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  1. This is a general description of my relationship with the mushrooms. Sometimes, I see a lot of rooms twisting around. Often lots of different feelings appear, positive and negative, and especially in the first hour. I usually get many new realizations and seeing different perspectives. In the beginning, it really affected my balance, time, and orientation and I got a heavy feeling in my body but none of these are happening anymore which I think is positive. So I found psychedelics 7 years ago and the first I tried was liberty caps I could find in nature. Since then, I knew that this substance was very special because it gave me perspective on myself. I could see my actions in life and what I needed to change to be a happier person, and it really transformed my life for the better. Today, a good trip for me is not about myself anymore. I can access different stages on shrooms and the best state is hard to explain but you lose the sense of yourself and your human issues. I think the shrooms give me what I need somehow, if I have "human issues" in my life, the trip will be about those and what I should do to solve them by showing me different scenarios and feelings. Last time, I asked a question about my issues and the shrooms showed me what to change in my life but they did it somehow in a irritated way which was new for me. The best trips are very special because I enter another roam and forget all about who I am. Human life issues become so unimportant somehow. Sometimes, I feel like I am some kind of thing, like a flower who just gets this blissful energy resting in space and it feels amazing. Completely free from everything and completely happy in the moment. I usually do meditation sessions without any music, sometimes guided meditation, and each session last for about 30min. I would say that the best sessions for the trip are between 1h-2 1/2h. After 3h, I feel almost normal again. I do about 2-3g dried cubensis or liberty caps. To do deep meditation with about 2.5g psilocybin is perfect for me. I have never met any entities but I'm hoping to one day
  2. @Key Elements More red than orange
  3. It would be cool if there was like a 7H guided LSD/schroom video on YouTube regarding different topics such as treating anxiety etc
  4. I've done meditation for several years now. I tried mantra meditation last week, just a mantra repeating over and over. It could easier focus and the meditation came to a new level. What do you think of an aid like this? Is it "better" to not use any external tools, if so, why? Thanks
  5. Why can't I be this combination of things? Why do you want to boil everything down to a single?
  6. I will let go and focus on my breath next time, it's always good with guidance. Thx for the response!
  7. I reached a new point in my meditation a couple of weeks ago and I have a question if it's usual. The meditation was combined with .8g shrooms. So, I was just observing my thoughts and it was pretty easy to let them go. Instead of thoughts, abstract environments/rooms appeared in my mind and in the same way we often listen to our thoughts I became amazed by the rooms. I had a choice, I could continue to be is this new dream like world or go back to my breathing, and as soon I got back to my breathing a bright circle appeared, and then new "rooms" appeared in the same way thoughts appear. It felt a bit like dreaming My question is: Should I observe these rooms or go back to my breathing?
  8. here is the real link from cicada or "cicada".. I think it may be the band tools new album =]
  9. I'm having the same "problem". Last year I did a lot of mindfullness meditation and that really transformed me. When i was out walking I tried to notice feelings, sounds and what I could see. I have done some of the "do-nothing-technique" but I find that a bit hard If my mind is talking/thinking a lot, because I have nothing to fall back to. Another good one is to count your breathing 1-10, when you can do that for 5min you change to 1-5, then only count 1-2 and lastly you don't count at all but just feel your breath, this is a good concentration practice. Personally I believe that if you put to much visualization it will ruin the purpose of meditation because you will then just be so much from reality. Anyway I'm gonna try this one:
  10. You don't need to buy your shrooms. The season is almost over in Sweden, but there's still a change to find some Psilocybe semilanceata depending on where in Sweden you live. If you wanna do this you need to research on how they look and where to find them, otherwise it might end up really bad, and it is not in the woods.
  11. @Elephant I have not tried LSD but shrooms a couple of times. The first time I got a bit paranoid, but I had the trip description and info from MM to lean on which made me feel safe. Flashback may have some good info but I think you should be a bit a little skeptical
  12. Hej kompis! You should read about LSD and other psychedelic drugs on magiskamolekyler if you want legit information in swedish. They gather all the information you need, like description of positive/negative effects. This is also a good place to ask if you feel worried.
  13. How do you spend your day? How much do you meditate? Do you never feel lonely? Or do you handle your loneliness by watching movies, series etc? I'm just curious because I feel that I need people around me but It's hard to find friends with the same interest as me, everybody just likes to party or escape reality some how. I've started to find some people with common interests but I'm finding it hard to get close and really bound.