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  1. @SageModeAustin When I was younger I was very shy and was terrible with women. I then luckily found self improvement and how you can improve your dating life. I started to make small improvements but I realised to really get this area of my life sorted I had to put a lot more effort in so I moved to the biggest city in my country and went out pretty much everyday talking to different women until I felt the puzzle was completely solved. It did take a bit of time before I started to get where I wanted to be. During this time RSD was getting very big and the whole dating industry was popular in my city so I ended up living with a well known coach. Eventually I started to coach also just through word of mouth. But as this was happening I started to go through a radical spiritual awakening and lost complete interest with the whole thing and moved on from it. I felt the whole thing was a bit extreme. I do think there is a lack of people offering wholesome healthy advice on how to develop intimate loving relationships. Also now things like red pill,MGTOW, black pill ect seem to really be gaining followers which is not good.
  2. @Leo Gura I have thought this, I mean all I have to my past is thoughts, not access to the actual experiences themselves. How do I know they even happened? I don't and can never know apart from through a limited thought of it. The same goes for being born, I have literally no evidence for that, no memories nothing. Its just other people say you were born, my conciousness could of started in my experience say when i was 6 for all I know. No one has a point of entry into existence. We don't have a past do we? all our stories and memories are just an illusion's right?
  3. @jdenina Yes I believe we all do and the end of the story seems to be the most humbling thing a human can go through. I would say I'm pretty certain now death is not the end to life, its impossible but I definitely use to believe it was the end or I just didn't like to even think about it. Meditation defo helps, I have had loads of insights to show me death is just an illusion but they haven't stuck. @Anton_Pierre Great thanks will check it out. @tecladocasio Yep, death of the false self.
  4. Lovely, I have heard the rope/snake analogy before but it really makes sense. I have been heavily on the spiritual path for awhile and have had many insights showing me death is an illiousion but none have stuck perminatley and I know when it comes I will have fear like u say but it's not grounded in any truth it's like an irrational fear of the unknown. I can see how my life is set up unconsciously to avoid death. It's a big leap in progress to make peace with it. Would You say your at some peace with death if it came ?
  5. Has any of you managed to overcome your fear of death? I still have quite a strong fear of dying, it has been the catalyst for me really pursuing enlightenment work. I have definitely made some progress but I know full well if my time to go comes up I will find it hard to accept. Have any of you managed to overcome this and how did you do it? Dose 5meo help ?
  6. Yes I can imagine, shame Ralston would of been perfect. My friend offered Rupert spira NN dmt but he also refused.
  7. It would be interesting to get a zen mastery of 40 plus years of practice to take 5meo 20 times and see what he says, maybe then we would get our answer? Maybe Shinzen young as he is looking at finding a faster way to awakening. Tho I'm not sure he's as deeply awake as someone like sadguru
  8. Interesting indeed, would u say that about life as well
  9. When using 5meo dose insights last even after the trip then ? I suppose the advantage of doing it through pratice is you would be able to access these insanely deep places whenever you want rarther than have to take 5meo Dmt. I guess the awesner is to do both
  10. @theking00 Right mate, its time to get off this forum and start actually taking action on this, get out there and find out for yourself if women make you happy and how to get a girlfriend, compared to all the other possible life challenge that could be coming your way when you get older this is going to be fairly easy. Its just going to take a bit of work. Firstly your going to have to start working on your mindset regarding attraction, your a good height for a man 5'10 is slightly above average. And, taken from experience height dose not matter anyway. I use to be a dating coaching when I was younger and when RSD was a big thing, not sure if it still is as I don't follow that stuff anymore. But it literally dose not matter how you look, what matters is how you feel about yourself and how you present yourself when interacting with people. Looks can definitely get you an in, but anyone can pretty much learn how to get relatively good success with women as well as bagging themselves a high quality girlfriend. You can use this as a plan you can loosely follow below. Phase one (simple self help) 1. Make a strong pact to yourself you will get this area of your life handled. You can do this, it will just require work. How much work you will need to put in none one will know until you start going out and interacting with different girls. May take weeks, month, or years. It took me around 5 years of a lot of very hard work to get it handled. I literally started from the complete bottom, I had extremely bad social anxiety, and was just completely useless with women. 2. Start learning some basic social dynamics, however one thing you must be very careful of is getting wrapped up in PUA culture. Learn how attraction works, RSD can show you but you must watch out for falling into the following traps. Caring about lay counts, bragging rights, becoming a sex addict, becoming addicted to the validation of women, thinking women will somehow make you happy, thinking its ok to lie or be dishonest to attract women, letting dating consume your mind. Once you start seeing improvements you have to really start to tone down how much emphasis your have on this area as one thing you will notice about people learning how to get better at dating is they becoming very unbalanced with it and obsessed. 3. Start getting real life experience with women, go out and interact with them applying some of the things you have learned. Go to big cities, you will need to be anonymous when doing this so you can't really learn this in a small town. 4. Start seeing a therapist. Start working on your anxieties and past traumas using tradition therapy. 5. Start cleaning up your diet, learn about nutrition. 6. Start exercising, start going to the gym. 7. Don't watch anything negative, completely cut out anything to do with black pill, MGTOW, Intel ect. Do not poison your mind with ideas that are not constructive to you on growing yourself. 8. Self love, self love, self love. Start practising self love, learn metta meditation, write down all your limiting beliefs about yourself and see how they are not true, how you have literally just created them. Use the truth to dissolve them. The true self is love, but you can hide it by hating yourself. 9. Make an effort to start socialising more and actively seek out people who are positive, open and happy. Got to meditation meet ups, self help meet ups ect. Go to places where you will meet open minded none judgemental people. 10. Start fixing up your appearance, learn about mens fashion. 11. You can look at hire a dating coach or get advice from people who have got what you want. 12. Have some kind of spiritual practice, meditation or yoga. You are probably doing most of this already I'm sure but you are just going to have to take action and work it out yourself, we can show you the door now you have to go walk through it. If you have any more questions let me know I'd be happy to help. Note to clear up some points: Having a girlfriend absolutely will not make you truly happy its impossible, but can only realise this by getting one and thats the whole point of this journey is to transcend it, realise that the thing we all search for in dating, love cannot be truly found in another person but yourself. Once you start getting this it can really help you spiritually as you just start to care less and less about dating as you know it won't really make you truly happy.
  11. Have u actually any real life evidence of this happening on a large scale in your own expirence? Like with all your friends and family. There are bad people generally, regardless of gender, but there are amazing people also, again regardless of gender. It's up to you it you want MGTOW to exist or not inside your reality. Adopting MGTOW will not bring you any closer to truth or happiness so it ends there really.
  12. I was doing his other one last month and I had to stop as I was having full on no self expirences at work were I couldn't function properly. I don't know what he's doing but it works