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  1. @Natasha @Anna1 @Jkris @Inliytened1 @Nahm Thank you for the explanaition. I had this idea and thought it might work. Back to self inquiry i guess.
  2. I've seen how ego/self is very much like a mask or a role for an actor. My role Pouya has some specific qualities and traits. What if I work on creating radically different identities so I can break the illusion by illusion itself? Like, creating an extremely extrovert identity, where Pouya is introvert. Or, changing world views and values so drastically that it stops feeling like Pouya anymore. Having 3 4 different identities like this and changing them every few days. Can this work? Is it worth it?
  3. Body and mind is calm; Who am I? I am a body. Who's aware of that? I am. "I am a body" is a thought, not me. Back to actuality. Who am I? ... I noticed that what I do here is self hypnotizing myself into un-believing that "I am a body". When I look at actuality, I can't say that I am a body, but I also can't say that I am not a body. What's the difference between a person believing in being a body and another one believing being beyond body and mind? How to trancend it?
  4. It was wierd but I felt like this forum got attacked by the idea
  5. @seeking_brilliance Clay is a common name for becoming God i guess
  6. @Bill W That's why I posted this. And a reply for it here. I don't really care if this gets locked or something but I found that intresting to share.
  7. @Cody_Atzori believe me, my situation is not different that yours, but I felt love. But how to love is not something i can really explain. The heart must be openned. 2 years ago, I was extreamly sad and frustrated, I said "what if I sit down and meditate on it? Maybe it makes me feel better." I sat down with a binearal beat to get some focus on the breath. Out of NO WHERE, I felt a huge urge to surrender and my heart fucking exploded. Huge emotional relief with a lot of crying. And there I got my first ever insight: All there is to do in life is loving. If you don't have a significant love experience, focus on now maybe. Past can be a tool, don't use it if it doesn't work. Love = Absolute Acceptance = Less Ego
  8. Maybe they call it a "disorder" because people normally have a ego complex filled with self beliefs and reducing that beliefs makes the person not normal (not like other people in society) again. If we lived in a society where having an identity was a disorder, what could happen?? What if "always being in our heads" was a disorder? Context matters.
  9. As they say, not knowing is a start for knowing more. The problem is your brain is physically here on the physical "dream". Maybe it goes beyond that. Even if actual physical universe is what is true and even if you were a brain in an organism this question comes up onces again, "it's just matter living through matter, why bother? I will die and decay anyway." Maybe life as it is, is just meaningless and purposeless. Now you're being a human, so be it. To live is to live. As in your dream, why bother running away from the imaginary monster? If you didnt it wouldn't be fun though The beauty of this dream is that it's systematic and has a natural order to it while being chaotic. Scientist are studying this part of reality, non duality is the whole of reality and Science is pretty neat at studying and modelizing physical world.
  10. @Buba Lets say your brain is in a normal waking state without any substance. What is perception? of what you see, feel, hear, ect? What is the essence of it? What is it made out of? If you become very very present and reach a level of no-mind (less thoughts) and deeply question this, you will realize that the physical feeling of whatever you feel, has the same essence of your dream, of a substance's hallucinations, of deep dreamless sleep. It's something very very subtle and empty. Science likes to zoom in untill they reach a limit. Atoms, sub atomic particles, quarks, strings, whatever comes even after that. Maybe it never ends. Meybe everything is made of something lesser and also mades up something more. What if there was no end to "what's something made of" and "pure awareness/nothingness" be the ultimate substance? It really must be experienced. Materialism is right in physical domains. Yes if you shoot your brain this perception will be gone. But it's not ultimately true. Nonduality goes beyond it.
  11. @Javfly33 You might just disolved the notion of human being. I did this with my body and for minutes, I couldn't find where I was, when there was no body to cling to. In my view, humans are very complex and creative machines.
  12. @Jacobsrw The shock it brings is good for breaking down thought chains.
  13. The icy water touched my body and my breath got really deep, I asked "WHO'S AWARE?" few times. Panicing and fast breathing started, then they vanished. Pure nothingness. Pure awareness. For the first time I could really put awareness on itself. It was intense and deep. Try it, maybe it works
  14. @BIggleswerth That's the problem I think about. Like science doesn't even care about being concsious for its own sake. And neuroscience is defining consciousness as an activity of the brain. Some of them address the possibility of what if there is no "outside" or "objective reality" and all of reality boils down to subjectivity.(because brain is a guessing mechine, it guesses whats "out there" with prossesing received perceptions) I don't say this is actually true but this is what I've heard from a neuroscientist that I actually dont remember
  15. This is my life puepose. I love neuroscience. Wouldn't it be great if there was a conscious neuroscientist for new discoveries? What do you think? I know universities are collective egoes and science is very materialistic nowdays but it doesn't need to stay the way it is. Neuroscience is a reletively new subject. And yeah, this giant thing called reality is of course much much beyond any form of thinking.
  16. @Inliytened1 like, how can one use symbols and metaphor for understanding the direct Truth? Unthinkable.
  17. @Anton_Pierre I tried upper belly breathing and my breath got much deeper with it! Thanks
  18. When I observe things so directly and actually it makes me scared. It's seems so real that it's not real anymore. Yesterday I was brushing my teeth and thinking about stuff, but suddenly some thought triggered becoming actual in me and when I looked absolutely direct to my own eyes in the mirror, I actually lost what is this thing. Like this face wasn't me anymore. It was what it was. I stayed like that for few minutes and I was shocked and scared. Actuality is god damn scary.
  19. @Anton_Pierre I've seen that 99% of my thoughts and feelings are pulling my attention away from it. The 1% triggers me to become actual. I easily run away from it with imagination and more thoughts. @Nahm It is like I've been blind but now I can actually see. it's like it's the first time I can see or the first time I can hear or touch. Feels very real and very dreamy at the same time.
  20. @Omni i mean, I just love it I'm a rock/metal fan.