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  1. @DonLupo Nice one brother. I just moved to Amsterdam in the past few months too. I've done a lot of day game and a bit of night game since arriving. If you're looking to head out hit me up!
  2. @Consilience your contributions are much appreciated around here. I always get a lot from the perspectives you share. Cheers buddy!
  3. Where else do you think karma originates from but the mind of course?
  4. This describes my experience exactly. Over a year ago, I tripped on 5meo and was shown the extent of my devilry. It horrified me to my soul and I think I got bad karma from it. I really haven't been the same or recovered since. Is the only solution to create good karma to balance it out? The act I committed, which I realised was devilry, would be considered by most as nothing of ill intent but because the state I reached was ultra-high consciousness I paid for it dearly. Now I'm also feeling the effects of not being able to function in a "normal" way because I realise the karmic process occuring in the background of all my actions.
  5. @nexusoflife thanks kindly for your detailed response. How would you differentiate if a neurosis is caused by unmet needs (e.g. unmet social, sexual, belonging etc.) or an introjected shadow? Edit: I believe I am correct in saying that an unmet need and a shadow are the same. The unmet need, social, for example, would imply repressed content of a certain stage (whichever level belongingness and social connection belong to). Though, no amount of shadow work will satiate this social need. The solution is to achieve the social connection needed. I believe this is how human needs exist as part of Wilber's developmental model. Feel free to comment if you think it to be otherwise.
  6. @nexusoflife without doubt, the most amazing trip report I've ever read. Would you care to share your shadow work method? Are you using Wilber's 1-2-3 method? And what results have you noticed since commencing shadow work?
  7. @James123 @Leo Gura @Thought Art @Nahm thank you all for the input. @Space incredibly profound. I resonate a lot with your second point. Your first point is astounding. To have it affect your baseline state is very fortunate. At core, energetic patterns will dictate all...
  8. Can you elaborate further on how to develop a healthy relationship with your sex drive? I remember in a post before you said something like in your late teens - early twenties, you could nut around 8 - 10 times a day without consequences. Not saying you regularly did it that much but I would consider this behaviour compulsive masterbation. From my own experience, excessive masterbation has lead me to some erectile dysfunction issues. How would you recommend developing a healthier relationship to your sex drive without it becoming a neurotic NoFap fixation?
  9. Yes. This resonates. So it is memory of Truth (or how true what is revealed was) that can act as leverage for the ego to change itself.
  10. Thank you. I was a bit too clickbaity in my titling of this post. I don't mean to argue against psychedelics. Can you discuss the nature of what you keep from psychedelics at your baseline state? Is it merely an updated conceptual framework? I feel as if my awakenings on psychedelics have certainly changed me but I am unsure of how, as the states of consciousness where these awakenings were so radically different to my baseline state, that it's hard to truly say I relate to my awakenings at all.
  11. Thanks. And have you been successful at maintaining your introversion while being socially authentic and not awkward (when the time does come to interact with others)? I too find deep beauty and fulfillment in being alone and contemplating reality. But when I then go to interact and be social with new people, there's always an awkward warming up period. I eventually do become social and it's great. However, then, when I'm in my own company, I need to acclimate to my introversion again, meaning I don't have access to my fruitful deep contemplating right away. It's a pain, as I'd like to keep my deep contemplating intact but socialisation is required in my current line of work. Is it possible to be immediately proficient in both?
  12. @Leo Gura could you speak a bit on maintaining an intimate relationship while being so introverted? How do you maintain your own space given so much of life is shared when in a relationship, and the likely far higher social needs of the other person?
  13. @Mafortu yes, it seems you have the experience and then integrate it as a memory into your conceptual framework. Resulting in a more complete conceptual framework, yes. I agree that this conceptual framework is one component of consciousness. Of course, we are now getting into the question of what is consciousness, which I find appropriate. I believe there is a more fundamental, existential awareness component to consciousness. This is what I believe Sadhguru is referring to when he comments that the spirituality is a process of increasing the amount of energy within your system, eventually culminating in the realisation that you are not merely the physical body etc. This component of consciousness is what I do not observe psychedelics increasing.
  14. I must ask, what exactly do you keep from a psychedelic trip? Yes, you experience the most profound of awakenings while the substance is within your system. Though, afterwards, all you have is a memory of the ultra-high state of consciousness. Any insights you gained are essentially no longer yours, as you do not currently possess the level of consciousness required to truly understand them. So, please extensively describe what you believe you keep from a psychedelic trip. *I hope for this to be the main point of discussion. A more accurate conceptual framework of the world? How helpful is the memory of a psychedelic trip to you at baseline consciousness? Yes, Truth is Truth, irrespective for however short of a duration it is reached. When it comes down to it should full devotion not be paid to manual practices to increase permanency (not ultimate permanency, of course) of consciousness? Psychedelics thereby being almost a distraction to the real work? I refer here to using psychedelics to contemplate the nature of reality, not for psychotherapeutic purposes or other.
  15. @Leo Gura aside from an overestimation of Green's malignancy, what other ways do you see Ken Wilber's theorising as being limited?