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  1. @Bill W I'm glad you find it helpful.
  2. @Bill W the reason why I link to trauma related information is that there us this theory that the root cause of addiction is trauma. ( Gabor Mate is of this opinion for example) And to heal trauma you need to work with the nervous system itself. Her website may seem unrelated at first but the PDF is pretty good and short read on the different aspects that need to be addressed while trying to heal trauma.
  3. Hi, Do you believe you are connected to people in such a way that you would sense if something extraordinary occurs to them. A bit like telepathy. Or do you believe people sometimes just know what is going to happen. A bit like visions.
  4. I totally overlooked this "concept is being" by @Leo Gura . I thought concept was like a painting or music, a piece of art some are closer to truth than others, but all a mirroring our humanness more than they would be a mirror to truth. (Sorry@dimitriSorry@dimitri somehow I can't untag you.)
  5. Might be good to know (it relates to 'workaholic' information overload etc) : Her whole channel and website (PDF) offers a good overview over the pieces that need to be addressed. Biological, nutrition, neuronal (body work), psychological, and relationship wise.
  6. @Gladius hello I'm happy you've managed to turn it around! 🙂 Do you think there is a way to do the work on your own?
  7. @crab12 "If I realize there is no self I would lose all motivations and just sit in a cave all day do nothing because there would be nothing to do. I couldn't enjoy and appreciate life anymore. EDIT: Did you hear him say "and then do whatever you please". Then you are free to do whatever dualistic thing you want. But am I not already free to do that?" As far as I understand it now It is just a kind of knowledge without any content that makes you wiser and feel more at peace. It changes how we view ourselves in relation to everything else Just like the stages of a personal life (baby to old age) it is switching our perspective of life and the framework we use to understand it. But you still have to deal with what ever life presents you.
  8. @MAYA ELEL thanks, good luck to you too.
  9. Hi, What kind of art do you like? What artists, authors? Share a painting by them or a song and/or the feelings stories you relate to it. To get started I would suggest just picking a form of art that you enjoy and feel like doing it, while your doing it, without thinking about the quality. Over time you will realise how growth happens on its own. And you have a nice collection to look back at. The key is to not feel blocked by questioning the result, and being too critical.
  10. Hello, Have you tried to start with the somatic approach first, before you try to solve all the mental, psychological aspects? There are some methods that help sooth the nervous system, thus make you feel better without any theoretical content. For me, when I do these exercises I am unable to think the thoughts that usually leed to psychological suffering. I'm also unable to even feel any psychological emotional pain for a few a hours after I do the exercises. And my hope is by starting with that and focusing more on really feeling better by not following thoughts emotions but watching them The other stuff will get better (but that's just hopeful try) If you work in that field you may already be familiar with the approach. Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk have suggestion on how to go about resolving it on the somatic level. Yoga is supposed to help but maybe even to advanced since the smallest exercises can have a big emotional impact. I use a website that offers audios (guided meditative stretching) but it's in German. Wish you all the best!
  11. Homo sapiens has The ability or the need to abstractly view at things and invent numbers It Is a function of the human mind. So the 1 and the numbers in general are a creation specific to the human mind. Thus it is a concept. Now how are we able to build all this technology and so on on physics and math that are only concepts, projections of humanly cognitive functions. What is the relationship between mind - truth - concept - physical world. I agree with Dimitri. Everytime you say X is Y thus Z. You first have to define x, y thus they are concepts, and on top you have to define the rules (of logic) twhich are maybe more than just arbitrary terms, but still conceptual. (my English gets worse and worse the more I write, I hope you still get my point) Bye
  12. Hi, This kind of behavior often Comes from negative experiences growing up. The swings from anxiety to depression or the fear of being abandoned are typical symptoms of attachment trauma. Of course I'm just a stranger on the internet and I don't know anything but research those terms a bit, see if it fits, if she is willing to get therapy, because One important part of fixing attachment Trauma is experiencing a healthy relationship.
  13. Hello, So, Have you ever felt attracted to someone, or in love, but at the same time, in some situations an emotional barrier independent of that person? Nothing the person did caused it. Also no thought. It appears out of the blue. Suddenly you have conflicting emotions at the same time. What is that? How do get rid of it?
  14. Soooo, I've found a video lecture by John Vervaeke that was useful to me in understanding all of this. You might like it to. He is a cognitive scientist with experience In meditation and Tai Chi etc He talks about, how Meditation, awareness, contemplation lead to insight, what kind of insights they are and why nonduality is preferable
  15. @crab12 you've mentioned Eckhardt Tolle and his path. How did he achieve enlightenment? @Aeris yeah, there always are many levels of understanding thus many levels of enlightenment I'm rather a beginner. Also, I don't fully buy into the "first person experience thus enlightenment" concept. There is too much room for deception for my liking. Self deception and deliberate deception of others. I think there is a natural boarder to truth and enlightenment. It's not possible to fully grasp it. Also there is a circular aspect to it. Now, Imagine: If the whole of the human existence would be quiet for a moment and aware at the same time, of their humanity, that they are all conscious beings, wondrously aware of the connection to something bigger somehow, to everyone. Would that shift change something in the degree of consciousness? What would change? (I don't mean behavior) Would we exist like animals do? They don't overthink. Are they enlightened? Greetings!