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  1. Yes definitely start on a low dose, you can always crank it up later, get to know the substance. A trip with LSD can last long, depending on how you administer it and the dose maybe 12 hours or more. So if you get a bad trip, you will have to wait for hours until the effects start decrease. Be safe and have fun!
  2. Interesting! Sounds like the Pomodoro technique taken to the next level. I wonder, what kind of yoga are you doing? How long? Cheers.
  3. Hi @Leo Gura thanks for the update! Nice to know you found the cause of your illness and I hope yo can find a solution soon. Would it be possible to find some sort of middle point for you? Like publishing videos less often? Or getting more support from the patreons or something like that. I was actually relived when you decide to take the break, trying to follow the teachings in every video you publish takes a lot of time and effort and I have not even been able to catch up with all the material you have published. I would not mind if you publish less often, or even if you take longer breaks, after all it is better to have quality content/teachings.
  4. The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King.
  5. Hi there! I am also in the south
  6. I find L-Theanine very subtle, 200 mg is the sweet-spot for me, more than that will give me a headache.
  7. I would suggest 100 mcg first, start slow you can always increase the dosage later. Get to know the substance first, before you try higher doses. LSD is similar but not the same as magic mushrooms, it also last longer so in case you into a bad trip the hell will last longer. I have had some pretty scary trips at 200 mcg, but every one is different, that is why it is important to get to know the substance first and find the right dose for you. I would not go out to nature or sit in darkness if it is the first time I try a new psychedelic. It is better to stay in a safe place, you can try to relax and contemplate, drink some ginger tea or something. Good luck!
  8. I have been tripping on LSD, and as Leo says, as you go deeper into your trips these trauma surfaces. So I have had to deal with these trauma during the trips and then do a lot of contemplation after the trips. Some times the release of pain is so intense that I cried for hours and my body gets soared, after the trip I enjoy to go for long walks in nature to start integrating the trip. I have also found helpful to get some help of a psychotherapist to work on the integration and to tie loose ends that I may not be able to catch. But that just me, you should try this, because some therapist does not like the idea of psychedelics. It has definitely helped me to release a lot of pain and trauma from childhood, way faster that doing just regular therapy.
  9. You can find a lot of information about Kriya Yoga in its mega-thread. I have been doing it daily for more than two years now and I haven't had any problems. I really like it, for me it is like micro dosing psychedelics and I feel very a lot of energy. But everyone is different, so the only way to really know is trying it!
  10. You should always be careful with psychedelics, but if you start slow and do it carefully you should be fine. The only way to know which one is the best for you is trying.
  11. It should not be illegal to buy a test kit, but you gotta do your own research. Safer in Night is a polish organization that sells all kind of test kits in Europe, I got one for LSD and has worked so far. Best luck!
  12. Yes I like to do Hatha/Yin Yoga or maybe just going for a walk before Kriya Yoga its really worth doing. It also help to get the body relaxed and fit to sit for longer periods, I am also able to concentrate easier when I do it.
  13. @Leo Gura Hi thanks, yes I went right to the edge I see that the more I trip the less dosage I need, I will definitely lower the dose next time. I was thinking on doing some low dose trips with mushrooms maybe, to integrate this huge trip. What do you think about that? Thanks!! @Corpus yes, you have to be very careful when tripping alone. I knew I was freaking out, but had no desire to jump ot of the window or something like that. I was able to remain just sitting/laying down on the floor. But I have been increasing the dose very carefully and I do other practices like meditation, kriya yoga, contemplation etc.. @Kingston Wow 600 ug, that is way to much for me, but hey, I get the part about the ontological orgasm its awesome!
  14. @Gneh Onebar thanks! 100 ug are already breakthrough territory for me. But I have been working with 150-200 ug ranges and I have started to see that it is too much