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  1. Society generally frowns upon anything that is counterproductive to survival agendas. This is how the ego survives in a social matrix. In this case, It's usually more effective for a girl's survival agenda to wait for the guy to make the first move since she needs to know 1. Is he into her sexually. 2. is he into her enough he wants to risk his emotions and commit further time and energy to her. Otherwise the guy might not be that into her and could just pump and dump her and then the girl is a single mother emotionally attached to a guy that leaves her in the dust. Or at the very least the girl might not feel wanted or committed to which is what she really needs from a man in a relationship. Thats why the guy has to be the first one to commit and put his emotions on the chopping block because it's way less risky for the guy's survival agenda. Also, if you ask any strong man he will say he prefers being the hunter and asking the girl. It makes him feel more masculine and powerful and it makes the girl feel more feminine and sexy. It's kind of a dance. You can always deviate from it but some things are trends for a reason. Men and women are not equal when it comes to survival agendas and sexuality and so we shouldn't treat the roles equally.
  2. The only way I've seen it done is through loads of spiritual work. Then you are still capable of making yourself horny and having sex put the compulsion won't have as much of a death grip on you. You then have full control on when to do it and when not to on your own terms. Not really speaking from experience here but this is what I have observed in a few others.
  3. you need theory to guide you. Then you put the theory into practice and get the real growth. Then after you have the real growth you can let go of the theory. The map is not the territory but how will you know where to go in the territory if you have no map?
  4. financial freedom makes your life better to a certain extent. But once you have a comfortable home and can afford the food you want and all the basic survival necessities, more money won't really make you more fulfilled per say. Money is not meant to be a measuring stick for your fulfillment. It is survival value and it's very useful in the realm of survival. But for true lasting fulfillment you need spiritual gains.
  5. Like be explicit asap and ask her out on a date. The faster the better. Women put people in two boxes. If you wait too long you automatically end up in the friend/ acquaintance box.
  6. Thats your mistake. You need to make it explicit to her asap that you view her sexually if you like her. Like ask her out or something. if you act not too interested deliberately and just try to run the whole thing through your head she puts you in the friendzone box and moves on. Men can get attracted to a woman without knowing whether she is interested back or not. But women need to know if your interested in order to know to invest more feelings into you.
  7. Bro of course you don't tell people deep metaphysical insights straight up when they are in pain. When they are in pain they need help dealing with the pain first. They don't need to know they manifested it or anything. Those kind of insights can potentially help them after we help them with their pain. Your thinking is a very black and white sort of interpretations of certain spiritual teachings. OF course when someones raping you or robbing you. Don't just stand there. BEAT the living shit out of them until your safe.
  8. EVOL backwards
  9. a problem a lot of people have. They can't distinguish direct consciousness vs belief because their own minds are mish mashed so much with what is their body, mind, self, beliefs etc. This is why spiritual practices meditation is much needed nowadays. As you can see without the proper awareness this dude comes off as a complete nutbag trying to evaluate Tolle.
  10. why dont you test it out? Which one works better for you. Commitment or something else.
  11. Doesn't it depend on finances more than biological age?
  12. alright buddy. Maybe one day you'll get it. This work really isn't about me or Leo or any one particular person. The way you realize what reality is and how you get to the highest potential as a human being is by becoming as conscious as possible. Leo isn't the only one who teaches this stuff. You think hundreds of thousands of religious and spiritual traditions from around the world and cultures and history is just some messed up thought patterns? lol gimme a break. You just haven't done your research.
  13. Go out and socialize. Notice your tendency to be stuck in your head and be grounded in your body and emotions more instead. meditation and spiritual work also helps but ideally you wanna do both.
  14. bro who gives a flux capacitor if he did it consciously or unconsciously. We can never technically prove that for sure can we. All that matters to you is that its a resource. You get to decide whether what is said here is true or not. You get to decide if you self actualize or not. Leo is just an avatar. Leo is a distraction.
  15. Bro think about how absurd it is. What does Leo have to gain out of making this stuff into a cult. like 99 percent of his content and teachings are given out for free. Access to the forum is free. He's definitely not doing it for the money. Even if he was a cult leader what the hell would he have to gain from you by posting some youtube videos. Anyways. You yourself when you are debating with people and yourself about whether the teachings are legit or not is not helpful to you. You see what your doing. Your trying to get yourself to believe one way or the other. But Leo gives you a method to go beyond belief. He constantly says "don't believe anything I say. Verify for yourself what I say is true for you." But the method he gives to do so transcends belief. Most people have no idea how to know anything without believing one way or the other. And of course your'e very attached to your precious beliefs in order to feel safe and secure in the world.