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  1. Yes! That's exactly how it would work. The difference though is that if everyone's honest about what they actually want, not everyone wants 50 big houses, so there wouldn't be a need for competition. It would be easy co-operation.
  2. Find the right meetups. They tend to be about vulnerability and sharing. Go to those and tell people how you feel! They tend to act like a lovely safe-space for everyone involved. It's appropriate in those situations. If you don't really want to open up or if you don't have feelings and emotions to share, don't bother. Don't fake it! It can be seriously hurtful and disrespectful if you fake it.
  3. Yes, you can. It's not government-mandated, at least. Yes, there are some old-school landlords who only give their place for rent to couples or families, not to single people (because they are morally threatened by the whole notion of hook-ups and dating), it's harder for single women than single men because patriarchy, it's harder for divorcees (especially divorced women) because divorce has been a bit of a taboo until very recently, but rental companies won't get in your way.
  4. @machinegun Congrats on being able to see through the cultural bullshit. What it actually means to be a nice person is to see people for who they are, to integrate who the other person truly is and what the truth about them is in a situation, to have respect for that truth and act accordingly. That's what it actually means to be a 'nice person' or a 'decent person'. That's what it actually means to 'treat others with respect'. Stage Blue people will have these puritanical rules of 'Don't swear' and 'Do charity' and stuff like that to be a 'nice person' or a 'respectful person'. This is not accurate at all. It's not about what you say or do, it's about your level of consciousness. If you're a selfish person right now, that's fine! It takes a lot of work and effort to work up to 'niceness' or 'decency' the way I've defined it. Very few people actually do meet this definition, as a matter of fact. This is not a moral standard, you're not going to go to hell if you don't meet this standard.
  5. I can't tell you what to do, I can tell you what I'm doing. I think that a good idea relative to dating when you're self-actualizing is to find a partner to self-actualize with. Have a relationship in which you are self-actualizing together. The way you go about doing that is to : First stay single for a sizeable amount of time, a few years and work on yourself, grow yourself, prepare yourself to have a relationship. Then, you date and you get done with the dating-process as quickly as possible. Design the most pragmatic and efficient dating-process to test for whether the given woman will be a compatible match to you or not when it comes to self-actualization. Waste no time with the wrong people! Be open to relationships that don't feel that great on the surface, like the girl you're seeing isn't the hottest ever, but your relationship is strong and you get along well. Growth doesn't always feel good but if you're able to grow together, that's what you want to go for. Prioritize self-actualization over any relationship. Use relationships as a tool to self-actualize as opposed to using the self-actualization process to line you up with 'The One'. You can use the self-actualization process to get laid more though and to better your game with women.
  6. If your society is trade-based, money is the best possible method of trading. Works far better than barter. So, if you're wanting to evolve past money, you are looking to evolve past trade. The only way to do that is a gift-economy.
  7. My bad. I get what you're saying. It doesn't have to be agenda-driven from their side or in this case, your side.
  8. Then what is 'the objective truth'? I've seen this countless times where you say something about relationships, people ask you 'who hurt you', they tell you to 'integrate your shadows'. It's almost as if they're wanting you to reach a conclusion they want you to reach but they aren't directly telling it to you, rather they're trying to control your mind and your growth-process and saying that 'If you arrive at my conclusion, you're doing it right, if not, you're doing it wrong'. This applies especially to therapists.
  9. Are you implying a lack of objectivity? Are you implying that 'the other person's judgement is clouded because of their hurt'? Cuz that is a personal attack. Are you implying that what they're saying is false? Is it true or false? What is it?
  10. Is it false? Is that what the 'who hurt you' question means? I've heard the question 'who hurt you' before and it never made sense to me, like what does my hurt have to do with this conversation? Why is this going personal?!
  11. In my knowledge, Teal Swan is the only person, female or otherwise, who is an amazing role-model in terms of relationships. She is also a teacher of relationships but even in terms of role-modelling, she is amazing. She has a really amazing intentional community and it's very functional on a high level on all fronts.
  12. Out of curiosity, what does your reply have to do with what @Mesopotamian said? Why are we turning this personal? Why aren't you arguing with the content of what they said as opposed to making assumptions about the person? What does their personal hurt have to do with what they said? What do you mean with the question 'who hurt you'?
  13. What Leo teaches is more logically accurate or conceptually sound. He's coming at non-duality from a philosophical perspective and he's wanting to be philosophically accurate with it and he focuses on the strange-loop aspects a lot. He pre-empts questions and objections and works on making his points conceptually sound and his stances philosophically sound. The New-Age is more about energy, perceiving energy through felt-perception and visual. It's more intuitive and less logical. Not irrational, a-rational. It's not very philosophically rigorous, they don't focus on that too much, on the logical rigor aspect but it's more about community, veganism, connecting with nature, guided meditations, psychics and healers, crystals, One-Love visualizations for the world, etc.
  14. Say what you want about the New-Age, it does have a way of uniting people and bringing them together to form a common vision for what they want the planet to look like. This is something amazing and special about the New-Age believers that you don't quite see elsewhere. Most of them want World Peace, most of them want to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle. Stage Green ftw on this one!
  15. You're right. Although I meant poison that's well-known as poison and that's branded as poison!