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  1. I find it interesting that you choose to trust them, just because there's no proof against them. Why does it take proving, for you to not trust a bunch of randos with a microphone?! There are a lot of people already doing that. But, your minds are closed to it and you call them 'conspiracy theorists'. The problem is that you aren't listening to them with an open mind. Because, the media's got you! No, I'm not.
  2. I will say the same to people who are paranoid about COVID. Relax about the paranoia, get back to normal life. People aren't dying, the media is lying. It's been 2 years of this shit and all of you survived 'COVID' or whatever. Let's just end this shitshow now! Seriously though, tell me - At what point did anyone of you think that you were seriously going to die of COVID? Once, in this dangerous, deadly pandemic. Give me one point in time where you felt like your life was in danger.
  3. How would you feel if I came and told you that the way you're living your life is stupid?
  4. Why are you so invested in whether I take the vaccine or not? Why the attack on people who just want to live freely? Whatever my justifications might be, what's your problem?
  5. @Ghost I'm not playing by your rules of 'evidence'. Show me evidence that your rules for what counts as 'evidence' make sense! Then I'll play by your rules. How about you show me evidence for how me saying what I want to say 'kills people'?! Stop being irresponsible with your repression of opinions. It's called living a life. And not letting government propaganda hold you back. You're the ones who should stop spreading the BS. You stop spreading BS yourself! Maybe it's time for you to redefine 'educated' so that you can live a life! Or, you know what? Stay locked down for the rest of your life, getting your jab ten times a year. Your choice. It's interesting how pro-vaxxers will keep telling you to check your sources, yet they'll never question their sources! Not once. Your source is the mainstream media! Not your own experiments. You are the ones not being skeptical of your own skepticism!
  6. This is awesome, man! This is giving me some hope for humanity. That people aren't just going along with the narrative like sheep, that they are putting up a resistance. I think it really is a good idea to wait for a good 1-2 years to see what happens to the vaxed people, before going ahead and taking the vax! They didn't wait to test it before taking it out, they gave an experimental jab, so you are our test-subjects now! By your own consent, by the way. Anti-vax protests are also more common than you think. The media will never cover those because they want you to think that it's some sort of fringe-movement, when it's actually near to half the people. The media wants you to think you're alone, if you're anti-vax, when this absolutely isn't the case. They want to lock you down, separate you, not let you unite against them. Yupp. Maybe it's time to open your mind to what they're saying, now that the size of this population who don't want the vax is growing? Maybe, just maybe. Look into reasons for why it is the case. It's time to call the bluff, collectively. Even if you do turn out to be wrong, well, you gotta take a few risks to live a life that's worth living.
  7. When they use the word 'China' or 'society', replace that word with 'I' or 'me'. You'll see the real deal!
  8. Introspect for mistrust of men in general, anti-male biases, daddy-issues etc. Whether they're there or not, it's helpful to do it and reconfirm if you're struggling to do the communication you're talking about. Work out any issues you find. That's when you'll access your authentic truth, without any filter, without any biases (if you hadn't accessed it already). Once you see that you're not coming from a prejudiced place because of personal wounding or you are able to set aside your biases from the objective reality of the situation (which, judging from your posts, you look like you are), then you go through with the communication. Put your narrative forth. It will naturally come from a much more vulnerable place. Then, if he gets triggered because of it, that's on him! Then he's projecting onto you. And you know this for a fact now because you know yourself enough to see what's true and what's not true when he deflects or projects anything back onto you!
  9. I'm going to tell you what I needed when I was stuck in Stage Blue. I needed a few friends who made it okay for me to break my rules! Friends who had developed healthy Blue and who weren't getting into Orange as a reaction to the problems with Blue, because in that case, I would be right to 'avoid bad company' as they say in stage Blue. But, if you have friends who are decent people, who are hard-working but who don't have a stick up their ass, they can show you that you don't have to follow all these rules to survive the way you had to in your childhood. That's the logic I would apply to her situation. And I would advise you, her partner, to act accordingly!
  10. I think it'll be the latter cuz she did say that if not for 'Christ' holding her back, she would've slept with over a 100 guys.
  11. @History She's having trouble moving from Blue to Orange. Push her comfort-zone cuz there's gonna be some interesting skeletons in that closet! What she needs is a 'partner in crime' who encourages her to break her rules and explore new, uncharted territory.
  12. @Emerald Kay, I get it now. Thanks!
  13. Do you have any idea how confusing this is from male perspective? This should not be this confusing. Women make it way more complicated than it should be.
  14. Very rarely do you hear women say this though. It's mostly 'you're doing this wrong, you can't even do this much', etc. Why is that?
  15. That's it? 'Meeting women'? Ah, that's how it works for women. You just 'meet guys' and things just magically work out, right?! Right.