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  1. hi, maybe, try to find out directly from her by simply being interested in the way she thinks and sees the world, how she is try to learn what and how to talk to her from her
  2. " I'm out of the loop; I've started slowly picking my way through the people here, particularly the stuff Leo posted near the beginning. I'm not really... feeling some of the people who have been posted otherwise, to be honest. It's not just what's said and what's being taught. It's in the eyes, in the body language, in presence. Vibe and energy level and quality, having absolute consistency, etc. But honestly, the eyes usually give it all away. " feel the same way about some of the people posted in this tread
  3. if you already know you have CPTSD, then yes, the feeling of overwhelm is a classic symptom of trauma. people with Trauma have a reduced capacity for dealing with stress hypersensitivity, to be more sensitive to crowds, loud noises, hectic streets etc is also a symptom of trauma. the best thing to do would be to find some therapist who specialises on somatic approaches to healing trauma, like somatic experience. you can also find some stuff on the internet, that explains how to treat it, but you have to be very careful.
  4. .

  5. @Serotoninluv thank you for taking you time to explain that to me you are right, if its a law, i look at it as if it hints at a fundamental reality, therefore it would always be the case. then again, we're talking about psychology so there is probably no 'always' there
  6. some exercises and the gist of somatic experiencing
  7. J.P. also believes that that alone will, if done correctly, spread the good continuously to a larger scale, almost by itself. from person, to family, to street, small community etc... and i bet, he takes his success to prove his theory. esp. his theory about truth (that he got from carl rogers, i believe) but Why do people talk about "Law of attraction" and "Manifestation" if the mechanics that these two are pointing at are simple psychological states: A believes XYZ about himself, he then won't be able to act differently. people that have been mistreated for example often believe the world is a scary place and what happened to them was deserved. these believes become the boundaries of this persons reality. on the other hand, there are people on tv competition shows singing, believing they are Madonna, yet... and they seem unable to realise how good / bad they are if law of attraction was a thing, they seem to believe in their talent. where's the success? people say you have to act as if you already have what you desire. why? because that would break the web of accumulated believes that may hinder you in acting in a way that will get you where you want to be?
  8. ok. Thanks Everyone. i will keep your answers in mind.
  9. I often hear single sentence answers to large scale questions like, what is reality, what is truth. what is actually happening right now in actuality. what is consciousness the reason for X is Y. The nature of Z is V. to get to the understanding you need the personal experience, they say. one can't know these things, no matter what one does. the experience doesn't mean you outgrow your humanness. you experience it as a human. therefore one can't tell people how the nature of reality is and how they should behave in order to manipulate it, in order to get the results they want. how to hack life. whatever happens in enlightenment is just a shift of viewpoint, what we consider meaningful and what not. what we focus on. we will always keep shifting as long as we have the physical and mental capacity. growth is a given, just like you are not thinking like you were when you were a child. (though you can accelerate the process by meditation, contemplation, healthy habits, mental hygiene, kindness) (you can also resist growth but you'd suffer from that) but there is no point at which we outgrow our human limits. wouldn't that be extremely frightening? it would be too overwhelming. our mind is bound to a specifically human way/structure. if you manage to develop an open mind that allows for many different perspectives grow you consciousness and your psyche, be more aware, more compassionate, be able to not react from mindlessness all that is useful to the first person perspective. in creating a personal life. but at a specific point, you will fall back to self deception, because it is a place we need as much as we need the comfort of a home. the older you get, the less you are able to have a multi-faceted point of view just like you are less likely to be able to run a marathon. so this high state of a sage isn't a place to arrive at. its not like once you have that you have solved a complex puzzle that you solve once and for all and can then engage with the world being totally at ease because everthing has fallen into place now. everything is organized, everything is understood. the search for understanding can be one of those 'lower needs'. you then feel safe. the search itself can be a source of fun and entertainment also. it can serve any lower need, really. so what is there to arrive at, is in the process itself the process of every single one, no matter at what 'stage' he is. and what is there to understand is just exactly that what presents itself when you open your eyes right now. neither scientific concepts nor the personal experience can show you the full magnitude or lead to full understanding. understanding is understanding your limits and being in awe about existence personal experience only helps you to be a better person to grow in that sense that makes life better and easier, not to abandon life and live in a cave. no onness, infinite consciousness, no pantheism. they would be just a form of artful playing seeing and engaging with the world So, I say all of this, because I'd some feedback and I'd like to know what you think.
  10. Hello, 1. situation A: Something happened. Fear of results from that. Fear of what might happen. But: You are able to detach to an extent. you still want to navigate the situation to an desired outcome. How do you combine these two inner states. how does that preferred inner state look like? Just not caring doesn't sound realistic. 2. - so one is supposed to not have an inner resistance to anything, good or bad, happening outwardly. - but, you're still allowed to act with a certain goal in mind - psychologically, you move towards whatever you keep your mind busy with (=law of attraction) if it's some feared event, than you move towards that. (?) - if you have a mind that has a happy outlook, a nice goal, than you move towards that. and that's called manifestation. (?) how do these things go together? they are contradictory. 3. -the current quote on Leo's blog , or certain other psychological views suggest you should have a goal in life to be happy and fulfilled. -isn't that why we think about our values and our purpose? we have to chose and recognise the resposibility. -even J.P. suggests you 'orient' your life towards a goal, according to him, you should start with your own little life, not some big issues on the large scale.
  11. Hi, Have a look and click around here: https://fs.blog/2014/05/remembering-what-you-read/
  12. Hi, I'm not sure, but it could be the one on art "what us art". That's my guess, after reading something other users posted.