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  1. This is a limiting belief that can cost you so much. What makes you believe you were born "not talented"? Its also fairly common that people have unique strengths and weaknesses and their strengths are not recognized in their totality by both themselves and society. Mainly due to where the education system is at. Thus, most kids end up feeling stupid because everyone is comparing each other by the same cultural standards which are completely fabricated and are far from the actual truth.
  2. not really. The mind is a valuable tool if you know how to use it. Most people just aren't handling their thoughts and emotions consciously. And you couldn't stop thinking if you tried. You would just create more thoughts. You can only observe thoughts from a distance while focusing on something else.
  3. I mean people that have preferences aren't consciously choosing them. They are subconscious and likely both conditioned and/or genetic. Not everyone will be romantically compatible with everyone. Thats just the reality of things.
  4. beautiful quote right here
  5. I would not ghost him because that would make him hurt. I would set your boundaries and make yourself clear how you feel and then if you want to cut communication. Cut communication and put your foot down but let him know in a nonviolent way why you are doing so. If he becomes even more pushy and needy and doesn't give up you should increase the decisiveness of your actions with putting your foot down and prepare for what he might do in response knowing him personally. Ideally you wanna cut off the relationship that hurts him the least but you always gotta stick up for yourself first and foremost. This relationship clearly isn't serving you and it is not serving him either because he can use you as a distraction from actually getting his life together independently of you.
  6. Dayum he went a little to deep with that one lmao When you've got a copyright strike for going too deep and controversial on a video you know you've made it
  7. You forget that the woman has to develop herself and present herself in an attractive way just as men have to do. Women don't want a million low value guys creeping on her. She wants one strong man she can commit to. Women become biologically and physically attached to the man she is romantically involved with. It makes perfect sense if you look at both perspectives why the man needs to be the hunter and put in the initial effort. Because way more is emotionally at stake for the woman. Men do the approach so the woman knows he is sexually attracted to her which kick starts the romantic aspect to the relationship.
  8. I would just say "Oh sorry" and just keep walking and let them be paranoid knowing I did nothing wrong and let them think whatever they want to think. Who knows they may have been attacked or been through some crazy stuff and have unhealed trauma from it. You just do you, don't let judgements of others faze you and make sure you don't do anything they can legally hold against you.
  9. It is possible to raise one's consciousness enough to love deep physical pain. How far its possible to go with the limits of the human mechanism who knows. I have heard of stories of yogi's who got their arms cut off and were completely stoic and chill so who knows whats possible lol
  10. Ego in women tend's to manifest more as sneaky social manipulation that people please's, gossips, lies, and martyring to gain social power. By doing this the woman can appear as caring and selfless even if she isn't as much deep down and her motives are more selfish then meets the eye. It's much less obvious compared to ego in men which just looks like brute forcing everything. I think the reason men have abused women so much throughout history is simply because the center of gravity of consciousness of the societies were already so low and men have the advantage and power of physical strength over women and children. And on top of that women seem to be more naturally wired for empathy and tuned into their emotions than men naturally are. I think men can develop themselves to become as tuned in to emotions as women but it takes much more effort. On the same note I think women can become as adept at being grounded and using their mind's as well as men can but it takes more effort.
  11. Maximum diversity. This dream is just one version.
  12. Definitely not the end. Keep going. Don't waste time being caught up thinking if you've reached the end or not. or if your "enlightened" or not. Enlightenment is an idea you bought from culture. It doesn't exist. You don't even know if there is an end or not. And if there is it will be a 180 totally backwards mindfuck you would never be able to guess in a million years.
  13. feel deeper. Push yourself out of your social comfort zone it forces you to feel deeper. Let yourself get upset, angry, sad, happy, and everything in between. Allow yourself to feel like total shit or total bliss. Yes you can read books to arm you with tools to employ feeling deeper into emotions. But also keep in mind that understanding emotions can only happen on a feeling level. And until you feel them you don't really understand them. Emotional intelligence is just this: how aware are you of your own emotions and the emotions of others. The most accurate understanding happens at the level of being. You don't need to will being in touch with the emotions of others. If you become fully involved with your own being emotionally you will naturally feel deeper into all other beings.
  14. suffering is resistance to what is. We resist what is because we are selfish and must survive as finite beings in this physical dimension. If we don't resist what is we cannot suffer.
  15. Yes good point. She doesn't have to have a relationship with her mother. It's totally up to her. We need to give ourselves the freedom, love and acceptance to be anyway we want before we can fully care for someone else.