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  1. Hi Hampus! Some kind of meet up sounds fun:) I live in northern Sweden, but if we can arrange something in Stockholm I will try to go. /Karin
  2. First of all, if you want to write fiction for an audience you need to have something to say. A story or at least an idea. Secondly, show don´t tell. Describe what is happening with your own words and pick up interesting details that symbolize something, an underlying message. Remember that the road to hell is paved with adverbs, as Steven King said. Don´t use a high flown language. Keep it simple. Write without fear and edit without mercy. When you are done find a good editor and go over the text ten more times. Good luck:-)
  3. @ajasatya Thank you! You have a good point, it is about the kind of life want to have in the future and my life today and sure, his addiction takes a lot of my energy. When he is lost and drunk I become anxious and worried but is that my responsibility? Maybe it is because it is my reaction and my thougths. Would it be possible to let these feelings pass? I am trying to be present and not focus on negative thoughts but, oh, that is though. I don´t plan to have children in the future because it is not my priority and he is my family now. But it is a bit hard to make any future plans under the circumstances. The best thing would maybe be to create my own plans and live my life and still love him and be with him but it is a practical problem to create plans with him, for exapmle go travelling if he suddently drop out.
  4. I am living with a very sweet man who happens to be an alcoholic with a severe addiction. Most of the time we have a good and well functioning relationship with deep talks, love and laughs. But a few times a year he disappears and get drunk. The last two times the police have found him out on the streets some days later in a bad condition, and he has been transported to the emergency unit at the hospital. And some months ago I found him between life and death after an overdose. This is a man that I love and I have spent many hours thinking about my role and attitude in this situation. He often tell me that I shouldn´t care about him when he is out and drunk, but that is incredible hard. There is nothing I can do about his addiction and decisions and I think he is trying to do his best to overcome it. I have been thinking a lot about non-attachment and unconditional happiness lately. Maybe this is a lesson I have to learn and that the most beautiful thing I can do is to let him live his life without blaming. The alternative would be to leave him but I can´t see why that would be a better solution. Anyone who has thougths on this and/or experiences to share?