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  1. I have a quick question I'm not an active contributor to this community. But I avidly take in knowledge from numerous different places. This is one of them. I have an idea how to spread a message and all of the great gurus have had it done to them, for them, or with them. Would it be okay if I use Leo's words instead of music with my videos? Youtube.com/k2kidd Watch one of my cinematic videos. Mute the video and play an audio clip of Leo. Watch for 2 minutes and you will see synchronicity at work I guarantee it. I will need your blessing Leo. I will also need someone from this community to partner with. I want to be clear at this point. I smoked Nn-dmt every Sunday for a year. With the intention of writing a book. That is a dream that I won't realize. I stayed true to the Sunday sacrament but the ideology adapted. I also used ketamine infusions monthly, during this time period. It has now been 8 months since I did DMT. If you search k2kidd you will see my progression before during and after. I'm not a millionaire which is a surprise. But it goes to show that what you really want isn't what you think you want. I am happy...ish. Which means I still have drive. Alott of it. I have a mission. Observe the Beauty Below from Above! If you want to create a message too the future. K2kidd Google Me Bitches!
  2. I am one of those that does the work but I have no outlet to let others know what I learnt. I smoked Nn-dmt every Sunday for a year. It's funny how many times I ended up in the tub. I am glad Leo is putting the knowledge out there.