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  1. This is interesting, Billy also said Jesus was an Alien what you guys think?
  2. @BlessedLiondo you mind sharing how you got rich relatively quick?
  3. @Con heo dienHi there, could you help me I'm looking for an IT job too (relocate/remote) And thanks @flowboy for your input; very helpful information.
  4. I love being kind instead of being nice Nice is for weak people Gentle requires strength
  5. Yes you will be more concisousness with NO memory at all, so have fun being God There's reason why God give up his power to become human, to experience every aspect of what he created.
  6. Is having no ideology a ideology? yes if cling to protect that you don't have one yes if don't give a fuck but not aware/conscious about it no
  7. I don't know you want to have child or not but if you do, better make one before the woman age 30. An older mother may be at increased risk for things such as: -Miscarriage -Birth defects -Twins -High blood pressure -Gestational diabetes -Difficult labor
  8. I just checked the source coce of this file and see no problem, however it still has some sercurity risks (missing security headers for clickJacking protection etc.) Better check your machine again.
  9. an observer and courage to be foolish - high AQ (Adversity Quotient) also a plus
  10. Looks like we're in a RPG game, after game over we got respawmed with no memory. Lol
  11. Just want to change 1 word, all men think or you think? Or maybe there is only you alone in this universe
  12. What your take on infinity now @Leo Gura? And why you wrote INFINITY all caps, so when you're saying infinity, Infinity and INFITITY, are we talking about three different things?
  13. Hello @Leo Gura, could you make a video about INFINITY? Recently I watched a documentation on Netflix about infinity and found it's so beautiful paradoxical. Is Infinity a feature of consciousness or god?