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  1. Humans are a unique species and hunting played an important evolutionary role. Your claim: "We don't have the bodies or abilities" to hunt and eat animals raw (without tools) - yet, we do our ability is our mind and capacity to build sharp weapons. Then we use our body to hunt. How is this not evidence that we can in fact hunt BETTER than any other creature on this entire planet. You say: NOT TRUE, we can absorb nutrition from RAW meat, milk, and fish and in fact we absorb more nutrition because cooking destroys nutrients. Isn't that why raw vegans are so insistent about going raw?. It also doesn't "easily" make you ill if you eat healthy animals from local farms, I also mentioned two human societies, one of which eat raw milk, meat, and blood without health issues. I felt you were implying that we cannot eat raw meat because it'll make us sick. I don't see anyone getting sick from sushi either. You say: My point was that suggesting that someone can be a bodybuilder on a vegan diet isn't even proven since those bodybuilders that vegans commonly name use steroids. You say: Supplements are synthetically made which is what kept me from going vegan. Only thing seaweed will provide is iodine. I noticed you skipped over all the other nutrients. You'd probably suggest to supplement the rest right? Here's another resource that says we Cannot get vitamin A from vegetables. Also dude, Humans are NOT gorillas. We process food differently. Not to mention that gorillas do eat bugs, so in other words, they eat other LIFE.
  2. Again bro you are wrong. It's okay, I was there, I bought into the vegan propaganda and said the same things you are saying, but the truth is human beings actually can and DO kill wild animals and eat them raw. Inuit and Massai people do this. Not to mention Tartare is a popular dish in parts of the world. Here are some alternative resources. Don't forget the supplements...
  3. That's not true at all. LOTS of people have tried vegan the "right" way and ended with poor health. you can find a bunch of videos of "ex-vegans" online who were vegans for 3+ years. Body builders on vegan diets use steroids. Although Simmnett nutrition looks good aesthetically speaking. Meat has vitamins you can't get fruit, veggies, nuts, or legumes such as B12, Vitamin A, creatine and more.
  4. Yes I eat meat because its healthy, natural, and necessary for MY optimal health.
  5. Hmm... I do not share these sentiments. I love to travel, dance, and party. However, I'm not like a party animal, I'm actually introverted, but I love to have get together with friends every once in a while and I party hardy (in reason, I still remember what happened yesterday.) I smoke and drink at the parties to in an unrestricted fashion (depending on the party and social context). Smoking and drinking could be a distraction... but it's also a great way for people in their 20s to loosen up and be more open in my experience.
  6. Organic is premium treatment of your food and you should pay premium for what you put in your body. You can even taste the richness of an organic fruit.
  7. Perhaps you are just into fashion and designing your appearance? Try to strike a healthy balance between your finance and your interests. I get desire to buy things too and every once in a while I do cave. Like books, I got so many, half are unread and I still buy books lol. but I'm not going into debt, you know. Keep it reasonable.
  8. Why are you so attached to watches? maybe you can stop that need to collect them by understanding yourself. I can't recognize your story myself but I have had a few friends who liked to collect Nike shoes. I like to collect guitars? but thats cause they're all unique and I'd buy ones I enjoy playing. Im attached to guitars because I love music. I don't really see anything wrong with owning material things, but there's no need to be excessive.
  9. we still use/have microscopes in biology classes and telescopes in physics classes tho. I don't use that often, but I sure wish I did. I feel like psychedelics hyper-evolve us.
  10. Dude! you can teach music part time and then get an apartment with a friend or something.
  11. Eat a balanced WHOLE food diet that includes high quality meat and fish, as well as plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. I don't know if meat will ground you, but it is a healthy and nutritious
  12. I think its unnatural and will not last long-term on a societal level. It also seems unbalanced. There's no masculine qualities in that first family/household. Would be easily taken over by a tribe of warriors 2000 yrs ago. There's no masculine activities being taught in that school besides "building". Their still really young children though, id like to say how they handle this when puberty hits lol. and their insistence to ignore genitals is hilarious. Additionally, children rely on their parents to teach them how to survive in this world. I think it poor to not teach your boy how to defend himself and others. Also these stereotypes, are things the genders want in the other... Further, I do not think its a problem to be born a boy and participate in "feminine" activities. I just have a problem with ignoring obvious physical difference between men and women. I like flowers, rainbows, pretty colors, and long hair too. I didn't as a boy. So in one way, I think its positive to raise awareness in boys about getting in touch with feminine nature as well, which I didn't feel I was allowed to. So I see some good coming out of this experiment, but overall, do I think boys and girls are naturally wired differently. Edit: they raise them like girls and then say they're gender neutral. And of course they can't choose between he she or hen because its confusing. They're getting mixed messages. in addition, They're not learning what it means to be a boy/man or girl/woman because they don't give them any REAL examples. Batman doing ballerina? Lmao. They don't even know what they're saying when they say "I am a boy" today! The true responsibility and role of being a Men and Women in human society has not dawned on them due to lack of experience. And the parents also have poor ideas of it because they're so detached from nature in their first world land. edit 2: Mapa claims that people are uncomfortable with boys having long hair and its not true at all. It's not about long hair, it's about attitude and mission in life. Plenty of men had long hair, the Beatles, Kurt Cobain, and Thor are some examples.
  13. @Joseph Maynor makes a good point here my dude. I fall into negative scripts and stories myself, so no judgment here! Psychedelics CAN definitely help. They're powerful and amazing and what's crazy is if you haven't even tried it. you don't even know what you're getting yourself into it because its wild. and you will surely be amused and amazed, possibly frightened at the realism behind it.
  14. meditation, exercise, and hatha yoga (mindful stretching essentially)