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  1. Why do I (we?) get hooked on what triggers air trauma more specifically patterns of inconsistent attention/affection?
  2. @Leo Gura take down the house, no more house dust
  3. @Shrooms_Alvarez Why r u trying to replace friendship with prostitution?
  4. @Basman Idk, I don't feel comfortable cutting her loose just like that. How would look like anyways. The thing is we'll be sharing all clases next (and last) semester and then were graduating and I really wouldn't want to end things with her like that, but as you say, it seems that she really doesn't give a shit so why would I.
  5. So a girl and I became friends during lockdown, we weren't best buddies but I'd like to believe we where somewhat close. We kinda drifted apart towards the end of lockdown and then we each went abroad for a year and when we came back, naturally the friendship was a bit weak. I tried to take steps to regrow the friendship and it did for a couple months (still not best friends) and we each have our own friend group. A couple months ago, as a result of some constant teasing and suspicious jokes, what I thought was a date (and a couple of rejected invitations) between the two of us, she came to a friend of mine and asked about me, more specifically if I liked her and that she had only ever meant friendship. He told me about it (as it was intended) and I felt cornered to tell her that (indeed) I liked her but I wasn't planning on trying anything and just beings friends was just fine. She took it quite good. The next couple of weeks she even seemed friendlier than usual. After that her openness and warmth started rapidly deteriorating for some reason. To my knowledge I never offended her or anything. After confessing to her I did try to do friend stuff and just be friendly to her (I didn't wanna make a weird thing out of the situation) but maybe at some point she got weirded out, thought I was still pursuing her or something. It has gotten to the point where she won't text me unless she needs something like homework, and never replies. And in person she rarely ever talks to me out of her own initiative and when in a group she won't even look at me when talking. She even exploded and shouted at me a couple of times when she got stressed out about something (so bad she even came back to say sorry some of the times, but that was the only sign of friendliness). However, she doesn't actively avoid me, meaning she doesn't turn around and walk away when I approach her. To be honest, she isn't that close of a friend and I don't know of its worth risking making things worse and talking to her to try to figure what's wrong. Maybe she just decided she's not even interested in being friends, which is fine, but I would like to know just so I can move on. Getting close to the end of the term, I wouldn't wanna leave this festering during winter break.
  6. @DefinitelyNotARobot the LSD where more on the stressful side (one was definitely a bad trip) though not the whole lengths of the trips. The shrooms were quite pleasant but there where some background concerns about the trip going haywire and just life stuff. Energetic music really helps to counter act the lethargy and weakness
  7. @Francis777 Three 150ug acid and a 2g shrooms
  8. @Francis777 I’m definitely not in peak health but I ain’t very experienced with psychedelics either. Maybe it has to do more with experience?
  9. During the trips (LSD, shrooms) I have a real bad time with my balance and there some very noticeable muscle soreness and fatigue. And it feels as if my weight shifts to wherever I lean. I find it quite hard just to walk around to get water or smth . It’s not so bad that I’m unable to function but it’s bad enough that I just lay in bed for most of the trip. And maybe it is the laying in bed but I get quite drowsy too.
  10. @StarStruck try your boxing skills (on the wall)
  11. Book: The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick G. Mckeown
  12. @D2sage i do. I’m not fixated with her but there’s still a lot to be done
  13. @itsadistraction what about the other guy? Well the next meeting would have to be next week. Tomorrow at school I’ll feel it really won’t be appreciated. She knows far to many people there and the other guy she’s seeing is not completely a secret so making that move at school might backfire. But I Can for sure pull her on another date next week