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  1. @Pookie it takes less than 2 minutes to fall sleep for me, but i'll try staying awake for an hour this time...
  2. I've tried astral projecting 4 years ago, before even getting introduced to Non Duality and Actualized .org. The most progress I had was feeling intense vibrations and light body feeling, i usually freaked out and stopped, since i didn't really know what i was doing and just watch few videos on it then. I got interested in this topic again, I really want to try it and experiment with it. I've had decent mystical experiences from different facets and I want to combine them with this to see where it leads. Super curious about it. My problem now is that i can't even reach that stage, cause I completely fall sleep before it even happens. My sleep habits and position has changed since then and I easily doze off in that situation (lying on my back, relaxed and keeping mindful usually after 4 hours of sleep as they recommend) I've tried doing it at 4 am, then 12 pm, then 4 pm, then 12 am, fell sleep without failure. I got advise on the subreddit that i should change position to a odd one, so I used no pillow, in the middle of the day, and my palms facing up instead of touching the bed, fell sleep again. Could try sleeping on the floor but I don't think it will change that much. Maybe I shouldn't focus on the "body falling sleep but mind is awake" part but just be still and keep myself awake, because i remember that I achieved those vibrations with just being still and breath mindfulness. Any advice?
  3. @Heaven Great Job Go on basking in Absolute Love
  4. @Mu_ i dont think im losing sanity. its just getting more common these days. And that can be kind of really positive for me sometimes. I'm not crazy but I certainly know another person couldn't really help. At this point I dont think anyone can top the absolute authority, being itself has. but thank you though The thing is i had many experiences like this before but explaining them both, sounds the same in words, but this is just more than that. That's why from now on I wont try to describe it except taking a note of it for myself.
  5. @Rikimaus i was awake for some time i didnt sleep right away tho. i had satori not a stroke
  6. @James123 yeah it happened for me after experiences too, like kind of a resistance to accept so it gets emotional / denial mode. But recently, no its the opposite. If feel much better after them. Probebly because of more acceptance.
  7. @Rikimaus i was so tired and i use a technique to fall sleep faster Stop and drop Any thought i have i stop and drop so i sleep faster Btw the state was gone after few minutes but it was intense.
  8. @James123 yeah meditation is amazing if done right. Great results there
  9. @wordsforliving yep, thats it. Amazing video
  10. First off you're not an idiot and its not about being smart. Here's where to start, become aware of what its refering to https://youtu.be/aU-2gMI2zLs
  11. @Kensho I've never really looked into what kundalini is and how it works and never really worked on chakras too. Ill look more into them.