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  1. What happens if you stay bored for a long time? Why we chase stimulation? Why just being is boring for Ego? What can be done to endure boredom? With a lack of stimulation, the brain start to create new ones. WHY? (Dont need to mention there is no brain and everything is a dream)
  2. @trenton there is actually a playlist for spiritual enlightenment but yeah that can be really beneficial
  3. @Leo Gura Just wanted to share this, Actualized.org teachings are the best when you have been watching all the videos since the last 5 6 years. When people are just introduced to this channel, I wouldn't even recommend them watching the videos from the last 3 years, let alone the recent ones. But as you always say, who wants to put the time and focus on 300 hours of content, that are necessary for the foundation of deeper insights, and just try to be more curious and contemplative about all these topics? Your teachings have reached a point that the mass can never handle it and you are pretty aware of that. As other members suggested, the spiritual enlightenment section can be divided into two parts of newbies who need foundation, and people with experiences who need support. You can also do videos geared towards newbies if you wanted to. Maybe it is frustrating for you to repeat the same old topics that are so important for newbies. If people had enough foresight they would go back to the more basic teachings so they can have some experience for themselves. I myself started watching you when I was fucking 15 and now I'm almost 20. I went through almost all the videos from the beginning on purpose and I didn't skip to the most advanced videos at the time. Now I watch your videos fully and then go contemplate myself. what you are for me is an amazing guide, not a source of truth. I've been careful introducing you to anyone I wanted to share with and told them to never skip stuff. The forum for me was a place to relate to people and share my experiences but later I focused on myself and found out the forum is another distraction and limitation for me, like having insights just so you can share them here, not for the purpose of understanding it yourself. Now, would you do newbie videos here and there again that you did years back, or would you add even more disclaimers that "you shouldn't be watching this, go watch the older, more important videos for you."? That's why most teachers repeat the same shit for the decades, but the thing I always loved about you is that you always evolve and go deeper with the teachings. No matter what you do people with no foundation at all, will watch a video about what is God or what is Love. At least people who care enough find you by chance and grow a lot. Most people can benefit A LOT from just developing mindfulness in their lives, it can improve their life decisions and relationships and their mental states, or just learning the basics to how to contemplate for yourself. I have so much shit to do before going so deep on mysticism, but I can still have experiences and insights, without making fucking life decisions based on it. Rest in peace SoonHei. May this situation be another teaching for everyone.
  4. @Intraplanetary sit and truly inquire "why there's form rather than formlessness?". Why does consciousness goes out of its way to imagine all these experiences in the first place? Let go of everything you know and hold to be true and sacred. Even all the knowledge and experience you have from non duality. The ultimate answer is TO BE. To understand that deeply you need to inquire this seriously. Then you'll understand why to live and why to play the game at all. Basically, nihilism flowers into existential-nihilism which is really open-ended. Nonduality is beyond that.
  5. Disclaimer: I'm not a follower of neither islam nor sufism. The true authority is actuality. This is just a introduction I'm sharing for you guys, because I'm just curious. It's like a gem hidden within a lot of sand and soil. I will be looking for other gems within other factions too.
  6. @lmfao people come and go from this forum and that might change the vibe. When I joined it was like 2 3 years ago and I was just asking around all the time and commenting. now it's just for fun sometimes. and leo's video releases affect the topics that are being discussed here, which is nice. Overall this forum will be a resource for growth for many people and momentary feelings of community.
  7. I've been on this forum daily before, but it's been months since i don't really visit it. It has great resourses for learning and educating, and if some problem is bothering you, you can find really nice advice from conscious people here. but it's a waste of time to "try to find answers" here. I remember it gave me this egoistic pleasure of "Yeah someone replied to my post about an awakening I had". It's all a distraction. Come here for the good advice, not for truth. Specially if you've been introduced to this recently. Debating or arguing never worked either. Nowdays, I do mini contemplations almost on an hourly basis. Small ones but many of them. I have to start doing more serious long ones everyday to build more endurance specially with just sitting. First few times I had awakenings, I thought I've got it all and i posted about them here. I've experienced much deeper ones since. It never fucking ends, not even 0,00001% of it. You don't have to post about them because it isn't really necessary. It's better to ask for directions and about the "Dark night of the soul" phase. After that, there will be no one to talk to and share, even when there are people here with at least 10 times the consciousness and experience of mine. Anyways. Love you guys. Peace.
  8. @Persipnei yeah writing is a powerful tool for contemplation and processing. I used them all the time. But personally, it's been beyond just processing the insight. More like deeper and deeper non-lingual states. There is no need to make sense of stuff anymore. Just experiencing. @An young being i know right it's enjoyable to have companions and people beside you to help you. But that can become an attachment after some time. It's great in its own use.
  9. @Leo Gura What if you do that but also visit the ones you work on later to watch it fully again? People just watched the 20 mins and assumed that's all you said. why the fuck do you even start watching 2 hour video discussing something if you aren't finishing it
  10. I've tried astral projecting 4 years ago, before even getting introduced to Non Duality and Actualized .org. The most progress I had was feeling intense vibrations and light body feeling, i usually freaked out and stopped, since i didn't really know what i was doing and just watch few videos on it then. I got interested in this topic again, I really want to try it and experiment with it. I've had decent mystical experiences from different facets and I want to combine them with this to see where it leads. Super curious about it. My problem now is that i can't even reach that stage, cause I completely fall sleep before it even happens. My sleep habits and position has changed since then and I easily doze off in that situation (lying on my back, relaxed and keeping mindful usually after 4 hours of sleep as they recommend) I've tried doing it at 4 am, then 12 pm, then 4 pm, then 12 am, fell sleep without failure. I got advise on the subreddit that i should change position to a odd one, so I used no pillow, in the middle of the day, and my palms facing up instead of touching the bed, fell sleep again. Could try sleeping on the floor but I don't think it will change that much. Maybe I shouldn't focus on the "body falling sleep but mind is awake" part but just be still and keep myself awake, because i remember that I achieved those vibrations with just being still and breath mindfulness. Any advice?
  11. @Pookie it takes less than 2 minutes to fall sleep for me, but i'll try staying awake for an hour this time...
  12. @Heaven Great Job Go on basking in Absolute Love
  13. Talking about those here has no value. There is nothing for me to ask you, and nothing for you to answer. All left is experience after experience for deepening the understanding. I'm just doing this to feel better. I've been going through some very scary shit. Since the Actuality video, I discovered something about my mind. I dont know about other people doing it, but I can sit down, and in only 5 mins, I can raise the consciousness so much with actuality and mindfulness, things start to deconstruct. For more than a year, I've experienced hundreds of satori states about different facets. They get better and better and deeper and deeper everytime. That's why I'm not on this forum so often. I see people ask things without REALLY wanting to know it, and other people answering them without anything achieved and understood while doing it. When you deeply experience, all your knowledge will be gone in that state. FORGET INTELLECTUAL UNDERSTANDING. That video is literally the most important video ive ever watched ever, nothing can top that. So this kind of ability can make me get existential - psychedelic effects (Ive never tried anything) and in matter of minutes, I can get there. But the twist is that this intense effort Ive put into this is bleeding into everyday life. I get satori out of no where, I get hyper conscious like I got into a trip completely random. It's like the causality takes my thoughts into a route that initiates all those hours contemplated and inquired right NOW. But shit went down in the last 3 days, I was chatting with my friend. He had some problems figuring out stuff with life and awakening (he is into it too) and I just got up to get some water, and out of no where, that chat caused me to become hyper conscious and get another absolute love experience. it actually floored me, made me sit and cry-laugh very loudly while my heart was melting by love. This was different this time, never been so intense before. It was like a lightning hitting me and killing me right away. And sometimes when im doing stuff, i get so conscious that I detach from the experience and it looks so absurd, unreal, dream like and unknown. last night, i was about to sleep, then suddenly this type of satori happened, but this time it was so bad, I almost fucking lose my mind. I couldn't talk, couldn't understand language, couldn't remember my life, and very thing else except the room i was experiencing. All my thoughts, beliefs, ideas, opinions, paradigms, knowledge, contemplations, science, religion, philosophy and ANY HUMAN MIND, when straight out the window and the only though that remained was "I WANNA GO BACK, I WANNA GO BACK, I WANNA GO BACK, I WANNA GO BACK, I WANNA GO BACK, I WANNA GO BACK,...." Very deep fear of death, losing my mind, going crazy, and wanting to go back to the familiar life. Everything was the same, but there was no voice in my head, nothing had a name and a usage, there was no thought, there was no understanding, there was no memory, there was no one except the experience experiencing itself. note that Ive never used any substance at all and all i did was watching the actuality video and using it to truly, intensely, seriously contemplate. I didn't want these to happen randomly, but its been months they are happening and getting more and more profound. I have nothing to do but to face these more and get more contemplation into them, and every new video that comes out, I look at it as a guided contemplation session, not Leo talking about stuff. I know this whole thread sounds egotistical and I use I so much here but I seriously don't give a single fuck. Talking through a human has limits and being an ego and using language are its limits too. So instead of using skepticism to point out people's bullshit, forget everything and become ACTUAL. I am full of shit and you dont need to point it out. Go on experience.
  14. @Mu_ i dont think im losing sanity. its just getting more common these days. And that can be kind of really positive for me sometimes. I'm not crazy but I certainly know another person couldn't really help. At this point I dont think anyone can top the absolute authority, being itself has. but thank you though The thing is i had many experiences like this before but explaining them both, sounds the same in words, but this is just more than that. That's why from now on I wont try to describe it except taking a note of it for myself.
  15. @Rikimaus i was awake for some time i didnt sleep right away tho. i had satori not a stroke
  16. @James123 yeah it happened for me after experiences too, like kind of a resistance to accept so it gets emotional / denial mode. But recently, no its the opposite. If feel much better after them. Probebly because of more acceptance.
  17. @Rikimaus i was so tired and i use a technique to fall sleep faster Stop and drop Any thought i have i stop and drop so i sleep faster Btw the state was gone after few minutes but it was intense.
  18. @James123 yeah meditation is amazing if done right. Great results there
  19. First off you're not an idiot and its not about being smart. Here's where to start, become aware of what its refering to https://youtu.be/aU-2gMI2zLs
  20. @Kensho I've never really looked into what kundalini is and how it works and never really worked on chakras too. Ill look more into them.