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  1. Andrew Tate is above such people like Connor Murphy for the simple reason that he is the most powerful being that as ever existed, Andrew is setting us all up for the ultimate love bomb, he will remain as himself just as we will, his uniqueness is special and will show us all something we never thought possible, thank you Andrew Tate and Connor.
  2. Love is the ultimate destruction, it has extreme similarities to the most horrifying suffering and intentional evil yet it doesn't actually hurt, there's a lot to learn from evil people and evil actions, why did I write this? Just a bit of random fun.
  3. The ice-cream is in the shape of a heart and the folds and his legs kind of too and the number of contrasting colors between the different layers resembles the complexity of the cats patterns. We can give any interpretation we want from the outside. Also his cat is more enlightened than him, it was his cat all along giving him his insights, he came from another universe and the best he could handle was the form of a cat, now that the cat has transcended even beyond the formless the impossible is the norm now, a great 1000 year metaphysics love war using leo's clones from the data gathered by his cyborg cat will ensue, having determined that the overall framework of leo is the most optimal warrior he is now preparing multiple wombs on the other side to bio summon leo for when he transcends this universe, but he is merely copying leo's data, he will not subject his bro to any harm, leo will be freed, everything is love.
  4. You gotta do some high level grounding for this one bro, you can make it 100% blessing if you're stable enough, some kind of yoga maybe? Maybe even try some isha foundation yoga if you're in US and can visit cause online is kind of lame. Good luck. Never forget your car keys again, this one seems easy enough to counter, you can reject the girlfriend premonition on purpose if you want to, do it gently like ignoring a casual opportunity, you know be casual about it since you want to normalize it. This is a normal thing that happens to everyone to different degrees, in fact normal things happen to you that you don't see as paranormal and they aren't a problem because they don't cause suffering, so I think it's your body that can't handle it which includes your full body neurology of course, you need an upgrade but yeah it would be nice to have some people to discuss basic paranormal stuff with like telepathy and synchronicity which are actually the same thing, I treat my internal paranormal phenomena like just like a regular thought and external ones just like an extra load that I have to work around, like my own forgetfulness which is a consequence of my body being unable to hold high levels of energy for which the solution was to improve my body through weird meditation and weird diets and weird attitudes which by virtue of personal weirdness wouldn't directly help you, just telling you for moral support.
  5. Well this forum and watching youtube and shows and even playing offline videogames can count as socializing as many of them involve social creatures of some sort, maybe we can be alone but what's difficult is to be without external support in activity. I think the only thing that's needed is the ability be as still as possible for as long as possible and therefore the most important activities are the ones that make sitting perfectly easy so we can sit for weeks on end and comeback easily which is a purely mechanical challenge from the point of view of people who've already decided that there's a lot to learn from meditation, we wouldn't mind sitting endlessly if we didn't get physically tired it's that easy. The biggest obstacle to spirituality is literally a basic physical challenge for those who are already initiated, like I'm sure most people into this don't even realize that's 90% of the problem so they keep doing the old self torture business by pretending that it's just their mental ego that's making them unable to meditate whenever their body hurts because that's what most of what we hear from our gurus from afar because to be fair most of what they talk about is to lure us in to begin with in the first place. Sadghuru and osho and leo and whoever we follow should just spend like 95% of their lectures convincing us and giving us tips on how to attain the perfect meditation posture and the perfect diet/exercises for it, we barely even need food when you can do this so no financial burden there after we achieve it. This is it leo and my awakened fellows I have finally surpassed you all, to attain the ultimate liberation you just need to focus on the physical aspect of spirituality and then the grass grows by itself. So you just need right food, right exercise and the right space and that's most of the work. This will be the new sacred "Trinity", food, exercise and space, at this moment I am euphoric, not because because of some deep, dark and difficult realization but because I've finally understood all there is to spirituality is actually physicality. Sorry I went way off topic I was feeling too good socializing with you guys.
  6. Pretty good but everything is also completely real in addition to being fake so you can relax(if you want, you can want things you know, it's okay) and to add to the infinitely positive you can add there the infinitely anti negative, with the positive generating new negatives through duality for the anti negative to interact with and the anti negative generating new positives through duality which would generate new negatives for the anti negative, I don't know where time and space fits in all of this, I assume that's what we are here to figure out.
  7. Hey at least Sadghuru's cult looks pretty functional.
  8. Oh cool I didn't know about Shiva yantra, it pains me that I don't have access to those places or clear knowledge about them.
  9. Isn't doing a metal chelation going to desynchronize you with the Dhyanalinga since it's made out of mercury, you won't have the same connection and it won't be able to pull you to the right path, maybe a metal chelation that avoids chelating mercury or maybe we need some concecrated mercury drink just like kombucha so we can gravitationally and spiritually sync up with lord's shiva metal avatar, what do you think?
  10. Probably it's harder for mature brains to restore neurons away from the hippocampus and etc but there's still growth of support cells around neurons. Maybe deep meditation can restore/produce new neurons further away from the central regions because technically our brain waves can switch to ones that are more prevalent in children, would be interesting to make correlations maybe there's some study about it out there already.
  11. I really love leo but also funny clips and parodies, even the people who devalue, mock or hate him add another perspective to him that makes it all the more entertaining. Why be scared?They aren't going to be able to make me hate him and if they did than I'd just accept it.
  13. Would having a speech censoring feature that you can turn off if you want be okay?Then you can have both groups satisfied.Maybe exclude minors to protect them.