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  1. It's about reasserting control over their own lives (bullies feel helpless which is the irony of it). "People who find themselves caught up in anomic states -- for instance, soldiers in war or incarcerated inmates -- tend to feel helpless and alienated. They experience a partial or total loss of control. They have been rendered vulnerable, powerless, and defenseless by events and circumstances beyond their influence. Torture amounts to exerting an absolute and all-pervasive domination of the victim's existence. It is a coping strategy employed by torturers who wish to reassert control over their lives and, thus, to re-establish their mastery and superiority. By subjugating the tortured -- they regain their self-confidence and regulate their sense of self-worth." (Didn't write it)
  2. Life stuff, sometimes guided by the tao te ching.
  3. Green has a nice vibe to it
  4. Maslow hierarchy of needs is a good rough guide.
  5. Red black guy vs red hillbilly boy
  6. Move to a new place. Hopefully around august something.
  7. Joker is intense and bloody which appeals to the part of us which crave that, but are not allowed by society to do so.
  8. Not learning from experience. As the bible says it's like when a dog eats its own vomit.