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  1. lol, just literally anything else thats not bread! I agree that bread is not that great, but I still eat it from time to time. My biggest dislike is that it has gluten and I do notice it has an effect on my energy. So I imagine you are kind of wondering, how do I replace my lunch sandwiches because I ate that a lot in high school. All you have to do is replace that carb with another carb, so eat fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes, nuts, seeds, or beans instead. Start bringing in homemade food instead of buying from the cafeteria or commercial stores unless they can accommodate your lifestyle.
  2. really? that's interesting. well, don't be afraid to modify your diet. Maybe your answer lies in one of these videos: It's hard to know for sure what the problem is because it could easily not be related to diet... I'd still visit the doctor for a collaborative effort on maximizing your health.
  3. Good luck man and just start slow. Do you have allergies? My SO has a tree nut allergy, but has had no problems with LSD. Perhaps one way to know whether you're allergic to mushrooms is to have culinary mushrooms.
  4. I also recommend a full dose. It may seem intimidating at first, but if you have good self-control and self-love, you will be okay. You will also feel thankful that you went ahead with the experience. That is what my experience tells me.
  5. It sounds like God. Or Love, whatever word you want to use
  6. What do you think the message would say if it could be put into words?
  7. Go to the doctors and get checked! are you getting all your nutrients? (you can check through cronometer). Eat a variety of food, like some Octopus and Salmon too, not just chicken for that EPA & DHA. There's also nothing wrong with not going Keto and just go higher-carb like 100g-150g too. Where are you getting your calcium and Vit. D? Try adding some pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds into your life to increase fiber, magnesium, & manganese intake. I get my calcium and Vitamin D through Milk and cheese.
  8. you need to do more than just watch Leo's videos. Watch PsychedSubstance, go to, and google anything else you need.
  9. she seems to contradict herself when she says that she's experienced the world as hyper physical and then as pure nothingness. Perhaps that experience of "hyper physical" is what Leo is referring to when he says "infinity" but on a grander scale. It could also be she just needs to try some psychedelics. I personally seem to get or am familiar with nearly everything Leo has mentioned.
  10. I think Elliot Hulse is awesome and I really don't understand the hate he gets. Like he's just a dude doing his own thing and the information he gives out (for free) is valid and useful. infinite waters doesn't work for me, but do you dawg
  11. Have you tried seeking therapy man? If you are going to a university they will have counseling services available which should be covered by your tuition. Be careful assuming what others are assuming. Given the stuff your posting, I sense a bit of pessimism in your language and one could easily be projecting the self-image we have of ourselves and assume people have the same image. If you find this doesn't apply, forget I said it. You actually don't need anyone to accept you, you need to deeply accept yourself first. I invite you to try something as radical as magic mushrooms as it deeply helped me with self-acceptance, self-love, and self-trust. When you trust and love yourself and are consistently honest with others, you will see human have the capacity to be trusted, lovable, and honest, and you will do what you have done for yourself, but for others.
  12. Grow together. Relationships take work.
  13. I agree! Could there are most likely enzymes in compounds found in animal foods that cannot be found in plant foods that help with the digestion? The bacteria comes from the soil and I am not denying soil bacterias can produce b12, but again, B12 is also produced by bacterias in the gut of cows. I have read that humans have bacterias that produce b12 in the colon, but it cannot absorbed unless you were to eat your own poop, I believe.