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  1. @FrankTheTank I agree at some level. Namely I feel that Leos teaching/view relies heavily on extremely deep psychedelic experiences. He doesn´t seem to question these experiences at all and take them for the truth without hesitation. Maybe because it sounds wild and he gets more followers and his ego likes that. Or maybe they are true, baybe psychedelics are portal into absolute truth or they are portals into a fantasy of what aboslute truth is. I don´t know. I mean just the fact that he discard every other spiritual teachers and only has himself as a teacher (psychedelics) sounds a bit alarming to me. (as he said in blog: Total Omniscience Awakening) I disagree that he should prove it in a scientific way. It cannot be done, you can only prove it by asking yourself in silence. Personally when I do this I tend to verify the points made by other teachers such as Rupert Spira, Ramana Maharishi etc. So I listen to them instead... while Leo can be entertaining and giving me inspiration other times (Thanks!) Let Leo do his thing and take what you want from it. I agree completely that he should take on guests, or visit others. That would be awesome! (and healthy)
  2. I find weed to be both numbing and psychedelic. And there are good sides and bad sides with both in my experience: 1. Numbing: can be good in this hectic life we are almost forced into. Working long hours I am so tired and I can´t completely wind down when I get home. The numbing of weed and alcohol to some degree can force me to let go of the anxiety society creates. If I lived a good, healthy, self fulfilling life I wouldnt need it, but at the moment I don´t so a day a week I might need something to chill. 2. Psychedelic: It does open my mind and make me think in new ways which makes me draw new conclusion - "aha moments". But just because it´s a new pathway in my brain does not mean it´s closer to the truth than the previous, especially if Im numbed down at the same time (weed). When stoned you I come up with this amazing idea how everything works, then when I read it when Im sober it´s not as convincing. I feel like as long as I am conscious of what im doing im gonna be fine And i get more conscious by meditating generally, not smoking weed.
  3. Thats cool... and a bit crazy I never had big paradigm shifting experiences....well maybe in my younger years. Nowadays for me, it´s more of a slow burn. Guess I´m getting into the details hehe Ever since I was a late teenager I got into Lucid dreaming which led to -> out of body experiences -> psychedelics -> buddhism -> advaita vedante -> non dualism (no particular line of thinking) I will always follow this path but my dedication comes and goes in waves.
  4. @Paul92 It´s like Leo says. I have been thinking and exploring this alot. So much is contradictory on this path. Then again that is the essence of non dualism, two opposites are the same. When we are at the beginning of the path it can be good to believe false ideas, such as free will. The way I see it. Ask yourself: do you have free will? don´t think, feel. If the answer is yes then use that free will to explore further. And maybe one day you will find the answer in your experience that no, you have no free will. But Thats the future and there is not much need to worry about that, be here now present.
  5. Really found it interesting how the "new" techings say that you can choose one out of 4 paths, or that you only need the path of spiritual wisdom. And neither of these are true to the original teachings wich say that you need to follow all paths to reach enlightenment. Personally that resonates with me more. Another weird thing is that spiritual knowledge is a different path from meditation. Sounds to me that meditation should be your main source of knowledge and old scriptures should only be used as wayposts along the way.
  6. What do you guys and girls think? I never got such a great overview of Advaita Vedante before so I wantet to spread the word The more I learn about spiritual practices, gurus, schools etc I get the feeling that people who actually do get enlightened don´t follow a path set by others but create their own. All three schools of advaita vedante are correct but should not be followed fanatically. Buddhism and Zen also.
  7. @mandyjw You´re damn right! Including people who say that other people are reflections of your own ego ;-) @AlwaysBeNice And you´re either searching or content
  8. I agree with a lot of what she says. I think we can all agree that Leos deepest insights he shares as "truths" are derived from psychedelic states that are deeper and more intense than most psychedelic users have never been...maybe hardly anyone. And he claims to have an understanding deeper than almost anyone. Personally I take what I experience from my psychedelic states with a grain of salt, and I do the same with Leos. They can show you a goal but you will have to walk there sober if you ask me.
  9. @moon777light @Esoteric@everyone So I´ve been looking into Santata Gamana and there are 5 books! Which book is best for me? I guess Im just looking for instructions to exercises. Sounds like alot of the books are generally around the practice and not the practice itself. 1st book (Kriya yoga exposed) ought to be the most basic and practical one but it sounds to me that the 2nd (The secret power of kriya yoga) is more practical and maybe better for me?
  10. The brain is what counsiousness look like from a 2nd point of view. If you eat a chocolate and a scientist scans your brain the scientist will see what the experience looks like in your brain but it is only what the experience looks like and not the experience itself.
  11. @nistake Im a bit frustrated to. That´s the thing with this stuff its so tricky: You need a goal to motivate you to do something, in this case to meditate. But you shouldn´t meditate with a goal, then the meditation won´t be effective. So basically you should sit down and do nothing for no reason. It´s crazy when you come from the material and logical philosophy lol Which is why so few do it I guess.
  12. @moon777light @Esoteric Thanks a lot for your time I will look into Gamanas books
  13. Should I give up on Kriya? I´ve given it a try with an open mind and a litte fairth... but not alot of faith (which might be part of the problem) I´ve done it 6/7 days for 3 months now and got to lesson 14 (give or take a lesson or two) and unfortunately havn´t had much result Compared to my vipassana meditation I don´t feel that I get as "deep" Some Kriya excercises are nice, and some I have trouble with. 4 examples of troubles: 1. I don´t feel like I should first focus on my chakras and at the end of the meditation train my focus. I prefer in vipassana that you first train your focus and THEN use it. 2. when I am stretching I want to focus on the feeling of the stretch and not a chakra AND holiding my breath AND saying a mantra like they want me to do in the exercise. 3. Just the fact that they say some people undergo surgury on the toungue in order to reach samadhi, and not saying this is a bad idea enforces it. Which to me seems crazy. 4. There are so much to do! exercise after exerscise and I need to focus on different specific things. Which makes it easier than simply focosing on one thing, lets say the breath for all that time. Which is probably why I feel I get deeper in vipassana meditation, even thou it´s harder. Feel like I have three choices: 1. I quit Kriya alltoghether 2. I have faith in the practice and follow it even if I don´t agree with it 3. I use what works for me and form my own path I feel in the gut that the third option is the way to go but there is some "danger" to it, I might do something the wrong way and then not get any results...Like half doing different things and not completing any of them. Thanks for reading all this if you did, and please give me your opinion
  14. Spring is here! Sun is shining! Which for me, having survived the dark winter of Sweden, is a blessing to each day. (Funny how egyptians worshiped the sun and us northeners the thunder (~rain)...should be the other way around no? ) Each morning I meditate and after some concentration meditation, like focusing on the breath I do some self enquiry usually by trying to pinpoint myself. But now I do the opposite of self enquiry (which ofcourse is the same) - not trying to pinpoint myself. I sit in the sun and feel it´s warmth. I feel how my consciousness can be like the sun. Some rays shines on one thing, but the sun has omnidirection, shining it´s "truth" to everything. Consiousness (maybe with the help of the mind?) can focus on one thing, like a thought or a sound. But it can also rest in awareness. Being like the sun, shining on everything. I realized that I identify with my thought because only I experience it, while many experience a sound. But I am equally the sound as I am the thought. And instead of focusing on something, an emotion, a thought or the breath I can relax and let myself just be...everything. Rest in awarenss. Ofcourse the monkeymind will interrupt but then just go back to feeling the wonderful sun, how it gives you warm loving energy. And feel how you just like the sun shine on everything and everything is you. Ah what great way to start a day! Have a wonderful spring everyone and may the sun shine on you!