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  1. Question this belief! Is it true? Is impacting many people more important than impacting fewer people in deeper ways? Depends on the person, for me, it's a part of my search for Truth and building my life up! How would you know about Leo id someone hadn't built YouTube, or this Forum? Code up a side project and see how you feel about it then. Or if you have something else that is clearly more aligned to your search for Truth that can be a part of your life purpose and career, do that.
  2. Poetry ay... Well here goes nothing to become my self stretch arms forth into my soul and tear out the morsel of heart that has not yet drowned in a sea of culture speak words that erupt from me in ink and pixels and sound and to not apologise for my authenticity or my integrity i have lived lifetimes stuck in loops of purpose and meaninglessness felt suffering and felt nothing cried over the beauty of my name and wept over the beauty of the world i have laughed in the face of chaos and order fallen into dens of guilt and sorrow my body shaking and retching in pain i came out of it stronger and comfortable with the pain i have sat alone in rundown flats and hospital beds and wild mountain ranges yet i have only just begun
  3. @Leo Gura I've sent you a PM
  4. Stop looking for techniques. Now that you are aware of it, remain aware of it, it will begin to correct itself if you observe yourself not completing tasks. I've dealt with this (dealing with) this issue myself. When you do the dishes, do it to completion. When you cook, do it to completion, when you are working on a venture, do it to completion. That's where all the satisfaction is. You're unconsciously holding yourself back from the light at the end of the tunnel, it's not at the beginning... Watch how the theme applies to everything you do. It's not too late, that's certain.
  5. @Annoynymous Now that your heart has been broken open, take a look at what's on the inside.
  6. @luckieluuke First time I realised I was dreaming I got so excited that I woke myself up ahaha
  7. @Leo Gura That makes sense, guess I'm just muddling the situation But OP you can definitely enjoy coding without wanting to be a developer forever!
  8. Maybe you have to understand the intricacies of laying bricks to become the greatest architect... For myself at least, web/mobile apps are a medium through which I create technology related to my life purpose. So I have been down the path (still am whilst I transition towards my life-purpose full time) of just coding and designing for the paycheck. I worked casually as a programmer, I could only do so much of that before I began to hate my life. I now run my own web and app development business, which I enjoy doing enough to happily maintain whilst I work on Life Purpose. It covers my costs and provides me with a high degree of freedom which is important. For me though my ideal domain for my life purpose is technology (startups), and having little capital and high expectations meant having to do the work by myself. For now at least, until I can create more value by paying someone else to do the programming. But I'm the programmer, designer, marketer, manager, writer, editor and everything in my business (which keeps things way more interesting) so I'd recommend not limiting yourself to the one role. Just felt there was a slight negative skew in the thread, and I'd try and rephrase it based on my personal experiences. Basically programming towards your life purpose is enjoyable and fulfilling, framing it so you don't end up being the programmer forever is probably best -- at some point you definitely want to move solely into the bigger-picture role. For those interested, I just launched my Life Purpose app actually: (maybe you'll get some idea of the "value-driven" creations you can build through programming).
  9. What is the differece between Zone of Genius and Domain of Mastery? I guess they are related, I'm getting caught up in getting good (moving towards mastery) in your ideal medium. For example, my domain of mastery is not necessarily programming since I enjoy it a lot but don't care for it in and of itself. It's a medium. I should seek to quazi-master my medium, but in a way that subordinates it to my true Domain of Mastery which I would call "Personal Growth" or "Individuation". I don't like that term though, it feels far too broad for a domain of master, like I need something specific. It feels a lot like a musician saying they want to master Music... I mean, it seems a little too vague. They probably have their unique style of music to master, or their unique instrument, not necesarrily the whole field. But then again, maybe a master would be interested in the whole field. I'm don't find myself interested in the whole field of Personal Development (which I feel is broad enough to include: Skills, finances, dating, etc.) as well as the core elements. So I limited it down from "Personal Development" to "Individuation" which is more specific, but again it doesn't feel like it encompasses the truth of what I want to master. I have this same issue with my Life Purpose: Help people explore their depths to grow wiser. But the words don't express what I actually feel. I've tapped into a certain feeling of my higher-self and purpose through a psychedelic experience, though it's like a dream now and the vision and feelings are vague. Even then I can tap into that and it feels right, the words however I have yet to get right. This linguistcally comunicates the message, but certainly not emotionally for me. Media that represents my life purpose: The Work, Maniac, ... I cry in certain movies/tv shows that connect to my core, same with certain songs. When I get to that point in the 1 sentence summary I'll have hit gold. I don't know if it's even possible though. Maybe I'm just working on the Life Purpose to delay / waste time that I could be working towards my Life Purpose...
  10. It's like looking in a mirror
  11. @saint_charming7 Don't see why you'd necessarily have to move back. I'm sure if you felt strongly enough about it you'd be sufficiently motivated to do what is required to find a way to stay (if that feels right). Don't expect starting the business to instantly feel significantly better either. It's going to be tough, just make sure you push through any resistance you might have to complete. But good luck, feel the excitement building up.
  12. @saint_charming7 Which one is more emotionally difficult? Which path gives you the most growth. Counter-intuitive moves tend to come from pretty strong intuitions
  13. @lmfao Be careful about your reason for using Psychedelics. But LSD / MDMA can absolutely be used to open you up to the feelings of universal love and care that are ALWAYS there. Who's to say you have to be religious to get those messages? Don't be religious. Be spiritual. My spirituality and psychedelic experiences have let me see that EVERYTHING is a divine message crafted by you for yourself, it's exactly what you need to hear. You can frame it however you like. You don't have to cut yourself off from that experience of God/Union/Lovingness, just the ideological aspects of religion. Make friends with hippies and spiritual people, go dance and laugh and lose yourself in the state of flow.
  14. @lmfao What would it take to embody those good feelings in your life more often from your new perspective?
  15. @Leo Gura I'll drive you to Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo myself ... I'll even throw in a free crocodile showing haha.