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  1. I have recently just come back from a very intense meditation retreat which added to such an intense experience in the tank despite being sober. Report As soon as I got into the tank I felt quickly transported into my own mind. I literally became my thoughts, its hard to out into words but it felt I had left my physical body and was now in the realm of imagination, where all ideas originate. It didn’t feel personal at all, this was not my mind but rather the universes mind. Its as though we all share the same mind the mind of the infinite/universe. From this place the universe started playing me a song, however this song was different to anything I had ever heard before, it was almost as though the song was its own being itself. It was expressing to me something, there was a very deep undertone of sadness to its rhythm, it was communicating with me, the song was an expression for all the lost souls out there in the universe and on earth, for the people who have lost there meaning in life, there purpose. To the ones that use to be filled with hopes and dreams when they were younger but have somehow lost there way. For the people who let life beat them down and take the blue pill of the status quo who have completely lost touch with there heart, there mission. There was just a profound sense of meaningless within the song, but it was also accompanied with an absolute sense of wonder within the meaningless. It was as if the secret to life was to create meaning in the meaningless. We are all artists, and god has given us a blank canvas by giving us life so we can paint our expression on there, no matter what it is as long as it comes from the heart. This very much goes hand in something that occurred to me whilst on a meditation retreat recently, how we can only really fear death if we don’t actually live. As in your body and mind can be alive but your soul can start to die long before your body dose and that is the deepest fear of all. The vision for our lives must never get lost, there is so much magic within us and if they never gets expressed it will be a true cosmic tragedy. I wanted to get out of the tank is badly and just express myself in some way but wanted to finish the float till then end. As my initial purpose for the float was just to relax and help relieve some neck tension. Eventually the music started to wear of and I left the tank feeling almost reborn. I had a new thirst for living and expressing myself and shocked at the hidden beauty of life.
  2. @The Blind Sage Amazing, I work in a float centre and get to float whenever I want as long as a tank is free, its a great tool.
  3. Just because this has made your life totally meaningless dose not mean it will be the same for everyone else be careful on projecting that onto others. A lot of people have found true happiness through this "path". You can easily realise life dose not have a point but still found amazing joy from that. You can create whatever life you want and not be attached to it as its all one big fun game.
  4. @Dwarniel This is a good question, I have been on a few vipassana retreats also and have got hugh benefits from it but similar to yourself I haven't met anyone who became enlightened from it. It is a effective method but a slow one regarding enlightenment. Also you have to bare in mind The centres are mostly run by lay people so your better off going to actual proper buddhist monastery's where there are enlightened monks there. There is loads in Thailand, India ect. Also bare in mind not everyone will become enlightened in there lifetime due to genetics/past life, everyone could probably reach stream entry but as Leo has said before a lot of this will depend on your spiritual talent which is something you are born with. I know people who have done one ten day course and got nowhere and some people who do one course and make insane progress. There is a great thread on this on the forum somewhere. Its just rare to find people who are spiritually advanced even if you go to the right places.
  5. Not sure if someone has mentioned this but a common one I hear is if we all experience the infinite love of god when we die why don't we all just die now? I don't agree with the question btw just something I hear people say a lot
  6. @ardacigin thanks man some sick posts recently I've been meaning to get involved but to busy atm. Have u ever tried float tanks? Im currently working at a float center and get as many free floats as I like and its improving my sits dramatically. floating everyday along side SDS's has made me advance two stages up. I really recommend it tho it's so dam expensive if u don't have a tank or don't work for a place that sells them, I'd be interested to see how u find floating along side a serious pratice as almost no one I know uses it for that reason.
  7. This is definitely a thing, I think it comes down to past lives but I have witness many people take this path and some seem to make very small progress despite doing lots of pratice. This is also a common thing in monasterys. Also bare in mind being gifted in this area comes with it's own problems. I'm not saying I have talent in this area I wouldn't know for sure, but I have put in massive amounts of work and expirenced alot, I had no self expirneces at the age of 4. The deeper you go the more u feel different from the rest of the world and it's so hard to find people to relate to, even people on the path. You have to water down your insights so people can understand you and not think your crazy. It can be frustrating.
  8. Tho on the flip side I also wouldn't take someone who says they have accessed levels of conciouness higher than any other human being in history to seriously also, again how could u know that. People who progress gradually, without using to many pycs seem to be way more humble, mature and careful in how they give out information. I love Leo's videos and think he's got some amazing content but would just whish he would stop saying he's seen higher levels of conciouness higher then anyone in history, that should ring anyone's alarm bells and rightly so. Even If he has why say it. Tho maybe I learn to love it like he says ??❤ What about the great baba who foubded kyria yoga who's 5000 years old, surely hes seen a thing or too more then leo
  9. I know ones things for sure I'm not going to take someone who makes videos criticising others to seriously. Yes think for yourself but listening to that channel isn't going to help you find the peace your looking for. I don't get a good vibe from the videos, how in the hell can he know for sure what Leo is expierincing
  10. @inFlowAh cool defo use your coupons you will enjoy it
  11. Has anyone had much experience with using flotation tanks and has it helped you with you with enlightenment work? I have done them a few times and can definitely see how they could help you reach deep samadhi states. I have been offered a job at a float center and means I will be able to use them a lot. Could be a very good job for spiritual growth.
  12. Yes definitely, I have used them a few times before and you do feel amazing afterwards, and great for introspection. I will definitely experiment to see if it can help with enlightenment work. I think they can as it has the potential to cut off your senses. I will post any new discovers if I find it helps. Yes I think it will be a great place to work to keep in alignment with the path.
  13. @themovementYeah dude I would advise staying clear of absolute trash shows like that, and people wonder why the world has so many problems when people not only spend there time watching but also making things like this. If everyone started to wake up shows like this would start to die. In regards to showing the truth, I mean would you want to even be associated with any of the people in the video? surely you would want a kind compassionate person to be your partner?
  14. I use tobe a dating coach for men so should be able to help, how old are you ? And what have your expirences with relationships and dating be like so far? Everyone requires different approaches depending on who they are and they past expirences
  15. @Shin Ah cool, could u post I've been on a anti red and black pill mission recently lol
  16. @ardacigin Thanks great insights I'm currently aiming for about 2x 2 hour SDS a day and I am reading Culadasa's book. Have you ever tried a retreat? After my 4th retreat my sensitivity to pain decreased dramatically and I could do SDS alot easier after. Also I had an insight once where I completely vanished from experience, just pure nothingness, completely beyond anything is this shamadhi? Sounds similar to what you are describing?
  17. Get this guy outta here he's made threads on every subforum always moaning about the same topics, hypergamy, black pill, genetics crap.
  18. I think I posted on a thread of yours before just do the following, learn how to get a girlfriend and alongside that start improving your life in all aspects holistically. Its practice is simple as just doing the following. 1. Make a strong pact to yourself you will get this area of your life handled. You can do this, it will just require work. How much work you will need to put in none one will know until you start going out and interacting with different girls. May take weeks, month, or years. It took me around 5 years of a lot of very hard work to get it handled. I literally started from the complete bottom, I had extremely bad social anxiety, and was just completely useless with women. 2. Start learning some basic social dynamics, however one thing you must be very careful of is getting wrapped up in PUA culture. Learn how attraction works, RSD can show you but you must watch out for falling into the following traps. Caring about lay counts, bragging rights, becoming a sex addict, becoming addicted to the validation of women, thinking women will somehow make you happy, thinking its ok to lie or be dishonest to attract women, letting dating consume your mind. Once you start seeing improvements you have to really start to tone down how much emphasis your have on this area as one thing you will notice about people learning how to get better at dating is they becoming very unbalanced with it and obsessed. 3. Start getting real life experience with women, go out and interact with them applying some of the things you have learned. Go to big cities, you will need to be anonymous when doing this so you can't really learn this in a small town. 4. Don't watch anything negative, completely cut out anything to do with black pill, MGTOW, Intel ect. Do not poison your mind with ideas that are not constructive to you on growing yourself. 5. Self love, self love, self love. Start practising self love, learn metta meditation, write down all your limiting beliefs about yourself and see how they are not true, how you have literally just created them. Use the truth to dissolve them. The true self is love, but you can hide it by hating yourself. 6. Make an effort to start socialising more and actively seek out people who are positive, open and happy. Got to meditation meet ups, self help meet ups ect. Go to places where you will meet open minded none judgemental people. 7. Start fixing up your appearance, learn about mens fashion. 8. You can look at hire a dating coach or get advice from people who have got what you want. 9. Learn mens fashion and work on improving your appearance. You are probably doing most of this already I'm sure but you are just going to have to take action and work it out yourself, we can show you the door now you have to go walk through it. If you have any more questions let me know I'd be happy to help. Note to clear up some points: Having a girlfriend absolutely will not make you truly happy its impossible, but can only realise this by getting one and thats the whole point of this journey is to transcend it, realise that the thing we all search for in dating, love cannot be truly found in another person but yourself. Once you start getting this it can really help you spiritually as you just start to care less and less about dating as you know it won't really make you truly happy. Alongside improving life generally Phase one (simple self help) 1. Start seeing a therapist. 2, Start cleaning up your diet, learn about nutrition. 3. Start exercising, start going to the gym. 4. Stop watching anything negative, completely cut out anything to do with black pill, MGTOW ect. Do not poison your mind with ideas that are not constructive. Phase two 1. Start outlining what your passions are in life, find what you love and do it. 2. Start making amends with any broken relationships you have in the past and with family. 3. Start doing alternative therapies, Dr Gabor Mate is someone you should look into. 4. Start doing biohack ticks to increase your mood, float tanks, mindfulness, breath work, suanas. 5. start outlining your fears and taking small steps in facing them, what are you sacred of ? Face them. 6. Start researching how you can develop a positive mindset. Phase three ( self transcendence and learning the actual truth) This part is optional in how far you wanna go with it, 1. Start learning about spirituality and spiritual pratices. 2. Learn meditation and yoga. 2. Start spiritually cleansing yourself. 3. Immerse yourself in an intense spiritual retreat, do a meditation retreat or go live in a ashram for a brief period. 4. Do shadow work and start self analysing why you are the way you are and what makes you unhappy. 5. Develop a strong morning routine and evening routines before bed. Start the day with meditation, cold showers, exercises. 6. Cut out all bad habits, porn, bad food, negative influences, negative friends. 7. Start giving back to your community, do voluntary work, help friends and family ect. Get out there now and start interacting with real life people and get real life feedback, lifes to short not to have a girlfriend. Its yours if your willing to do the work. make sure your in live in a place with a high vloume of people so you can go out and socailse as much as possible, like I have said before and keep saying stay well clear of red pill, MGTOW,Black pill ect. Come on man lets do this!!
  19. Time to end the bullshit once and for all, here two disabled men with two great women, so this ends the debate you can't attract high quality women if you are "genetically inferior" What do these two guys have in common? They are internally fulfilled and have a deep appreciation for just being alive. Time to get to work end of discussion, case is now closed!
  20. Absolutely spot on, its such double standards its unreal.
  21. Yeah hes legit for sure, Ive met him loads of times
  22. Yeah even reading it you can feel his depression through his writing, its funny people just assume enlightenment dose not exist yet how do they know for sure, you will ever know until it happens. Poor guy though.
  23. This is interesting, there is a church in Manhattan that worships DPT and they believe DPT is god.