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  1. Hi there!, I hold the breath at bindu for 3-4 seconds. The inhalation is about 10-15 seconds. Well it became harder to concentrate on each Chakra. Also, prior to the KP2 I do 18 KP1 cycles. I guess I have work more on my breathing technique.
  2. I have also had some headaches after tripping with 4-AcO-DMT. What helps me is to drink a lot of water during and after the trip, this is very important. It also helps me to go for a walk after the trip and start with the integration.
  3. Today as I was doing my routine, during the spinal breathing (KP2), as I was holding the breath at Bindu, I started to feel I was about to pass out, I felt like a reduction in my blood pressure. This happened like two or three times. It is the first time that I experience something like this, I always try to do the routine very aware and try not to rush through it. Has anyone experienced something like this?
  4. Prepare yourself all you can! There are some great resources on this forum : Lots of trip reports etc.. With that said, be safe start low, 25 ug is not a micro-dose, most likely you will perceive some effects. You can always build yourself up to higher doses but if you start to strong you may an overwhelming experience and get really scared, psychedelics are to be respected. I really like LSD, you can do some serious work with it. It may generate vasoconstriction, sometimes I get some pain on the articulations and muscles, I have relieved this taking magnesium before the LSD, or doing some hatha yoga if it is to intense. I also drink ginger tea at the beginning of the trip, which helps me in case i get nausea feelings. Drink lots of water, be safe, have fun and let us know how was it!
  5. Hang Massive - Luminous Emptiness The whole is just awesome!
  6. By contemplating I meant if you have asked yourself deeply why you got those visions, and on, which somehow you have done. I do not have that much experience doing psychedelics, but on my earlier trips, I could feel a lot of angst and fear. So I started with lower doses of mushrooms, then tried LSD and so. So far, I have gotten more scary or challenging trips with mushrooms as with LSD. But I after a challenging trip I have managed to get some interesting breakthrough experiences on later trips. I guess that I have managed to integrate the trips doing daily meditation, kriya yoga, learning about nonduality and making having a routine at the gym. For me journaling also works, specially writing about the psychedelic trip the days after, but everybody is different. So have fun and good luck!
  7. I have no special routine, I just do sun salutations, and I combine this with a routine of exercises I make to prevent lower-back pain. As @GreenWoods mentioned, I also found cold showers effective. Or you can try one of the many techniques that Leo describes in his Body Awareness video: Hope it helps!
  8. Hi there, this reminds me of a similar experience I had on LSD. I closed the eyes and I suddenly started seeing sort of fractals of chopped body parts, very sadistic and horrendous visions. Somehow I managed to let go of the visions and direction of the trip changed completely. Have you tried journaling and/or contemplating about these visions? Thanks for sharing your experience!
  9. Hehe no, what I meant to say is that during the psychedelic trip, I did not understood what was going on, it was just a big WTF moment for me. At that moment it never crossed my mind that God could have whispered me something. It is after working on integrating the trip, doing research and reading stuff like the one Leo posted here, when everything made click , which is a huge realization for me.
  10. This infinite intelligence communication reminds me of the work of Neale D. Walsch. During an LSD trip I had a similar experience where I suddenly wanted to write something and it felt as some higher order consciousness or someone was whispering me the words on the ear. But until now I realized the magnitude of the experience.
  11. @Paan you can try Hatha Yoga or some kind of physical activity. It also helps me to keep a journal and contemplate about these strong emotions.
  12. Medicine 40 mg - 4-AcO-DMT The Trip This was a challenging experience, I do not consider I had a break-through experience, or maybe I am just not able to appreciate it. I got a bit frustrated and disoriented during the first hours of the trip. I have managed to create some sort of ritual that works pretty well for me and has helped me get some very interesting experiences, which I have written about in previous trip reports, these previous experiences have made me more and more curious about what Infinite Love is, and the intention of this trip was to go deep into this search. I had a very relaxed week, but the day before the trip it was a bit stressful, I also injured myself at the gym doing a wrong exercise. I was not completely sure of taking the psychedelic medicine, but on the end I decided to do it. I made all the preparations and took the medicine around 11 am. 40 mg is a bit of a high dose for me (as I have had some powerful experiences with 30 mg doses) the highest I have tried with 4-AcO-DMT. I could simply not surrender and let go during the experience, I started to get a bit desperate and agitated. As the medicine started to make effect I felt drunk of psilacetin, but I could not feel the connection with the Universe/God that I normally feel when I am able to surrender. I felt lost and very disoriented for the first three hours of the trip. While on other experiences I was able to just be, this time I could not reach a state of total peace. The visual effects also ended pretty quickly, and even though this may just be a distraction, it also gives me some sort of reference on how deep I am able to go in the experience. I can just describe it as a very egoic trip, and I may even have felt bored at some point, very weird.This is also the second time that I have a similar experience with this dose, not being able to let go. In that previous experience I also felt very anxious and fearful. After four hours in the trip I managed to process some emotions and cried. It was then when I felt much more free and peaceful, and go a glimpse of what Infinite Love is. I surrendered and accepted that, it may not be the case that every psychedelic trip will be break-through experience. So I was thankful for the experience and for what I was given. It feels weird because it is something I manage to understand more and more but that I am unable to describe in words. It is everything and everywhere, expressing in all around us. Perhaps the only experience I can recall as mystical is that I was laying on my bed and suddenly I had some sort of Samadhi experience, I felt as if I was everything and everywhere and I could not feel my body, and it happened this happened as I was just there, with the eyes fully open. The experience went very quick as it came. I have been able to reach this glimpses of Samadhi more frequently and I even had one during a Kriya Yoga session this week, during the final concentration phase. I got very excited because it came so sudden and I was not under the influence of any psychedelic medicine, it also lasted some seconds. Later I went out for a walk into the forest. I find it interesting that during this experience I did not feel fear or angst as in some previous challenging experiences, and nevertheless I struggled a lot during the experience. Conclusions and Questions I guess I should pay more attention to my intuition and learn when it is better to postpone the psychedelic trip for another time when I feel more prepared to do it. Perhaps I had great expectations for this trip, and that was the reason I was not able to surrender to what is. Later during the day and since then a couple of days after, I have felt a great state of peace, I also noticed that the kriya yoga and meditation sessions get powered-up and I feel it very easy to go through the sessions. I can also notice how the Om sound gets stronger. The confusion and disorientation I felt during the beginning of the trip made me think about going back to psychotherapy. As I have been making this psychedelic trips and getting very powerful experiences, with that I also have gained some understanding of past trauma and pain, and I am not sure if I am being able to manage/work this on my own. This leads me to think that this could be a reason on why I am not being able to surrender during some trips. What are your thoughts about it? I am not sure if the therapist will accept that I take psychedelic medicines. Or perhaps shall I seek some other type of advice/help. I would also like to try something more powerful like 5-MeO-DMT but these experiences make me feel I still need to address some more personal stuff before I can do it, or I will get into a very challenging trip. But then again, these are just ideas. The previous psychedelic trip was about three weeks before this one, and it was a very powerful trip. Could it be that I had to wait more time to integrate this previous experience? Could it be possible that my 4-AcO-DMT batch started to degrade? I got this batch on April of this year, and I always keep them in a clean, dry and dark safe place. Thanks a lot for reading this post, I will appreciate all the comments. Also thanks a lot to the great community on and of course thanks to @Leo Gurafor his amazing teachings and advice!
  13. Yes! as @denydritz keep your journal close, write when you feel inspired. Also, write every day even if it you just don't feel the need, specially if you find it hard.