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  1. Psychedelic drug = energy issues?
    Psychedelic drug = energy issues?
    Fulfillment don't even register as important once you're fully conscious that you're God.
    It can, but the whole point of do-nothing is that's supposed to be totally non-goal-oriented. You need to fully surrender and drop all expectation or desire for a result or a insight. If you're trying to gain an insight, you're not doing nothing, you're doing something.
    Do-nothing guarantees you no insight. But of course insights can arise spontaneously. You just have to accept that you won't get any for a while.
    With do-nothing you just sit, relax, and surrender all desire to manipulate your experience. And just be present. The key is surrender all tendencies to control your experience. And enjoy it. Relax! Drop all spiritual chasing or seeking. Drop the goal to become enlightened. At least during your sit. Trust that enlightenment will come to you.
    There is no higher entity than me. So to me channeling entities seems silly.
    If you want wisdom and advice, connect to God Consciousness and ask away. But be clear, you are talking to yourself. It can be very valuable. I channel insights from God frequently. I don't need some alien middle-man between me and God.

  2. Response to Leo's Blogpost Regarding LSD Brainscans
    Response to Leo's Blogpost Regarding LSD Brainscans
    I just wanna briefly point out an article by Bernardo Kastrup which goes into further detail on brain scans similar to those which Leo posted in his blog, showcasing the power of LSD. 
    It turns out, those scans showed heightened brain communications, but LSD and other psychedelics actually lower brain activity. 
    The fact that psychedelics produce the effects they do by lowering brain activity is a bit concerning if you're a materialist science journalist.

  3. Creativity
    How to increase creativity?
    The Tao and Creativity
    An unexpected, creative learning process took place as I put together this paper.  I thought I was going to articulate in language how one generates through some step-by-step process, the paradoxical state of mind equivalent with Taothat leads to creative action.  But I didn't really know if there was some specific technique that I would discover or be able to communicate to the reader.  As I worked through the various texts with the thesis of creativity in mind, I slowly discovered that there is no specific, step-by-step technique (we Westerners always want a logical "how to" method that progresses through understandable steps!)
    Rather, I discovered that Taoist creativity simply begins with shifting one's psychology and worldview to coincide with the Tao, letting it become the ground from which all one's thoughts and actions go forth.  In short, don't try be creative, but simply be like the Tao with its spontaneous movement and interpenetration of form and formlessness. Then natural creativity cannot help but come forth from your particular body-mind form in a unique way.  As you do this, you come to realize that attachment to what you create is itself a preclusion to future creativity.

  4. just woke up - what now?
    just woke up - what now?
    the vajrajana bodies
    don't be afraid it is all one and one is all

  5. I can meditate easily for 2 hours.
    I can meditate easily for 2 hours.
    Say thank you, I love you or other appreciative words to the book/process of reading or video (if its educational). Keep saying it until you feel it. It will feel fake for a long time. You don't need a reason for saying it, the reasons will come on their own. I lost 20kg by doing this to food relentlessly. I also went from no exercise to craving exercise everyday. Same with reading, and a whole host of other habits. I quit my junkfood and internet addiction too. All by saying thank you.

  6. Enlightenment
    If we are infinity...
    There are two facets of enlightenment here which are being confused here:
    No-self Absolute Infinity You can be conscious of one but not the other.
    With the No-self facet you realize your entire personal identity, including your body and physical birth, are not real, but just concepts.
    With the Absolute Infinity facet you notice that every object is infinite and that you are all of them. You are "the world". You are the Infinite Self.
    And then there are additional other facets.
    And in the end, all facets become one seamless nondual experience. With no difference between enlightenment and non-enlightenment.

  7. Enough is enough. I am leaving everything behind.
    Enough is enough. I am leaving everything behind.
    Then learn Osho dynamic meditation, osho kundalini meditation. In 90 days you will transform.