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  1. I interpret those phenomenon like evil beings, curses, and paranormal activity as coming from within usually a space where you are not healed, are angry, in pain, sad, etc and is being manifested in your mind in a particular image or framework. I've had experiences that felt like I was possessed, synchronicity, or like shadow beings in my head, but I recognized these are all from me, and are manifested from pain/confusion the only way to get over those things is to heal, ask for forgiveness from others and yourself, and seek love instead of power.
  2. The problem with that definition is, it is sexist to say women like to grow their hair long and treat it to be pretty. Women can act however they want, there is no box that women fit in. Women can still be women, without following traditional gender norms. ----- I am not transphobic, I don't care, if I meet a transgender woman or transgender man, I will respect their pronouns and just treat them like human beings, its whatever. But I do make a personal distinction in my mind between a transgender women and a biological women. I don't think the difference is arbitrary at all, it's very real, and obvious especially when you take genitals and hormones into account to me. It appears trans folk also know it's not arbitrary which is why they get hormone treatment, surgery, and change their whole appearance. I don't understand how trans women = women aligns with love and truth. Generally what aligns with love and truth is accepting who you are and how you are born to me. And I am very open minded person, but I just don't see it. I have compassion for gender dysphoria and I hope trans folk get what they need for peace.
  3. they can do both. however, doing higher doses more frequently would probably lead to derailment rather than smaller doses or even micro-doses, and then like once every 1-2 years doing high doses for deeper contemplation. The thing is, it appears that part of Leo's job is learning to deconstruct reality, so getting his reality deconstructed by 5-meo and then putting into language actually goes along with his life purpose lol
  4. Completely normal. Try to recognize the beauty in her perspective. Maybe you just some time with the boys? compatibility is more of a value thing. Like, I can't be with a woman who smokes cigarettes or doesn't see the value in saving money.
  5. @Someone here 100 Agreement with you man!
  6. This depends on how much you value your relationship and what kind of relationship you have with your friend. 3 things to consider 1) There are plenty of potential women out there for you. 2) you and this girl could be a good fit for each other. 3) Women freewill. Is it possible for you to just hang out with this girl without doing anything you can't come back from? and at the same time, It's not like its your friend's ex. This depends on what your long-term goal with girls is and what you want from them, y'know? I think you need to be yourself. Forget what we all need or what introverts need, what does @mw711 need?
  7. Doesn't make sense... To be true to yourself is to acknowledge your suffering. Even if you God-realized, the flesh still suffers.
  8. If you're going to judge this subjectively then try eating just fruits and see how you feel. I personally think eating only fruits is unsustainable and restrictive. I like to eat meat, variety of veggies, eggs, beans, potatoes, and fruits, etc. I could do without dairy, but a little bit of pizza is okay for me. I am much more concerned with plastic and junk food. Objectively speaking though prana / life energy is pseudoscience from the new age. The nutrients in food and water is the cause of the energy you have to sustain your bodily functions. If you're getting 'prana' from fruits its because you are getting a sugar high. Look at nutritional studies and the habits of long living people - like blue zone. They eat a variety of foods. That's what would make the most rationale sense to follow if health is your goal.
  9. To be who we are. The creating, the suffering, the survival that helps us be who we are.
  10. A woman is an adult human female It might be a construct, but it is a good one because it grounded in physical reality.
  11. It really depends on who you ask. I don't think its important and I think sex is best saved for someone you actually like and enjoy.
  12. It's terrible because they lack integrity which I consider necessary for a happy peaceful life. It appears to be a product of mismatched values and childhood trauma. Also if you're in a serious relationship, putting yourself in situations that will tempt you is dumb. A serious partner would not want a fling or would transcend it and focus on building the relationship deeper. If your partner will cheat, simply because they have options, then you have a poor partner and likely a partner that is not a good match for you. A good ideal partner will have options and still choose you. It's like picking out a dog, lots of dogs are cute, but you still pick one and forge a relationship with it until it dies.
  13. I found DMT to be insightful. The insight felt deeper like into the core of oneself. it really feels like a microscope zoom into your mind/body
  14. you find what you're looking for.
  15. Yeah, that's right, when I think about it, 90% of the people I know who are European immigrants are right leaning in some way and some were openly in favor of Trump when I talked to them.