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  1. Any one watched this song? Damn am.mind blown every time I have watched it. Don't miss this if you haven't watched it.
  2. Not sure if this completely in line. But according to Hindu time scale, good times are ahead. I have also read else where that Dwapara just started 300 years back, so am still confused about the exact time line but we are out of Kali yuga at the least.
  3. Consciousness gets you to a positive vibe with everything around you which makes one non dual and one with peace. If this isn't love what is? You love everything around you. Though this doesn't necessarily have to stop you from having goals, you can have goals and work towards them with this under current of love always present underneath the surface of everything.
  4. @ahmad ibdah I am not doing Navi Kriya yet too but it seems pretty straight forward from Ennio's book: "Forget the breath, let it be natural. Rest the chin on the throat cavity. Om is chanted 100 – aloud or mentally – times in the navel region. The chin is then raised as much as possible and Om is chanted approximately 25 times in the third Chakra Manipura. This is one Navi Kriya . Practice four Navi Kriyas."
  5. @ahmad ibdah That's Ujjayi Pranayama. You can look it up on YouTube as well. I think the musical sound during exhalation will take time as I think it is a result of a really slow exhale with constriction.
  6. Sweet!! Kind of doing almost the same.
  7. New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. A lot of depth on Ego.
  8. Got ENFJ though I feel a lot like INFJ.
  9. @GreenWoods If I may ask, what is your kriya routine right now?
  10. Hi! Initially it helps if you just slightly converge your eye brows and create a bit of tension between your eyebrows. Hope this helps create the sensation.
  11. To think of it, I had actually told my Vipassana teacher at that point of time that I had read power of now and am doing the retreat in line with that but for new experience. Through out the retreat he constantly projected that vipassana is better than power of now.
  12. The waterfall effect with the experience students seems to be something to strive for with Vipassana. Goenka also speaks about the bhang state which I think is the enlightenment state. I had an experience at one of the retreats as well but it could be a result of withdrawing the sensual stimulation. You did a 30 day retreat! Wow that's amazing. Congratulations.
  13. It's working quite well for me too so far. The preparatory practices prescribed helps a lot with traditional meditation too, helps silence the mind.
  14. Rising in power with that fear in the background is definitely a path which is undesirable. But its not the only way to grow in power. Growing with integrity with what one believes in grounds oneself without fear. In my humble opinion. Integrity to the reason why one has risen to power definitely plays a part. If one is serving the greater good with GOOD INTENTION, there's no greater freedom even with power. People who are in real power hardly care about their self image. There are haters to anyone who grows.