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  1. if done properly and consistently overtime it can help a lot. But its not a replacement for going out and socializing either.
  2. This "outburst" is out of love. He's reacting to the absurdity of human stupidity he sees from his point of view. Leo's style is very direct and straight to the point much like a strict zen master would be. Thats just his style. He's not insulting to try to belittle the person. He's trying to guide them in the right direction with his own style. His style is not passive and lovey dovey like someone like rupert spira or eckhart tolle. He is truly just interested in guiding those who are committed and interested toward truth. Thats after all why we are all here isn't it? For TRUTH. Truth lies at the heart of self actualization. He is doing us a big favor. These comments are not from arrogance. They are deliberate.
  3. Nothing is pseudo about spirituality. It is the most practical thing ever. And the reason why your life sucks if it does "other than obvious reasons like health" is because you lack spirit in your life. This is the problem with the overly pragmatic mentalities in the west. They are so materialistic they chase everything material blindly thinking that will fulfill them and then they realize materialism was empty. Materialism is useful up to a certain point, but it caps out after you meet your base needs. There are many techniques to raise your consciousness. Meditation is one of them but the word meditation doesn't really mean a whole lot because there are so many techniques you can do with your eyes closed you'll need to do your own research if you are serious. For that there are a million books and courses and stuff on enlightenment and spirituality. (Not religion by the way.) But don't expect to get quick and easy results. It takes hard work and dedication over a long time even though it bears the greatest fruits of fulfillment. Simply put, you are operating at one level of awareness/ consciousness but are capable of 1000x 10000x 100000x more. Consciousness is Love is the substance of existence. Atoms are made of Love and you are God. Your life lacks meaning, purpose, and metaphysical depth if you don't realize these things in your direct experience. Spirituality is only really for those who are truly ready for it though. So you may need to get your finances in order, health in order, relationships in order first to be ready for it. You probably won't even care about spirituality until those base needs are met. Its different for everyone and there is no rush in the end. Even participating in improving those aspects of your life will grow you as a person/ in spirit as well so its all g in the end. It just depends on how fast you want it and how serious you are about the pursuit of Truth.
  4. Consciousness is the highest pursuit. Nothing wrong with pursuing women. If you do it you should for the purpose of growing yourself and becoming a stronger man if thats the avenue of growth you want to take. But don't think it will fulfill you. Pursuit of women for the sole purpose of fulfillment/ happiness is an unconscious seeking of parts of your consciousness you are separate from. Thus, you pursue them through the body which translates to sex to achieve temporary union with those separate parts of your fragmented consciousness. But sex is only a temporary union with those aspects of your consciousness. The fulfilling part of pursuing women comes from becoming strong on the inside as a man and being able to create massive value for those around you. Being attractive to women should be viewed as a byproduct of becoming a strong man. But not the purpose of it. If you want permanent union you will have to do the inner spiritual work to surrender to Truth/ Consciousness/ God which is ultimately the most fulfilling thing. In short, your highest priority should be seeking/ merging with Truth on a direct consciousness level whatever that may look like. Seek the truth for its own sake no matter what. Thats the biggest key to a meaningful existence.
  5. Dude if u dig a little deeper on tate he actually seems more red than orange or blue lol. He's a smooth talker but when he slips, you can see his inner manchild reveal itself through the front of fake male bravado. He's also self snitched to being a criminal soooooooooo...
  6. its kind of funny walking around and others act like they don't know whats up when they are God. Its like a mathematician pretending he can't do 1+1 lol. God is dreaming for fun. So basically just entertainment value lol in the absolute sense. In the relative sense, awakening of mankind is the most important thing we can do as a species to progress toward better health collectively and for the health of all life on earth.
  7. It has been discussed many times that dating advice for men will not fully resonate with women. The survival agendas don't line up perfectly. Some would even say they are adversarial in some ways. But thats not the point. The point is that by Leo teaching men how to better attract women in healthy ways, it actually benefits you. It doesn't hurt you. Why? What are are you afraid of more as a woman? Men who are unhealthy and dysfunctional who seek getting laid in compulsive ways? Or strong, healthy, confident men who seek it in healthy ways without as much attachment to outcome? You want the second one right. This emotional bs of "listening to male dating advice on how to attract women hurts my feelings as a woman" is just wtf. OF COURSE. You are a woman. Men probably won't fully resonate with dating advice for women on how to attract men. Thats just how it goes.
  8. its a lot deeper than that. You are trying to conquer and transcend the subconscious instincts of self preservation designed to keep you alive. 99.9 percent of these are sub/ unconscious. This is why it takes people years and years to awaken. Enlightenment is no ordinary condition in the current state of humanity.
  9. If getting laid is your highest aspiration, you live a very empty and sad life.
  10. In general we tend to take for granted things that are there more often. Most of us take air for granted because its always there. It is common that once people become lovers, they want to naturally spend as much time together as possible. This is why I think it can be beneficial for both parties to see each other less often in relationships where both people still have lives of their own. Quality time together over quantity (even though quantity is obviously still very important).
  11. yep. Another donald trump character lol.
  12. Just watched. Welp. Looks like hes a self reported criminal then. Thats genuine stealing. He deserves prison. Thanks for educating me lol.
  13. ooo. I did not know that. I'm not that involved with andrew tate and his background. I just saw him in a few youtube shorts lol. If he is a criminal then obviously its good that hes getting caught. I never bought any of his stuff. I wouldn't trust someone that heavy into stage orange lol. My position thus far has been kinda neutral cus I feel like I just don't know enough about the situation.
  14. The one thing I don't understand is: why would someone with as much money as him commit crimes and risk being thrown in jail? It doesn't make sense. If you had 300 mill+, why would you risk that by doing work that risks your entire life? Maybe either it was discovered that the way he made his millions was completely illegal in the first place? I'm curious to see what comes to light in court.
  15. Yeah thats the risk of being alive. Being a woman means you also have an even greater biological sense of this danger physically. I recommend doing some internal balancing exercises like yoga, meditation, or working out so that you can consciously navigate your life without your fear compulsively draining or guiding you in wrong directions while still protecting yourself responsibly. On top of that, make sure you are involved with relationships with others and have proper support systems externally because those fears are real and valid for you. Your system is giving you that information because there is some truth to it in your reality. This stuff does happen to people. Having that balance within and without should at least put your mind at ease a bit. As for the existential point of view, God sees life like a video game since it doesn't have any bias. In order to experience life as a physical human though, you need to be biased toward maintaining a certain physical and psychological structure which you presently call: your life. God wants to experience every single possibility because its like baskin robins 31 ice cream flavors. you dont just want to try 1. You want to try them all lol. Pain and suffering is a way for our bodies to let us know which experiences are good for staying healthy and which experiences are not. This is why our sense of pain and its possibility is essential for staying alive long enough to experience life. If you didn't feel pain and suffering you would probably already be dead. This is why it is reported that people who go deep enough into spiritual work start to even transcend physical discomfort and pain. Because spirituality essentially means breaking the boundaries of your individuality or collective compulsive instincts of self preservation or what we might call the ego.