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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum! and thanks for sharing that story, I can really relate. Especially that alot of spiritual people are saying you have to forgive but honestly its not that easy and it´s ok not to forgive if you don´t feel like it. It can be a poweful and much needed lesson to the other part that you cannot forgive. And not forgiving doesnt mean you cannot be friends. And in time, forgivness might come. This is really where psychedelic shines, it can really be a tool for healing i believe. Not sure about allergies and stuff but who knows? go find out!
  2. The brain is a prediction machine. It tries to predict the future by combining the present with the past. Thought might just be a memory merging with the present. A thought can be purely visual but mostly come in words. They might do that because the brain uses language to communicate with other brains, so it communicates to "you" via the same language. Several thoughts can combine into a new thought that is made of what those thoughts have in common, and so a new thought/concept is created and becomes a part of your ego and a thought architecture which is your map to the reality. I have no idea if this is "true" but it is what my experience and knowledge tells me.
  3. It´s great. I´ve listened to his podcast for a long time...and this is basically his podcast with a weird visual story in the background. Check it out at duncan trussel family hour He has some great guests and topics while duncan is really funny yet down to earth and relatably human.
  4. Exactly. And some say they try to force a certain rythm, make it slower (usually yoga) and some say keep it natural, as it is and I think thats the way to go. Some people say you should focus on the the moment the breath turns from going in and out, and going out and in, Id say just keep your awareness with the breath. Some say keep focus on only the nostrils (Vipassana) some say other things. It´s a djungle of opinions really... No need to complicate things...thats just the mind wanting to think instead of being present ;-)
  5. Focusing on the breath is one of the most common and most simple practice. You can´t really go wrong there. You should however try to not count your breaths if you don´t need to. It can be helpful if you feel very distracted thou but makes you concentrate on counting as well as breathing and you want to concentrate on one thing. Here is a link that might be of interest to you:
  6. I do really think this topic is important enough to take some action upon. Updating the forum guidelines or whatever. Even thou it might not be picked up by newcomers it would plant a seed and shorten the time wasted drastically...and result in a higher quality of the forum overall. Unfortunately @Leo Gura is gone for the moment and not sure if mods can do something. But it seems I am part of the minority here (?)
  7. @TheAvatarState I agree with most of what you are saying. Which is why I try to not not to spend much time here, althou the drama of reality can be fun to engage in However doesnt the forum guidelines and even more "non duality wars not allowed here" warn about this stuff? But maybe it should be added to that how this forum can be a kind of trap since nonduality cannot be expressed in language.
  8. Just wanna show my support to @Mongu9719 for this topic and the people defending him/her. It´s a well needed point of discussion and it does worry me how its met with force. Because of this this topic has now degenerated and no learning will take place
  9. So if I understand correctly you put Martin Ball as a fully enlightened being such as Ramana Maharishi and the like? If so I can understand your position better. My question is still, if psychedelics are what so many of you praise them to be, should not more people get enlightened by them? I mean it´s not for a lack of trying is it? Sure more people are on a sober path and that counts for something, but not all. Martin might be the strongest case if he is enlightened, and lets say he is, should there not be more? You can´t rest the entire case upon his shoulders.
  10. As close as you´d get id say apart from Terrance. In my eyes I don´t feel He is enlightened being. But I can be wrong ofcourse, I gotta admit I havent read enough about him or his material to be sure. But enough to not equal him to people such as I mentioned.
  11. If these these RC drugs are as powerful as most here seem to get behind Leo and claim, shouldnt we have see some psychedelic enduced enlightened beings / mystics by now? I mean in the calibre of Ramana Maharishi, Rupert Spira, Eckhart Tolle etc?? Guess Terrance Mckenna is as close as you get and he was far from enlightened. Really im interested to hear, give an example of a psychedilic induced enlightened person? Psychelics is a wonderful tool if used correctly but im sorry to burst the bubble, it´s not the answer to everything. And it can be a terrible tool if used cautionless. Which people will do if you are not responsible in how you spread information. Which Leo is not. But he also spread good information so I´m not saying it´s a bad thing altogether, quite the opposite. But there is some truth to the concern raised by the topic starter @Zingo, don´t be blind to that. It´s so interesting how people quickly get into dualistic for / against camps which only split and divide. Guess thats the play of life...
  12. @DefinitelyNotARobot I was not meditating in like in real life. Instead I was mediteting on the realization/feeling that this is just a dream. Could be looking at my hands and see how real/unreal they are. @Serotoninluv Thanks for sharing! I think my return of invested time practicing is similar to yours, which is why I kindof stopped it since it took to much time/energy. But I found that the return (lucid experiences) came after my efforts. I´ts like that with meditation as well I think, I rarely have direct response to my effort.
  13. I´ve been into lucid dreaming but that was a long time ago. I think they can be used! Becoming lucid in a dream was a lifechanging experience for me. And it does sound similar to enlightenment in many way. You are a character that you dream up and believe in and then suddenly in a moment you realize that you are the entire dream and not the character within the dream. It ca be powerful pointer for aligning your spiritual waking path. Also experiencing limitlessness and exploring that is fun and conducive to spiritual journey. I´ve done some weird stuff, one example I realized I cannot die and it was a dream so I took a chainsaw and and saw of my limbs. Don´t do this IRL kids haha. But what is most interesting in a lucid dream for me is to meditate, sit down and concentrate on the pure experience of being in your own dream. Cause when do start doing stuff like flying to the moon its easy to get drawn back into the dream and its more about exploring the "physical (un)reality" of the dream. Just like waking life really. Dreams make us learn stuff, and whatever fears you have you can practice facing them in your dream. For example if you have a fear of speaking in public? simply conjure a huge crowd and knock yourself out. You will learn from this experience which translates to real life! Im not sure about being in contact with your "higher self" but you can get in touch with your subconsiousness. For example if you are reading a book you can conjure the auther and ask him/her questions and you will give yourself answers you were not aware you had! Lucid dreaming is what got me into buddhism. The best technique for me was "lucid living" where you constantly ask yourself is this reality or a dream? you get a innate ability to discern reality from dream. This is very similar to being in the moment, see the magic in all things. Ask yourself Who am I really? All this is also conducive to the spiritual path. So yea knock yourself out!!
  14. My take: they´re great but once you get the message; hang up! IE I use it rarely to realign myself and get inspired but these experience is not "truth" since its a my limited body experiencing and interpreting limitlessness, and there is danger in that since the ego can use it to it´s advantage once you sober up. And I try to not let it be a crutch to my path.
  15. It´s obvious Zzen has his agenda but he does represent a perspective I feel has some just critique. Which is partly why i stopped following Leo. He believes too much on 5Meo for one. I would love if Leo engaged in more discussions with other teachers (or just anyone). Which Leo has said he is not interested in. oh and Leo doesnt follow anyone since there is nothing anyone can teach him anymore. Hey @Leo Gura Why don´t you prove this guy wrong and do an interview with him? would love to hear it! Im not anti Leo in any way BTW. I love him and he brought so much positive things to my life and I am deeply thankfull <3 Nowadays I see him more as an entertainer than a teacher thou.