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  1. I am also in a similar situation with a younger sibling... I think there is a great advice here. Practically speaking, I would suggest having him see therapy. Not a psychiatrist, but a psychologist/counselor type.
  2. One philosophical concept I always find fun to think about is the idea of free will. Do we choose our actions or are our actions selected by the environment?
  3. While I don't disagree with Krishnamurti, the downside of only believing in that one statement is that it pretty much leads to duality. @Khan 0 is making a distinction between Truth and Illusion and @Thought Art is posing the non-duality, that all is Truth.
  4. Giving authority is not always a bad thing. We do it with Leo and his videos or with scientists. For example, you referenced interpreting the Bible is absolute truth within the frame of Leo's videos. I've read the Bible many times while tripping and it is a source of absolute truth to me. - The thing is, people and I want to understand life, and judge what is good and bad for them, so that we may achieve success, peace, harmony, and love. There has to be some sort of standard to frame the situations of life and to discern what is reasonable and good in the long run. That's why people use it. It's a very useful map and set of standards, that time tested, on how to structure your life. Edit: See, now @Khan 0 & @Thought Art are in disagreement about whether life is an illusion or if it is divine, which is a great example of what happens when authority structures are not set in place
  5. @ThePoint It's good that you are cautious. I think the only way to get these connections is to go places where the kind of people who do psychedelics hang out. Most of the connections I found was during college, but I am 27 now. If I had 0 connection, I'd go to some gathering like this : or, make friends with someone who knows someone and try to procure some. Yes exactly do not give or sell if you just want to experience it for yourself. I only "gave" because I was actually tripping with a friend. Mostly because I am more familiar with the laws and some states, countries in the US/Western Europe seem to have relatively relaxed laws (Portugal & Spain) for example, compared to countries like like Singapore or Japan. Of course any Jail time is no good. So of course, I am very private with my choices. I suppose they could if its online on the Dweb, but they would have to link you to doing the actual transaction. I agree with not buying it on the web though, I haven't done that and I'd grow my own mushrooms & synthesize DMT before I buy it online. The ingredients to synthesize these items are legal in the US.
  6. I did not deal with this because I procured psychedelics from people I personally know... It's really not that hard to make these connections though - there are psychedelic conferences throughout the world, psychedelic raves or just new age spiritual gatherings where someone is sure to know where to get it. So buying it off the internet, which I think is quite risky, is not necessary. Once you get it, get a personal amount, like 5 tabs of LSD or an 8th of mushrooms, and do not sell it. Giving to someone and selling to someone are two different things in terms of the law at least in the US. Let's say you have it and you did it. so you say, well the authorities may learn I tripped 5 years later. Okay, well how are they going to prove that? they can't. Of course I live in the US, I would not do any illegal drugs outside of US/Western Europe. In addition, think about how irrational your process is? can you actually point to any case where someone got arrested for taking psychedelics years later?
  7. Circumstances like those need to be handled with truth and love. if you allow your own fear to take handle, you are playing right into that 'entities' game (by the way, the entity is your shadow). There needs to be a confrontation of your shadow with consciousness and rationality, so that understanding can be had. If you are not grounded in truth and love, then call onto it.
  8. Why don't CDC scientists contact Joe Rogan so they can speak on his podcast?
  9. There's a lot that could be said about it, good and bad, depending on your values. And truly, unless you've studied Muhammad, read at least like 50% of the Quran and read some Hadiths, it's hard to generate a genuine accurate opinion about it. However, just from surface studying, - the Quran is quite dry and not hopeful, it's more punishment/judgmental oriented, just from reading the first Surah. It sort of denies God's connection to the material world. And Muhammad's actions are immoral in my opinion. His experiences of God may be true, but I don't consider him a perfect human being like Muslims suggest or that his teachings are something to center my life around.
  10. that makes a lot of sense I agree. -------------------------- "Everything is God" is such a paradox. It's too pantheistic. I prefer panentheism as a description of my reality. I feel it is more precise to say a cup is a creation of God, but is not the wholeness of God itself, and at the same time the cup is made of God-stuff. If there was no distinction of God, and everything is God then everyone is a guru and a heroin addict's life teachings is just as divine as Leo's teachings, which it really isn't.
  11. me and I am already married.
  12. I got Anxious/preoccupied @Roy I feel that.
  13. consume small fish, they have the least amount of mercury, like sardines.
  14. RIP. I hope if anyone here is having suicidal ideation right now they will reach out to someone.
  15. What really matters is evidence-based practices. Honestly, no one cares what approach you have as long as you bring results to them. I am personally more into CBT since its practice, present focused, and easier for others to learn. For example, it is much easier to help clients identify negative thought loops and what strategies to use versus interpreting dreams or free association. It's probably going to depend on the client themselves. I think both approaches raise consciousness though. Psychotherapy is all about practicing consciousness.