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  1. Great post ? Loving every incident, situation and thing can be a great provisional house from my POV.
  2. @Raptorsin7 I do not practice his meditation, but I do watch one Joe Dispenza video a day, to keep the doctor away lol. It's to help me remind me of the power of now. I ll link one of his videos. Maybe the hair is the biggest one to fix lol, but he has fixed his entire body when reality had broken it to an unimaginable state.
  3. Yes!! he sure does help me put me in the present moment.
  4. Evil is causing a low vibration in another. That being said all is good in the world, everything is necessary and even if we don't see it there's something good happening from the bad experiences
  5. Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga is a good practice. Lot of videos on YouTube to check how it is but you will need a teacher to learn it effectively. It includes vinyasa so it includes breathwork too
  6. There's definitely some truth to Solipsism ? not denying it, there's a very good chance it's true since everything and everyone is an extension of God. Only the experience of it in that intensity varies among different people as we all are a little different.
  7. Great video? Absolute is non dual, and also the rules say non dual wars not allowed, so not sure why there's so much emphasis on Solipsism being the absolute these days.