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  1. Have you seen this by JP? It seems like he had an awakening but simply misinterpreted it and went back to sleep. Probably just after so many years of sharpening his intellect without paying attention to spiritual growth he couldn't understand it
  2. this video that Leo posted is like the next step up version of this video with Alan watts I feel like they compliment each other
  3. your not doing anything wrong you just simply dont understand life and what its all about...and I mean UNDERSTAND
  4. so after all the advice your are you feeling now about things? any plans of how you will proceed?
  5. I have trouble after having a massive awakening to take advantage of it by integrating it into daily practical life..and sometimes I have another awakening before I can even finish integrating the second and it starts to pile up
  6. there are a ton of old hardcore festival hippies who have eaten way more psychedelics than you but just use it as a drug and never get any insight out of it
  7. If realizing your god is so difficult then why was that my first level of awakening before waking up to any other universal truth?
  8. he's great, check him out start from the first video
  9. did you ever listen to frater Xavier from mind and magick mystery school?
  10. thanks! do you have any YouTube, blog, or writings that I can check out?
  11. so can you have both non abiding realization and god realization ? or is one a deeper version of the other?
  12. Andrew tate is highly smart in the physical world but knows nothing about what we talk about here. but he is self aware and mindful so he will do something fucked up but at least he knows its fucked up, theres no illusion or deception there. so basically he trained his ego which he thinks is him to do what he wants it to do. he mastered the mind but hasn't gone beyond it. I think thats why he gets what he wants. he's a very interesting character, one of a kind. at first my mind couldn't understand it but thats because the mind always has its own assumptions that it expects things to fit into.