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  1. @electroBeamwell said. actually, most stage green people here are still blind to this. Only a stage yellow person and above would see casual sex and long term partners this way. Like a good ol growth hierarchy. Either one being fine. Stage green is blind here and think that their moralistic stance for equality and mutual consent is absolute, bringing out the pathology you see here. The problem with green is they are still unable to comprehend the perspectives of all the other stages which can make them self righteous in the midst of their good intentions for equality, peace, and love
  2. people here are getting way too moralistic and religious about pickup. Is there some law written in the universe how one should or should not approach a girl? No. If a guy wants he can approach a girl, have sex with her, treat her like a sex object and leave. You have to bite that bullet that people can do whatever the hell they want. And no amount of your whining as a woman will stop men. Its basic biology. The entire reason a guy approaches a girl in the first place is because he finds her physically attractive and wants to fuck her. He doesn't know anything about her personality or anything at least in traditional pickup. You are demonizing men for an inherent biology of attraction they did not choose. for most guys 70-80 percent of why a guy likes you will be physical. Now more evolved and conscious men will generally treat a woman better in a relationship. They will probably care about the girl's feelings more and actually care about relating to the other person as a human being and so on. But demonizing men who view and treat girls as sex objects is like criticizing your own cat for licking its own butt to clean it. Both involve innate survival strategies and mechanisms at play that you may find disgusting, but thats what is. THATS LIFE. Deal with it. This MEN SHOULD DO THIS. MEN SHOULDN'T do this is bullshit. You'll get nowhere with this mentality but dysfunctional relationships and shadow material Its not a question of should or shouldn't. It's a question of what do you want and what best serves that
  3. @Anna1Fair point but in this thread he's just trying to get advice for actualizing his life purpose. Just trying to better himself. Don't you think its still a little much to bully him off the forum in every single thread you see him? In this case, this guy doesn't seem to me like he's deliberately hating or trolling people. He wants to better himself like all of us. People can change you know...especially people doing this kind of work.
  4. @Anna1 Hey, he's trying his best for the level of development he's at. Remember, he is loving from his level of consciousness and his understanding of reality. Evil, sexist, racist people, selfish people etc, are simply people who have very little Self-Love (capital S and L) and we judge and demonize them harshly for it. I am by no means justifying any inappropriate talk of women or any other group of people for that matter. But attacking him won't help him to learn or expand his love for others or reality. Try to think from his perspective. He thinks what he is saying and doing is right. He wouldn't be saying these things if he thought it was evil. Rather than demonizing these kinds of people on the forum, why don't we try to see from their point of view and help them instead? It seems you may have some pain from the past maybe from a guy in your life that mistreated you. This may be why you react so strongly? May be an aspect of your shadow? Just some food for thought
  5. @Radicalyou are lost in mental masturbation. @Inliytened1 is not talking about a philosophy he subscribes to but a direct awareness of ultimate reality itself. Looks like you just need to do more consciousness work. When we are dealing with ultimate reality, we cannot reason our way to ultimate truth.
  6. of course you can master anything. But you gotta be extremely patient and examine your intentions for wanting to master psychedelics if your trying to master psychedelics for the wrong reasons your journey may come to a catastrophic collapse or end If I were you. I'd research psychedelics from hundreds of perspectives like a madman and trip carefully testing different doses of different psychedelics depending upon their intensity and the effect they have on the human system buy books. Leo has videos. Experiment with different things while in the trip.
  7. it depends on how you watch the news and not if you do or not. For example, you can watch the news as a student of spiral dynamics looking to understand more about interactions up and down the spiral in real life which can be very helpful. The garbage in garbage out thing leo was talking about is that what you expose yourself to creates how you think about the state of the world which can either make you happy or depressed and anywhere in between. Therefore, be a smart consumer of media and be aware of what motives you have
  8. just be mindful after the practice and abide in that parvasthats state. Do nothing. Just observe
  9. hardcore meditation is actually probably one of the most macho-masculine things out there imo
  10. keep poking around and trying new things. Trying various things people have said here can work nicely as well
  11. what it is and how it works on the physical and metaphysical levels
  12. @electroBeam From the looks of your post. Your girlfriend seems more like a liability rather than someone you actually want to build a future with. As a man, your mission and your life purpose is your 'souls' top priority. This means you will inevitably be unfulfilled if you are denying yourself any opportunity or potential in regards to your life purpose to keep a woman around. The reason you want to detach your happiness is because you fear the suffering that happens when you inevitably have to break up. If your relationship was actually healthy, the relationship between you and your woman would SUPPORT the actualization of your life purpose or career. Think about it, if you are hanging on to her because you fear you won't find another girl whose into self actualization, your relationship will inevitably turn clingy and sour very fast. From my point of view, if this career step is what you feel is right in your heart, you gotta let her go. She would want a relationship where the man is into her and loves her. Not one where she is a liability holding someone back. It sounds very much to me like you want to let go but you are afraid to because you fear the suffering that will come from that. In this situation, just cut the line. I don't know you or your situation completely so I would encourage you to do a lot of thinking and introspecting being radically honest with yourself. Why am I in this relationship? How bad do I want this step in my career? Is it what I REALLY want? Why do I want it? Why am I afraid to let go? Keep asking these why questions I'm sure you can get some profound answers.
  13. it can be extremely tough getting yourself out of a rut. My advice to you is try to quit one bad habit a week however small and replace it with one positive habit that you enjoy. When we are in one of these ruts, it can either feel absolutely hopeless like we don't want to take action at all, or we want out so bad we want to take all the action right now. Both of these are traps. You gotta take the middle route and go slow and steady. I want you to notice your mind telling you things like "I am a lazy fuck." And . "I'm so fucked. Life sucks." Your mind will tell you these things in the worst of times. They aren't actually based on anything true though. Just your system freakin out because it wants to survive. Let your system scream all it wants but go slow and steady. The habit I would try to eliminate first is porn. -masturbation or irresponsible use of sexual energy is the best way to drain all your motivation away. Depending how addicted you are, you might not be able to quit cold turkey. Lets say you jerk off 3 times a day. For one week try to level it down to 2. And then to 1. Or if you jerk off one time a day maybe try to jerk off only 2 days of the week or only 3 days. You set your own pace that works best for you. You don't want to move too slow but also don't bite off more than you can chew. The habits I would encourage you to implement in your daily schedule are exercise and a short meditation session. -the meditation session will increase your discipline capacities and give you some distance from your mind so it doesn't have as much influence over your mental state -Exercising consistently over a long period of time will increase your physical vitality allowing you to feel more energized throughout the day.
  14. imo, if you are going to buy one course and thats all you could ever afford in your entire life, its definitely leos life purpose course. This course builds the entire foundation for not just your life purpose, but all of self actualization work. Definitely worth far more than 250 dollars. It provides you with so much insight into who you are specifically as a unique human being. You will have to see for yourself but its just about the best way you could ever spend your money. STOP READING FORUM POSTS. BUY IT AND GET TO WORK.
  15. You don't need to be married or in a relationship to have a valid opinion about them. Its counterintuitive but some of us single people have the best relationship advice