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  1. WTF DUDE You literally think a mans life is more important than a WOMANS OR CHILDS!!! You are messed up. Quit drinking whatever kool aid you are drinking and get real
  2. Im not trolling. You are an idiot! Smarten up
  3. I wasn't triggered. Okay he's not an idiot but he definitely isn't smart
  4. How would you feel if your entire family got bombed on for no reason? I swear your an idiot man
  5. So you will never get married/have babies (since no man will ever want you because you don't care about their thoughts/ideas). Who cares about some single woman who doesn't even contribute to society by raising the next generation of children and only selfishly cares about herself? The people who are grateful about how men built society are actually considerate of what men think. This didn't have to turn into a gender war thing but you asked for it
  6. All I am saying is you should try to convince a population of men that dressing what they would call slutty isn't actually slutty. Let me know how that works out for you
  7. All this to say that you think that women that were slutty clothes shouldn't be categorized as sluts?
  8. All the things Leo said in his blog posts are things you would have to tell a child
  9. Meh, the middle class was always peasants dressed up in nicer chains
  10. @Leo Gura You said before that Western corruption is due to the West holding most of the world's power and if the Middle East held the same amount of power they would even be more corrupt with it. After witnessing everything the past couple months do you still feel this way?
  11. You still think marriage is about love hahaha Love doesn't keep a man. Only marriage can Promise you
  12. If I meet a woman I know if I want her or not. If I do want her then I will go after her without fear. We can have sex and babies but eventually SHE will want to get married. But at that point the man is already getting everything he needs out of the situation (sex and babies) so why would he agree to marriage?
  13. I wasn't talking about solutions. I was talking about revenge. I was saying how comfortable Westerners are committing atrocities and they think nobody is ever gonna stand up and hit them back. When they get hit back they play victim and cry for sympathy