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  1. It's okay dude. I am 24 and I am not perfect either. There is still so much time. Self-actualization is legit the hardest thing one can do. It's pushing and challenging yourself. Every moment is a new moment, every day is a new day to live differently now. I'd say your first goal should be to get yourself to feel empowered using affirmations, motivational books, and speeches. then figure out a way to reach financial freedom. so you have more control about your living situation. For now, decorate your room perhaps so it feels welcoming and positive for you. For example, I have a mandala tapestry hung on my wall with lights, along with a diffuser that helps me bring relaxation. Along with a good stretching and breathing session at least every other day. What is a skill that you would like to learn? that pays well. seriously..? plumbing, carpentry, electrician, maybe you'd like to be a personal trainer or a yoga teacher (a little harder to reach stable income)? construction workers can make over 100k/yr. Or maybe you do want to go to college? It's possible with financial aid, scholarships, working on campus, an RA, or being a research assistant. And there are people out there who do want to help... yeah you'll meet miserable unhelpful people too tho. It may sound difficult from a place of hopelessness, I think everyone on this forum has experienced that. but just begin, take that first step of looking at what vocational skill you can pursue and figure out concrete action plans, step by step. As you do them you will start to feel better and more confident. Check out motivational audio CDs and audiobooks that can help motivate you! I think step one should be to get yourself to feel emotionally ready to pursue self-actualization. Use affirmations too! I am reading a book called "Feel the fear... and do it anyways" I really recommend it in combating fear/anxiety and feeling empowered. Be patient and be kind to yourself.
  2. You're right.
  3. No offense, this is a fascinating topic, but you could easily research this Netflix has a series by CNN called the 60s. I personally learned from just listening to the music, reading wiki, listening to MLK, Malcolm X, JFK, Interviews from popular bands.
  4. The issue is with vegan/vegetarian is there is no natural source of B12. It's all synthetically made. I do not trust synthetic products because it is difficult to re-produce nature. for example look at k2/spice's failure to imitate THC. All the studies on meat are pretty much invalid because they do not study 100% grass-fed meat with individuals who actually take care of themselves and have a healthy diet. It does not explain previous and current cultures who eat plenty of raw meat, fish, and milk who thrive and live long with no health issues. It's not viable for everyone because there are people who do not handle high-fiber diets, people who are allergic to fruits, vegetables, nuts, and more. omega 3 conversion is not reliable either. Also plants ARE creatures. It's fine to still want to be vegan/vegetarian despite this for moral reasons, but a lot of people argue that it is more healthy when that has been unfounded. Plenty people are thin, healthy, alert, strong and eat meat.
  5. I say Just tell them you're not interested. If they ask why or press you, be honest and then provide the reasons you listed here. If they are really your family & friends, they will respect it. Only issue I see arising is that this is how people socially bond around your state. If you do not go hunting, then you may need to compensate for that social bonding through another activity, or just join them hunting, without you doing anything.
  6. I agree with @Mikael89 here. If you don't have loyalty than what good is your love anyways? Nothing wrong with focusing or prioritizing one relationship over another. it's preference, but in the bigger picture, yeah growing our love for the world as a whole is the ultimate goal. But that doesn't mean, I am going to leave or diminish the treatment of individuals who have been by my side through my bullshit, sadness, mistakes, and accomplishments. That kind of trust and loyalty is hard to come by and to me examplifies deep unconditional love.
  7. Block her and get a restraining order? If he has to, kick her ass... visiting children at school without permission is a big cross in boundaries and I'd fight anybody, I don't care if they're a man or a woman who's doing stalking like behavior around my children. Anyways... that's why you don't fuck around and disrespect your family like that. He made his bed and now he has to sleep in it.
  8. That is not true at all. Plenty of people in marriages have great self-esteem. Some people do not want the drama or emotional turmoil of multiple intimate relationships. It can be exhausting just to have one. Also it appears to me that you are speaking from a place of Lust not Love. Marriage is about love, acceptance, and commitment, not about being able to score consistently like some men make it out to be. @Emerald Interesting explanation about men and femininity!
  9. dude, mushrooms are pretty ideal lol. They blow my mind, I get non-dual experiences every time.
  10. I do not. I stay away from all kinds of tobacco. only smoke cannabis.
  11. What did he even really even do besides express himself? He's just calling it like it is for him and they're the ones who put the camera and microphone at him, so he said his piece. Plus do we know what led Jim to act like that? maybe there is some backstory that explains his attitude.
  12. Monogamy feels more right for me. I do think there is something special about the conventional male to female marriage. I also don't think of marriage as ownership. It's a serious agreement to be life partners. 100% trust. Making babies and taking care of those babies. It's about responsibility and it does grow your ability to love. I doubt health benefits are his real main motivation. People just want different things and different things work for different people. There are polygamous marriages and it has existed historically, Islam and mormonism has it.
  13. He's just having fun. I don't know where he stands on spiral though. I'd say at yellow. Definitely not orange... He did go through an activism phase, but I am not sure he's doing that anymore.