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  1. @Mu_ Journey is somewhat an inspiration, right on I want the game to be a spiritual exploration, hence the meditation/inner world is actual meditation. So it´s quite niche in that way. But the desert world is more similar to survival type of game. But yea you make a really good point that it should be calming "gameplay", which it only partly is. Thanks! @Kuba Powiertowski Thanks, If you like it who are not into computer games it means alot
  2. Hi, im making a Spiritual Fiction, "Spi-fi", "game" about the archetypical journey of seeking isolation to find truth within. Obviously set in a desert ;-) Please have a look at my steam page and give critique: Im posting because im not sure what direction it will take and would love some ideas Im not sure about alot of things, even the name so any ideas are welcome. Also im not sure where it´s going to go story wise. I want the game to apeal to alot of people even thou i know that at the base it´s a very nieche game, so I´ve introduced the ego as some sort of nemesis. The player navigates two worlds, the desert and the inner and at some point the ego of the inner world will seep into the desert and there will be some sort of confrontation and "the night of the soul" will come into play somehow. But yea im not sure, so any ideas are very welcome! Also Im doing this part time and hopefully this is a ticket out of the boring job I have and I don´t have much money for advertisement so please please if you want this to become reality spread the word <3 A demo will be available soon. Also sorry if this is the wrong section to post this, wasnt very sure where to!
  3. @RickyFitts Nice, good question @BipolarGrowth "The thought that there is a difference attached to a story which reinforces the interpreted differences is the only difference." Thats an interesting thought. So Maybe its because there is some sort of a loop where the thought reinforces itself that it is so engaging and I loose myself in it. Like the thought is based on so many thoughts that are the basis of my Ego so the thought is much more important to the ego than a tickle in my feets or the feeling of angre. @Osaid Well im also used to feeling stuff in terms of survival. Like pain. And that is quite interesting because if the pain is strong enough i loose the conept of "I" in similar ways that I do when thinking. @WelcometoReality Yea I get the practice of basic mediation. Im just exploring what differentiates a thought from other perceptions.
  4. Thanks! That´s a great basic meditation technique and I have those. My question however is more to gain some insight in what makes thougths different mainly in how captivating they are as opposed to sensations and even emotions. It´s hard to put into words ;-)
  5. Hi, long time no see Precursor to my question: I am asking this cause I feel like the answer could be one of main the reasons why I so stubbornly identify myself with ideas of myself (ie the ego) rather than my awareness? And if I want an answer first thing is to ask the right question While meditating we try to not get carried away by our thoughts which is easier said than done as we all know here. In meditation I can seperate "my true self/awareness" from my sensory experience. Like if it tickles in my feet I can feel the tickling and simultaniously feel the pure unaltered awareness of the tickling wich allows me to seperate the awerness of the tickling and the tickling itself. Ofcourse this seperation is in the end only imaginary since there ultimatly is no seperation but im getting ahead of myself since I am still in everyday life identifying myself as this body this is where my focus is before I can continue my journey. The question: Why do I get so carried away by my thoughts? It´s like I start dreaming and forget even where I am?! Other senses like the tickling in my feet or even emotion like anxiety I can seperate "myself" from. So what is the difference between a thought and sensory stimuli? Why does the seperation of awareness and the physical world dissapear when i start thinking deeply? I mean it´s like this: im meditating and all is fine, I can feel the tickling, the anxiety and stay grounded in awareness and sense it come and go while I remain. But as soon as a thought comes along I loose control! like I loose my conciousness and am taken for a rollercoaster ride and not until the ride is slowing down I regain my conciousness and realise that "I" have been taken for a ride. When I am very deep in meditation sometimes I still can stay grounded when deep thoughts arise but that is unfortunately rare. Do you know what I mean? is it similar for you? and why do you think/believe that is?
  6. In my experience sitting/lotus is crucial. Thing is with meditation is that you want to be relaxed and alert at the same time and for me I can feel how my mind lean to day dreaming when lying down. Walking/standing meditation can be good because you are more alert but since you are not resting you wont sink deeper into meditation. It´s the middle way. You should rest your attention on something while meditating, not trying to hard or to little. Do not push it but also do not let it go. Do not seek but at the same time explore. Meditation is non dual, it´s the middle way. Lotus position is the middle way and the most effective (for me)
  7. @WaveInTheOcean Wow thanks for that quick summary. Actually we seem to follow a similar path and values so I will just keep walking on it and see where it takes "me" Yea that runners high is so nice: when you feel exhausted and have a uphill coming at you and your body tells you "oh no, why are you doing this to me? and you answer - "no shutup you can do this" And you can feel all the muscles working and just pushing ahead. Yea it´s great
  8. @WaveInTheOcean What other practices did you do prior to this awakening? Meditation? Yoga? what kind? how often? For how long have been on the path. Reason for my question is my own frustrated feeling that tells me just stop this spiritual bullshit, no matter how hard I try i will not get there, people have meditated for half a lifetime has not gotten there so why should I? Edit: Oh and I have tried psychedelics, including 2cB which has given me some kind of awakenings but they always wear of as I cannot integrate them fully it seems.
  9. Well yea I wish it was that simple (which it is if I would just stop getting in my way, but I cannot help it ) Part of me still is Orange stage in Sprial Dynamics (even thou I don´t want to admit it) and that needs some persuation, which Hoffman does brilliantly and he should not be looked down upon in my eyes. He is just explaining the same thing from another point of view. And you have done to Leo. That part of me is a product of most of my life having society/culture tell me that I am this body and it exists in spacetime which probably produces a sense of self. That part is not helped by the Truth you speak of, it simply doesnt apply to that reality, that illusion/headset/nonsense.
  10. @StarStruck ...Which is one of the main points/issues Hoffman is exploring....Sorry have to ask: have you even listened to more than 20 random seconds to the interview?
  11. All moments can lead to spiritual awakening, and that doesnt exclude drunk moments i guess. You could have the same with pain, you feel it and then realize there is "someone" feeling it and so it might stop to hurt. Guess its some sort of naturally occuring self enquiry. Or like eckhart tolle who felt his depression and was so tired of it he gave up and realized he was not the depression but someone who experienced the depression, and that someone was in fact and could never be depressed. Like @Bjorgan Said alchol is bad for you so I would take another inspiration for my self enquiry if I was you. But to answer your question, yes in a way it was a partial awakening at that moment as far as I can understand (which isnt very much ;-) )
  12. @Jacobsrw Wow thanks for your long reply. Interesting to hear your take on it issues/questions you have Hoffman obviously have a different aspect coming from mathematics than a sage such as Rupert Spira, maharishi etc but they really do all point in the same general direction and that is soooo interesting! Not sure if "spirituality" can change the world by itself, maybe many egos (mine included) needs some scientific proof to really let go and embrace our true nature.
  13. @Saba You are def right that there are some cultish tendencies on this forum. Im not so worried thou. Now Im almost finished with it and gotta say its not fundamentally wrong the way Leo judged it to be. I can only guess what Leo is reffering to is: using science that is a part of the whole to explain the whole. And Hoffman talks about exactly that.
  14. I have just watched half of it and wow, this is exactly what science needs to get its head out of its butt! Thanks so much for sharing Saba. I do have a aspect of myself still stuck in Orange and this helps alot