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  1. Im just a month in and at the first kriya initiation lesson - kriya pranayama. Im just wondering if it might be ok for me to skip the Talaba kriya practice, the one where you stretch the tongue and instead do it during the day, like when I take a walk.... It seems it´s purpose is to make you move the tongue better for future lessons so Im thinking it would be ok. The reason I want to skip it is that it gets me out of the medative state. Also, I stretch until I feel a slight pain, is that how you should do it?
  2. Thanks for your input but I don´t see how it would help. I started with the approach to just to let her sit down and observe. However as I said she found it to hard not to do anything, her mind was monkeying around to much. And in the end she didn´t understand why she should meditate. So obviously this strategy will not make her start a meditation habit. She like most people are goal oriented and in the very start is it not better to give her some kind of goal? Im afraid that if I tell her not to expect any benifits she will never meditate again. Is this not a more advance stage you adopt this mentality?
  3. Thanks so much for the response, all very helpful Will explore each one
  4. Got a friend who wants to start meditating. I sat down with her and meditated for about 20 minutes. But she had a hard time concentrating (duh) so I don´t think she will make it into a habit. Also she doesn´t have this burning desire to "find truth" that made me and others here motivated to sit down and do the work. She mostly wants to do it for overall health (focus etc) Do you have any tips? Im thinking that having a guided meditation might be easier for beginners? Do you have any tips for good guided meditations for beginners? Preferably an App since she does like her phone ;-)
  5. @Preetom NP. Your situation does sound more... intense? Hope you find a way to cope or even better resolve it
  6. @Preetom I´m not saying that they don´t happen for no reason. That would be an extremely weird thing to believe hahaha I don´t know why you would think I or anyone would believe that. All I am saying is that I relate to the experience you describe and in my case I believe it is panic attacks which are a very common thing for people to have so I (and possibly you?) are not alone. I also described the way I deal with it. The purpose of my answer was to give you some insight and maybe something to explore if you didn´t already know.
  7. @How to be wise Thanks. Part of me agree with you and part don´t and I was playing the latter now I´ve come to realize that what I once thought was true is not (because there is no duality) But it is true at my stage of development. Kindof like people need pointers when they have low conspicuousness which are true at that stage, then when you develop those pointers are no longer true.
  8. @Preetom I have that sometimes. Think it´s common panic attacks. Usually it goes away when I meditate and explore the the sensation
  9. @How to be wise I see what you´re getting at. And maybe in an enlightened position this is true, I dont know. But most of us are not enlightened and I feel there is much danger in that idea, in fact one of the most insane and dangerous idea´s iv´e heard in a while: Because then why bother killing animals before slaughter? why not start carving into them and take what you want when they are alive? That would be a great way to keep meat fresh. You just carve out the meat that isnt needed like limbs and cheeks but be careful not to let the animal die. That way you always get fresh meat by keeping it alive as long as possible. Or why not create a animal that only has fat and no limbs or mouth, you can inject food into one big blob of flesh - no problem It´s all ok with the animal after all. As long as we think it´s ok it´s ok?
  10. @How to be wise Do animals feel pain? afterall that is what we name the "mechanism" that makes them not jump into icy water or run away from forest fire. It is something that tells them it is not good, something they don´t want to experience. If they don´t feel pain that´s great news to the meat industry! Similarly if a child touches a flame it experience something that tells them not to do that again. How do they experience this negative thing that pushes evolution forward in a non painful way? You say how do we know a child experiences pain, well how do you know it doesn´t?
  11. @outlandish Interesting and thanks for the tip, seems like a really good read! I also get the feeling that science gets a bad rep for only relying on logic and measurements. There is so much creativity that pushes science forward. @ivankiss You´re completely right that consciousness uses science to explore itself. Consciousness uses the mind to explore itself and mind uses science to explore itself. So ofcourse science can get insights into consciousness, only not in the same way as the mind does. I get the feeling that Leo and many of his "followers" on this forum looks down upon science. Maybe because Leo used to be scientific and realized it´s limitations so it´s kinda personal for him and so he, in comparison to other things, talks down on science. I love science Also shoutout to Leo who made me see science in another light and educated me on it´s limitiations. Thanks!
  12. I feel like science is similar to that part of self inquiry when you ask yourself, Am I my body? : no....Am I my feelings? : no....Am I my thoughts? : I.... Current science will keep asking: what is the smallest building block of the universe? how does material stuff exist? Science has been obsessed by this question in a similar way that I as a person am obsessed with "who/what am i?" I don´t think science is as blind to it´s own illusion as one might think cause it keeps asking these question and with quantum mechanics science understand that it´s not what it thought it was. When science has emptied it questions it will realize that itself does not exist, science does not exist, reality exists. Then science can start the journey of answering what is science and well be on track!
  13. I have some experiences with it and I highly recommend it. It can be addictive thou so be very careful not to do it often. I reccomend taking very little, like 0.05 - 0.1 each half our 2-4 times. Sit down and meditate in silent darkness. Focus on breath and / or just being aware. It´s really nice since it doesnt create hallucinations and it feels much cleaner than say, mushrooms. The mind is more clear. If you get anxious and freak out I suggest watching a movie of some nature. The ketamine makes you feel part of the screen and you forget your body. Music doenst sound as amazing as other psychedelics.
  14. @AlphaAbundance wtf? have you not drunk water in 5days? and a going for 31 days? That might actually fucking kill you! Unless you really know what you are doing here I urge you to stop this foolishness! If you want to explore fasting for spiritual purposes I won´t stop you, but please do it with supervision of a doctor or something...
  15. I heard Rupert Spira say the other day, something along the lines of: "for now consider that free will is a thing. What you should do with it is feel your connectedness with everything and act on it"