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  1. If I am conscious and I am everything including the pen in my hand then surely also the pen is conscious, it makes a sound when I tap it and leaves a trail of "itself" when i scratch another surface with it. Like I said before, all is equally conscious just in a different way. Else we would have duality, conscious and non conscious and duality ultimately does't exist.
  2. @ajasatya So if there is no proof then how can you be sure you can prove that a AI or machine can never have it? If you say that it does feel like there is someone else like you in front of you. How are you certain that you are not projecting? So if there is a machine that works exactly like a human you know for sure that you could tell the difference since the machine can never be conscious? Let me ask you this: Do animal have consciousness? Is there a difference between a dolphin and a reptile? Can a network of mushroom myceilia and its surroundings have a consciousness of some sort? Im asking cause to me its like asking who I am, when I try to find the border between conscious and not conscious I end up not finding a distiction...that all is conscious. You could always do a Voight-Kampff test ;-)
  3. @non_nothing Quantum indeterminacy: is the apparent necessary incompleteness in the description of a physical system, that has become one of the characteristics of the standard description of quantum physics. We thought the world was predetermined like a clockwork but Quantum theory is turning that upside down.... Im not sure about complete randomness. But it´s a subject central to the question and also a very interesting one.
  4. @non_nothing In the same way, how do you know that another human have a mind? Use that as definition. Well in order to do that you need to know what mind and consciousness is going full loop back to what I said, you need to know what that is before you proclaim that it can never be that. And you don´t seem to know what that is....I don´t know what that is hence I don´t know if it´s possible. But I think it might be since from what i know all seems to be consciousness .
  5. @non_nothing I guess I interpreted your conclusion that AI cannot have a mind included that machine cannot have a mind. Still doesnt change a thing thou: the fact that you proclaim to know that and AI never can have a mind. @ajasatya Yes but we have discovered new ways to structure the machine, and with quantum computers into the mix I stand with my point. The question is do you lack the understanding how far we´ve come since the turing machine. And no I dont lack the understading how computers work: theire a couple of gates orderred in a structure. Just as the brains neo cortex is a couple of neurons ordered in a structure. What if we built a computer which had exactly the same kind of mechanical nerons ordered in exactly the same way?
  6. @AceTrainerGreen Maybe under "Life Purpose, Career, Entrepreneurship"? Yea it´s a tricky one! I think AI and spirituality has some very big intersections. But from that point of view I´m not so worried that machines will take all our work from us. Similar to way back in middle ages when say 95% of humans were farmers we are now only a few % farmers. But the 95+% found other stuff to do. It´s all part of our development. Maybe we will finally have more time for family and spirituality!? Or we will just hang around fucking and eating....but I don´t think so. Humans have a way to strive forward and create stuff.
  7. @AceTrainerGreen Since you posted this in the "Meditation, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Spirituality" section this will most likely be the context were are discussing it. But in that case I´ll leave and let you discuss that perspective Also non_nothing might have been replying to me...
  8. @purerogue And why can´t everything be conscious? My experience is that everything might be conscious....I just happen to be a rather complex system and variation of conscious.
  9. @non_nothing telling me to try get an experience of no self when I say my experience is that myself is all that is and is consciousness doesnt make sense since it should be obvious that I have had such experiences. It´s a very demeaning comment coming from an ego wanting to one up another ego as I see. Just pointing that out about your attitude for yourself.
  10. @non_nothing I have not changed my attitude at all. Please read my first post and tell me how you know that I am wrong. To recap: Everything is consciousness so a machine could achieve a mind and consciousness. I´m not saying that I am right. But you believe you are without a doubt right so prove that my idea is wrong.
  11. You said you know that AI will never achieve a mind and consciousness. Hence you must know what mind and consciousness is in order to know such things as truth. What do you mean by this statement? what person? What is this? what it is machine is not??? Yes I defent my thought "i don´t know but want to find out" from your thought "I know" since it doesn´t convince me.
  12. @purerogue So you don´t need to know what consciousness is in order to determine what can become conscious? That sounds crazy to me. I´d say its obvious you need to know what it is before determine if something can be it.
  13. @non_nothing Im a human being. The question if a machine can have consciousness demands that we know what a machine is and what consciousness is. You might know what a machine is but do you know what consciousness is? what reality is? cause if you don´t you cant know the answer ....that´s my opinion, and it triggers me a bit when people say they know everything and proclaim what is possible and what is not without doubt. When we are asking question most people doubt about and are exploring.
  14. This is an amazing interview if you´re interested in AI you have to watch it! It covers AI - Open source - Spirituality and psychedelics