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  1. I have been enjoying the conscious media resource library at Conscious Awakening Collective or
  2. @jimwell Ok.. (That word, ok, is very direct and simple.. and all is contained but it doesn't do much to connect with you..) I could say IT is... I could say that to every person on the forum about every post, but is that direct simple beauty serving anyone? I think it would serve my ego, thinking I'm so enlightened that all i have to say is "It is". Those to words encapsulate every post but is it really beauty? Yes and no. It is beautiful in that it contains all but it doesn't do much to connect and offer something to others... Clarity comes in many forms, beauty comes in many forms..
  3. @Nahm Its interesting that you seem to hold the position, correct me if I am wrong, that if you are self-realized that you somehow can't retain an ego identity? As if you can't know the illusion of the ego and yet at the same time allow it to function and enjoy the presence of it. That makes me sad, because it is possible, people do do it and i find those people to typically be more humble, enjoyable to be around, and rather insightful. I see your responses in the forum continually push hard for one thing, the unnameable, the unknowable, Logos, Parabrahm etc... You don't seem to make much space for the life between here and there. It is usually about obliterating any acknowledgment of the division and consistently driving to the unified position. Obviously you are correct, however, it isn't challenging to burn everything down and continually claim the unified peak, as if it was a race to the top. I believe there is a trend, those that racing to the peak enjoy the thrill for some time. It is a position know one can refute. After a while racing to the top becomes unfulfilling and we climb back down and give life back to all the pieces. It is a process, another stepping stone in the journey, and there is no rush and no preferred place to be. One family member sharing stories with another. Thanks for yours. I am a fan of the unified field, everything else isn't real, any aspect outside your true self is not real, duality doesn't matter mind game and you have got some real skill for it breaking it down..
  4. @Nahm So are you saying that those figures were not self-realized? I actually have seen plenty of people be cynical with themselves. Is there something wrong with being cynical? Does being cynical exclude a person from being self-realized? Do you hold a belief that being self-realized would require a person to act a particular way? How does a self-realized person act? Appreciate your responses..
  5. @Nahm 13 hours ago, OmniYoga said: can you be self-realized and cynical for example or toying with people? No. That’s conflation. Question then... I have read the Vipassana literature where Gautama The Buddha refused to let women join the Sangha. He held opinions about women and their place, regardless of the social norms at at the time, that is a position a self-realized being took. A person generally accepted as being beyond the confines of meaning held within the expression of culture (which might need to be reconsidered, maybe being self-realized doesn't elevate people beyond life but, more humbly and simply, shows them life). I'm sure you are well aware that there have been numerous other self-realized beings who have also fell from grace. If you think these people where not self-realized because of the acts or positions they took we have two options. 1) None of these master were actually self-realized, including the Buddha. 2) Your notion of what it means to be self-realized is out of alignment with what it means to be self-realized.
  6. @OmniYoga "that's true after asking the question, I've noticed I lose intrest for answears that doesn't come from me, and rarelly if ever those answear of others leads to my deepr understanding".. The videos you watch, the books you read, the conversations you have... the things that don't come from you... rarely, if ever, leads to deeper understanding.. wow.. do you truly feel that way?
  7. @traveler Sweet... Right on.. Thanks for the clarification. I am totally one to check in with people when short comments that consist of a couple sentences are left. I can totally admit that I was digging in and questioning your position, with projections in mind.. based on what was left.. There wasn't much direction for anyone not inside your brain when it was written. As you can see from your original comment it would be easy to think you were saying "relax on the thinking, there is no answer going to satisfy you"... This is more of a writing exercise for me.. but from your last comment and the first I could mix the two and come up with.. Bruh, I am all about thinking, diggin into questions and working the discovery process but it can wear me out at times too. I have found for myself that other people's answers don't often satisfy what I am looking for, consider that. If you are feeling worn out, feel free to take a break.
  8. @iamme Thank you, your kind words are filled with warmth. I would be excited for you to stalk, read, contemplate, integrate what works, continue to question and propose possibilities. I share with the hopes adding to other people's journey. I have been consciously cracking away at this game for almost 25 years now. My life prior to these studies was still heavily touched by these feelings but i didn't have a conscious framework for understanding. That is this life, who knows if there was something before that was built upon. I do believe there is a general path that most people follow. How it manifests in the physical form can vary greatly but the underlying meaning the fabric that weaves us all into the story is the same. In the beginning of our awakening process it is only natural and proper to be rather obsessed with the idea of enlightenment. The best of intentions are driven into the concept of becoming enlightened. People will continue to seek enlightenment and as they do what enlightenment means will gradually shift. This is the way. There is no bypassing. Only engaging and continuing to active in the process. William Q. Judge wrote essays on the The Bhagavad-Gita and there was a quote that went something like, "The path is like an abyss, except the abyss is behind you." Once you have entered there is no going back. I have tried on multiple occasions, I have begged and pleaded to be allowed to return to "normal" life. My dream is that we have greater support networks for this development in the future. The videos that Leo provides are some of the best available at this time. There are plenty of videos that dig into deep concepts of the esoteric wisdom schools. Not that many are addressing duality and the shadow work that is mandatory and crucial to our next steps. Leo is doing exactly that. He is imperfectly perfect, a being who has walked the walk and is doing a grand service by sharing stories of the path in contemporary language and style. Expose yourself to many thinkers & feelers. Frustration is motivation, their are times when it seems debilitating and others when it is force that keeps you moving. I have been to edge and almost slipped, I have been to the edge and almost cast myself into dark. I wish I could say that it doesn't hurt and that you won't be pushed to edges of your limits but that has been exactly how my life has been. You have a forum of people here to connect with, if it gets heavy and dark reach out and communicate. If you dig through my posts you will find me commenting on "letting go". Find those and after ingesting feel free to compose a piece about your thoughts and questions you would like to discuss. Blessings! Journey Strong. We are family..
  9. @purerogue Mind is a wonderland place, truly. I feel you touched on a key component in that learning process, the humbling moment when we realize how immense the whole thing is and that our ability to grasp the totality isn't present and more importantly that it is ok, it is how it is supposed to be, that there is no failure or injustice in the fact. In my heart and mind I believe total awakening is inevitable and the time it takes is irrelevant. The joy is in the process not in the accomplishment. There is nothing to rush through, if we rush we miss the magic held within every step of the story. When we sell being present to be fixated on something we imagine in the future we are still lost without insight. There is no shame in our development process, no shame in being lost, no shame in lusting after enlightenment, no shame in thinking we have the answers, no shame in every step that we all must pass. There is no bypassing only knowing.. The journey is the destination, destination is the journey.
  10. @traveler Do you know the OP? My comment was related to the potential expression of his/her reality. I don't know if people projecting their desire for less mental activity on others is the most productive or supportive approach. The idea that "There's no answer that is going to satisfy you" doesn't seem to hold much water... If the OP was give the answer about "how it is" would they be satisfied at that point? If they knew the answer, which there is an answer, that they would then relax and be satisfied.. Sometimes I feel like people like to project onto the OP or another person in ways that isn't kind or supportive for a position of understanding. I assume they must be filling some need of their own. I am not guilt free. I have my own way to pushing, as I am here, asking you to consider something. Blessings..
  11. @traveler Its not always thinking bruddah... It is also feeling, for some of us it is predominately feeling. We are feeling reality and trying to make sense of what we feel, we don't have the luxury of making it purely intellectual. Maybe that is how it is for you, only intellectual, thereby it is a choice... Bittersweet.. Must be nice and a little sad at the same time.. Everyone isn't the same.. Journey strong in your own fashion.. We are all in this together..
  12. @astrokeen Don't let any story that seems to be wrapped in ease fool you... Like your profile picture, the grass is always greener on the other side. If someone glides into a state of advanced "knowingness" that is like a unicorn event.. Not common.. The majority of seekers pay the price in blood, sweat, tears, and continual commitment to the practice... Move at your own pace.. Know you are loved and respected for what your are and what you do. Journey Strong!
  13. @OmniYoga Here is my attempt to throw some biased expressions towards your inquiry. are those term real or that's just dualist mind at work? Both.. real and part of the dual expression. They are also not real... Have you ever had an event that started out negative but later turned out to be positive? This happens often, we have something happen and we place judgment on it from our ego perspective and later it shifts and we then redefine its quality. Which was it? It was both the whole time and so is every other event in life. Some people will come up with some extremes and say how could this be anything but this... right.. dig in.. go deep. cause it is in there.. and they don't have any sense from non-dual perspective ? I would say that within the nondual nothing else exists other than the unknowable and unnameable.. but if attempting to embody that nondual perspective and viewing a dual concept like negative positive they do make sense, how they function is different, how they are seen as working is different from that vantage point. The teeth are taken out it a way, the bite isn't as vicious. we should care about it? I will say absolutely, others will argue a nondual point and maybe brush it off as it doesn't really exist... I am here, I am in this state and how the framework functions is crucial to my participation.. that scale of consciousnes from apathy - to enlightmen is it real or a joke - looks judgmental for me higher/lower good/bad better/worst state - dualistic isn't it? Both again.. real but not real.. matters but doesnt... In a nutshell this is one of the paradoxes to be grasped... It is always both at the same time.. functioning like it matters while knowing that is also not real.. this is the game... why it is funny when people try to make it one or the other. The idea that totally opposite realities can exist at the same time is hard for people to embody... by accepting this truth, by knowing it viscerally not intellectually, your whole reality changes, the world changes... it is like being unplugged from the matrix and that frightens people.. You literally give up your life in your ego.. your ego life can be incredibly spiritual, filled with all kinds of knowledge and spiritual prowess.. you can be a guru and still not let go.. can you be self-realized and cynical for example or toying with people? Absolutley, and happens more than any of us would like to see.. Why it is up to us to be cautious.. can the consciouness differ or it's just consciouness - one - same - no divided Both, same time.. always one and layered into expression that appears to be divided, which are experienced as divided.. can we actaully raise or expand consciousness? It feels like that and could be described like that but to me that is a misleading interpretation in general.. It is already there and we move closer to it which feels like "raising" or "expanding" what was previously to the thing it is now.. it is more like removing ignorance, layers, blocks... becoming unified.. don't know how well i did with that.. tricky.. that doesn't make sense if its the ulitmate thing, you can't add to it or fix it, can we Agreed.. thefore what the psychodelics do? They allow insight, they "remove some barriers" they "open our eyes" they allow us to experience aspects of life that we haven't developed prior to taking them. Not that people can't and don't develop those abilities its just not common. there is this bittersweet experience of being in places and the return journey begins and slowly piece by piece we lose the knowledge of where we are/where, trying desperately trying to hold onto the beauty, the insights, the knowledge, the knowingness.... but we return with what we could retain and then a crucial opportunity... implement, use, practice, reflect, on what happened..
  14. @kellyon Sure was... those long shots that just kept going.. Birdman had some really long shots like that... Like a dance, so cool. one of the best war flicks since Saving Private Ryan.. I just watched Honey Boy and really enjoyed that as well. Parasite was awesome..