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  1. @Enlightened Indeed many facets and perspectives
  2. When tired, rest. Lay down and see what happens.
  3. @How to be wise I recently came to a similar conclusion. It's not about making an impact. It's about making love to the world from the core of your heart. I also had no motivation from making an impact, but expressing my love feels much more in alignment. I suppose stage orange (and yellow?) would be more motivated by making an impact, and green more about sharing your love in your unique way.
  4. You are vegan or not no? Rather than assume intentions, look at reality. They are vegan. That is all there is to it that you can be sure of, right? Many people go vegan because of a fad and develop consciousness because of that. Who's to say they can't do that? No mistakes in the Universe.
  5. Sort your life out, that seems productive and something you clearly want to do. Start eating healthy and exercising in some form as a start. Build your base up, then when you come back down from the glimpses of nonduality you'll love where you're at even more.
  6. You and you alone. If you are healthy, the relationship is healthy. No two ways about it. I was similar, and it took a lot of courage to open myself back up to dating and relationships. And it's been a wild fucking ride of emotions. The Work of Byron Katie, and feeling into emotions that arise are helping me heal and become healthy. I'm not there yet, but working on it actively and it was the best (and one of the most painful) things I've done in years. Yourself. The idea that someone can let you down is just a belief, it's based on your expectations. It has nothing to do with them. "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie will help you see through the emotional complexes that will no doubt arise on this journey, it might be super painful, but I'm here with you man if you ever need to talk.
  7. @CreamCat Lol what? Isn't any new and exciting field going to look completely different in ten years? How will look in ten years? I would guess different than it does now. Doesn't mean it's not working. Also, your information is a litle more advanced than is going to be useful for a beginner. That being said... This part is very good advice, a genuine interest in web development is great, but if you don't have that at all or haven't tried it out and are just fantasising. This is realistically a much better solution.
  8. Simultaneously calling out the entire forum and yourself. Love it.
  9. @SQAAD Psychological wounds are healed, not erased. You realise that the scar has become a gift. You lose the pain and seal the cut, but you don't forget the lessons. They become integrated in a healthy and mature way. Here's a metaphor for you: It's like forging in a martial art to toughen your bones or knuckles. It's painful in the moment, but the bone comes back stronger than ever, but they only come back stronger because of the tiny fractures. The wound is the strength, the breaks are the gift.
  10. @Consept That being said, she did try to take it to the next stage at one point, and for some strange reason I self cockblocked haha. Realised what happened in hindsight though, I didn't do it consciously. Either way I feel like working on letting go of the attachment to her (not the love, but the clinging) is going to be very positive. I've already been doing this, but I guess it hasn't yet reflected in my actions.
  11. @Consept This makes a lot of sense, thanks. I definitely agree with what you're saying. Going to act on this and we'll see what happens.
  12. @pluto Woah, I can literally feel this, like parts of my body are physically vibrating depending on the video. Do you have any information on duration, frequency of use, or time-length before you saw results. Either from research or direct experience?
  13. @ivankiss Yes, I think it's one of the downsides of Leo's content. Many of us are attracted to the philosophy and intellectualisation of it all which holds back from actually waking up. He constantly talks about this though, so really it's on us. When you say surrendering, do you just mean accepting what is in this moment? Acting based on intuition not thought.