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  1. @tsuki yes, im afraid. After waking up from the dream, i still live in the dream. I don't know how this will turn out to be.
  2. @tsuki now i tell myself i have this ambition or that, therefore i need to survive. But what about after awakening?
  3. @tsuki breath doesnt require a reason for me to do.
  4. Would a realized being chase goals and have ambitious challenges?
  5. Ironicly what I just did was some talking nothing more.
  6. @Serotoninluv If someone wanted to know the ocean, he/she could stop talking about how fish are/aren't ocean and goes to try diving in the ocean. What i mean is talking can never be as actual as direct experience, which any teaching in words is just talking about it. (that might cause a direct experience) Yes, claiming all fasle all true statements deny some grey aspects of reality. Even non duality can get a "ism" and turn to non dualism. Is non dualism True? What I mean by "false" is not absolutely false. What I wanted to say was "not delivering the actual/absolute truth". You can open up Quran and find a legit insight. But it doesnt mean that the whole Quran is True. @Truth Addict @ajasatya @Arhattobe
  7. @Serotoninluv All teachings can be useful in a way tho, but not true.
  8. This is very powerful. How could any teaching or belief be valid? Be True? All teachings are symbols symbolizing symbols. From the most deluded teachers to the most legit ones. Words are words. Are they useful? Of course, if you don't make it your ideology. Are they needed to realize what is just True as it is? I guess not. Tell me a teacher/teaching/belief which delivers Truth or explains stuff without words. (Perhaps there is) The story teller creature is what humans are. Is what I am and what you are. Stories with symbols can never tell the unreducable. From now on I will learn and master shutting up for God's sake so this simple beauty goes on for itself. Nothing needed to say.
  9. The first time for me was freaking beautiful and terrifying and the same time. Somtimes it has to be that way It's never enough, go on and experience it more.
  10. yeah it was 4 weeks ago, but Leo posted on blog that it ends at March 24th.
  11. Spiritual Enlightenment: the Damnedest Thing