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  1. @m0hsen Ok. Thanks for your response. I have started remembering and writing dreams in dream journals and also reality checks. Before sleeping was repeating mantra: "it is a dream". Though it was not happening often. Now I am not writing down standard dreams, only lucids and remember standard dreams even without writing down. I am sleeping 6 hours at night, then doing hatha yoga and transcendental meditation. After that sleep for 1 hour and most of the time, I have lucid dreams on this 1 hour period. I think it has to do with transcendental meditation. It is kind of changing brain waves. Also if I will do kriya yoga dreams are far more vivid
  2. Hi guys, have a question about Lucid Dreams. I am lucid dreaming for about 2 years and have 100+ lucid dreams. Most of the time I am starting lucid dreams from the bed as if I was sleeping and many times dream is collapsing and another dream is starting. I think my doubt is collapsing the dream, but I am not sure. Is it usually happen to you that you start lucid dreams from the bed? And does anyone have an opinion on why the dream is collapsing and how to sustain it? Also, I have noticed that sometimes when a dream is not vivid when I try to make it vivid it works for some time. Does it happen to you? We can manipulate dreams vividness by intention?
  3. I am really interested in Leo's take on the topic of sharing as in relationships also in spiritual development. Especially when you are doing spiritual work and maybe have deep insights or have some mystical experiences, I think people tend to share those things and it is a really big chance that other humans will not understand or underestimate what you are saying. It maybe will lead to depression for a person who is sharing for example and maybe even will be an obstacle for his spiritual development. Also what it will cause for another person? Will this serve to him? I know that there are many different types of people and everything is so complex it is hard to find any rule, but maybe there are some rules and we can benefit from it? How we must decide what to share with people and what not? What is better for the world and for us? Is this sharing staff all ego's play not to be alone and find someone who understands you or is there any deep root cause for this need, which is outside of the ego?
  4. Great nostalgic feeling when watch all of this every time
  5. I am telling you do not understand the movie. Neither do I, but with Ken's interpretation, it makes sense. Thing is that the matrix represents the mind, Zeon represents the body and machine world a spirit world and they are represented with colors: green, blue and gold. At the end of 3rd movie, Neo is enlightened in all three worlds.
  6. I was thinking second and third was shit even I have watched all 3 movies twice in my life. Maybe you will not love this movies after Ken Wilber's commentary, but you will understand the movie in general if you little bit heard about nonduality. If you care to understand the movie I suggest watching all 3 with Ken Wilber's commentary. It is impossible to understand this trilogy from the first movie. It is not good versus evil as it seems in the first movie for example
  7. I do not know if many people know about this, but I have discovered recently that the matrix trilogy has been commented on by Dr. Cornel West & Ken Wilber because Wachowski's are not commenting on their movies. It is accepted publicly that the first movie is classic and other two are shit, but after that commentary, you will be absolutely blown away. It seems that this trilogy is much deeper than most people think. In general Ken Wilber's interpretation says that you must understand this trilogy as a whole. And everything gets clear in the last 20 minutes of the 3rd movie. For example, if you are like me you would think that Morpheus is like an awakened guru guiding Neo, but he is actually a dogmatic believer in Ken Wilber's interpretation. And most people think that outside the matrix is a real-world and matrix is a simulation, but it is much deeper I will spoil you a little bit. I highly recommend everyone to watch this commentary. Here is a youtube link which only is about the first part and not full I think because of the length: The full version of all 3 movies is in Ultimate Matrix Collection set: https://matrix.fandom.com/wiki/Ultimate_Matrix_Collection
  8. @PopoyeSailor even more excited it would be if she realized it through reading books and because of that I commented like that. Maybe she did but unlikely
  9. @PopoyeSailor For sure there is no path to the truth and you can access it without any practice, but it is unlikely that you will be awaken just like that. Very little chance I think. Leo is saying always that you need decades of meditation to understand anything, but maybe for someone it will be easier. But again it is unlikely. All about chances I think. But you are right my statement was wrong, but what I really think was this what just wrote
  10. Do you really think that while sleeping you are not thinking? On a deep sleep, you are not, but when you are dreaming you are thinking all the time
  11. @GoingHome I do not think you can realize it through reading books (with your intellect). It is something beyond the mind. If you have accessed it through contemplation after reading books ok , but reading books and grasping it logically is not what I mean in realization
  12. @Leo Gura I am interested if you think that there are degrees of realization of the meaningless of life? And if yes, is it possible after 100 percent realization of this that you can go back into the 'normal' experience and act from the memory that once you realized that and not from direct experience?
  13. This happened almost 1 year ago. Since then I am remembering it every day. Want to share it with this forum. I do not want to compare it to some experiences I have not experienced or name what this experience was. I want to tell hard facts about what happened. Inspired by Leo's videos, that you can understand the truth without any words started meditating every day. I was very skeptical but was admitting that I do not know what Leo is talking about. With that mindset, I was trying to be aware of what is going on 24/7. The first realization that there is no difference between reality and a dream: Had a lucid dream where have looked around. Was thinking that I will see some gaps in a dream, but there were no gaps. Then I compared it to 'reality' I knew about and there was no difference. It was shocking. Then I touched a person near me in the dream and guess what? I felt her skin. After opening my eyes my mind was very clear and all day was doing staff very productively. After 5 months of daily 30 minutes of meditation, I started reading David Goggins's book. He is a motivational speaker and it inspired me to chase my goal (to know the truth). I have raised the meditation session to 1 hour from 30 minutes. It was very painful to sit "so long", but I had this madman mindset and was sitting anyways crying with pain, but without opening my eyes and without moving. On the 5th day after raising the session time, I was sleepy and fall asleep 3 times during the first 40 minutes I guess. After waking from sleep on the third time I have turned on the madman. Made a decision that would not get up until 100 percent I would not know the truth and because I did not want to sleep again started crazy deep fast breathing. Was trying to have attention on my nose while keeping awareness of other things and when I was aware that my attention was gone was shifting attention again on my nose. Had not stopped breathing deeply and after some time my attention was shifting to the thought that I might die, but again was returning attention to the nose. My attention was fixed on the nose after some time, but I noticed that it was not 100 percent nose. It was like imagination and tried to notice the only tip of the nose and nothing else. As soon I was aware that it was the imagination of the nose was shifting to the nose again and was absolutely crazy that it was happening almost without a delay. And after many battles to this, I was aware of the thread of thoughts that was going from my awareness. It felt like magic. After this, I was aware of how intentionally (can not find any better word) was triggering fear of death. And at that moment I had the first wtf moment. I had not to fear anymore. It was my making all the time. (realization of triggering fear) And after this, I was aware of how again intentionally was trying to laugh and to be happy. And second wtf moment. I was making myself to be happy also. (realization of triggering happiness) After this, I wondered without a thought if there is no fear and is not happy what is then? And realized simultaneously that it was a piece. (realization of the piece) After this tried to 'look around' what else is happening? And noticed how my abdomen was moving and it was doing by itself. (Third wtf moment) I am not breathing? It is doing breathing itself? Then I noticed that it was like looking from upside to down to the abdomen and shifted my attention from where I was looking. It was behind the eyes. One point. And as soon I was aware of it, it disappeared. Had shifted attention to the heart and everything else had disappeared. Was aware of the form of a heart and how it was beating without attaching it to myself and everything else was disappeared. Then I moved attention slowly to the spine. The spine was hurting but I did not care. Then I noticed the detailed form of my body and again it was not me. Everything around my body was dark (nothing) and everything inside the form of my body was also nothing. I was in a sitting posture, but there was nothing down of my body. (Fourth wtf moment) Then I wondered what was time and realized simultaneously that time was not there (Fifth wtf moment) Do not knowing what else to do just stopped questioning anything and suddenly I was not aware of my head. Was aware of full body form, but not of the head. (Sixth wtf moment). Was wondering where is my head and it was not there. After this decided that it was enough of this shit and wanted to go back to my 'normal' experience. After opening my eyes went to the window and was staring outside. What was that? That's it? Everything that I feel and what I 'know' is an illusion? But at this moment I realized that it was a big relief. There was not a point to chase something, because it didn't matter. Then was time to go to work and went with the metro. Then I noticed that was not judging people around me. If someone was ugly or beautiful or poor or had a bad smell. I was not caring. There was a girl who was fat. Other times when I was noticing that type of girl I had some kind of judgment that I do not like her, but now I was not caring. And it was a big relief. Everything was peaceful. I do not know what else is out there, but I know that it was a lifechanging experience and every human must experience at least this. What do you guys think?
  14. @Dodo is Bhagavad Gita that type of book that you must read between the lines? Have hard times to understand this type of books
  15. @Breakingthewall I am thinking about that also, to have a rest from meditation and everything for a little and see things from that perspective. Thanks for replying. @Leo Gura was thinking that it is my business yeah, but hearing this from you and hearing other people advices felt good. It feels that you are not alone on this path. Thanks for this forum. I am kind of introvert and holding everything in myself and now I see that sharing is a good thing