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  1. Of course it can be high-consciousness! Loving your country doesn't mean that you hate the rest of the world, or that you're prejudiced against the rest of the world. If you serve your country, you are serving the world because your country is part of the world. You absolutely can have a life purpose in the military. It's a Stage Blue life purpose, but it can be highly conscious nonetheless. It takes a certain degree of setting aside your ego to be willing to die on the battlefield for your country. Now yes, you do have a gun and you are killing people on the opposite side, but it doesn't have to mean that you hate them. You can do it from a space for love for your country, as opposed to hate for your opponents firing at you. If you're from an under-developed country (say Stage Blue), it can be a very respectable job to be in the army. Now the US military is probably one massive exception because US is more developed and the US army is infamous. The US has it's shit together, such that now people want to drop borders and connect with the rest of the world, unite the world and globalize. So while nationalism can be regressive for the US, it can be progressive for other countries.
  2. A human being cannot perfectly be in the state of God-consciousness. A human being is 3D-oriented and wants to survive in the 3D. I don't think his normal everyday state is the same. The realized context of everything being God radically changes your state and you can integrate that as a human. Although he is still human, i.e. he does have a 'normal' human life like we do, his state of consciousness can be radically different.
  3. How would that be a present?! Having a stone just sucks. I don't know what good can come out of it. Very different from giving birth, cuz it's worth it.
  4. @Leo Gura 2024!!!!!!!! Go Leo!!!! Conscious politics ftw!!!!! We're standing behind you. We'll be there if shit goes down. I'm imagining this forum turning into a political party lolololololololollll!!!
  5. @EmptyVase There was a time when I really didn't care about what's going on around me. I just worked on my own life. Then, after a certain point, after I'd created a moderately comfortable life for myself, then I started to feel disconnected from the world. That's when I started to feel motivated to look around at the world around me and see what's going on. There's no such thing as 'spending too much time on your own development.' You need what you need!
  6. If the current system works, it is not possible for us to regress back to fascism. However, if the progress we're wanting isn't possible within the scope of this system, then this current system stops working. Then, we could have a much stronger backlash and then maybe we could regress to fascism. If we do regress to fascism, that is a sign for us that the days of this system are numbered, and that it is trying to take as much control as possible in a last-ditch effort to survive.
  7. This might be a little off-topic, but I feel like throwing this in... A German guy told me that Mein Kampf is banned in Germany. The mainstream does not want to talk about Hitler, they want to 'leave him behind in the trash bin of history' so to speak. There is a lot of shame in Germans around the Holocaust and WWII. It really does hurt the image other countries have of Germany as a country.
  8. Yeah well, I guess repression is better than just reacting to your emotions. It's better to suppress your anger than to punch someone in the face because you felt like it. When I said 'set aside', that included repression in this context. Of course! I will give them credit for being physically big and strong and having weapons and being able to fight. When I said personal empowerment, I meant on a mental level. It takes a certain degree of mental empowerment to be a good person, live peacefully and not be a gang-banger. It takes even more strength to lay down your weapons, trusting that other people around you will not pick up their weapons against you. Here, you're creating a world that will give you your individual safety, instead of fighting for your own individual safety. I said it's subconscious! It's not strategic. Strategy is not even a concept at Red. The whole 'you f with me and I cut your arm off' is a more crude version of Red, the gangster types. There's also white-collar con-artists, like The Donald. These are more sophisticated in their ways of opportunistically exploiting systems, hacking through them, etc. Red people can be smart!
  9. Oh yeah! The thing is, the human mind is ideological, regardless of whether you see that or not. At Blue, you gain a certain degree of ideological autonomy, in that you clearly know what you believe/stand for and you will be able to set aside your emotions and act according to your ideology. At Red, you don't have that level of personal empowerment. Your mind has not developed to the point where you can hold on to a fixed ideology. You aren't owning your ideology and standing for it. But, the human mind is ideological by nature. This means that the ideological nature of your mind is subconscious. What will then happen is that your ego will subconsciously co-opt the ideological nature of your mind to suit itself. This is how the mind of a sociopath works. This is how Red survives in a Blue world, by trying to trick Stage Blue people by presenting an ideology that suits itself. The way Blue people can counter this is by rigidly holding a Red person accountable for their actions, by using rigid rules to force them to walk their talk.
  10. It seems to me that you're holding him to a standard of 'You shouldn't be hypocritical', which is a Stage Blue standard. At Stage Blue, you have the ability to follow a fixed ideology and act according to it, stay true to it. Hypocrisy will be considered a bad thing at Stage Blue and above. The Donald, however, is at Stage Red. Hypocrisy doesn't count as a bad thing for him. This means that he can get very sneaky with ideology. He can claim to believe one thing today because it suits him, then claim to believe the exact opposite tomorrow if it suits him! His ego will trick him into genuinely believing that he does indeed believe the thing he's espousing in that specific moment. If he calls veterans losers today because it suits him, that's what he believes today. In private though, that may not be the case! Maybe he will extol the virtues of veterans in private moments after he called them losers in public, because it suits him. Now you may ask 'How could it possibly suit him to call veterans losers?' Ummm.... I guess all survival strategies aren't created equal. His survival strategies probably aren't sophisticated enough to understand Stage Blue morality and good manners, and that you shouldn't call veterans losers. Man, The sneaky fucking Donald. Trips up everyone in the world and everyone's confused. Leo had said somewhere that he's pre-fascist. I don't disagree. Fascism is an ideology, but he's incapable of identifying with any one ideology. He's pre-ideological, he's literally just an opportunist. He has never learned morality in his life, which is why morality doesn't compute for him!
  11. Excuse me as I get into the mind of a Trump supporter for a moment. Let's see why they support Trump. From what I can see, they don't care about policy, or politics, or even about COVID. What they care about the most is entertainment and memes. The Donald is the most entertaining thing in the world right now and they want more of it. He does have meme value. Politics is a reality TV show to them and they like The Donald. Therefore, they are on his side! This is the only reason I can think of, given the shitshow of the past 4 years and his contradictions. Edit: I'm done hating him tbh. I'm emotionally numb to him now. I'm just enjoying the reality TV show that US politics is!
  12. So there's a lot of people out there who throw around this platitude of 'I don't have the luxury of being depressed'. Why do you think they do this? What do you think they're misunderstanding about depression?
  13. Here in India, there is a caste system. It used to be a really rigid fixed social structure. If your dad was a farmer, you'd be a farmer. If your dad was a jeweller, you'd be a jeweller. So the lower castes have historically faced discrimination and oppression. Over the years, under British rule, this started to change. It had to, because of pressure from the Brits. When India became independent of British rule, the person who wrote the Indian Constitution was Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, someone from one of the lowest castes. He wrote it to really give additional opportunities to lower-caste people. (You may think that was a Green SJW move. I think it was a Blue move, cuz it was 'for my caste') Now, 60-70 years later, everyone wants to get a lower-caste certificate! Everyone wants to be classified that way because of the benefits it gives. You can consider it a move towards communism.
  14. I understand your desire to point at them and say 'That's a deluded person!' I'm not calling you partisan - you probably are right from a systemic perspective. I also understand your desire to beat Trump. What I'm trying to call out is our way of dealing with right-wingers. What I'm suggesting is that we be more kind to them, given their current situations. Cancel culture is a whole situation right now. If you have a family you're providing for with your well-paying job and you post just a little tweet that doesn't align with the Left, you could get cancelled! That's the sustenance of your whole family at risk.
  15. I completely understand what you're saying. You and I can sit all day and discuss the nuances of the situation. My point is that when you dismissed this situation as 'no big deal, over-exaggerated by right-wingers', you lost the vote of a centrist-type, someone who isn't fully sure of which way they lean. It's important that we collectively take responsibility for the fact that Trump is in office and we pay attention to why it's happened.