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  1. @arlin You said don't answer with spiritual/existential ideas. That's ok, but the answers you'll get this way will be limited by just human experience and human life. AND dude 20 years old is totally ok, you don't have to avoid these just because you're "too young". I got into actualized.org and serious enlightenment at the age of 16 and I don't even think that its too early! Didn't took me years and decades to get serious results, because I actually care and love to contemplate and get closer and closer to Absolute Truth. So, Why live if we are going to die? If there is nothing after death and you just stop existing as you, what to do? Live your life to experience the most out of it. Go for the best quality life in terms of money, relationships, social relationships, jobs and get yourself to a point where you can actually travel and see things unimaginable and beautiful in this world. Check out the self-actualization section in the forum which has more practical and productive oriented stuff there which might be really useful for you. Spirituality is kinda extreme for some people so stay safe and good luck check out POSITIVE NIHILISM specially on youtube.
  2. @TheAvatarState It's really awesome that a forum like this has many people that understand while most people out there don't
  3. I was deep into contemplation and in silence I entered the no-mind state. While I was there, I got less and less perception. It went on and the I-thought dissolved with it, too. After I came back I tried to compare the formlessness and the formness of these two states. I asked "why there should be form? Why live as a human? Why experience anything? Why not just be formless?" I went back to contemplation again and got closer to formlessness. While I was there the asnwer popped up. The formlessness has a huge tendency to create and be infintie facets of itself. It HAS to be. It is so unlimited and infinite that it, just by being itself, creates infinite duality and infinite forms. This is its nature. As the reason why to exist, why to live, and why to experience all these forms, I can only articulate the words: TO BE. This created such a huge void in everything, that it actually motivates me a lot to just experience life as a total. To live just becomes to be. Anything that happens is absolutely fair, absolutely perfect and whatever I go through, no matter the intensity, is absolutely beautiful and a part of the great art of existance. It is designed to be dualistic while containing nondual elements. It is designed to have ups and downs. And the only reason is TO BE.
  4. @Leo Gura yeah that's a better way to discribe it. But what simulate can also mean is instant creation of everything. The way consiousness changes from being formless to form which are the same.
  5. There is no actual coding and numbers in a computer simulating us. It's a false premise and a broken paradigm. What can be useful tho is using it like the dream analogy. A dream without a dreamer just dreaming itself. Consiousness dreaming reality. A simulation without hardware and pure software. Consciousness simulating reality. Some people take the ideas from scifi movies like the matrix literally. Like how religious people do with their books. The matrix trilogy is filled with symbolism and refers to ego death and surrendering of the self. The mirror taking over the body symbolises ego death and becoming infinite. The end symbolises sacrifice and surrendering in a christ like way for the greater good. And many more. Don't take these ideas literally. See what they actually refer to in actual reality.
  6. What I'm ultimately saying is: What about the subjective expeirences of other beings in my subjective experience? Maybe all there is is me and their subjective expeirence doesn't exist?
  7. I understand why objectivity is a shared imagination to explain materialism. I understand that only thing there is is subjectivity, pure being. But when we try to make someone else understand it, we use their point of view as an absolute and say "you are what is" And yeah in the absolute sense your point of view is mine and vise versa. But how does this really work ? Are there infinite minds inside infinite minds? Is reality that I experience being imagined by someone else and I imagine someone else's reality? This doesn't make sense with infinity. Infinity can only be one. If there were 2 infinities, they wouldn't be infinite.
  8. Consciousness actually means existance, being, absolute bottom of everything, formlessness and the source of all forms. A story based on actuality. Actual absolute consciousness can only be expeirenced. Nothing more or less. Neurons firing in a brain, percieving an objective reality and creating an indentity is merely awakefulness. A story based on naive realism. It's also a vocabulary problem with consciousness. I've heard this from sadhguru and it really helped me distinguish and actually point my aim at consciousness instead if awakefulness.
  9. @Leo Gura Can one have psychedelic-like effects of the mind (like no mind and becoming Actual) on command? I don't know about other people, but it seems like contemplation and inquiry develop a mental skill of shutting down the mind and becoming actual and present. Feels like non-verbal/non-symbol thinking as you said. I haven't tried any psychedelics yet, but is this sort of skill be any close to a normal pcychedelic experience? (Not so powerful like 5meo)
  10. Poetry is very close to the core of the persian language and it's culture. This insight hit me when I looked from this lens: Everything that is, existance, is there to create maximum poetry and creativity. All beings and creation is a work of absolute art. All duality is art, poetic. All forms, all beings, all levels of consciousness and formlessness is absolutely poetic. If you were an infinite and unlimited being, you would EXACTLY create this moment right now, to the finest detail in infinite forms and resolution. This identity you have lives the exact life there needs to be for absolute poetry. The aboslute work of art. A few weeks later, I saw the movie "The House that Jack Built" and "The AntiChrist" from the mad genius, Lars von Treir. So disturbing yet absolutely artistic. These movies reinforced this insight in me. No matter how aweful or awesome life can be, it is absolutely beautiful and necessary for Maximum Poetry!
  11. @Inliytened1 @Serotoninluv Thw funny thing is, the more present I become, the more everything look so alien and surreal. How can verbal answers even capture these! It's just my mind wanting verbal answers which it can't really get. But what happens when a hammer hits my face and crushes my skull? Why is there something being thretened? What is being lost?
  12. Reasons just don't work here. This is just far beyond any reason. I don't see any reason to survive nor to be. I just look over my body and see this ultra complex machine, but it has no reason to be it. I let myself lose my mind and just screw around to see what this thing is. Just, why is my body existing? Why does it look like I experience through this body? The reason just takes a turn and becomes itself. In other words, the reason to survive is just survive. The reason to be is just to be. I've never been suicidal in my life but these bother me a lot. It just stops my mind and locks me up on this circle of being. Then I just tell myself, "you know what, forget this bullshit. Who cares? Just do what you like and enjoy it."
  13. @TheAvatarState Holy shit I just loved this quote, thank you. Actually this is more true. What is rationalization? Or Skeptisism? Just ideas and concepts. They weren't even actual Is this from the spoon quote from the matrix?
  14. @PlayOnWords Being is prior to reason and knowledge, so there was God, then there was relative reason and knowledge of humans. A relative thing cannot capture absolute infinity. Like number 1 to 10 cannot capture everything on the spectrum. Btw don't underestimate what ABSOLUTE UNLIMITEDNESS means