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  1. Without diving too deep, your mind is still split since you're perceiving 'good times'. Notice how it wasn't sporadic good times and bad times, but a cycle of good and bad, the good generally arising to offset some bad that's occurred or will occur in the relationship. The part of you reflecting on good times was isolated from the rest of your mind when she put you through the experience of her trauma. I'll call this the Stockholm syndrome part. Its purpose is to protect us when we're in emotionally and psychologically unsafe environments. When this part arises, hold space for it. Allow it to voice its opinion without clamping down on it. Share what you know about the relationship with this part of you, but maintain a loving attitude towards it. You almost have to spoon-feed it the truth of the matter. You can be instructive and informative, but be patient. Don't invalidate its' experience and don't validate its negative beliefs. Learn to communicate with it. This can be done in a journal, in meditation, or if you have enough awareness to perceive your internal dialogue. I recommend finding a therapist if you feel too overwhelmed to do this on your own and have means to do so.
  2. @Abdelghafar I see your point, but an interpersonal solution here would be far more effective than contemplating the cultural implications. The form the culture is taking is being dictated by the mother.
  3. I see a short video but no mention of where to watch the documentary series. Do you have a link to the video(s)?
  4. The issue seems to be boundaries with your mom, doesn't really matter how you handle the boy
  5. You're confusing states of nothingness with states of unconsciousness. When you're sleeping, you're unconscious of the passing events, like a rock on the side of the road.
  6. At the root, it means sacrificing your self for external gain.
  7. There's two sides to victim mentality. The side that says "Poor me" and the side that says "Fuck you". Both are appropriate responses to trauma, especially in younger people. We're learners, so when we have an experience, we can integrate it for insight. Trauma is an experience that is too overwhelming to process. It's not your fault something so drastic happened, but it happened. Someone who is run by their trauma will see a distorted world where anything related to the abuser is projected to be the abuser. When we recognize our trauma from our own perspective, we start to uncover and understand it. It reveals why we behave in certain ways, and helps us see through the haze. These are two different ways of being. Both are victims, but one is recovering, and one continues to inflict trauma their trauma on others. This thread was supposed to be about gaslighting...
  8. People who are more tapped into themselves are generally more attuned to the zeitgeist. You did not manifest covid by simply seeing an image and performing a ritual or practice. This was a collective manifestation, and you got a small glimpse of it beforehand.
  9. I'd recommend enhancing your diet first. For me, when I start fasting, it's like a layer of protection is removed between me and my baggage. Taking it slow will help avoid overwhelming yourself
  10. @How to be wise He's asking about general neediness, not sexual advances
  11. @Mesopotamian 'Country' is a label. If you want to further distinguish it into a lower class, that's fine. I will point out that you're separating 3rd world countries from 1st world countries and claiming they don't deserve to be called countries. Similarly your country has done this to you with your rights, since you don't meet their expectations. @Preety_India What you're referring to was not a stage-green initiative.
  12. What's detailed in those videos is full on psychological and emotional abuse, and a complete disconnect between her public persona and who she really is. I never resonated with her content, but can imagine those who did would have a really hard time digesting this.
  13. I don't understand your use of snapshots. If there was a snapshot from "god's" perspective, it wouldn't be defined by time and would contain the entire history and future of everything.