meo-dmt experience, I had this realization where I could see/feel/intuite/know (there's not really a word) that all of us living beings are infinitely intelligent. I see this crystal clear. In addition, I recall Leo talking about how it is possible to tap into this Infinite Intelligence (the episode was "What is Intelligence?", if a remember correctly), but saying that it was a topic for another video. He mentioned that people were actually achieving all their goals (related to greed, making money, especially) manifesting this Inifinite Intelligence. My question is, are there any resources about the topic? Leo, are you planning to shoot a video about it? What's more... Is the spiritual practice headed towards tapping into this Intelligence? I heard about Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich", this book has a lot of recommendations and I am intended to read it, but I want to know more about it, how to manifest it. I want to be concious of using my/our universal intelligence to understand it all. As always, thanks for the love.