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  1. There is no such thing as "toxic" masculinity its a made up word
  2. Can we get a video on how technology is affecting society at large? How to handle social media addiction. What brain chemicals are social media tied to and how. How to spot propaganda or hidden marketing online. How AI will change things for us. Or other future tech like only electric cars or face recognizing cameras or digital money How to not become obsolete in the AI workforce or how to not let tech make you too comfortable and what will humans do if they free up all their time from being so efficient using these tools How dating apps affect marriage, society, divorce, and how mating works Kids dont go outside and play anymore and if you go to a restaurant everyones on their phones so how is that gonna play out Here's a video on all the tech that will be coming and it seems like its gonna hit us all at once and even just the phones and social media are taking us by storm so what happens when even more tech comes
  3. When you turn the lights on everyone scatters like roaches haha too bright
  4. I think being surrounded with good women and having sex with them actually makes your body produce more testosterone My biggest problem is I can only have sex with a girl 2-4 times before losing interest and wanting variety. I will still have sex more times but then it becomes a chore
  5. So Tate says that there is a war on men. Do you guys think that has some truth to it?
  6. So if spiritual people want the world to awaken doesn't that include all the criminals of the world too
  7. If you dont like pickup then you have to reverse it. Make the girls pick you up. Dan bilzerian talks about it its called the setup
  8. I have a physical body?!?! Huh, I didn't know that.....
  9. So enlightenment is just a "power up" in the dream video game and I put it inside the game so if I ever had a lot of suffering I would have a way to alleviate that? Or is suffering the signal that its time to go for the enlightenment level up
  10. People simply do not understand the spiritual path hahahahahaha Let's just say it isn't for the easily deceived and it ain't for the faint of heart either. Your not supposed to say this stuff cause of licensing and shit but if you do the spiritual path properly it will be you giving advice to the mental health "professional" hahahahaha
  11. I saw somewhere that there should only be 4.5 percent of gay people in the population and any more could mean chemical changes to biology
  12. Why are the voice notes only of Tate? I want to hear what the girl was replying to after each message. Could just be a kink