Dopamine Detox Weekend

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Just finished my dopamine detox weekend (2.5 days in total). I read somewhere in here that this was actually a thing and I thought it'd be a good idea to try it because I realized I'm kinda addicted to the internet/social media/music and entertainment in general.

I wasn't really strict with myself but I had a few rules:

• No internet (except for work-related stuff)

• No entertainment in any form

• No music

• No phones

• Only 2 meals a day and only water (I do intermittent fasting anyway, so it wasn't anything new)

• No masturbation/sex

• No hanging out with friends

Here are the things that I allowed myself to do:

• Meditation / self-inquiry

• Contemplation

• Journaling

• Spending time with my family

• Working on my future career (had to use my PC for that)

• Exercise

My experience:

I was a little bit worried that I was gonna suffer from withdrawal symptoms but to my surprise, it wasn't hard at all. It was only a little bit strange not to use my PC and not be on social media. That's all. After a certain period of time, I didn't even notice that I could use my PC and internet. My meditation/self-inquiry sessions was much smoother and focused. I could stay present much more during the day. I was much more patient doing chores and I didn't mind doing them. The whole weekend felt much lighter and freer than it usually does. Maybe because I tend to fill every little time I have with doing some activity. As for my future career, I was focused and productive. Made some great progress.


It was a great experience. I'll definitely do more of this. Hell, I may even do this as a lifestyle. I strongly recommend doing this if you often find yourself wasting your time and not doing the actually important things that you really want to do (life purpose, meditation, contemplating, you name it).

Also, check out Leo's video about the minimalist lifestyle if you haven't already.

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? good stuff bud

There’s no need to make it a life style though, it’s just a good way to reset the mind and also a way to exercise and build willpower/cut addictions

Making it a lifestyle make your life pretty boring, unless that’s what your trying to do

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Did you do the detox just once, or are you doing them every weekend?

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