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  1. Yes Indeed! This was from Instagram from a page I can't recall, I have been tripping on this for a short while now. Much gratitude to the creator 🙏
  2. Shpongle DMT - Divine Moments of Truth
  3. Maybe you can try being more mindful about where you place things and continue to see if things still go missing. But if you are mindful and dont stop losing stuff then its a kicker.
  4. Practising equanimity with Gross and Subtle vibrations by developing body awareness helps me get comfortable with my shadow relatively easily. Maybe that's just me and what's working for me. Three cheers for Vipassana and Kriya yoga.
  5. And it's definitely not easy to face one's shadow 🤥🤑🤒😧😦😮😯😟😑😐😶🙂😇😂
  6. It indeed can be dangerous. When Kundalini is activated, your subconscious is powered with more energy and in turn powering up your shadow self too. It would only be logical to practice non duality with meditation, presence, being or any other grounding activity to calm any surge in energy. Basically any exercise to get you back to the present moment and away from mental chatter (*sub conscious). Books, Power of now or The New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle are amazing to practice grounding activities. Once grounding is comfortable, Kundalini yoga should be relativity safe.
  7. Do I have a scar on my right hand?
  8. This is true. Memory is formed in all parts of body through subtle vibrations. An awake person would still be relatively awake even after losing memory.
  9. @Leo Gura Oh if it were only that simple, trust me, Id do it in a heart beat and end this drama I also believe in reincarnation being a good possibility, Id just be back with a bigger baggage of karma to eliminate But we speaking about Mahsamadhi, hmmm this would be the most ideal way to leave I guess, when alive and kicking with all faculties functioning. If its meant to be then maybe this life time
  10. I would put this idea under speculation and as there is only one way to find the truth on this () why do we have to zero in on this idea. Sri Paramahansa Yoganada has left the physical world with a large audience and yet there are a lot of ppl now who claim to be under some guidance and connection. Sri Lahiri Mahasaya was said to have severe pain after he declared the date of his Mahasamadhi and maybe that was the last part of fulfilling karma. Maya is surely tricky.