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  1. They're not overrated or underrated. There is tremendous joy in experiencing life with someone.
  2. gradually eat more calories until it is above what you normally burn per day. eat 300-500 calories more than your daily maintenance which is going to be impacted by your daily activity level. it's very helpful to monitor it by writing it down or using a fitness app. Eat high calorie foods with healthy fats like meat, fish, butters of all kinds. Milk and cheese is great to get those calories in.
  3. With these criteria, you could argue that university has cult elements. I just don't see these factors as cult-like. In my mind, I do not put the responsibility on Leo for how other's are interpreting and applying the material in their lives. It is always up to you to think for yourself, question authority, and verify for yourself. All of these challenges you came up against are great opportunities to self-reflect and learn about yourself, it's not about Leo. It's as if the people who are so easily caught up in cults are lazy critical thinkers and lack self-esteem; then get upset when they make their teachers more than what they are. Watching Leo's videos is like having a chat with a very smart friend/brother. Even If I did not agree with everything Leo says because of lack of experience and evidence, it is an opportunity to go, "huh, there is more that I need to discover".
  4. It does exist. I personally know multiple who got it and two (elderly) needed to go to the hospital. The one who didn't, said he had a high fever for about 2 weeks and had moment where he considered going to the hospital.
  5. I say yes, because you can usually check the references about any claim made.
  6. You have to be careful what kind of Christians you are listening to as well. Just cause someone identifies as Christian does not mean they received the message. Just think of the Westboro Baptist Church for an extreme example. There are a range of Christians are there, it's the most populated religion. There needs to be nuance when studying this religion. Speaking from experience, most people do not actually look at the foundation or early christian movements. I personally, think American pastors are poor when it comes to experiential knowledge of "Christ Consciousness". Look into the monastic Christians like the Franciscans, early Eastern Orthodox Christians, and mystics in Christianity. They make American pastors look like children.
  7. The question you could ask yourself is, could you be doing something better with your time besides jerking off to porn? In my experience, the answer is always yes. Do you value acting or real intimate sexual reality? I agree with OP. Porn is bad for you and your ability to build relationship with women (from a male's perspective). As I became more aware of the NoFap movement and read about their perspective, I slowly stopped. I pretty much see porn to be an ugly vice and full of deceit. It's also a toxic industry that takes advantage of people. so if you want all the baggage that comes with this vice to sit on your heart, then so be it. I don't use it anymore
  8. I agree. I also appreciate Christianity significantly and even identify as Christian. Sure mainstream Christianity can be dogmatic, but I do not practice it that way. I find value in the commandments, sin theology, and words of St. Paul. I simply prefer the narrative and label of spiritual experience versus other traditions too. and if you read the work of saints like St. Augustus and St. Francis, you will see how devoted and enlightened spiritual Christians were.
  9. It seems like you're trying to accept and do something you do not want for yourself. There is nothing wrong with desiring an exclusive monogamous relationship. Nonetheless, if you are absolutely sure. I would focus on making sure the emotional intimacy is strong. Set ground rules and expectations, and define what you both think it means to be in an open relationship. You guys have to be open, transparent, filled with trust, and that will make your emotional intimacy tight. If you believe and interpret your SO's sexual relations with other women as meaningless than you won't feel devalued. I notice, a lot of people in the spiritual community view monogamy as close-minded, but not seeing what monogamy has to offer is close-minded. Personally, I think polygamous relationships devalues individuals in the relationship or at least makes you feel that way because the emotional and physical intimacy becomes shared and distributed.
  10. I've done this and it is okay. Consider how a serious dose is about 100-300 ug in one day! how could a 55ug over 3 days be bad?
  11. I don't think it's racist. It can seem that way because it is pointing out something about the social-racial dynamics of the US. I notice my white friends get defensive, but you have to actually look into it, and understand the foundation of the hypothesis. BTW, I am a white, first born US citizen, that comes from a working class immigrant family. It describes a phenomenon that is real in the US. I noticed no one actually posted about the originator of this idea.
  12. That is true, abstinence is the best way to not get pregnant. But there's really no chance of getting pregnant with a condom unless the condom breaks.
  13. The purpose of protest is for individuals to organize and collect together to communicate a specific message to the government. The purpose is to enact change through policies or in general to express dissatisfaction with the current system. It's sort of like asking, if someone cut you in line at the grocery store, what is the purpose of saying, "excuse me, you cut me in line, that's not cool." Protesting is the collective big version of that small interaction. Assuming, you are talking about the protest related to the George Floyd case. The purpose is to enact police reform, change police interact with suspects, holding police accountable who engage in excessive force, raise awareness about how black people are disproportionally mistreated by police officers. So In other words, people expect police to them like a human and with some respect. This is not historically factual. Black Americans have demonstrated that civil disobedience and coordinated protest does make change happen.
  14. Communication!
  15. I personally like and participate in nofap. Ever since I learned about it, I have done PMO way less and plan to get rid of completely. Spiritually and personally, I do not see it as helpful in my path to living with Love/God or self-actualization. I could always been doing something better. Sometimes masturbation could be self-love or physical expressions of love with someone else. Other times it's straight up hedonism. Your mind will take otherwise innocents who are like you and twist them into pawns in your imagination for your own pleasure, its opposite to love. It's better to express love with someone you love and loving you back.