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  1. Meditation For Enlightenment
    Meditation For Enlightenment
    @phoenix666 Your right. It can take years, or even a lifetime to wear the ego down. That all depends on you. But if you want enlightenment bad enough. And have searched every corner of the mind in a futile attempt to find it there. The ego at some point will finally give in and surrender fully. In a way, when we start this journey, it is the doing of the ego making it happen. 'I'm on the road to becoming enlightened'. And in a sense you are. But it doesn't happen on your terms. No No No Not quite. This universe is much wiser than you and has already got you by the balls. You just don't know it yet. When you surrender you realize what is really happening here. And you see through the illusion of the ego and the spell it has placed over you. And it's true that you can't deny the ego. It's always going to be there. You learn to live with it. But you find that it's just something very insignificant happing in the grand scheme of things. It's just there doing it's little thing. In other words, it no longer defines what you are.

  2. Enlightenment is 4 realz
    Enlightenment is 4 realz
    @username For masters in pure math you should be really clever. I am doing Do Nothing 1x 30 since 2 years, 2x30min a day since 1 year I would say, also I actively practiced emotional healing and now practice it lightly, had couple RASA recordings with right heart feelings, couple self inquiry sessions. But I felt stupid with RASA and felt lazy with self inquiry, even too lazy for Shinzen mindfullness practice. I get to feel good and calm throughout my days, but I'm nowhere near even a glimpse of enlightenment and for the last 3 month I feel stagnation. I want enlightenment to become always happy, be content, uncontracted, unconditionally loving and also to feel something so very unusual, but that desire is tentative. Will you give me an advice please?