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  1. It's possible to connect both views as long as you're willing to connect the quantum and gross neuroscientific part of a human to each and every thought/logic/imagination which is impossible with current technology it's too much data to measure and even harder to process although and that's what other parts of intelligence besides logic are for; What I want to say is that the orange man is misguided by not actually believing(having love for) in infinite material logic/science and thus actually partially defeats himself by denying his own love of logic/science in favor of some fears/agendas. Leo doesn't want to waste time backtracking; however there is a critic I have for every mystic too in that they could motivate these people to actually become more passionate about logic/understanding itself because there are even spiritual practices that have the subjectivity of logic/understanding itself as a sort of landscape you can attain through which I understand to be the practice most prone to full blow delusion and becoming utterly broken mentally/physically(personal experience which took me 14 years to recover from) or rather with a high chance of getting side tracked since it has to do with exploring the realm of infinite possibilities/intelligence. Basically to make your emotions operate with your intellect to achieve the absolute limit in actual logic so that you can transcend it. This doesn't mean dropping logic but making it break all limits by adding other dimensions of intelligence and life to nurture it to levels you didn't think possible but usually these types of people love are scattered through way more than just science/logic so they don't even have profound belief in their own logic which is why arguing with them through logic can work when you make war with their logic and their subconscious love for logic gives in to your super conscious logic/love which of course can be a waste of time since this love is usually entangled in the usual survival patterns that hinge to much on social approval/etc and of course they put barriers on the development of their own logic by denying the logic of many other types of intelligence because they develop their love(ego) socially and not like an utter weird recluse like me who was absolutely obsessed with developing my intelligence(my ego) regardless of how dumb I perceived myself to be at any point. I guess this just kind of displays the possible different speeds and quantities of development/fulfillment/suffering that each type of ego/chakra/attachment pattern can lead to. I make the level of literal physical pleasure of the thought process itself the primary seat of evaluation of my current state and direction I should move in order to feel more of that literal pleasure like it's a drug. I'm more balanced now as I improve this pleasure through doing all the normal things a human looking to evolve does by also taking care of all the other dimensions of life in order to support my addiction to logic/imagination. This was cathartic to write I guess socializing as it's merits when there's a space you can be yourself in.
  2. I apologize because you're mostly right.
  3. To add to that of feeling the present raw sensations I think it's useful to keep in mind that you can simplify/transform complex thoughts and emotions into their respective core sensations and so one can come to enjoy the thought process/emotions themselves in a flow state type way(or whatever you think is the supreme enlightened action) including and not limited to complex individual and collective psychic type "delusions" and feelings. Useful as to not demonize complex/intricate thought as only "evil" and ego(demonization is good too) and instead try to integrate it in a more tantric/sexual pleasurable/stable/safe way except applied to complex thoughts/delusion and even mental illness/ego.
  4. This teacher is really evil; I'm even more evil though so it's okay.
  5. Now take 200 mg of 5 meo dmt to confirm that you are enlightened.
  6. There is competition and infinite evil even at the meta level/transcendence whatever 5d enlightened full master gurus and they behave exactly like the same savage ravenous beasts down here in every single way just at a higher level but it might not matter because I don't want it to matter and what matters is what I want. Also it's the entire universe that needs fixing at the same time so if you can kill and destroy and torture and rape everyone in the universe against their imaginary will you will become enlightened and everyone will be happy.
  7. It's possible.
  8. There's always a doer and no way to realize that there isn't.
  9. We are separate entities.
  10. Okay guys, I'm actually the only one here in this fourm who has reached enlightenment for real so let me explain it to you: Yes correct and well said 8/10 levels of enlightenment 1/10 enlightenment points What the Dalai Lama here says is true but it's kind of mostly completely false and it makes me uncomfortable so 2/10 points for you and 8/10 for Dalai Lama 11/10 you are beyond Enlightenment; that's prestige 1/10 star enlightenment for this display very elegant
  11. I want to become better at video games so I can have more fun; can 5meo be used as a performance enhancer, I'm planning on ordering some and smoking it before I play osu! or league of legends, so the question is if there's some value in taking a very small dose and engaging in some activity.
  12. You're both right and wrong and I think some of it is because your not directly interacting with them 1 on 1. You're watching their general classroom type teaching that's generally not even aimed at the people they are usually addressing even 1 on 1 I assume because in these publicized recordings they are considering everyone that is currently interacting with them in the room alongside the questioner and even ones that will watch them through recordings; and anyway one of the most important parts for example is actually direct energy interaction between guru and disciple.And also narcissism can be a good thing, sometimes.I'm personally more attracted to the more narcissistic type personalities like Osho and Leo(believe me he is very narcissistic and so is every human just in acceptable ways if you want to put it that way; individual characteristics don't all just exist as within some facet that can only be detected in the social context where they would even have a chance of being appraised as such in the first place) they're more charismatic they make me feel I want to be like them and to have people like them as friends. Sadghuru doesn't strike me as narcissistic tho it's just that if you actually watched more of him you'd notice he has to answer the same beginner type questions literally 100s of times and barely interacts with any "high level" spiritual person in public so at least even if he's narcissistic you don't know him. Of course I personally called Leo narcissistic because my personal internal imagination of me slightly clashes with my personal fear of being prevented from interacting with you guys by being banned for raving on semi mindlessly.I understand he's a focused type person I happen to be more open minded then him without even a single psychelic in my default lower states than him in a peak 5 meo full blown enlightenment experience ( okay just poking him here purely for fun I have some affection for Leo I just don't want him to beat me up).