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  1. Well alright dude. I disagree on this issue but you do you.
  2. But... why not? Dude, you're super fucking smart and your insights are invaluable, but even you must surely understand the need to approach things on a grounded, personal level? That's what most people in this thread are asking. If we just wanted to sit about pondering the evolution of technology as a result of climate change or pontificate about how everything is all God's plan we could just build a shelter in the arctic and do that all while the rest of the world goes crazy. But unless you're some reclusive billionaire that just isn't possible for most people. Most people here have families, live in cities or towns, have jobs, hobbies, etc. And climate change is going to mess with all of that. Like don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to seeing all the cool shit that helps us deal with it, but that doesn't mean much to the people in Germany who just had their homes flooded last week, or the people in Canada who died of heatstroke, etc. How is telling a family in California who just lost their house in a wildfire that "don't worry, in 50 years time we'll have free solar everywhere" going to help them in that moment? When they're feeling sad, angry, upset, confused, distressed? Multiply that by millions and thats the sort of issue we're facing. We need rapid, immediate massive sociological, pyschological and economic restructuring right now to stave off the worst suffering but it's not being done. We're going to have to learn how to deal with suffering as much as we are going to have to learn how to grow crops in cities or whatever.
  3. @Leo Gura Leo, with all due respect, I feel you're taking too much of a "big picture" approach and not enough of well, a smaller, human picture approach to this thing. If you'd ask me if I thought climate change would wipe out humanity, the answer would be no, we're far too resourceful for that, but for virtually everyone the idea of us, as a vague generalised concept, surviving, doesn't mean much when individually and communally we're all threatened with very real catastrophes in the future. It's like someone worriedly asking in 1930s England "Are you worried about another world war? Do you think fascism could defeat democracy?" and just replying "Another world war? I'm not worried. 98% of humanity survived the last war so why should I care? Odds are that I'll survive. And even if fascism does defeat democracy, in 100 or so years it'll probably reform itself to democracy again." It kinda misses the point of all the very real suffering and danger that WW2 did bring to countless individuals and the global world order. No one is saying that there aren't massive and wonderful breakthroughs in technology to be had, but we can't just focus on that to get us through when the very real and deep sociological, psychological, emotional, spiritual etc. problems are staring us down the barrel of the gun right now.
  4. Throwing out a random post - don’t forget that there are higher forces at work here. Humanity will receive support from higher beings interested in our survival. If anything climate change could be the catalyst to re-awaken humanity into a spiritual understanding of the world. Don’t just think in terms of pure physics and data guys.
  5. They’re here.
  6. It leads to violence and division and is frankly just stupid all round
  7. Why would Jewish Nationalism be a good thing? In general any sort of nationalism tends to be low-consciousness and problematic. Of course there’s nuances but I doubt you’ll find many people here arguing for Jewish nationalism.
  8. No lol, the market itself almost by definition leads to abuses. Not everything can be qualified through monetary exchanges alone. Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and look beyond market mechanisms to make an actual conscious society.
  9. @rnd Most corporations are more corrupt than than the government and yet you don’t seem to have a problem giving money to corporations. Why is that?
  10. I think it’s a hive mind effect. A lot of people don’t like to believe there’s some collective intelligence at work in groups but really it’s there. When you’re out in public without a mask, you get caught into the non-mask wearing hive mind, and your thoughts will reflect that. Likewise when you’re wearing a mask. Its why homeless people can be ignored on major city streets despite thousands of people seeing them every hour. The “regular people” hive mind doesn’t want to acknowledge homelessness so that homeless person sort of exists “outside” of it. It’s also why if you see a homeless person, idk, talking to a box, you don’t think much of it, since they’re just doing “homeless people things”, but if a lawyer or banker started talking to a box a lot of people would find it really weird.
  11. @Danioover9000 It’s more like a call to ask the church to be more generous with charity
  12. Jordan Peterson really confuses me. I generally have a good sense of what people believe and what motivates them but JP is like a riddle to me. He’s someone who’s spent most of his life diving into dense psychological topics and seemingly investigating his own psyche, yet he falls prey to such basic stuff and seems completely inconsistent in his behaviours / ideas. Hes a weird one.
  13. @Nyseto Haha, good joke man, you had me going for a second
  14. You guys should get into solarpunk. It's a great literary genre inspired by steampunk / cyberpunk etc. but one that offers a more optimistic view of the future. It's about integrating technology and nature and creating a more sustainable, egalitarian world. Plus it just looks fucking cool IMO. Tell me your thoughts!
  15. @Mesopotamian Has the fact that Saudi Arabia is committing an inhuman war against the Yemeni people ever factored into this for you?
  16. For some reason, I see a lot of threads about the toxic manifestations of Green on this forum. Don’t get me wrong, obviously Green can be problematic, but toxic Green is SUCH a rarity and so limited in influence these days that it’s unhelpful to focus on it’s bad parts, especially considering how much more toxic Orange and Blue where dealing with in the world. And just to set the record completely straight, I want to point out just how developed and beneficial Green really is. I still feel it’s easy to stereotype Green people as “lazy pot-smoking hippies”, which is such a disservice to what Green truly can be. A healthy, developed Green person on this planet is such a rarity on the whole that you might as well be finding a unicorn, from a planetary perspective (most Green people are still dealing with Orange and lower shadows). Healthy Green is: Openly compassionate, kind, supportive and gentle More intelligent than Orange and Blue (yes, really) Insightful, wise, nuanced and able to grasp relativity Communicative, co-operative, sociable and fluid Democratic, able to compromise and non-hierarchical Non-judgemental, expressive, accepting and courageous Some examples of healthy Green people are: Bernie Sanders Martin Luther King, Jr Mahatma Gandhi Oprah Winfrey Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sam Seder John F Kennedy Russel Brandt Joe Biden Bill Gates Just to name a few. We should be encouraging more people to move up the Spiral to Green in order to meet the social, economic and environmental challenges of the future. Obviously criticise Green when you need to, but let’s not make that our first instinct. Green is fucking awesome, and the more we’re able to accept and embrace it the more conscious and purposeful life will become for everyone.
  17. China is the biggest country in the world and despite a lot of growth most people still live in third-world conditions. I think it’s simple survival needs that people are so callous there, if you show sympathy or are nice to people you’ll quickly be taken advantage of
  18. I'm under the impression that any future GOP candidate will have to appeal to the Trumpist crowd, since at this point there's basically no chance of power within the GOP without appealing to the style of politics he unleashed. Ted Cruz is too much of a cynical career politician for this IMO. It could unironically be someone like Tucker Carlson or one of Trump's kids (yikes)
  19. Psychedelics make you aware of what’s going on in your subconscious. Even if you’re a rational person consciously but subconsciously you’re being affected by conspiracy thinking, then tripping might “wake you up” to your subconscious bias, but this doesn’t make it any less of a bias. The trick is to be made aware of your subconscious biases and then let go of them, not cling onto them because they came from a powerful trip or anything like that.
  20. @Mesopotamian Trump could’ve started a war with Iran if he got a second term. Would you have preferred that, being in Iraq?
  21. Good question. It’s hard to say. Honestly they might be as advanced as each other. Both have some emerging Orange but are still very stuck in unhealthy Blue/Red. Both are dictatorships with a lot of corruption and oppression and very nationalistic populations. I honestly don’t know.
  22. Trump is out, Biden is in. A good day for truth, consciousness and love. But to the point. Trump needs to go to prison. He committed crimes unspeakable in a modern democracy and for democracy to function in the future then wrong-doers have to fear the repercussions of being criminals. It might be tempting to give him leeway because he’s an ex-President but this is a nonsense argument. He is not above the law as any citizen isn’t and must be held accountable for his devilry. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is to punish people when they’ve done wrong.
  23. Am I crazy? The guy strikes me as 100% Green to me, not Orange or Blue. His reforms of perestroika and glasnost seem heavily centred in a green worldview. He envisioned the USSR becoming a stage Green social democracy like Sweden or Norway, not a stage Orange capitalist ratrace like America. After the USSR collapsed he has spent his time advocating for things like peace, climate action and nuclear disarmament. He’s not a stage Orange corporatist or stage Blue nationalist by any stretch of the imagination imo.
  24. This is honestly fucking horrible. I don’t comment on stuff too much these days but I felt I had to speak about this one. People could die because of this movie. Art deeply influences people’s ideas and behaviours and if some impressionable 14 year old kid watches this and thinks “yeah, if some gun-totting turd comes to MY school I’ll just outwit them like in that movie!” ... before getting themselves killed. Active shooter situations are not goddamn Hollywood action scenes. There’s no glory in them. Your goal should 100% be your own survival, not some foolhardy attempt to look like an action hero. Not only that, but by glorifying taking down school shooters it encourages kids to resolve more conflicts this way. It turns school zones into some fucked up “survival of the fittest” battle arena, not places of peace and learning. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so disturbing. Shame on you, Benjamin.
  25. I've seen a few Fox News people going on quickly going on air to denounce the people as "unAmerican" and "rioters" and all that - I get the strong impression they're trying to cover their asses