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  1. @Dumuzzi yes I’m many cases a true kundalini awakening can lead to Enlightenment, Kundalini energy in a nut shell clears chakras & past traumas & in turn you could become enlightened. Kundalni energy can stay very active for many years also I’ve heard 7-20 till it really chills out & runs the course, lowest I’ve ever heard is 3 years. From what I have heard many people also don’t need Kundalini to become enlightened either, it’s a case by case thing. mine awoke about a year & a 1/2 ago, I feel much better & much less anxiety, I shake when I sit to mediate they are called (Kryas) my hands have also flapped & shake they are called (Mudras) there are some pretty good books out there on kundalini, shinzen young has spoken on the matter as well (really helped me out) I shake uncontrollably when I mediate it’s like a purification & lots of purging is going on, you can see people shaking uncontrollably on YouTube as well. the shaking has subsided tremendously over time & I'm not seeking for enlightenment as much, it’s almost like I know the ego isn’t who I am so it doesn’t get to me as much then a few years ago. I just watch thoughts now. After all I’m just the watcher.
  2. @Dumuzzi it defiantly does at 1st I wasn’t that thrilled with kundalni but over time it defiantly awesome.
  3. @Nahm defiantly leaps & bounds from 3 years ago but it’s cool, for a while there it was like I was bipolar, some days Blissed out, some days Mr. Anxiety, All part of the transformation I guess, if I can keep progressing like this I know one day I’ll be great! self inquiry is also an all day event with me which is an amazing tool as well. shinzen young said his stream entry of enlightenment was with sds & his polishing or finishing off was with self inquiry. I believe he said this.
  4. @Tanz yeah that dude is pretty Effin enlightend though, he told one story of not moving for a week or something he was in some kinda state of bliss. Crazy. there are different levels of enlightenment they say, stream entry & then walking masters. I didn’t realize this for a long time but it like anything there are brand new professional Basketball players then there are the Michael Jordan’s of the world, apples & oranges.
  5. I haven’t been on the forum much over the past 6 Months or so, but here’s goes a re-cap. 1 & a 1/2-2 years ago I was heavy into SDS Sits, “I” wanted to become enlightened in the worst way, suffering wasn’t the word that I’ve been Through, I have an horrible case of OCD called Pure-O it’s basically insane thoughts over & over again, doesn’t sound bad unless you have to deal with it 24/7. since my kundalni awakening I deal with this issue very rarely now (like decreased by 98%) after all who’s the one that’s having the thoughts? Right? That was the Problem I was convinced the thoughts were who I was. any way back to the Kundalini awakening, it took me 6 months but eventually I sat for 2 hours & 10 minutes! Yeah it was torture literally, but I was willing to break my legs at this point, all of a sudden I felt bubbling on top of my head! WTF??? Boom! my crown chakra blew open!!! (Felt like light was blowing out of the top of my head) Wtf I had no clue this was even possible! At that moment I knew enlightenment was real! (Not that I’m enlightend) but that day I tasted something crazy! Anyway I had no idea about chakras at this time, but I did my research fast. 6 months went buy & nothing really changed all of a sudden while I sat to do regular breath mediation I would get spinning sensations! Again wtf!!! About a month after letting these go further & further I would start to convulse & shake while meditating again wtf!!! did my research they are called kryas it’s a part of the purging/purification process, shinzen young did a video on them, Very interesting. anyway I’m not enlightened but I can feel there are changes happening within me, my anxiety day to day wise is down Tremendously, I feel way more concious then ever, there is fast Enlightenment & slow enlightenment I’m pretty sure I will be the slower one But I’m fine with that, I still shake when I sit but not as much as when it started last March & I think it’s purged a lot of shit over the past year, nightmares, old traumas ect ect. The energy brings tons of shit to the surface that’s for sure. has anyone on here become Enlightend after a kundalni awakening? I’m also gonna try transmissions very soon with Ramaji & see if that pushes me into a permanent non-dual state. & no I have never done a psycadellic but I wouldn’t rule it out, if the Kundalni runs its full course & im not fully liberated at the end then yeah I’ll probably try them, but for now just gonna chill & let the energy do it’s thing. side note: about kundalni 2x over the past year I got angry & it felt like I was honestly going to explode the energy really is no joke, I usually don’t get angry but during the heat of the moment stuff it’s hard to check the Ego sometimes during the heat of the battle.
  6. @DrewNows I can’t see how psychs & kundalini cocktail can be good, maybe once it fizzles down in 4-6 years.
  7. @DrewNows looking to talk to people that have had a full kundalni awakening or at least know a lot about it, anyones crown chakra blown open or your 3rd eye pulsates all day long? & have kundalni kryas where you shake uncontrollably? Pm if your legit. I’m about a year & a 1/2 into kundalni & im happy with the results up to now, much less anxiety & many blissful states & much more mindful/conscious then ever before. I'm interested in people 5-10-15 years after the initial kundalni awakening & where they are now with their spiritual work & if they are enlightened today?
  8. @Meditationdude I had the same experience, still deal with kundalni kryas for about 8 months now every day.
  9. Anyone know anything about it? When I sit to mediate kryas kick in & my stomach convulses/shakes.
  10. @Leo Gura do you ever do sds sits anymore? & thank you for all of your content, you’ve helped so many of us.
  11. @Zigzag Idiot beautiful, never heard the scientific side of what I’ve been dealing with ?
  12. @hundreth good advice, it’s like a trampoline, the more pressure or energy you give it the more it will bounce back at you.
  13. @khalifa -I had some sleep issues at 1st lots of energy flowing. -I still meditate & do self inquiry daily. -my kundalini awoke on a sds sit a year ago, maybe a little more. -I’ve never done a physc. -I can believe it could take 20 years some people have lots of shit to purge, it seems on average 2-7 years from the research I’ve done though, remember you aren’t in charge of the energy, that’s you’re ego fighting it, just let it do it’s thing. -p.s. if you can’t sleep you might as well do self inquiry, always seems to put me to sleep. -if your kundalini really is awakened & you are having that much of a problem with it contact Craig Holliday, he’s one of Adyashantis decibels, he’s dealt with kundalini for a very long time & is now enlightened, He’s easy to get ahold of.