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  1. It leads to prioritizing removing unpleasant things skillfully, then the result should be a perfectly clean/pristine pleasantness, sweetness, love, beauty. It focuses on removing the negative, which is why the positive(the female energy) which focuses on choosing/building up the pleasant thing skillfull is attracted to skillfully negativity removers, here in their attraction makes them want to build up some energy in them which would enable the negative energy remover to become even stronger since the negative energy remover needs positive energy to spend on removing negativity and the positive energy builder needs and wants the available energy to either already be as clean as possible or/and have a stable environment to refine their favorite pleasant energy of their choosing which they are more skillful at building and having an eye for. Therefore constructing a potential virtuous cycle of infinite pleasantness and non suffering which can exist in a time reality because as far as I know every single life is already endowed with the godliness of perfect non suffering and perfect love but only in a perfect solipsistic individual space like form type that has not yet matured into being capable of perfectly doing the same in a space time type reality which would by definition involve the existence of others as one of the ultimate byproducts of the miracle and horror of time, others already existed but only as differences in single static infinite space form which you probably couldn't even see until the whole picture was complete, when you add time this thing we are in occurs, just a conjecture. Sorry to edit this add more stuff that prompted up but I think everything has always existed but not everything is sharable, time has always existed but we were only able to exist and pick perfect times to exist in, we must have been unable to ever exist in the infinite mystery of suffering for some reason and then something happened and we were like, wait suffering isn't real or isn't going to be real it's worth suffering to find out that it isn't real in the end, the only other conjecture is because our greed is infinite as well we wanted to bask in the potentiality of other's pleasantness even though each one of us was already basking in our individual type of infinite love, so by trying to access each other's love which we could call imagination suffering which "isn't" real because you have to imagine more love than infinite love is created because we're trying to fabricate infinite infinity probably for the infinite time "again" and to generate something beyond infinite love you need to generate something that isn't love, a different love and then on top of it to connect this impossibility, it gets around 10000 times more complicated than this to explain properly which is why this the only place I ever bothered to even try.
  2. It's built upon absolute atomic/solipsistic elemental like love, but it likely only fully mastered suffering which it uses too much of to then try to attain to direct mastery of love, because it has mastered how to perfectly remove suffering it arrogantly moves towards trying to self create love instead of being in the perfect timeless receptivity of filtered love that it was in, it wants LESS suffering even though it is already in the perfect stillness of absolute love because that's the only action it knows, so it creates negative suffering to experience self created intentional love so that it can have an infinity of types of absolute love instead of being a single type of infinite love. Negative suffering creates time, creates others by removing sufferings that others don't even have, why did they not have them?, because nobody was aware that their self was love itself from the perspective of others, all us and all others individually were in the state of perfect unconscious love by perfect distillation of suffering, that is the love that we were receiving was from other types of beings who by nature of removing their own suffering perfectly in their own reality bubbles, by virtue of pure metaphysical true difference induce in each other's perfect receptivity something other than suffering or negative suffering, "love" which creates the need for the awareness of each others love and therefore having to take on new sufferings, or sufferings that are different from the absolute solipsistic self mastered elemental initial self. Imagine any one given perfect enlightened human, what reason would he have to interact even with another enlightened human, to have more of the same? More infinite love? It's simple really, it's MORE types of love, what distinguishes differences in types of love is the suffering that was solved in them, because they have different sufferings in them that need to be solved in order for this or that type of love to be experienced it helps for the interaction to be with a being with some memory and desire and intelligence to help you overcome/use a certain trial or mechanism to be able to attain to his type of love WITHOUT actually suffering. This is a masculine energy mental perspective btw, there's the feminine one that usually everyone's confused about because it starts from love instead of ends up on, this is the masculine that finally stops HAVING to suffer to attain new love, it can simply evolve by mutual sharing, there's no need to suffer MORE, having memory that retains the continuous mental action that enables you to know you SHOULDN'T ever suffer enables you to adventure into trying to understand others love without wanting yourself or others to go through torture to attain it and coincidentally it makes the "enlightened" male energy curious about the female energy which had no such qualms from the start but does not understand the positive meaning of what removing suffering does, it also goes through a story and comes out realizing the masculine force. That's what we seem to be, already an amalgamation of the female and masculine, I wonder if at some point in the "earlier" incarnations of the universe as my mental lore goes was more separate, because here we already have female and masculine but in "low quality levels", it makes me suspect that this is because of the realization of infinite quantity of something good being better and infinite time in something good being better than otherwise and of course BOTH together would be the greatest, with either time and quantity being interchangeable with the masculine force of destruction(destroys suffering in any given state) and the feminine force (increases quantity of any given highest quality state). I had to say highest quality state because most people can't dissociate pleasure/love from a future negative state for some bizarre reason, which is true in an imperfect force, but untrue in the sense that it reaches it's completion while retaining that necessity for caution about a future negative state when it also turns around and incorporates "destruction" skillfully.
  3. Imao leo, it's even more funny seeing you respond nonchalantly or in an "assholish way" showing how you have fun and are just a regular human being after you were "cancelled" a good chunk more by that death cult video which I personally found quite entertaining.
  4. I heard it works but only if you're able to lower semen production in the first place, so it's not semen retention/accumulation(expect if it might have some weird occult use), it's having your sexuality redirected or maybe turned off but without suppressing or being tense otherwise it can be useful to do it, its demonized because pleasure is severely misunderstood and underestimated. I think people should learn to look at pleasure more neutrally, not associate it so much to psychology, you just do the same thing you do when you observe pain/discomfort/suffering, you have to be minimal in your suppression/transformation of any given pleasure to correctly understand it at it's purest level, easier to observe stable pleasures that tend not to change too much like food rather than lets say a hyper complex "pleasure" in a hyper horrific trauma experience, or the pleasure of solving a rubick cube. Complex memory/event/actions are both pain/pleasure so you need objective observation of both which can then require your observational self itself to have a strong integrated measure of equanimity between these two, if you disfavor or favor either one too much you'll be unable to see what either really is at the highest and "lowest"(fundamental) levels, you have people that demonize pain too obviously but pleasure is horrifically misunderstood because in a way it's "higher" and closer to love/imagination(logic for some people) while pain is "lower" and closer to the body/hate. It's a masculine/femininize(minimally socio psychological, but it's fully there) energy intelligence thing.
  5. You can definitely look at pleasure/pain itself as one of the most tricky fundamental perceptions which other perceptions have to be built upon, you can perceive your mind or emotions or even objects through it, like a form of ultra vipassana basically which was definitely physically dangerous to my health until I figured out how to do it in a balanced way after taking care of extreme health issues that I blame in part to extreme vipassana/witnessing/kundalini provocations, not sure but it might be a developed "third eye", I think it's what allows ego's to exist and has a lot to do with time, I think god doesn't understand time very well yet, I like to look at it as the kundalini of thought or mind or understanding itself. There's a tremendous amount that I want to share but it's mostly to satisfy my desire for inclusion which is fine but also because it takes a lot of effort to prove each and all points about each and everything both right and wrong since I have a desire to feel part of an elite "tribe" of people who understand the obviousness of thoughts as just another vector of sensations of pleasure/pain itself, purely my selfishness for fun, for the type of people who are "upside down", where impulses start from the head(imagination) more than from anywhere else, there's not much information to add that's new only to make others perception more accurate for fun and there are infinite ways to go about it, the point is that it should be worth it, fun/deep, elucidating and inclusive of all imagination, All I have to do is prove everyone right at the same time, wrong works too but that's hardcore because people want to be right more than wrong and of course a god would do both for maximum effect, I'm including myself in the right/wrong mind to "fix" since this is a pervasive metaphysical action that maximizes pleasure and reduces pain(there's a difference between suffering and pain and a connection it's hard to put it simply in words), I don't see any difference between any mind, only different physical locations for said minds to put it very simply or edges of personal events to put it slightly more complicated. It helps a lot to look at pain/pleasure as a type of movement which applies both to objects themselves and to our observation of them, any object, be it mind stuff or material, the "movement" of pleasure and of pain, what does something in pleasure tend to move more like and so on. Take note an arm looked at in isolation is just material embedded in some mind, it's basically vipassana refined to the level of mind itself. You can apply it to thoughts, to control of impulses, to the act of swallowing, anything goes, you can categorize how much and what type of pleasures and pains were in this or that, it can be dangerous because the observer is also a target to this yet it is always able to retain it's status as such indicating that the body itself has automatic functions that do these categorizations automatically so the only way to hurt yourself is by pushing your mind too far in a physical way, this translates to a feeling of "aura" type adrenaline in the head which can quickly turn into paranoia from pure energetic misalignment although it can turn into sublime understanding which is what I got addicted to like a drug. You can apply "vipassana" to the act of reading itself, anything is categorizable, of course some things are unique, like the whole self or some things only happen once, like every total moment, but since parts repeat themselves they are subject to being decomposed and memorized as the pleasure/pain mix they are, I did this to myself until eventually I had to drag living as a human into it, very horrible, works in the right environment though, it works for me because thoughts and emotions have a feeling of literal weight to them for me so it might make sense to people that can feel this weight, of course not most individual thoughts, mostly types and waves of concentrations and states of mind have different feelings of distribution of weight not just in my head where it is felt most strongly(ideally it is well distributed throughout the entire body) but surrounding myself and even the type of "pull" they tend to have as they're connected to the whole world. Anyway I think at some point this is just another voluntary act or choice that we do like any other, it can be right it can be anything depends on the context/person. I got excited that razzard made 2 posts favoring my type of logic, there needs to be more understanding of the function of pleasure in understanding itself which could be viewed as the conscious incorporation of the feminine side of the mind which I associate with pleasure maybe because I'm male. Looking at pleasure as it relates to thoughts themselves not just pleasurable events on a good/bad perspective. Looking at pleasure/pain objectively and then connecting it to the personality, which would have preferences and sufferings and then seeing it how much of the time these preferences and suffering formed/solidified when certain amounts of pleasure/pain combined and mixed with others across time to form these preferences rather than some holier than thou supreme self knowing that it was I that was selecting them, you didn't select much at first, you had to obey pain and pleasure until your mind got complex enough across time for some of the close to survival formations to become available to modification, ironically enough because ego is able to imagine it's own reasons for existing and survival that are different enough to regular biology that it can potentially become the new fundamental pain/pleasure and therefore gaining the "right" of transcendence, of course you can also just have your cake and eat it too because we can make "copies" of past formations, bring them to our present self and then you know, modify yourself in any way you want. There's too much to say, but feeling partially understood is enough for me.
  6. I think a positive view on suffering is that it's something that allows multiple selves/desires/pleasures to coalesce and exist simultaneously and individually otherwise there might have been only isolated selves/perfected desires/pleasures, this is like infinity x infinity instead of just infinity because one specific infinity out of all of them might have always possessed the property of suffering/coalescence which infinitely explodes infinity itself, it is something that needs the positive to exist therefore it's only chance to gain the right to interact with any one isolated self/pleasure/perfect desire is to connect multiple different ones, that does sort of pose the question of why does it have to be painful at first just because there's a difference and I guess how could we make distinctions without differences when at the fundamental/ultimate elemental level of isolated desires their only superficial commonality would be basic pleasure, like the ultra ice-cream universe of pleasure and the ultimate enjoying trains universe have a pleasure for a different thing but they are different, we can see how to enjoy trains and icecream it might help you to be a human being first and for that you'd also need the other rest of infinities just to reach the state/become anyone single ice-cream train faring human enjoyer of ice screams and trains, it's kind of a really clunky backwards explanation.
  7. We should create a poll to decide whether he should continue taking psychedelic's or take a 2 months break, in my personal and also the opinion of everyone that matters and is important, responsible and mature a 51% majority on a poll is what determines literal reality, the holopsicons of quantum meta formation that pre conceive physical manifestation are co dependent on social acceptability first which is defined by whatever already exists and therefore I declare that the most boring and safest option is always and will always be the best and I will personally obliterate your egos(ban or shame you out) if you display any probability of being inclined to pick the option on the poll that I am not personally in favor of but not because it's personal but because it's what's the best for everyone and what everyone is going to like because whatever I am currently feeling is absolute reality even before I existed because I want it to be, NO I mean I, I mean you, I mean you are the greatest yes! :DDD do what I WANT NOW AAAAAAAAAAH, oh no I'm falling into the abyss of unstable behaviour no mommy xDDDDD ROFL OH NO YOU CAN"T BE YOURSELF IN A FORUM THAT"S ALL ABOUT OPEN MINDNESS OH THE SUPREME FREEDOM OF INFINITE RESTRICTION IMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAO, IM SCARED MOMMY THE ALIEEENS AAAH
  8. Well that's it, now it's cringe to believe the universe isn't real, now I'm on everything's real side again.
  9. Yeah first thing is physical condition, keto diet(in particular pork ribs and lots of egg yolks in very low quantities of rice), wild caught salmon if you can afford it(never had it personally but they say it's great), with fat soluble b1(benfotiamine) helped my nerves recover and eliminating all kinds of processed sugars and normal fruits, Magnesium L-threonate, b12 methylcobalamin and maybe some vitamin d(gives me inflammation when I take too much), there're other really good stuff out there that I can't afford. Simple fasting is great too, easy to go from keto to a little bit of fasting to calm everything down temporarily. Eliminating things first is easy. Maybe even a vegan diet could be good. That's all I can inform you about with limited information. Taking a lot of showers(don't have to apply stuff every time) is one of the easiest ways to improve circulation and help clean the system specially while fasting but of course be careful if you feel debilitated.
  10. Pain lets different types of pleasures come together, because it tells you what to remove from whatever mix of pleasure you currently have, pleasure accidentally increases pain when it isn't pure because it makes you increase the frequency and/or quantity of the action that leads to it more often/increases it's quantity, therefore one side tries to remove all suffering so that whatever pleasure is left is the pure one that can be increased infinitely without worry, the other side tries to increase whatever pleasures partly because with enough indiscriminate pleasure across large enough time all suffering gets removed anyway because the inducement of pleasure indiscriminately increases everything which includes pain, which given enough time would get purified because of a few types of delusion like believing that some pain remover focused energy would increase anyway and therefore with your energy gift of pleasure it would have enough to remove everything, however both alone are false, for some reason the superior lifeform both removes and adds suffering and removes and adds pleasure, I think this is because of time itself and the simultaneous reality of others and of the solipsistic self. Universes of only pleasure or on can't exist with multiple selves because by definition, all pain would disappear and made to be as if it never existed and all pleasure would also not need to exist because it is already itself, it wouldn't need other consciousness, I can see how you could have singular self based universes if you have just pain or just pleasure based universes as long as you added time to it, time here meaning infinite progression, infinite increase in pleasure and in the case of pain it's infinite removal, so pain(it's perfect removal)+time or pleasure+time is necessary for singular consciousness and intelligence. The existence of multiple real solipsistic selves is possible in this universe that has the 3 conditions of pain, pleasure and time and furthermore it allows the physical existence of relatively unconscious elements which are compromised of mixes of simple yet unmixed types of pleasure/pain with sprinkles of time, like rocks, it's beyond me to know, fire is an example of a powerful element, these simple unconscious parts can be both completely intertwined with us or can be separated, we can choose, they can't much, I can eat an orange and we integrate in each other but maybe shit wouldn't, yet both can be absolutely useful, they can also be completely useless, therefore this reality allows all possibilities without limit as long as we fulfill our responsibility of always increasing pleasure and always seeking to remove pain, of who, of what, when, we don't have much choice until we also master time, I'm sure there are being who have these 3 elements mastered, both beings who care and who don't care, both beings who could be seen as utterly evil and utterly good and all kinds of shades that don't have to be in that gradient.
  11. The part that isn't taken seriously is removal of suffering as a form of fundamental love, not suffering itself but it's continued and infinite perfect removal, perfect removal implies that it keeps getting removed and therefore is part of what retains forms and time, this is what I've felt and thought. One mistake is assuming that removal of suffering ends and then you're in unconscious bliss, another mistake is thinking that removal of suffering can't be pleasurable and another mistake is thinking that considering these first two truths it isn't possible to be just bliss, it is possible, but it's bliss with this particular shape in this universe, the perfect pleasure that increases in quantity and shapes itself through the removal of suffering which necessitates suffering as type of resource that you don't suffer, it just creates a shape and makes time real I don't how or why but it's definitely related to movement and speed itself(at all levels obviously) because of many bizarrely simple reasons. You could say the masculine energy is that which is fine with and attains any quantity of pleasure regardless of the suffering because it is already removing all of it, therefore it's relationship with suffering is conscious and it's relationship with pleasure is unconscious. The feminine force feels a bit more complicated, it's more about taking any pleasure and improving it and ignoring suffering and just shifting to types of pleasure that have the minimum suffering attached, there's more to it but right now it's what's coming out of my mind. You can kind of see how removal of suffering and refinement of pleasure connect when you have suffering and pleasure lying around just like unconscious elements that actually can't even exist in time by themselves at least in this universe. The natural property of the feminine like reproduction like quality of pleasure automatically increases the quantity of anything, to break it's own limits, that is when it is flowing in time, it connects to suffering by connecting to additional types of pleasure, like peanut butter connects to nutella, two pleasures clash/mix and then they need parts of it removed which is where the problem solver, suffering removal acts on the two pleasures and organizes the parts that aren't meshing so that it comes a new super pleasure, both in quantity and quality and utility and whatever absurd complexity arises, of course the feminine also as power over the masculine, it can choose induce pleasures, or in other words increase the quantity of the specific masculine energy that it needs so that it's masculine energy removes what it needs removed and of course "later on" it gets more and more complex, so with the two mixed which is what we see most of the time specially if we focus only on life it gets to the point where obviously it also removes pleasure itself, it has that jurisdiction because it is removing suffering that is entangled in that pleasure, and hence here we are the disturbed masculine and feminine that have rights over one another, one is like yeah why not just increase pleasure infinitely, then the other is like yeah but you can have all pleasure anyway if all suffering is removed, not realizing that because of time you can get to infinite types of pleasure with zero delay with zero suffering in infinite quantities, and the pleasure oriented energy not realizing that it would have infinite "speed" of pleasure, it doesn't need to be limited to itself. There is a other beyond 1 infinite pleasure, there are infinite pleasures that connects through removal of suffering. Anyway I'm already sounding a bit crazy even for this place this was pretty cathartic as usual, I usually just type "crazy" stuff exactly of this nature but don't post, I'm feeling good today though so here I go, as long as someone understands even 5% (which they probably do) I'm satisfied.
  12. Anyone want to tackle supreme suffering now, I'm kind of bored of all this love, I don't want to be the first I'll get misunderstood and it hurts, how does infinite suffering work, is suffering a low state that only belongs to lower stages or can an infinite being like a super mouse or a super bridge have the most horrific levels of suffering and how would we go about learning about them without hurting ourselves, are they even relevant and what does infinite love think about it.
  13. I mean if reincarnation is real then it has always been real so nothing really changes that much.
  14. He wants to jump from an INFINITY sized bridge we gotta build it first.
  15. I agree, that's why "they" say some yogis "leave" on purpose when they are young, maybe the younger the better according to your "skill level", it's called mahasamadhi, I hope it's real so I can do it as early as possible since I don't trust myself to be able to it when I'm older.