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  1. It's probably fine, most evidence that I've read suggests that exposing yourself to more light during the day (and less at night) reduces depression symptoms, can help with wakefulness during the day, and helps you get better sleep at night.
  2. @PlayTheGame the problem is with theories and models, trying to categorise and explain the unexplainable and infinite. It's a yellow trying to progress to turquoise problem.
  3. I feel like some people in this community do honestly.
  4. If I could upvote this I would. @Shiva
  5. He definitely took a lot of things out of context and is uneducated on a lot of the things Leo talks about, however I don't think all the criticism made in the video is made without there being at least some element of truth to it. Rather than immediately shooting down any criticism of this community and of Leo's videos (which is probably what that youtuber expects/wants), why not use this as an opportunity to view this community from an outside perspective. The air of "spiritual superiority" was something that was picked up on in that video that can sometimes be present in Leo's videos is something that could understandably make someone think that this community is a cult. Even if it's not intentional, i can see how this would come across as obnoxious to an onlooker. Tldr; spiritual work does not make you better than anyone in any way and a little humbleness can go a long way, especially if your goal is to get people to join this community and spread this knowledge.
  6. Do you guys have any recommendations on how to find "legit" meditation teachers or schools? I have been meditating for several years now but I have never done so in a group or a formal setting other than my own home. I want to take my practice deeper and I feel that group meditation under supervision/with the feedback of someone more experienced than myself would benefit me. Are there any schools that you recommend? Any I should stay away from? I'm Located in/near London.
  7. @Dino D yeah, I second this. There's never any stress testing of his ideas
  8. It would be interesting to see what convserations would be generated if he started one. He's already had a couple of guests on his channel before, so I see no reason why not. Thoughts?
  9. I'm looking to get into contact with a shaman or anyone familiar with 5-meo Dmt. I can source my own DmT. I live in the UK near london. If you know any other forums I might be able to find one please let me know!
  10. Did any of you listen to the JRE #1212 with David goggins? At around the 48 minute mark I think Joe called out Leo, anyone else see this?
  11. @Feel Good if you have no values, how can you orient yourself in the world? I think the issue is more rejecting those who's values conflict with my own, and not being able to be a little more adaptable. In social dynamics I hear people often talk about "staying in line with your values" and radical honesty, yet shifting values (which seems like the right thing to do) appears to go against this. Is it just that it's only a partial truth? That's something to think about though.
  12. So i know it sounds like a kind of bizarre question but bring so wrapped up in this work you forget that most people don't care about improving their life or becoming more concious. How do y'all talk to the 99% of people who don't self actualise, and are only interested in things like money, women, short term gratification, drinking etc. It's fine to have the inner side of personal development and spirituality worked out, but most of us are working and living in the real world where we encounter people with low aspirations. How are you supposed to connect with people if their values are directly opposed to yours, it's difficult to lie about whats important, but if you don't it risks alienating most people, which in the end will leave you isolated and only able to interact with people interested in the same things you are. Anyone got any solutions?
  13. Exposure therapy. Define your social goals, and create a fear ladder from 1-100, 100 being your worst fear and 1 being the smallest possible step you can take in the right direction towards your goal. Add as many steps as you can. Then, set up a schedule and go do it. If you need some guidance there are plenty of resources out there If you know where to look. The goodlookingloser has a great free social anxiety program, give it a try. Take the cognitive behavioural therapy course on the great courses plus/audible, it does wonders too. Fix your diet, exercise more and lastly try the wim-hof method/ Leo's shamanic breathing method followed by an ice bath. As someone who has been/is in exactly the same situation as me, these are the things that help. Hope that helps @The Don
  14. @non_nothing in fact, I'd say that all life coaching, therapy and to a certain extent self help is, is a method to more effectively channel information or "knowledge" through your mental models, which become more accurate with more wisdom. Wisdom is much more useful than knowledge.
  15. @non_nothing because the wisdom I have gained so far as allowed me to actually understand all the personal development, spiritual, philosophical lessons that Leo and others speak about on more than an intellectual level. It's like you can see the world in so many new ways, I just become a lot more competent at everything and it helps me create a more accurate map of reality. It had been by far the most effective method to improving my health, life purpose, habits, and confidence so far. I feel like those with more wisdom can get a better "big picture" view and have that intuition about things that aren't gained any other way. Pure knowledge is useless unless you have the mental frameworks to know what to do with it.