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  1. Do guys like moody girls
    Do guys like moody girls
    This is what I live for!
    I rest my case.
    Isn't it amazing, when the truth is clear as day, staring you right in the face? I'm done. I have my live demonstration of truth ready for everyone else to see!
    For everyone reading this, I will not create a narrative for you. I will not tell you what to make of this situation. The truth is right in front of you! Interpret it as you may. I have no agenda to make you believe one thing or another, I'm just showing you the truth!

  2. How come super enlightened people don't play a bigger role on the world stage ?
    How come super enlightened people don't play a bigger role on the world stage ?
    What else is there to do?
    Doing nothing is also a doing. Doing happens regardless.
    No evasion at all. The planet is not going anywhere. The planet is safe. You're not going to kill the planet with some CO2 emissions. The planet is not so fragile.
    Maybe don't be so fearful
    They are only an issue in an illusory, relative sense.
    The planet dying does not even rise to that level of problem because it's not going to happen.
    You might as well stress out over the sun dying out.
    Well, the Absolute escapes all problems. That's sorta its point. Yes, I use the Absolute to not worry about shit as much as I am able. Doesn't mean I'm perfect at it. Yet.
    Because I enjoy it and there is nothing better to do until I'm dead.
    My work has no importance in any true sense. It's a game I play with myself and you can come along for the ride, if you dare. There is no importance in saving the life of anyone. To think so would be a narcissistic delusion. You will never be free so long as you think people need saving.
    The only one who needs to be saved is yourself, from your own delusion that anything is wrong.

  3. Creating Social Change
    Creating Social Change
    I want to share an insight about creating social change.
    A lot of Stage Green people want social change. These are people who are dissatisfied with the status quo and tend to enter power-struggles with the status-quo. This does not work. If you enter a power-struggle with the status-quo, the status-quo will win. Maybe you'll get some results in the short-term, but it won't carry through long-term. The reason for this is that whenever you have a certain status quo, it's because the majority of people are clinging to it. You'll always have a lot more people for the status quo than against it/for change.
    If you come in to create some change you individually want, you'll come across as an idealist/rebel/threat. People cling to the status-quo because it meets some need for them. If you say 'Screw their needs! They're evil oppressors who contribute to systemic abuse.' You're right about that. That is how collective ego survives. Any majority wins system survives at the expense of the best interests of the minority. However, you're doing the same by not taking their needs into account! If they say 'Screw you', you'll never get the change you want.
    There's an alternate strategy. You can focus on creating your own world, regardless of the status quo of the world around you. Here, you can focus on creating a new status quo which you'd be in favor of! You can have other people whose best interests align with yours cooperate with you on this. What you're hoping for is that the new status quo works better than the old one for those clinging to the old one. This way you're not screwing over people clinging to the old status quo and they could be a lot more accepting of your ideas.
    My claim : If you have a well-integrated Blue, you will understand the importance of having a status-quo for collective survival. If you have a well-integrated Orange, you'll have the pragmatic abilities in you to find the win-win solutions with people who seem to be your arch enemies when it comes to creating change (those clinging to the status-quo). That way you can get it done without having to enter a power-struggle!
    What do you think?

  4. Collective Ego Mega-Thread
    Collective Ego Mega-Thread
    Hey everyone! Please post crazy/insane/merciless/dysfunctional/interesting examples of collective ego survival on this thread.