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  1. Hi all,theres been about 4 months since my first psychedelic 5 grams trip on psylocibe cubensis What can i said?well it seems that me and the shooms became friends,at the day i took it was a day of lot of heavy sentiments in the mind,lot of personal and familiar questions to deal with it,a stressfull day afterall But my trip was sublime,i feel the Love of God I believe thats the Love that im gonna to feel in the day of my death Lots of visuais and mental Activity Sometimes i was tooked by assault by the Power of the trip,it gots severe in the terms of the tryppy aspect and then i react and hesitate to let go and the i was tripping balas again withdout even realize
  2. What if i Just est then?
  3. If i have 25 grams of dried San Pedro cactos and made a tea out of it am im gonna to feel interesting effects?
  4. Hi my fellow psychonaults,recently i got acess to San Pedro cactos and ive decided i wanna try it só lets talk about how much grams of the cactos un natural form i need?the method of preparation and a beginners guide to San Pedro
  5. Hi fellows, só what do i see the spiral dynamic sfuff plus the stuff that leo says that general people are evil and need to be more peaceful if you add these two into the equation what do we have?... A Society ruled by gurus. Talking about spiral see...if you take all what Léo says in this fórum about the nature of reality and puts into a fractal movie in your head then what do you have? A spiral that takes you to a whole different reality. Só i sincerely want to know the True about,com you know..Léo...the mister"LETS RESPECT OTHERS PEOPLE AGENDAS" sems to be a primal fucker of this own propagated idea
  6. Hi sorry for the grammar portuguese corrector of my cellphone its aways get in The way Leo for sure is pushing some kumbaya my lord utopia into the minds of people He muito have falei the fsb agente test and decided tô go tô youtube
  7. Now thats a very pratical thing to put in perspective I have said before that Trump is not a crook or an artist and that He can actually contributes for the balance of Power in this world In The other hand leo gura for exemple have said that Trump is dangerous and The Vladimir putin is some kind of necessáry strong man to administrate Rússia Now considerando The ACTUAL cenário.. what do you guys have to say about these leftists dictators,Trump,Joe,and how da fuck things are going to solve out in this planet talking about global dominance and peace and geopolíticas Power?? I Wonder that leo will Still talk to americans to Just relax stick a finger in their ow asses and watch passively The Globo being taken over by some communist dicratorship?? Or maybe The opinião of The people around here chances? I dont know...só lets discuss ....
  8. Hy folks i Just have a New experience with shrooms in wich i dont wanna talk about but all i can say is that changes my life for the better for sure Só heres my thank you ver much tô all the people in this fórum and community and special thanks tô Leo gura ,bipolargtowh,and breakingthewall
  9. thanks for the reply today ive done 0.93 g i feel kinda weird,i ask myself if was psychological or it was the shrooms taking effect after a while i discover that was just the shrooms ,this time i do feel the power of the psylocin on my brain and i ask myself if i was about to enter a true trip or not,in the end i did not trip at all but i feel a lot of interesting sensations in my body in my psyque and in my brain the rest of the day i feel confident and optimistic from now on im gonna climb the ladder adding 0.3g more each time cos i do feel the power this time and im gonna aproach with careful
  10. hy folks today i microdosed 0.17 of dried psylocibin cubensis,has been about one month that im clear with zero farmaceutical drugs except from a injection of haldol decanoato,so...about 5 hours ago i microdosed let me tell you guys how everything worked out..i ordered online (here in Brasil shrooms ate 100% legal very good for the mood)when i recieve the package i tought the shrooms was smaller but is quite big,so i pick up a cissor cut the material in tiny litle pieces then i grind and then i use the scale (my first idea was dosing 0.33 tomorow but after i put some grinded shrooms in the mouth just to taste i had a considerable shaking in my right hand) so i think well and decided to do less today and a higher dose on another day and thats wat ive done, so "nothing" happen after 30 min,a funny sensation on the brain very very discrete,after one and a half hour later i took a joint of cannabis then after smoked i noticed that i feel the similar sensation on the brain but stronger,i wonder why that is ,right now as i write im taking a lemonade i think about all that happens and my expectations and i calculate that next time im taking 0.51g you know i wanna FEEL again like in the good old times of my life,to help those who cros reference in the rescearch of shrooms i have 2 meters high and weight 156 kilos about setting i have a active spiritual life and i pray for God for the experience so what do you guys think ? am i gonna get the the so called and so hyped benefits ? lets discuss a bit about my personal situation and who knows maybe someone more experienced have a life advice for me ?,i have o historic of paranoia abusing cannabis about 5 years ago,from then on ive been hospitalized 2 times once in a stress freak out and another one taking a unknow substance in a party,so nowdays im much much better than in the recent past, having a normal life with family and friends i work about 8 hrs a day and 1 hour i worked out in the gym and another hour i meditate listening to holosync,life is sooo fucking good these times that i thank God everyday so much love in my life jesus christ id like to know everyones opinion about the trajectory of my life and my recent decisions about shrooms thanks
  11. hi BipolarGrowth nice things to consider thanks you see when i talk about 5meo i usually talks about all that i found in this 'package' this 'box' ,including the Leo's talking and the forums and people's reactions,trip reports etc,i believe Leo fails to consider for exemple superhumans abilities and the psychology of the humans that already proof to have reached far above in things like concentration and mind control,im talking about 'monk sitting in boiling water' for exemple, google it ,and several others,,and what about The Occult?mankind advanced so much in this aspect with a vast lineage os teachers and a huge bag of very relevant information about the nature os existence,just ignored by Leo and his fans ,to give voice to philosofers who are coaches and bussinessman,i mean wtf this is one of the reasons why i did not see Leo as a integral teacher,a holistic teacher,what the lineage of teachings he follows ? ,coaches,philosofers,dudes with experiences,...,(now masters and elders and people with ancient knoledge no no no lets avoid these are all about "dogmatic doctrines") the spiritual and the intgral development of me as a human being sure is what i aways focused about,follow my heart ,my intuition,i was aways passionate about that ,in the end i will follow my heart,im concerned in balance in my life,does not make sense that im 100% developed in one aspect and be a failure or a average individual in other aspect, i believe in the importance of the 'abracadabra of creation' investigate the origins of the spoken language ,this tells very much about the nature of existence and the hidden secrets of the universe
  12. first of all i wanna say thanks to everyone cos of the experience shared in this forum,i learn a lot so thank you all now it has some time i was considering taking some 5 meo to see if this is the thing that will finally release my most profund traumas and awser my most relevant questions about existence,so lets discuss my case and talk a litle bit about this whole thing,i dont have large experience in mind altering substances,a few trips actually,cannot say i have an ''soul orgasm'' with any of these trips but i do have very relevant insights and lots of people have notice that im kinda onto something so now ima currently detoxing from medical psichiatric drugs,i talk to my doctor to progressively stop with these drugs and after a year ou 2 i will be totally clean,im currently doing lots of therapeutic aproaches with musictherapy and meditation and herbs and etc and i can say im very very happy with the results so im questioning myself if i shuld just give up this 5 meo idea and stick just with these aproaches im interested in continue'' my own way'' im very happy with my teachers and the ''doctrine'' that im inserted into my mind and i feel that everyday im getting more and more aware and illuminated about all sorts of things ,the process of unlearning is to me the last thing im concerned about,does not have problems with that at all i feel i can go for the truth straight im confident about that ,so that been said i wonder'' what i have to gain with the void?'' i heard that people feel younger again and thats a very good argument in favor of the molecule,i wanna feel that again and im not sure if i can get this clear widthout now lets talk about how i discover this in first hand "the magic pill to enlightment & god '' from Leo Gura video this is how i get to know the substance and all its potential,now im intrigued about Leo intention to open up all this to the public and wtf is Leo doing with all this movement he just started,hey Leo are you russian-intel??are you some guy into some leftist aurora renaissance trying to gain people into some new age doctrine for some objective?cos you intrigued me Leo and now i wanna know about the truth(if im allowed to) thanks people and lets discuss about all that with respect... waiting for you guys opinion,thanks again
  13. religion is just real knoledge mixed up with bunch of codes and tales for you to decodify
  14. yes ive been 2 times there first one a ''overdose'' of personal problems,financial problems,relationship,etc second one due to a ''bad trip'' with unknow substance in a party check my posts from the past
  15. ive been doing rescearch about this substance and people who are vastely experienced in psychedelics + 50 trips seems that are very common dots betwen these tho i wanna know about these