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  1. I like both. I sit mostly when I do Kriya Yoga as Leo shows in his blog. It took me like six months to be able to sit like that for at least 30 minutes. And find it really good to stay alert. But I also like to lay down, specially when I do psychedelics and also because I have some lower-back problems. I find it perfectly fine, so what if you fall sleep? It can also be a very good meditation.
  2. I have tried them a couple of times now, and I liked them, you can read my trip reports. As the article says they have the same active compounds. Truffles can still be legally produced and sold in some European countries.
  3. I have also experienced the power of Modafinil during meditation. Although I have only taken it in small doses, 30 to 50 mg max, mostly to overcome a very busy day, but even during these conditions when I sat to meditate I felt it was lighter as other days when I have not taken it. Anyway good luck! And please keep us informed of your experience.
  4. @Wisebaxter hi there, thanks for reading! Yes I am really enjoying psychedelics, at least the Atlantis truffles. I guess I will try the hotel route, as I want to do every two weeks or at least once a month. Let's see how it goes, I am planning to try 1P-LSD.
  5. The Trip This is my second trip with Atlantis Truffles, just for the record I am a male, 183 cm and 87 kg. I made some preparations, around 8:40 am I ate an apple and 17 grams of Atlantis Truffles, then made 30 minutes of concentration exercises, followed up by 30 minutes of meditation. I started to feel the effects at the end of the meditation, so I lied down. The visual effects came shortly there after and I could see some patters on the walls that would constantly change and move. I also got some nausea effects. I could also feel a peaceful meditative state and found so comfortable to be there, just laying there on a mat, so I stayed like that for a while, I would open and close the eyes for periods of time, and felt very present the whole time. It was as I could feel how my awareness was expanding. After the effects got stronger I could also feel a bit sleepy and for moments I could also feel a lot of discomfort in the stomach, which would suddenly go away as they came. I perceived that the trip was coming in waves and for moments I got lost on it. I could feel as if I got access to some sort of higher order consciousness and that I could go back and forth to the "normal" egoic state that I am familiar with. I also could feel deeply connected with everything and everyone, and felt as I could understand everything and that all was just fine. I then sat down on a chair I started to look at my hand to ground myself on actuality and then I suddenly started to laugh like crazy for no reason, and then I cried also for no apparent reason. It was as if I could connect deeper with my feelings and they where just out of control at the same time. I was really enjoying the trip, and I could also notice how it can suddenly turn into a nightmare. For a moment between these waves of the mushrooms I had a glimpse on a pile of paper that I have not processed and suddenly felt a lot of anxiety, but luckily I managed to tranquilize shortly there after. It was so fascinating to just be there in the moment doing nothing, and being able to perceive everything so clearly. I alternated positions on the mat and the chair for about 3 or 4 hours, trying to keep the body in open positions as Leo shows in the Shamanic Breathing video or Martin B. Wall suggest in his book. I changed positions from time to time because I have some low-back problems and I started to feel some pain in that area if I stayed to long in the same position, the discomfort in the stomach also made me sit from time to time. I also realized how marvelous my body is, and stared to myself in a mirror when I made some pauses to go to the toilet. And then I had the realization that time does not exist and there is just now, the present moment. I also felt very grateful for what I am and for what I was being able to experience at the moment, I am and just felt like being grateful and say thanks to everything and everyone. This time I did not cleaned my apartment before the session, as I clean it regularly at least once a week and I wanted to start early, so for a moment I was lying on the stomach and collected some dust on the fingers from the contact with the floor, and I stared at it without labeling as something negative. I just found everything so amazing and fascinating as it was. During a trip to the kitchen I took some bananas and later an apple and stared at them as if it where the first time I would see such fruits, completely lost in the experience. I could also realize how I could concentrate my whole being on the experience of touching and moving the fruits to perceive its textures with the hands and look at their vivid colors. I then started staring outside the windows fascinated by the smoke that was coming out of different chimneys on some houses and seeing how the present moment was unfolding so majestically and also realizing that I am that everything. Around 15:00 I could still feel some effects but the trip became more introspective, and could also realize my ego was back. Reflections This time my girlfriend was at home, I first asked her if she would like to go somewhere else so I would not get distracted by interacting with her, but at the end she stayed at home. I could feel I got a little distracted by some noises she was doing, which took me out of the trance of the trip, and felt how my ego regained control very easily. I interacted with her from time to time when I made a pause to go out of the room I was, I tried to tell what I was experiencing but at the beginning it was really hard for me to articulate correct sentences. Later we ate something together and I could tell her my experience and I think she can understand me better now and why I was asking her no to be around during the trip. Anyway, how do you guys deal with these situations? I would not like to go somewhere else just to use psychedelics, or send my girlfriend out every time I do it. I also took a couple of days off the work to integrate better the experience. I found it really good because the next days I could realize more clearly some stuff I told you here that I could not understand during the trip. I also feel as my awareness expanded, as if some of that stayed in me. I feel more peaceful and grounded. I also find fascinating that some days ago I got overwhelmed by a negative experience and I could cry out my feelings. It was a long time ago that I could do this so easily and I find great that I am able to connect again more with my body and the emotions I feel. The next days I also have been able to meditate and do Kriya Yoga easier and for longer periods of time. I also realized that I should slow-down and that most of the time I am doing meaningless stuff. This experienced has really motivated and encouraged me to dedicate myself more to the exercises and continue through the path to seek the Truth. Questions I wounder if by using a purer synthetic chemical version of psilocin like 4-HO-DMT or 4-AcO-DMT the nausea effects would be lower or go away? Or will it be just about the same because it is something inherent of psilocin? Thanks a lot for reading and for your comments!
  6. @Tistepiste thanks for the tips! Next time I will eat them as soon as I get them, and try a higher dose. @tentacion I guess I will try them someday, thanks for the tip and good luck in Amsterdam! @Leo Gura sure I am in this for the long run. Awesome, thanks for the detailed reply, I will do some research and prepare myself for the next trip.
  7. Hi there! This is my first post! I have been following Leo and for some years now, but it was until May of this year that I started a daily meditation practice that I have become more dedicated with the exercises. I am a male, 183 cm and 87 kg and I live in Europe. I am always on the sidelines, reading the forum, and some of the books that Leo recommend, watching the videos and doing the exercises as much as I can. I believe that is awesome and am very thankful to Leo for all his contributions. I finally decided to make a post in the forum, share my experience and ask for some advice. Prior to this I only have had experience with weed, mainly for recreational purposes, there where some moments of my life where I used to smoke almost every day, but now I smoke it like every once in a while. I also made psychotherapy for around five years and help me a lot with fear, self-stem and anxiety issues. So, I wanted to try magic mushrooms and got 30 grams of Atlantis Truffles. I stored them directly in the fridge after I got them, until I got enough time to prepare myself for the experience. Between the day I got the truffles and the first day i tried them, passed about three weeks. I stored them in a container in the fridge, the truffles came in air-sealed plastic bags. Day 1 Made all the preparations and at around 2 pm took 2 grams of truffles, noticed a taste similar to nuts. I did not get any nausea, but noticed some discomfort in the stomach during the whole day but nothing serious. After an two hours, I could notice a similar peaceful state similar to when I meditate. I could also notice that my emotions became more intense than normal and I could perceive them more vividly, all kind of mixed feelings. Then I just stayed at home, meditated and make some self-reflection. Because I could not notice any of the effects I read on other trips reports I decided to eat another 4.6 grams of truffles at around 5 pm. Tried to do some stuff I normally do during the day, like watching videos and some programming, but I realized that my emotions got really mixed and confused. I also felt sort of disappointed because I was not getting the effects that I have read about. I was tired so I ate something small and went to sleep around 10 pm. Day 2 I decided to give it another try to the truffles on an empty stomach so after I woke up, ate a slice of apple and 4.5 grams of the Atlantis. Then I meditated for about 30 minutes and then I laid down on my bed and stayed there for about an hour. Again, after an hour I could feel the peaceful meditative state and felt more in contact with my feelings and emotions, but no other sensory effects. So I started to make a reflection about my life, like a summary at the end of the year, but mostly about trying to remember things I have repressed in the past because they where to painful or traumatic, in an attempt to bring them back to light and try to make some work on them to become happier and improve my life. At around 5 pm I got hungry and I was about to go out but I decided to go all in and took 12 grams of truffles. I then made some concentration exercises and meditated for about an hour and started to get some stronger effects. I got some lamps with warm light in my apartment, I started to see the light more neutral white and vivid. I tried to move around and felt a little dizzy and clumsy in my movements. The peaceful meditative state got stronger. I also started to see some patterns on the walls that changed constantly, later the effects got even stronger and the wall had the appearance to be liquid and to change. Most of the time I was in a room that I use as studio, sitting on a chair. I then got some insights to questions that I asked previously during the morning when I started to make the reflection about my life and remembered some painful and traumatic experiences, which I have completely forgotten. I then realized I was trying to control the trip, restraining myself to do nothing, so I let myself go. I listened to some music and danced a little, after that I ate some food in the kitchen and looked at the changing patters on the walls. I could feel as I was connected with the universe, and also a lot more in contact with my feelings. I realized how much I have left this connection with myself aside by trying to pursue meaningless academic degrees and later jobs. Then I called some family members that I have not seen in a while, and felt this connection as I listened to them most of the time, and realized how important are relationships. Conclusions The days I could still feel the deeper/renewed connection with my feeling and emotions and with other persons.It was by then Christmas, so I could enjoy the company of the family, I also realized I could connect better with my girlfriend. At the beginning, it may not had been the trip I was expecting, nevertheless it definitely made me see things different and I hope sharing my experience may be of help to some of you. Seeing and feeling this deeper connection with the universe and with other people, getting these insights about these past painful experiences made me realize that I have a lot of potential to grow and learn. What I don't really understand is why I did not get a stronger effect by eating them on an empty stomach. Perhaps it was a very low dose for my body, and I had already developed some tolerance to the truffles from the experience of the previous day. Then again I did not wanted to exceed the first time I tried mushrooms as I had some very scary experiences with smoking too much weed in the past. Could it be that I stored the truffles to long on the fridge? Did I took a very low dose for my weight/size? Or could it be that I got samples from a batch that did not to get to grow many of the active substance? I will definitely repeat this experience, but I wonder myself what if the next time I do it and eat 12-15 of fresh Atlantis truffles and get a much more stronger effect? What would you recommend me to do? Thanks a lot for reading and the comments!