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  1. i think that the way you chose to express your thougts is very aggressive. do you want the other side to listen? if so.. i suggest you try a more loving approach.
  2. @Rahul yadav Thank You !?
  3. Sending you love ! the struggle is real. the good side is that the path gets easier and easier as long as you keep developing & being true to yourself, with compassion - especially in ruff moments like you are having right now. ??
  4. found this one on shutterstock
  5. wow, really touched me ! the ending was brilliant
  6. Interesting discussion guys, Thank you!
  7. it starts to look pretty good, don't forget to add a link to your profile !
  8. This is an attempt to improve this post's purpose to help you find self actualizing people near you. We all know how difficult and important it is to surround ourselves with like minded people, so simply register your location on the map and start making friends in the real world! Follow this link Search your main address in the search bar: Click on 'add to map': Click on the small 'edit' button: Finally, in the description box, add a link to your profile, and save: Any suggestions on how to improve are welcome!
  9. I came up with the idea of opening a public Google map, where anyone can register his location on our globe. I believe it would be more friendly and easy to find our actualized neighbors that way So let's try it out, first go to this link: Then search your main address in the search bar: Then, click on 'add to map': Then, click on the small 'edit' button: finally, in the description box, add a link to your profile, and save: @nightlight if people will accept the idea, please copy this to your first message on this thread, this thread is pretty popular and I don't wish to open a new one. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve the system, please share (:
  10. @Sahil Pandit @Andrewww My main issue is not failing to raise my family's levels of development\consciousness, my problem is how can I be truly open with them? @Sahil Pandit you said "don't rely on them". contemplating on these words.. deepens my realization of how all of my unauthentic relationship with them may really hinder my growth. @Moreira So how do you communicate with your family? I perceive "self actualization" as a way of life.. not just a 'topic'.
  11. @Andrewww Thank you for the reply, I am not sure how preaching stage green and above values to a mostly stage blue people, would be effective.. we communicate on a different frequency. Maybe their is a way to convince them through a blue person's lens of the world.. but I have no idea how
  12. @Hello from Russia we definitely face a similar dilemma.! if you come from a russian family.. well so do I. ??‍♂️ even if we completey drop all the judgements toward our close ones and we accept their views.. they still don't accept ours.. what should we do? break off contact? ignore what they are saying? act fake around them? stay quiet and stop sharing our life experiences witht them? there must be an healthy solution ??
  13. Hello all ? I find it difficult to communicate with my family in an authentic, honest and healthy manner. It all started when I decided not to the University and follow the autodidact path. my family sees my decisions as irresponsible and naive.. they worry a lot. things escalated more when I decided to go Vegan about a year ago.. they don't understand/accept my choices and I always find myself hopeless/speechless when we talk about my life (for a long time now, 90% of our conversations surround about the way I choose to run my life). I understand that their perspective is different and I acknowledge that most of their worries come from their love for me. recently, I have improved a lot when it comes to not judging people and I manage to remain patient & understanding around different people and friends. but how should I approach my family? they are my family and I want to stay truly connected to them.. here are some examples so you will get the vibe: when I stay at my parents house, I "hide" and lock the door when meditating.. recently my brother invited me to a drink and when I refused explaining him that I am preparing for an upcoming Vipassana retreat, he burst out laughing in my face. I try to imagine @Leo Gura coming with full radical honesty to his family.. telling them about using psychedelics for example, and I am like.. how?! For a short time I thought that maybe by explaining them what is happening to me using the Spiral Dynamics model, would be a good idea. but then I remembered that people at different stages just won't understand or will interpret it through their lenses. I want them to understand me. One can find friends and community of people who share his worldview, but you can't choose/change your family. How do you deal with this kind of frustration? Thank you ?