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  1. (Advice For Leo) Epigenetics and Motivation for Practice
    (Advice For Leo) Epigenetics and Motivation for Practice
    @Jordan94   Thank you for everything you've shared, you obviously have a lot of experience with what your doing, where you've come from and whats changed and how its changed.  I even took a few notes to contemplate over in the future.  However one trap that I've fell into in the past, read about from past teachers and found in people I've worked with is having "to much" of a understanding of where your at, where your not and how far away you are to that.  Is this something you’ve encountered in your path?

  2. How can i achieve success if i don't even know what success is?
    How can i achieve success if i don't even know what success is?
    @Recursoinominado Visualize for 10 minutes every day for the next 30 days yourself being hardworking and successful.
    Visualize it hardcore, like your life depends on it. Put full confidence and feeling into each of those 10 minutes. Forcing all negative thoughts and doubt out of your time for those 10 minutes.
    That will fix it.
    But only if you actually do it every day.
    Don't make the excuse: "But I can't visualize it because I've never seen it." That's nonsense. You have an imagination which can visualize all sorts of things you haven't seen, like a flying rainbow mammoth. Your imagination is how you bootstrap success.

  3. Shamanic Breathing Mega-Thread
    Shamanic Breathing Mega-Thread
    Alright, so between the 2nd and 8th of July I decided to undergo a one-week "retreat" (I guess you could call it that?) of Shamanic Breathing starting with 30 minutes on the 2nd and building up to 60 minutes on the 8th.
    Each and every day I completed one session, which I started shortly after I woke up during those mornings. I decided I would create a Word document and do some journaling each and every day regarding how the sessions had gone, what I had experienced and other miscellaneous stuff. I thought I would paste my notes into this topic, because
    some of you might find it useful I might as well share them, because why not. As my report says prior to starting the "breath week" I had already done 10 sessions most of which were quite clumsy, so I didn't come into starting this retreat with having tons of experience under my belt.
    The following is my "trip report":
    Some additional notes:
    I think this technique kind of flew over the community's head! There's not much activity going on in this topic anymore, which leads me to believe that many of you have given up on it, if which is the case, I urge you NOT to!
    This technique if implemented in the fashion I did is EXTREMELY powerful! One thing I want to stress out is if you get yourself to do such a procedure you should expect to have some fucked up dreams, as @Leo Gura said in the video which will lead you to sleep longer durations than you normally would, therefore (again, I'm just repeating what Leo said) it's probably not ideaI to go to work the same day you're doing these sessions, however I have an online job, where I work 4-5 hours every day and I'm also focusing on my life purpose once I'm done with that every single day, so I guess it's doable. I haven't noticed any side effects of working after I was done with these sessions and practicing my life purpose afterwards, but then again, given the fact that I only work 4-5 hours a day, on top of that it's from home it's not nearly as stressful as doing the whole 9-5 thing.
    If you are a student like myself given that we have summer vacation right now you truly don't have any excuse not to do a "retreat like" breath week that's similar to what I've done and trust me it's very effective and it's worth undergoing it! I'm still a long time away from fully "embodying" what had happened (again, as Leo said it takes weeks or months for this stuff to be completely released/purged, which is when you start to see the full implementation in your everyday life) yet I can already see differences in my social behaviour, which is more authentic, my happiness level and I'm also sensing a much healthier, greater connection with my body.
    However I've got to be honest here, it could be placebo so far, we'll see what happens in the upcoming weeks, only time will tell. What isn't a placebo effect, though is that during the week of doing these sessions I've definitely had both minor and major insights which have grown me. Some confusions from the past have been clarified.
    I also have to mention that I luckily haven't had as serious traumas as people who got abused as children had, but I was bullied during the first two years of high school, which created countless neurotic patterns in my life which I suffer for to this day. If you happen to have had some terrible catastrophes happen to you, you're probably going to have more intense releases than I had.
    My initial vision with this retreat was to work on what I had mentioned above, because ever since Leo introduced this technique in the video, intuitively I felt like this is potentially the technique I both need and have been looking for. I feel the same way about Kriya Yoga, which is a habit I unfortunately haven't started yet, however the book mentioned in Leo's video is on the way, so in the future I'll also be comparing the two techniques side by side, because there's definitely some overlapping between the two.
    Also starting from this Monday (16th July) I began a second "breath week", during which my plan was to start from 60 minutes (which is where I had previously built my capability up to) and go all the way to 90 minutes. I've just finished my third session out of seven today and I keep getting blown away by how effective this technique is, it seems to be working wonders and the integration isn't even done yet!
    If there's demand for it I will also share the trip report for this week's sessions once I'm done with the seven days.

  4. Religion and fully enlightened people?
    Religion and fully enlightened people?
    @PsiloPutty It is very important to distinguish enlightenment itself from the mind's embodiment and understanding of it. You can have nondual states at low levels of mental development. You can be a devout Blue Christian who has nondual experiences and interprets them as Christ consciousness but it still ethocentric and highly partial to Christianity, denoucing Buddhism and Islam as devil worship.
    To be able to integrate lots of various worldviews and to be globalist vs enthocentric does NOT come automatically with nondual states. It takes great mental development to be able to stand outside your cultural biases and programming.
    Even if you become fully enlightened, your mind will still be filled with cultural programming and biases. And it will not automatically understand all the other traditions in the world without study. You can be enlightened and yet still totally ignorant of Islam or Hinduism or science, and how they all interconnect.
    If Jesus was alive today, he might not look too kindly upon Buddhism or Islam.
    If you were raised Christian, you will probably have a strong preference to interpret enlightenment in a way that's favorable to that tradition. There will still be subtle bias. Just like if you were raised in a scientific household, you will be biased towards scientific explanations of enlightenment. You will talk about neuroscience and evolution and so on.
    Watch out. These are all traps!
    Enlightenment alone will NOT make you Turquoise.

  5. What do you honestly think is moderate for alcohol per week
    What do you honestly think is moderate for alcohol per week
    Oh yeah absolutely. And that's why I think people enjoy a drink. I think we drink to escape consciousness of everything. Sometimes it can get all a bit too much. It's a coping mechanism of sorts. I truly believe those in the club's and bars of a Friday night enjoying their energies are far healthier than some of the introverted recluses you find in the spiritual community. I also believe that for introverts spirituality is an escapism for not having developed the skills to be able to socialise and release tension.