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  1. Just watched episode 1 and omg it's amazing!! Thank you! Could relate so much to the content.
  2. Please confirm this for yourself -
  3. Yea I try 5-6 breaths a minute frequently through out the day. Ah no, the reason I haven't started with KSF is because I can comfortably hold my breath for about 45 seconds and I can push it to above a minute but that's uncomfortable. I am still working on my breath retention. 90 seconds is pretty good for KSF I believe.
  4. @Villager Albert It indeed is a big feat for me personally😄 I can get 10 - 11 seconds each inhale and each exhale. Do use Ujjayi Pranayama to extend the inhale and exhale so much? It's really quite interesting for me that you are able to do that. That's almost like one breath per minute. Super amazing. Am quite happy with my current 3 breaths per minute.
  5. @Mulky Oh is it? Its been a while since I have watched this movie, I shall watch it again and find out.
  6. @Villager Albert Omg are you serious? Do you really inhale for 25 seconds and exhale for 25 seconds? I mean is this for real? If it is, hats of to you man! It definitely is a big feat! Good going.
  7. @Villager Albert How many seconds do you take for one round of inhale and exhale during your practice, before doing supreme fire Kriya?
  8. @Villager Albert I don't know if it could be excess of energy to the system or the core of the body is unable to handle energy. Either ways you could try strengthening your core and check in two or three weeks if the shaking reduces. Just thinking out loud of solutions 🙏
  9. Neural network If you are not aware is already the future with Tesla's auto drive and Google's lens and translator. The applications of this I feel is numerous.
  10. Neural network mimics the human brain as a function to provide the most optimum solution based on weighted feedback. Neural network is designed based on the neurons in the human brain which translates to the perceptors in the neural network. The neural network to complete the mario game amazed me when a thought came to my mind that given a problem at hand we could try all the permutations and combinations on the problem to explore solutions. Either way this really is a cool video of a machine learning to excel the game.