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  1. Unconditional love is Good! Ah, so only the devil notices good and evil? Nonetheless, if we are trying to maximize Self-love, or help devils realize they are God, and we point out how we're being devils. Doesn't this point to there being an evil? I do not see how letting people be devil's is Self-love and telling people they are acting evil could be a form of self-love? Torturing a kidnapper is another form of Self-love, so that you may save the innocent person. It's like we have to play devil to increase Self-love. Definitely a paradox for me. Reconciling good and evil with non-duality is tough! @Scholar That's an awesome take on religion. I agree!
  2. I can see that, and I agree. But I also see elements of selflessness in cooperative acts too. Your reply has let me see how these dualities collapse such as seeing how selfishness can lead to selfless acts and vice versa. Our selfishness is about survival, but it also to enable us as beings to experience life with respite, relationships, and community. ---------------- Why do humans praise conscious selfless people like MLK, Jesus, Ghandhi and Buddha? Don't they all share a similar characteristic? Is it not Good with a capital G to live as wholesome as one can be, to self-actualize?
  3. Try to expand your sense of "I"ness. You are not the thoughts themselves. So even if you have the thought, "I am real", this is just a thought and it distracts you from the higher Self, which is the I that experiences the thoughts. You are the silence before, in-between, and after the thought, "I am real"
  4. I am not fully convinced either. I think having a pure heart is Good. People can agree on what is good or bad, and they do it all the time. For example, sticking your hand in fire for no reason is not good. Living with deception is not good. Going back on agreements is not considered good, especially from an impersonal standpoint. For example, If I were to hang out with one of you who do not believe in good or bad. And if we went out to dinner and agreed to split the check, and then after finishing my meal, I left you with the check. That was not good and any conscious human would recognize it as not being good. If we could not make the distinction of good and bad, I do not even think society would have evolved as complex as it is. To me Good is what is good for the whole. Fairness and Cooperation. Even monkey's understand Fairness and Cooperation:
  5. It feels like space. what is the substance of space? nothing you can point to. Where does everything occur in? Space.
  6. I agree with Inliytened1, keep pursuing meditative practices and gradually understanding existence. The more you practice, the more you see the difference between what is delusion and what is True. What is True is what is there all the time. The short answer is Awareness, Godhead, I am that I am. This deep self is not subjected to our typical emotional states. The "person" who is being subjected to it is a mental construct of ourselves. This all theoretical. It is worthwhile coming to know these distinction and then come full circle to realize their unity. It brings more clarity and our self-concept (mental construct) evolves into a healthier one. I wouldn't say our body-mind is an illusion, but more so our stories that revolve around it are.
  7. Seeking enlightenment is seeking Truth. If you do not care for Truth or if you do not care about being deceived then enlightenment is not helpful. Consequently, seeking Truth relieves all of those symptoms you mentioned or at the very least frees you from their imaginary grip.
  8. Yes I have actually! I'd categorize it as a non-dual experience. Alex Gray actually captures this experience well with his art! It's such a beautiful experience to have
  9. Conversations are good! However, when we start to get confused or frustrated through that process, I think its a sign to sit in silence and let yourself come to know what's the next step. Btw, I would not say this is schizophrenia without more information. If anything, I immediately thought that this is how Christians connect to Jesus. I feel like we can connect to the spirit of others by getting to know them and it serves as a guide.
  10. Everyone here is just looking for truth and we all do our best. With that said, you still made valid points. It's very easy to get caught in our bias. If anything I see this post as a good reminder to be self-reflective in how we communicate to others and what we want to say.
  11. Time to let go of all thoughts and go into your heart. Sit in silence, the answer is there.
  12. There are various forms of memory like short-term memory, long term memory, procedural memory, declarative memory, autobiographical, and flashbulb memory. This is why you see that Clive lacks short-term memory, but remembers how to play a song on the piano. The brain is a synergistic system. Memory and emotions are connected through the amygdala. Relatively speaking we do and we do not have control over our memory. If we experience something traumatic, we may naturally hold onto it and it keeps us at night or we may repress it for years. Additionally, we can control our memory by practicing and using strategies to improve memory such as chunking and repetition. Another example is people who lose the produce speech due lesion in the Broca's area, but they'll have a patient with that condition to sing you are my sunshine. Just to show how the brain can lose one nuanced ability and then improve it in another context.
  13. It's not just another experience. It is also not a sensation. It's a shift in consciousness and perception. Kind of like, when you are so absorbed into your phone and then suddenly you become aware that you are holding and staring at a phone.