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  1. You know how everyone like to talk about how everything's already perfect and love, well don't worry to much we are also already in hell, ANY suffering no matter how lame, weird, unique or how small is "hell", we are already in hell too, we just don't take small sufferings seriously, we only need to learn that ANY suffering is "bad", real and valid, like fearing the color blue, the true confusion does emerge because suffering only exists because of "pleasure" but pleasure can exist without pain or suffering and hence we forget suffering, the trick here is to complete our personal stories/journeys where all your personal pleasures merge so harmoniously that they loopback into creating a true unique "ego", identity/identifier which has the advantages of the form of "suffering" without suffering, this enables multiple different supreme beings to exist at the same time in an individualized and interactable domain. Even bhudda or whoever anyone looks up to as the most supreme CANNOT handle even a single moment of an ant's SMALLEST suffering, they CAN however enjoy an ant's bliss while a less developed being might not, in other words for an ant having to move 1 cm extra due to an obstacle might be an infinitively small "pain/suffering" due to the extra energy required to process the obstacle created by that slight extra movement for a "supreme being" a 1 cm movement is also just as "horrific" even though they ARE supreme and for them that would be even TRILLIONS of time less infinite suffering(like billions of times easier than moving a finger) they would still choose not to suffer it, the point is we are only going to get "somewhere" different with joy/pleasure/bliss, if that 1 cm movement can be like the enjoyment of a dance then perhaps it has some value now, so it DOES not matter how silly a suffering is, at that given time and state it is utterly real same as any silly and even "evil" pleasures, evil gets more complex but it's basically the same thing but we'd have to understand both bliss/love and suffering at the same time to truly get "evil". That said this all just a real story for fun.
  2. Suffering "shouldn't" exist because it self nullifies, therefore all there is is "love/bliss", since that clearly is not the truth since anyone alive does experience suffering it means that suffering exists only because of love not in spite of it, suffering cannot exist on it's own and does not, love does exist on it's own at least as an "imagination" that it is drawn from. Because love can exist on it's owns it doesn't need something "more", or more quantity of it or to evolve. Therefore this love we are experiencing is the horror of extra infinity, the creation of an "extra love", the possibility of impossibility, in other words one of the only things that are impossible are occurring here, an infinity that goes beyond infinity, which by definition is impossible yet we suffer, suffering does not exist by itself it's always mixed up in love. Perhaps it's this extra love which hurts the "other" loves, quantity and time are the manifestations of extra infinity/love, since having and being more than infinity is an impossible concept, extra infinity comes in and grants us the impossibility which is called suffering, while it's true it cannot exist on it's own, when "mixed" with love it forms the connection from one love to another different love, when you have "two" loves the suffering has done it's job as if it never existed in the first place as suffering is likely the product of "pure" conceptual difference between to initially different types of love. Then likely comes EXTRA extra infinity because if everything was just being assimilated "perfectly", or one to one, one at a time, so 1 love and another love mixing and creating suffering out of their attempt at connecting and becoming "more" than love, "more" than perfection which is also impossible this creates a more than 1 suffering at a time situation. Therefore it is not only possible to have more than "one perfect love" it is possible to have more than one love and more than one suffering at a given time therefore creating not just a difference in forms but also time which then explains both infinity, forms, quantity, types, stories, dualities, asymmetries and finity. I realized people like/understand the word suffering much more than pain, my bad since English's my second language I didn't realize it was so strongly associated with bodily suffering because I've only recently came out of a 15 year long chronic bodily(and emotional) torture that started round 15 years of age, getting "unfairly" tortured by life in several different ways without actually dyeing while continually regenerating from it while being "spiritual" and actually trying to understand reality and what's happening to you works as a pretty powerful "psychedelic" energy wise, this of course is just another story, suffering isn't needed, for now, I'll wait for the ultimate infinite impossibility where suffering is somehow truth, probably already the case, at least the form of suffering but not it's feeling.
  3. Empathy is also the "ability" to feel other's passions, desires, lusts and likes and secret and obscene and grotesque simple and sophisticated pleasures, so Putin's love for dominating others, Hitler's desires, someone's prideful arrogance it starts sounding really obscene/silly/funny because that's where the actual full spectrum of empathy leads. This might be the ACTUAL hardest empathy skill, how a person you like is feeling their own happiness is much harder than to precisely pinpoint their miseries because happiness/love is much more expansive/complex and actually "harder" to understand also because THEIR happiness is going to have multiple sources of background "miseries" that they've already went through which you might have to go through to fully understand, of course luckily happiness is something that "spreads" easily so we can get new forms of happiness that deepen our own much more easily from our fellow human beings, specially ones we like, it's what we do daily and we get it for FREE, you don't need to suffer as much because that person's energy as most of it "mapped" out and because they're another human being. I'm sure there's an official term, okay that was pretty straight forward after a search, empathic joy, with this it's actually "EASY" to understand villains and victims.
  4. There are other videos where he explains a bit of why 84/108/114 etc, the numbers themselves seem to come from the diameter of the sun moon earth thing being 108 and how many moon phases per year etc, dunno how true or not it is.
  5. Keep trying the physical stuff, find some way to make the exercises hurt less, try fasting or dry fasting if it gets bad, try changing diet temporarily, try carnivore or keto because carnivore can tank the energy but do stop doing anything that hurts, basically the sense of self is as much about what feels good as it is about removing what feels bad and what feels bad "is" bad, the form of the bad doesn't matter, whether we make it up or it comes from the outside, so resist and do so intelligently finding ways to intentionally create friction and resistance in ways that hurt less and less because either way you are dealing with levels of energy your whole body can't handle yet.
  6. Eat real cooked meals at any time your body asks, this will support your natural rhythms more than just not forcing yourself to sleep and make it so that if you do feel like staying awake you feel just normal with the added perks and hidden body/mind/spiritual advantages of the night, of course since you're eating at night pay attention because you might start craving different foods, at shower if you want/can at night, sleep with open windows if you can, and have sheets that are clean enough for your personal comfort. Happens to me much more in the winter which is also when I feel the sharpest emotionally and "spiritually". So obviously you should sleep at night or in the morning or in the afternoon or in the evening, sleep is literally the easiest natural rhythm, I believe most of the confusion about sleep timings is actually just because people are "shy" about eating real meals at night, once I started eating cooked meals at ANY time as if it was day my "productivity" skyrocketed, so THIS is what your body and mind has to actually focus on, because the body itself might have more resistance to eating real meals at night than to sleep during the day, really good "spiritually" for me.
  7. I wanted to say much more about this type of topic but you know you can't avoid pleasure either, that's the most obvious thing to think about, can you eliminate pleasure from your life, no matter what you do and who you are if the sensation of pleasure however subtle or small isn't present for long enough you will die or are asleep or unconscious, the reason you don't understand suffering is because you don't understand pleasure either, you can't stop associating it with particular actions and states of minds, with suffering you are able to look at it objectively so just try to do the same with pleasure, as if it also exists on it's own just like we humans do with our deep logic and perspectives about suffering across all beings and states. When there's a balancing point between both it allows both their own sustained duality and the potential interaction and integration or non integration with the other sustained dualities, this is time and "others" or complexity or evolution.
  8. I think the continuous combination of chaotic destructive and creative randomness automatically makes "random" like intelligent order emerge, the combination allows a bedrock layer of order that gets it's own specific complex order and chaos affect both simpler and complex forms of orders and chaos that have similarly emerged and so on and so forth, I'm applying my logic from my other posts into discussions about fundamentals since it fits from my perspective. Each chaos that manages to survive is basically it's own type of order, which is still going to behave chaotically to most other orders which are themselves surviving chaos and then because "quantity exists" you can have every single possibility exist, everything can exist and non exist in the same space-time except suffering for this particular type of order(life, me and you) which I guess it's why "god" exists because suffering "should" be impossible yet we can feel it.
  9. Fully agreed and to add to this is there are some type of people that can sometimes be more neuro-divergent or mentally ill or just weird type, people like me actually begin more on the right side of the extreme and because spirituality is geared towards the left side when I started out at 11 years old I instantly reached an awakening peak the very first time I meditated after I read an osho's book on witnessing so I went off too hardcore to the right over time, every time anything was wrong or if I was trying to evolve further I always tried to get more spiritual when what I might have needed even from before I had an awakening was actually more ego, more assertiveness, more self centeredness and less uncontrolled empathy, more physicality, I needed less surrendering and of course because of this there is almost no advice regarding people who genuinely begin from the right side, because nobody teaches you how to consciously and skillfully hate or dislike something, I was overly optimistic to a stupid extreme that I would ignore any physical strain/pain that would challenge my love, surrender and optimism for what I thought was my self and others, It's almost complicated, but that's only because there's almost no advice on how being more egotistical is actually real evolution for people like me, it has negative connotations and what people can't understand is that actually it is supposed to have, the negativity itself doesn't imply suffering it implies difference and individuality, I assume it's partially because the feminine side and the post scarcity of a major part of humanity has only been active for maybe 70 years so we've been teaching ourselves how to be more feminine but not how to be consciously "masculine" especially because most of the ego and masculinity teaching are presented too sexually instead of from wholesale mechanical usefulness side that applies to every aspect of life, Accepting your hate and your biases doesn't just mean you stop being biased, you actually also become more biased by being unbiased, the degree of evolution is about the connection between simple and complicated, both have to exist always moving away from suffering and towards whatever(because there's no singular word for the good stuff), it is utterly irrelevant what form is either right now, even if something was good a moment ago and suddenly isn't then that is simply the truth, repetition is irrelevant, things don't have to be new, they don't have to be different and they don't have to be the same either, we just obey pleasure and pain 100% of time, why? Because I have not known any other single thing except what this confusion is trying to teach me, time, memory, imagination, multiple selves from where there are more types of pleasures and more vectors for reducing suffering(reducing suffering does not necessitate for there to be a suffering to reduce, you can remove suffering from nothing or even from bliss because it's just an expression/reaction of a type of action/form which in itself is a type of specific pleasure). Thank you for reading my cringe lol, because genuine social interaction is cringe even through a safe screen to me am I roight?
  10. What episode of the saga are we in? Looking forward to Andrew Tate's spiritual arc, is it gonna be in this life?Will it be through psychedelic usage? Will it be triggered by someone "shooting his dog"? We are all entranced mister Tate, what's the next move, please entertain "us"(me). What would be the effect of multiple high dose 5-meo dmt journeys, would he provide us new insights about the nature of reality, give us proof that being an egotistical ignorant maniac is just as high consciousness as any other state, do the impossible for us, you are our hero hahahahaha.
  11. Suffering is also completely infinite, we instinctively know this at the most finest of quantum/atom levels but it takes a while for an intelligence that is born from pure absolute love to realize this horror and to fight it instead of allowing it, to suffer intelligently is to make and accept boundaries/definitions and space/distance itself, it's to accept a change in position, if we are one thing and the universe functions through majority vote then 2 other things want you to move somewhere else, you will have to move and so on and so forth, suffering also can not sustain itself as an independent existence with self awareness because it self destructs, what we have here is always a mix of it with a kind of opposite, but not the symmetrical opposite of a particular suffering because that would "self destruct it" perfectly which is why we would never find an absolute example of it directly within ourselves except for states which are by their perfectly symmetrically born and self anihilated nature unsharable but also common to all, this also means for the asymmetrical existence we are in we follow particularities which all have their own infinities. All suffering is equal as long as your looking at just the suffering itself, suffering is suffering, that burning monk is not suffering, someone being sliced open on a surgery table is not suffering, someone having a bad trip is suffering, the examples are as vast as they look ridiculous, in the end we get confused because of our intrinsic social and psychic connection to other lives and other elements because we all have our slight particularities which are trying to expand into infinity while mantaining self awareness, this self awareness+infinity requires intelligence to survive together precisely because of it's bizarre nature with multiple attributes , it's "easy" to survive as a closed limited loop or to be infinite in non existence, but in this reality we are creating infinite infinities, instead of just one perfect singular being, we will have all our cakes and eat them too. What we're doing even here is ironing out some fine details, figuring out what can or can't be shared, what is and isn't possible, what reality is at the moment and where we want to go and how far and with who we can go with, all of the most bizarre suffering and bizarre joys are completely true and completely relevant, from the weirdest suffering to the most hard to treat/detect chronic disease and personal falling/grudge, it also is not, because someone will have to hate it, this is infinity, if I'm to accept this, then at the very least every single action I've taken today has advanced this infinite suffering, but that is only in the development of the stories and their forms, actual suffering is solipsistic, therefore the actual incompatible forms can have their distance from each other in order to not actually suffer, things can be "seen" from afar and we can calculate how to connect them without actually destroying their particular attribute/form, this what intelligence can do, this the truth of what allows multiple possibilities to exist beyond just infinite love without forms, this infinite love which actually accepts hate/suffering as it actually is instead of only trying to transform/destroy/escape it which would be only "one" of the acceptable possibilities, hate/suffering is infinite, it can also infinitely hate/suffer every other thing which looks like love, therefore it doesn't have to(it can reject intelligently and of course non intelligently(actual suffering)), but I'm getting too complicated/convoluted trying to simplify stuff here again so enough fun for now.
  12. I just add my personal imaginary concept, "skillful" before any bad word and then it makes sense, just apply intelligent love transforming rules to those according to your skill level and/or preference. Skillful arrogance Skillful hate Skillful 3rd degree burns Skillful cringe Skillful ratting Usually requires an intuitive combination(non linguistic but you can pull out concepts if you're skillful enough) of multiple truths to make sense, so arrogance should stay as what is and still be good(it can even stay bad, which requires even more "skill") and of course transformation is allowed too, the whole gist.
  13. The only thing to give credit to for those more eastern like yogic Buddhism stuff is that some of them talk about how the universes as a whole are in a process of awakening themselves beyond humanity, we are on the 84th out of 114th and that even after that it will keep going but "fully realized" whatever that means, in other words the shareble experiences are temporarily limited until the whole universe reaches a certain level and of course certain individuals have supposedly penetrated into higher states which are of course by virtue of the grounding for them not being laid out those experiences can not be completely shared, probably because each super state universe beyond a certain level will require specific uniqueness from most beings to form a shareble experience which makes the current process and reality of sharing simply a beacon to reach the same level but of a different type to those who are not yet even close to let's say the 84th level or whatever level a human can jump into. It might be possible to reach super states by "fusing" groups of humans at the energy level/psych whatever level, whatever combination of methods you can think of which of course goes into dangerous territory as usual, sadhguru himself said that in process of consecrating the dhyanalinga multiple human beings had to get together to make the process easier/less risky and each person would have a particular set of chakras assigned which of course corresponds to those same 114 chakras that the universes supposedly are on, I choose to put some faith in these things because they sound cool, fun and adventurous, it would be interesting to know which "chakras" people's trips can reach, maybe it even goes beyond 114th or something, it's obvious that everything is "imagination" and "solipsistic" but that's why I believe this is part of why this impossibility is being manifested, so that the impossibility of multiple selves become realer and the experiences deeper, more diverse and repeatable, I have no idea. Any human knows what joy is and anyone is able to fully surrender to a perfect bliss/joy/love whatever it's just that only shareble love is allowed here, reality is going for multiple loves, multiple selves, the sustainability of something is dependent on it's sharebility/reproduction/survivability, we're going for a triple infinity of infinite bliss/infinite non suffering(both create specificity when together) and multiple selves, because now you have multiple types of infinity that can work together, this automatically implies the necessity of time+quantity+intelligence to "sort it out", I'll spare myself and you my autistic ideas about the fundamental reasons for the mechanics lol.
  14. Suffering is suffering now matter what it is, baby rape happens because it feels good for the rapist, it's difficult because the mixes of what feels good and bad become extremely confusing so extreme caution and intelligence is necessary to proceed out of complex realities, on each step from state to state from moment to moment that which was feeling good one moment ago is feeling bad and you must react, each thing has it's quantities of each bad and good from 0% to 100%(maybe it only ever approaches 100% or 0%), one "moment" getting sunlight is good, one second more and you get burned, one moment you're perfectly safe, next moment you moved a centimeter too much and get run over, one moment you just robbed a granny and got away with it another moment you're a granny getting robbed trying to buy some medication for your grandson, one moment I'm feeling good about what I'm typing, next moment I have some regrets, damn I feel pretty "bad" right now it's a complicated mess, I'm a hedonistic monster, I don't need to care about you, but it's feeling so good that I keep typing, our bodies probably work in similar ways so you probably just a good body, lots of money/etc and I agree everything should feel good 100% of the time, if something feels bad then it is bad as long as you simultaneously know that what feels good is good and can both split, mix both and look at just either side by itself while simultaneously being able to look at all 4 both from outside and within any combination similar to a qbit quantum computer state. My point is that getting away with doing something "bad" that feels good is really bizarre, how can I be sure that the meat that I eat was really created through suffering, or that it wasn't "it's choice" to end up consumed by a "higher life form", or that any step of it is real, I just can't, so I just move on, I am limited I just can not stop myself from being the indirect cause of infinite suffering, known and unknown, future and past, I am a murderer and a rapist and it feels good anyway, I was a murderer and rapist too when I was a small child, I violated someone's right to extra space and resources, I raped someone's freedom and they had to work to feed me, sometimes creating suffering for themselves all because it also felt good to them in some way, we are all confused and whoever is or isn't in control doesn't or can't care, this reality clearly seems to be geared towards the bizarreness of difference itself, it's not about some idiotic contrast it's about the existence of multiple realities instead of just a single one, if it eventually collapses into one again forever it's meaningless, the universe is not some agreed upon version of infinite love, it should be whatever the fuck you're going to enjoy the most, therefore if it's being a successful hitler or a serial murderer/rapist/torturer then it can be, people are understandably afraid of certain lines of thoughts, personally I have delved and indulged in as far as possible in absurdly dark ideas and no matter how bad something supposedly is absolutely anything can be turned "pleasant", but this is real love, it's the "love" that's much more like the feeling of hard rock metal, slaying hordes of enemies on the battlefield,out smarting your opponents in the most devilish ways and betraying your lovers and best friends in the most horrendous and ingenious ways possible. Not only is this in full agreement with solipsistic absolute love, it is also in full agreement with linear time relative dual love with zero need to miss a single beat, no need for single iota or moment of pain/suffering, I've made the "calculations", not only can you have "one-way" love, that is, the raped and betrayed "other" does not get "switched" pain/pleasure/experience the opposite while looking as if it is still suffering you can obviously also have an asymmetrical switched version where the victim's highest love/calling/literally physical pleasure is to literally get destroyed and not only that, but just as a rapist can get better at raping so can a person being on the victim side can improve at getting betrayed and destroyed, the victim can love the perpetrator, I imagine a perfect fully realized being in the victim role might feel real compassion for an imperfect rapist who still feels some guilt(imperfect love, although of course I know "guilt" is just another form that can itself develop into something good, I'm talking about in the moment guilt feeling bad not about future perfect states coming from purified bad guilt). I don't know what all the rules are but I know you don't need to be god or to be you to move, you can need it, you can not need, I'm gonna cringe as I usually do after I post but it helps me air out the thoughts I can't really share anywhere else, I'm undoubtedly going to be the cause of someone's suffering and someone's joy, this post could even get someone killed or well they could finally reach their ultimate form too so all that I can do is move with what feels good and bad towards what feels better and yeah god is kind of not as within my definition of intelligent as I want him to be, I'm sorry I can't help you as I also can't care too much because I don't know anything about you, most people including leo and myself are already "evil" meat eaters so I don't know what all this love talk is about, the only true solution is a multi linear retroactively perfect infinite being solipsistic asymmetrical multi parallel intersecting reality(I know it's nonsensical) and since it's retroactive you could just go back and fix everything, in other words nobody is complete "yet"(at least I'm not), we're in an informational gibberish storm of chaos slowing taking some kind of form, I'm having fun, sorry for the "autism" hahahaha(full moon retard high vibes), time to cringe after a few days hahahahaha.