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  1. The most general and prevalent one! Mine was the Indian education system, but it's similar in America/Canada as far as I can tell. Aren't all of them similar? (Of course you can come up with an exception, but you know what I'm talking about)
  2. Right! But in order to get there, the creators of such a system have tough questions to answer along these lines. Somebody's gonna have to answer these questions and come up with, say, a test system prior to your goal, which, for the sake of argument, is a one-world government. The design of it lies on the other side of figuring these things out! As far as I understand, the more conscious the people, the more conscious the government. Is it the other way round too? I'm not so sure. Is it similar to the chicken and egg problem?
  3. There's aspects of you that hold on to certain beliefs (especially the limiting ones) for dear life cuz they're identified with the beliefs! Your beliefs define you. In the mind of certain aspects of you, letting go of those beliefs equates to death! Yupp! The core beliefs reinforce the surface level ones. Internal questioning, self-enquiry, Parts-work, shadow work, etc. are all practices designed to uproot beliefs and change them. It's the ability to hold/consider 2 opposing beliefs in your mind without picking a side, i.e. identifying with either one. That creates cognitive dissonance. Being present with cognitive dissonance and holding opposing beliefs as 2 sides of the same coin is a develop-able ability!
  4. There's potential costs to having a one-world government. Say some SD Stage Red tyrant becomes the President/Dictator of the World. What happens then? Does he/she control everyone using nukes? Does he/she usurp all the wealth of the world? My point is that if there's low-consciousness leaders who are all about power/status, firstly they'll oppose a one-world system (cuz they're invested in separation) and secondly if they get their hands on the big levers of the one-world system, that's it. Collective consciousness must be raised before we even think of a one-world currency, let alone government!!
  5. This is why I'm so allergic to Indian 'gurus' in general! 'Guru' is a Hindu term that means 'teacher/master'. Their teachings are mostly based on Hinduism. Therefore, by extension, their teachings will have a lot of Hindu biases and dogmatism! I generally prefer not to listen to Hindu sages/yogis/mystics because I want to avoid separating the wheat from the chaff, which is a tiring task in any religious teaching! I prefer New-agers/philosophers like Leo.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong : Is Stage Green too triggered to accept that people have their judgements and biases? Why is that such a big deal? It's not a rhetorical question, I genuinely want to know your reasons for it being a big deal to you.
  7. @purerogue Just for clarification : Are you serious or trolling?
  8. This is a symptom of being attached to the mind. Self-enquiry helped me with this!
  9. @Matt8800 I'm just saying we need this. What's unrealistic/impractical today will become realistic/practical tomorrow!
  10. @Matt8800 A lot of mastering your emotions involves healing from childhood traumas. We have inner child aspects that get emotionally triggered and defensive in response to certain traumatizing stimuli. A 'safe space' would be useful to help each other work through these extreme, unpleasant emotional reactions. Now, when you're working through that, the last thing you want is for someone to say/do something that is unintentionally re-traumatizing! This is such a huge issue that a lot of people are too scared to be vulnerable outside therapist's offices. The safe space would give you freedom around whom you want to trust, how vulnerable you want to be, etc. Not everyone is capable in participating in the healing of specific people, and the safe space would help discern that. Treating each other with kindness is nice, but not quite enough. We collectively need to help each other heal and dare I say, heal each other. This needs to become a lot more mainstream than doing it in a therapist's office!
  11. I understand what you're saying. Getting triggered by 'micro-aggressions' is a personal problem and the resolution to that would be to master your emotions. A lot of our emotional issues have to do with lack of connection with each other. This means that we need each other's help to master our emotions because the human nervous system equates being alone with death! These emotional issues can be traced back to childhood traumas. Would we need safe-spaces for doing this emotional mastery? I think so. Are the safe-spaces today designed for emotional mastery? Probably not. The thing is, these are the most progressive people we have. The rest of us haven't recognized emotional issues to be real issues!
  12. If you're a conscious person, I highly recommend channeling!! It can be exceptionally useful to channel the collective consciousness of various organizations, big corporations, cultural phenomena, etc. Even Parts Work can be useful, for example, talking to the part of You that is the Tax system and passing tax regulations accordingly, etc. Leo's episode on Collective Ego is a must-must-watch for conscious politicians!
  13. One of my problems with the education system is that most of your schoolwork is done by yourself, for your own grades. There's very little collaboration between students. This came up for me as I was doing some shadow work and I came across the belief 'I have to work alone to make my dreams come true'. Our education system foments this belief pretty firmly! Ideas on solutions to this problem in the system?
  14. @Matt8800 There's a difference between validating how someone feels and enabling their victimhood! The former is a human emotional need. Denying yourself a need will make you go for it in subconscious and manipulative ways (as we all see on social media). Needing other people is 'weakness' if you're scared of them! Spirituality doesn't mean you stop needing people as a human being. The human body will work the way it works, however 'spiritual' you become. Getting what you want (whatever that may be) is a good thing for spiritual evolution! Enlightenment comes only after you see that it didn't make you happy/it didn't take away your suffering. Denying yourself what you want, on the other hand, is unnatural and counter-productive. It's basically denying the reality of what you want, which is anti-spiritual.
  15. Leo I'd like to hear your thoughts on the movie 'Fight Club' and how it relates to our current Western society. It makes some good points about what happens when a society as a whole doesn't have a 'life purpose' of sorts! It kinda challenges the materialist paradigm and tries to make a anti-materialism case seem plausible.