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  1. Adding to this, this was my thought process too when I read the topic. 2 types - 1) Absolute - you can master table of 2 in mathematics and you know it's going to be the same. 2) Relative - one can say Usain Bolt has mastered the 100mt Sprint as of this moment. But who's to say this is the peak, am sure this will be broken soon. As Leo says you need to be prepared to put in 10000 hours of practice to really master something which is complicated. In those 10000 hours muscle memory, strategy, implementation, mind set and every other factor will come together and you can relatively be a master.
  2. My ego gets confused too or there might be a boost too when I see a sign. The ego gets Soo happy seeing a sign sometimes and seeing the sign the ego gets more importance. And I don't know who of us but the ego into the self actualization work gets scared of this elevation in feeling. Maybe I need to embrace and practice some self love. Glad I got this off my chest. Going to follow the signs and try be mindful and non dual too about the outcome.
  3. Oh okay! My bad..will check them out.
  4. I am big on affirmations right now and I feel there has been a shift in my reality. Placebo is the magic if you ask me . What have you tried so far? The one I am using right now is " I accept everything that comes to me as an opportunity for further growth".
  5. @Anna1 Thank you for this opportunity to go down the memory lane. Take a bow is one of my favorite songs, just like the way she pulls it off.
  6. If your current energy is low I guess first thing is to be to get that up, do activities which you enjoyed before. Think of memories you were the happiest and place yourself there and try feeling that space and energy. Then you can start cultivating healthy habits at a slow space, preferably one at a time for specific duration. Maybe meditation or wim hof routine or anything that might interest you, it could also be reading. Definitely some physical exercise, maybe ten push ups a day for starters or 2 push ups every time you use the loo. Some walking or jogging. I was in the spiral so to get out, I watched few movies that I really enjoyed before. Started with wim hof, I have heard wim hof with cold showers is effective to spur energy. This might not be the only way but I am hoping it helps. All the best.
  7. TURN AROUND - yes - turn around to the inside. GET OUT - yes - get out of the matrix.
  8. I am coming around to believing in Astrology. If there is no free will then what are the chances the events to unfold are already predetermined. I read an online chart of my birth date and the description of my personality partly matched. I tend to keep an open eye with horoscope too. Haven't really tracked the success of it to respective readings, maybe it's time. Someone knows anyone online, kindly suggest
  9. I felt the same pulsating pressure I could feel it penetrate into my skull. It got too intense towards the end of my vipassana course. I also had two more pressure points but they were above my ears. Instead of feeling they are exploding you can explore an avenue in which you recontextualize this sensation into something more grounded and peaceful.
  10. I have a theory and it's based on something I have read or heard somewhere and I do connect with it. Creativity basically comes from the void, the nothingness, to simply put - the gap between thoughts 😄. Coming to the question, I don't know if any one specific method helps with creativity than the other. In my opinion just some mindful being should help connecting the dots time to time.
  11. From my understanding, Kriya yoga and Kundalini yoga both work towards pulling the prana/life force from the Root chakra up until the crown chakra. The difference between the two is Kriya is subtle while Kundalini is dynamic. While both are supposed to be safe and enjoyable, I personally have an opinion on Kriya Being relatively safe as it works with calm activation of the chakras before energy being pulled. All the Chakras are like junctures in the path of prana and all have to be activated for a Kundalini awakening in the crown. If one powers through without activation the prana just gets stuck in the last activated chakra and supposedly, one manifests the outcome related that particular chakra and is the reason why it's good to calmly activate each chakra before pulling the prana (by the power of visualization). Hatha yoga is good for the physical and spiritual.