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  1. when is it dropping??? I need more books
  2. @Shawn Philips So the problem usually is when it doesn’t reach deep enough? (past the epidermis and into the dermis would be the right way)
  3. Is it a considerable source of heavy metals to beware of? Would you advice against getting a tattoo?
  4. @Shawn Philips How can I make sure it’s done properly? Would it be terribly worse than eating salmon once in a while (for example)? also, what about different colors. I remember back in the day very vibrant colors where considered to be worryingly abundant in lead, amongst other things. And would chelation some how “free up” the ink and make it worse?
  5. What is actually going on? Is there something more complex behind it or is it just what it seems, business as usual, companies break it we pay it?
  6. What are some health related drawbacks or things to look out in pots n pans? raw cast iron (sometimes comes pre-seasoned) enameled cast iron stainless steel (you can even get medical grace steel traditional non stick (no more PFOA, but PTFE still used) ceramic coatings stone (like volcanic or marble) silicone (I know the high quality ones are very stable, but how to know what you’ve got) Plain aluminum carbon steel (like woks) Like lead paint being used in the ceramic coatings, iron leaching into the food n stuff like that.
  7. @Leo Gura what about enameled cast iron?
  8. @thierry you’ve probably heard. Something along the lines of selling Alaska for private oil drilling. Although I’m sure is not as simple as that.
  9. Where I live, red clay pots are very traditional but they’re glazed with a lead containing glaze. Only some people are know about it and some even believe that by seasoning/curing it it makes the lead harmless or disappear (they boil salt water in it). This is what I’m talking about. Something might seem like the right choice.
  10. What are your thoughts on this: Sorry I think this was the wrong subforum
  11. What if someone took a low to intermediate dose of something like 5meoDMT or DMT without much (or maybe none at all) spiritual background and actually get something of high value from the trip and maybe not just get psychological damage trying? Assuming the person is at least somewhat aware of the potential and kind of knows what these substances may do. Say, your average normie person at a dead end job or whatever feels like something needs to change in their life and somehow lands on psychedelics. (I’m not talking about someone getting drugged unknowingly ) (also, for sake of the argument, assume set & setting aren’t a problem, I’m not going that route). I once saw a quote from one of the Beatles, probably John Lennon, which said something along the line that the best way to do LSD (for the first time) is to go into it completely ignorant of its effects. Maybe it even said something about not even being aware of taking it, can’t remember. Anyways, I doubt that it’s true, what he said, or that he even said it.
  12. I don’t think turns the Tripp into a happy pretty trip, but the benzo can kill or numb down the anxiety and after that who knows also, how would the dosing work?
  13. Having seen both positions in a business: the owner and the employees. At least from what I’ve seen there is a underlying attitude of rivalry or having to go against each other. The employees always see the owner as an oppressive figure, they try to steal from the company or outsmart the system and get more. On the other side, the owner (sometimes management takes this role) sees the employees as a necessary evil, people to beware of, always worrying of lawsuits, stealing, wasted time, etc. and hating to pay them. It creates a very dysfunctional dynamic and hostility and resentment from both ends. Now, of course both got some truth and justification to their side but how can a business create an actually healthy relationship between employee and business? Good benefits and actually fair and good working conditions won’t make much difference cause as long as a bigger incentive comes, the employee will turn against the company. The same goes for the owner, seeing the employees as disposable and replaceable.
  14. these sound about right, particularly the later. But, I’m guessing you need some minimum baseline level of consciousness from the employee? How can you look for consciousness development in an employee?
  15. And do these actually work? I feel like they sound “prepackaged “ and a bit unthoughtful solutions (maybe because many of these have been hammered in my brain at school). Won’t an employee feel like you’re trying to buy them off?
  16. In my opinion, something that can be done is that first world countries help the unstable countries progress, obviously not in a USA-Middle East kind of way. Cause to a big extent, first world countries largely contribute to the third world being how it is. Now, what “helping them evolve” would actually translate to in the real world. Or if it would even outrun the crisis, idk. Maybe they can contribute monetarily towards third world’s education and corruption etc; assuming the country helping was developed enough to not keep doing harm.
  17. I’ve seen in in the service industry. Hospitals, restaurants, hotels. Also in retail.
  18. Leo puts his book under the Paranormal list instead of the Enlightenment/Consciousness list, so it makes me wonder, does Campbell make a better job at explaining the paranormal than he does reality as in as a whole? Why give priority to the paranormal aspect when the book clearly states a different objective. Note: I'm sorry If the answer is right in the book itself but I've only started it and I can't shake off this question.
  19. @PurpleTree idk but I think causing damage on Russia would further encourage them to keep destroying? And the Russian people will “see” that indeed Ukrainianians are monsters and need to be killed. Im guessing Ukraine best hope is playing martyr. Either way I think they’re dammed.
  20. @Heaven If they know they’ll loose anyways why sacrifice their people like disposables just to “make it hard” for the Russians?
  21. From my social circle, at university, I wanna try approaching a girl but she’s always with a couple other girls and I’m somewhat sure they’ll make a big fuzz and start teasing us and shit when I try the extraction and this is probably gonna make the girl too uncomfortable and she’ll abort the interaction. Any tips? I’ve never tried dating in my inner social circle.
  22. I’m not talking about watching a horror flick a night before tripping. I mean this more long term, “chronic exposure” so to speak. for example, I’ve read porn interferes with the dopamine and long term reward system and stuff. Maybe some other form of strong content like horror movies Can do something similar, maybe cause some background accumulative anxt or trauma. Maybe during trips this surfaces or gets amplified (the hypothetical psychological changes).
  23. Is the supercharged health restoration enabled by long strict water fasts enough to chelate heavy metals? Does it even have an effect?