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  1. @The Blind Sage Amazing, I work in a float centre and get to float whenever I want as long as a tank is free, its a great tool.
  2. Just because this has made your life totally meaningless dose not mean it will be the same for everyone else be careful on projecting that onto others. A lot of people have found true happiness through this "path". You can easily realise life dose not have a point but still found amazing joy from that. You can create whatever life you want and not be attached to it as its all one big fun game.
  3. @Dwarniel This is a good question, I have been on a few vipassana retreats also and have got hugh benefits from it but similar to yourself I haven't met anyone who became enlightened from it. It is a effective method but a slow one regarding enlightenment. Also you have to bare in mind The centres are mostly run by lay people so your better off going to actual proper buddhist monastery's where there are enlightened monks there. There is loads in Thailand, India ect. Also bare in mind not everyone will become enlightened in there lifetime due to genetics/past life, everyone could probably reach stream entry but as Leo has said before a lot of this will depend on your spiritual talent which is something you are born with. I know people who have done one ten day course and got nowhere and some people who do one course and make insane progress. There is a great thread on this on the forum somewhere. Its just rare to find people who are spiritually advanced even if you go to the right places.
  4. Not sure if someone has mentioned this but a common one I hear is if we all experience the infinite love of god when we die why don't we all just die now? I don't agree with the question btw just something I hear people say a lot
  5. @ardacigin thanks man some sick posts recently I've been meaning to get involved but to busy atm. Have u ever tried float tanks? Im currently working at a float center and get as many free floats as I like and its improving my sits dramatically. floating everyday along side SDS's has made me advance two stages up. I really recommend it tho it's so dam expensive if u don't have a tank or don't work for a place that sells them, I'd be interested to see how u find floating along side a serious pratice as almost no one I know uses it for that reason.
  6. This is definitely a thing, I think it comes down to past lives but I have witness many people take this path and some seem to make very small progress despite doing lots of pratice. This is also a common thing in monasterys. Also bare in mind being gifted in this area comes with it's own problems. I'm not saying I have talent in this area I wouldn't know for sure, but I have put in massive amounts of work and expirenced alot, I had no self expirneces at the age of 4. The deeper you go the more u feel different from the rest of the world and it's so hard to find people to relate to, even people on the path. You have to water down your insights so people can understand you and not think your crazy. It can be frustrating.
  7. Tho on the flip side I also wouldn't take someone who says they have accessed levels of conciouness higher than any other human being in history to seriously also, again how could u know that. People who progress gradually, without using to many pycs seem to be way more humble, mature and careful in how they give out information. I love Leo's videos and think he's got some amazing content but would just whish he would stop saying he's seen higher levels of conciouness higher then anyone in history, that should ring anyone's alarm bells and rightly so. Even If he has why say it. Tho maybe I learn to love it like he says 😂🤣❤ What about the great baba who foubded kyria yoga who's 5000 years old, surely hes seen a thing or too more then leo
  8. I know ones things for sure I'm not going to take someone who makes videos criticising others to seriously. Yes think for yourself but listening to that channel isn't going to help you find the peace your looking for. I don't get a good vibe from the videos, how in the hell can he know for sure what Leo is expierincing
  9. @inFlowAh cool defo use your coupons you will enjoy it
  10. Yes definitely, I have used them a few times before and you do feel amazing afterwards, and great for introspection. I will definitely experiment to see if it can help with enlightenment work. I think they can as it has the potential to cut off your senses. I will post any new discovers if I find it helps. Yes I think it will be a great place to work to keep in alignment with the path.
  11. Has anyone had much experience with using flotation tanks and has it helped you with you with enlightenment work? I have done them a few times and can definitely see how they could help you reach deep samadhi states. I have been offered a job at a float center and means I will be able to use them a lot. Could be a very good job for spiritual growth.
  12. @themovementYeah dude I would advise staying clear of absolute trash shows like that, and people wonder why the world has so many problems when people not only spend there time watching but also making things like this. If everyone started to wake up shows like this would start to die. In regards to showing the truth, I mean would you want to even be associated with any of the people in the video? surely you would want a kind compassionate person to be your partner?
  13. @Mikael89 But you can change your personality or evolve it for better word. I started off with terrible success with women, the trick is to move to areas that have a high volume of people so you can constantly keep putting yourself out there. It took about 3 to 4 years of a lot of hard work then it all changed
  14. Why do you think you could never succeed then? @Mikael89
  15. @theking00 Check your DM, I can show u how to do this first hand. I will even approach the girls for you then hand them over