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  1. @zeroISinfinity Ask me anything, I know all the answers now ???
  2. Okay, guys. I guess you know me from the past. I've been absent from this forum for a few months. I just needed some time for myself. Today it was the day I was looking forward to for the last years and I've finally reached that day. So what I wanna tell you guys. I've tried psychedelics for the first time in my life. And it's awesome. It is mind blowing. I've had problems with my ego and I finally had time to reflect on it. We've all got our flaws, our issues, different opinions. And it's just fine. It's all ego. When you reach that state of mind you can finally see for what it really is. It's just ego. It's just that loud annoying voice in your mind that wants to be heard. But in reality it's just an illusion that's only as long important as long you give it attention to. That's it. It's telling you all those bad things but which aren't really your business. It's not your true self. And it's great to finally see for what it is. It's not you. You're better. You're greater. You're worth enough. You're something else which is far greater. Call it God, call it the universe, call it awareness, consciousness. But YOU'RE NOT the small little ego. So let's all just find our peace and keep on searching for it. It's always there and it's just waiting for you to be discovered. It will never judge you. It's just waiting for you to be realized, no matter how long it takes. That's what I wanted to tell you all. Thank you
  3. And still I'm honest to myself to realize that I'm not really there. Whatever I think I realize, I'm still stuck in this body, in this world, in this environment. So whatever I do, I still realize those things while inhabiting a human body. Just keep that in mind. If you're out there and you're conscious (I know this sounds fucked up if you do) you're still a human being even though you realize you're greater than that.
  4. I go one step further. Be. PS: I don't know how to delete that stuff coming after this comment, I fucked this up to be honest (but I don't care)
  5. But even if you try to let go of the mind, that's still a thought in your mind. Just be.
  6. I know. I'm just coming back from the ride. I already feel my ego coming back. But don't judge it too hard. But the main thing I learned is that you don't need to be afraid of losing your ego. Because that's the only thing which might prevent you from losing it. I know it's sticky, I know it's annoying, I know it's noisy. But that's the only power it has. As long as you give it attention to, it got you. And even if you do that, it's still fine. Just know what you're doing and don't judge you too hard. You can think that you're enlightened as fuck because you've taken something and now you think you've realized everything and you've become immune to all that bullshit. But you're not. As long as you're fighting, you're suffering. Just keep that in mind.
  7. If it doesn't fit in your paradigm it's garbage? Right. Just try to get along with my opinion and don't get offended.
  8. There's no real election, it's all set in advance. The elites pursue their plan and, as always, aim to divide the people and incite one another. Divide and conquer. Trump is not the evil guy, he's just another puppet to push their agenda and he will stay for four more years. Wake up people and don't be so blind. Call me conspiracy theorist, but it's just the way it is.
  9. Apple products are overpriced, and are only bought by idiots who need a status symbol and make up for their complexities. I wrote this text from my iPad.
  10. Does anyone think that alcohol has a spiritual benefit? I know that alcohol lowers your vibrational frequency but still I think it has a purpose. Why do people drink alcohol? There must be a reason that God created it in order to experience how it's like to be drunk. So whatever you do, it's God's will, since we are all God. I'm just curious.
  11. Thanks for all the answers, I read them all. To be honest, I posted that when I myself was (unfortunately again) really drunk. I can't handle my consumption and I guess my drunk ego just wanted to hear some recognition that it's doing nothing wrong. Whenever I wake up the next morning, I tell myself that I should avoid drinking alcohol completely. It's just sad that I'm doing the same mistake over and over again. Just having a bad day triggers that action.
  12. @Robi Steel, I guess you are the first person in Germany who has taken psychedelics but still votes for AFD. Somehow this doesn't fit together. But maybe I am just biased.
  13. It's all a big hoax, it's like a second 9/11 in order to influence and control the masses even better. Critics are dismissed as conspiracy theorists and ridiculed. You know that the CIA created the term 'conspiracy theorist'? The media are the best tool for mind control and unfortunately it works again and again as long as you scare people enough, they will obey and believe everything. In these days it is really important to keep a positive mindset and live a healthy lifestyle. Then you will not attract this negative energy. Remember, your thoughts always create your reality. Believe in yourself!
  14. I really enjoy smoking cannabis, but I always get fat and lazy afterwards because I just wanna eat all the junk food, stay on my couch and do nothing else. If you do it once in a while, it is fine. But if you do it everyday, it really becomes difficult to handle your daily life.
  15. This isn't meant to sound arrogant but I have had problems with my so called friends for a long time. I was never really popular or had a lot of friends, but there were always three or four people with whom I have contact. Right now I'm having contact with four people which I also meet sometimes. For a long time now, however, I have had the feeling that they are pulling me down rather than doing me any good. I'm closing my best friend out there. I'm happy to have him, we rarely see each other, but for that we have a very trusting and honest relationship. I see the other three regularly, but to be honest I only meet them when I'm bored and lonely. Am I kidding myself? And also the supposed friends? The bigger problem, however, is that when we meet, there is actually no in-depth conversation and we only meet to be either drunk or stoned, most of the time anyway. Sometimes we ride a bike or go for a walk, but that's not the real thing I imagine among friends. So the question is rather rhetorical, since I probably already know the answer intuitively. But has anyone else gone through this situation and found a solution or even more suitable friends? I always feel so drained after meeting up with them and this can't go on, otherwise I get more and more depressed and lonely... I need to work on myself and quit the stimulants in order to get shit done, I don't wanna waste anymore time. So any advice from you guys? Thanks for taking the time to read through all this.
  16. Speaking from the heart is a very relieving feeling. But opening up is not easy. We are fearful of what others will think about us. It’s easier to posture and pretend than speak openly from the heart. So it's exhausting when I'm not able to speak from my heart and instead need to wear a mask. You know what I mean?
  17. Do not make spiritual development dependent on these factors. It makes a difference whether someone does not want to speak from his heart or whether he wants to, but is not able to do so due to other circumstances which is even very exhausting, as in my case. You can wear a suit and achieve enlightenment, but at the same time you can be naked and be far away from this state of mind. Besides I am already vegan and walking barefoot most of the time. If there is no pineapple on the pizza and he shares something, I'm definitely in. No matter how spiritually evolved you are, nobody should refuse a pizza.
  18. Being lonely isn't a problem for me because most of the time I prefer to be alone, I just don't have the mental energy to always be around with people. Still, you're right, maybe once a week I wanna meet up with someone and share my thoughts and feelings. But it would be nicer, if it wouldn't end up in drinking alcohol, even if it's just one beer. It's always involved, they don't seem to care about their consumption or health, although I already asked them to think about it...
  19. Yeah, that's right. It's difficult to find deeper, more meaningful relationships but to be honest I also still need to learn how to speak from my heart without the fear of being judged.
  20. I know it sounds very harsh. Maybe I need to see it from a different angle and appreciate these experiences as useful life lessons which make me a better and more understanding person. In the end it's all part of the journey.
  21. Tinder is full of fake people.
  22. Yeah, I already told one of them that it doesn't make anymore to meet each other because of his arrogant, selfish behavior. You know those people who only talk about themselves and suck your life energy out of you? He's one of those people ...
  23. Exactly, that's what the society seems to expect from you in order to function or be a normal person. If you're introspective and rather like to spend some time alone, you're a weirdo, antisocial or a loser. It takes a strong mind to go your own way and not to care about other people's opinion. I hope you're not on Tinder ?