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  1. @Ibn Sina one of the simplest yet most effective things that can trigger mindfulness in you is breath. From now on, when ever you become aware of your breath, you will become nondual. And also watch leo's video Actuality. Even once more if you've seen it once. Being ACTUAL is like mindfulness but in a higher level of awareness. Realize that reality is actuality not subjective mind and objective world.
  2. @Shadowraix materialism is my big target for distruction. After that it would be just embodying more and more truth and love.
  3. @Nahm because life is much different than what it was, in its context. This is too big to fit in an ego. I see that I put pressure on myself into being productive and achieving goals but why do them when you can inquire this beautiful thing in front of your face? That looks like it will make it much harder to achieve any desired thing. Because this is always superior.
  4. To live content and happy in life, my conditions of happiness must be eliminated. The problem is that I need to let go of those conditions. If I'm going to live a really consciouss and happy life, I can't live a successful life. I can't set goals and at least try to achieve them. I can't have the "normal life" society is telling me to live. Living the everyday struggle to work, having a family, living and surviving until you're too old to work and then deal with your health problems until you die. In order to realize Pouya and everything and everyone was Me imagining them, I need to step outside of being Pouya living life with its struggles, and THAT feels like it will completely destroy my imaginary life and I will drown in Love and Happiness of Being. Becoming immortal and all loving Or living the ordinary life Of course a duality is created but it is very scary to even think about this.
  5. @Robi Steel I see what you're communicating. sometimes movements against racism sexism and gender oppression turns into the 180 degree way od the same problem. Like under valuing straight or white or men. It's goddamn equality not sucking in the attention because you're not a white straight male. I see the solution as not giving a single fuck about these useless stuff. I don't care what skin color you have, or what gender you identify with and whether you're a man or a woman. Simply stop giving a fuck people. Everyone is one with uniqueness.
  6. What is, is natural. Cities and roads and factories are natural. Being is nature. At least that's how I put it together.
  7. I've heard him talk about a new model for the mind and reallity. Something similar to a dream model or imagination of a universal mind. I find that intresting. Yep, pain, balance, sense of movement, tempreture, body position and a conceptual sense of time.
  8. At what point mere philosophy becomes truth seeking serious contemplation? What is the distinction?
  9. @DocHoliday damn I was thinking about that too. Maybe because it seems not ok to lock the thing thats attacking you mentally. So this leads no where and it wont matter.
  10. @Serotoninluv I mean this really frees the mind to stop being distracted by sensations. Great @TheAvatarState actually I've seen perception once and the brain three times. It's gonna be true not knowing before diving deep into questioning it. Emptying the cup.
  11. @Surfingthewave because it's a huge wall between me and realizing what is me. @cetus56 oh my!
  12. @Serotoninluv I've heard people trying that, seems very effective. How long did you stay?
  13. @Leo Gura Thid really takes a lot of effort without any psychedelics. Now I can start to appreciate the 10000 hours you said years ago.