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  1. Damn.. i just used a poor ant for an example and now it's all over the place! I fear death because I think nothing will remain of me. This concsiousness is much more beyond me and can go in many different forms after me. If in this lifetime i become more conscious, i guess it has nothing to do with the next lifetime. That's disturbing for me. Like a video game character that consciousness plays through but when the character dies the game restarts. Might be just me fooling around with my im fear based imagination.
  2. @ajasatya Their my imagination. My fear is losing every insight and knowledge. Seems so useless after that.
  3. @Preetom Poor Pouya then This messes with my mind a lot.
  4. @Inliytened1 i choose it to be tragic? I can also look at it very positively but it hurts me when I see what happens in this lifetime stays here.
  5. How much wisdom and beauty I can get from becoming more and more conscious and then all of it is gone to live through an ant. To live through a poor slave who dies while working. To be tortured to death and to get destroyed in a brutal battle. To live as a dogmatic person in the 14th century. If I have to live them fully, i might be very unconscious as well at some lifetimes. This is the most tragic thing there is. Bitter and sweet.
  6. @zeroISinfinity what if i lie about a video game being bad but it's actually good?
  7. @hikmatshiraliyev But here's the thing: What is lying???
  8. @Leo Gura How does that work? What are the distinctions between ego and personality?
  9. @Marinador i assume lust is egoistical and needy. But love is selfless and sharing.
  10. Many great people in history were called insane. For being openminded.
  11. @Conrad You know the biggest thing i fear about death, after fear of me dying, is how others will suffer for this when there is no me.
  12. What I mean by the death of Pouya i mean when I realize Pouya was never there. End of the illusion.
  13. @Shin takes time to really realize it.
  14. @Robi Steel @seeking_brilliance Here's my problem. As Pouya works on self inquiry and removes the layers of duality, he becomes enlightened and dies. End of Pouya. So after the body dies, does concsiousness live/bw through something else and be delueded again? Whats the point of Pouya's death/enlightenment then? Nothing?
  15. @Inliytened1 living/being through All lifetimes and everything? Sounds good to me Too much.Not ready yet..