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  1. Yes it is. Sin, meaning, missing the mark. Casual sex is a short term pleasure. It is not thought through or done with high consciousness. What does that kind of lifestyle build to? If I am to suppose and assume that our life needs to be meaningful which requires a vision, a long-term acquisition of skills and knowledge to build a good life, a good community? Where does casual sex fall into that? Further, treating sex as something casual actually diminishes the beauty of what sex is for yourself and others. It's like when people treat psychedelics like a party drug, they diminish the sacred activity behind it.
  2. I'd avoid believing or assigning meaning into numbers like that. It is likely to lead to falsehood. and Yes you can communicate back to any being or spirit because you are it. Search for God, not numbers or meanings behind number (unless you are a mathematician)
  3. I get my omega by fish and intaking a spoonful of cod liver oil daily. I personally use "On Target Living Alaskan Cod Liver Oil Organic Lemon Flavor".
  4. which ever way you choose, do it with awareness and you will get a clear image if it aligns with you.
  5. I would add foods like hemp seeds, Walnuts, pumpkin seeds and flax/chia seeds for the iron, zinc, extra fat, and omegas. Could also try supplementing iron, DHA&EPA, b12, and zinc If you are not already. Get a blood test for accurate assessment cause you may or may not be low in one of these.
  6. We said it is.
  7. Killing yourself is the least spiritual thing you can do. Life is sacred. There is more spiritual gain to be had by overcoming suffering and desires of life.
  8. +1 Also I'd like to add to stop judging yourself so much OP. I am an amateur song-writer. The biggest cause of writer block for me is judging my work and trying to be sound like something. Forget what you sound like in your head, and just create. If you are not satisfied with a loop, leave it, and add another track, and that might spark what you are missing in that loop. You have to trust yourself and let go of the thoughts you have about it at the moment. Just Play. Be a child when you make you music. FEEL the groove. do not forget why you love music in the first place. Do you like psychedelics? take some psychedelics and play your instrument, you will notice how much thoughts and training actually holds you back from creating and experimentation.
  9. You transcend it by fearing so much that you cannot stand it and just accept a version of yourself where it could happen, and you move on and be happy. that's the only way I have transcended apprehension.
  10. Emotional attachment with your partner is good in a relationship - not to the point of codependency - interdependent is the healthy version. - Book recommendation: Codependent No More for a deeper analysis I think you need to lead and set boundaries, discuss together the vision you both have as a couple together. and if she is not with it, then drop her and find a woman who will align with your vision. She may be doing this because you have not really demonstrated to her that you want her in your life deeply, so she is probably keeping options open. The irony is she probably insecure about the relationship too. If you want your girl to commit to you, you're going to need to commit back, and your guys behavior need to be serving each other. This is the essence of a deep loving relationship. Otherwise, why else would she be scrolling looking at men and why are you scrolling looking at women? There is much deeper work to be done as a couple than scrolling through social media. Think about your whole self-actualization journey; now you need to do this in context of having a partner, like the relationship itself is its own ego. I have been in a relationship for 10 years and I feel very secure about my partner - my partner scrolls through Pinterest on how to be a better woman for me: cooking recipes, house decoration, party planning, and her own career stuff. My point is, her focus is on us. *note* I don't mean to say you need to control your partner or force her to stop using instagram, but instead find a person who shares your vision. Once you explain your vision which will progressively deeper over the years, you will notice that she either agrees or does not, and vice versa. Let her explain what her vision is and do you agree with it? You must let go of your selfishness if you want a committed partner. if you want to bang a bunch of girls, then go do that.
  11. Find your life purpose; Do your passions and meaningful activities!!! Go lift weights, practice martial arts, go create a life apart from your partner, as hard as that can be sometimes! I promise she will love you more for it!
  12. You can. but is that your self-actualized vision?
  13. Because living is fun and full of sensations and meaning.
  14. This is not true. Being afraid of being vulnerable and emotional is weak. I have been emotional with girls and they do find it attractive when a masculine man can cry a tear or talk about how much they appreciate their mother - (in reason...). They want a wholesome male. Honestly, I don't know how to explain this dynamic. I get what you're saying, being strong is important, but if you work out and got muscles, it is obvious you are strong and disciplined lol. If you come across a problem and instead of complaining about it, focus and fix it in a wholesome way, you will appear stoic, cool, and strong. You don't need to be pretend, you just are. The essence of a man's strength is the measure of his ability to not be swayed by the material world. So if you are afraid of appearing weak or someone's opinion that you may be seen as weak, guess what you are weak. This is why in my opinion, the biggest fundamental problem guys have with relationships with girls is they have a shit relationship with themselves.. and as a result the world. Moreover, girls just want to have fun... with a guy who is FUN to be around with. Are you fun to be around with? I also will come out and disagree with others that the "Cold" approach is good. It is off-putting and easily seen as you having an agenda, so you better be good at engaging someone in a fun conversation in seconds. You'd be better off joining a club, going to Barnes and nobles and striking up a conversation, taking a walk in the park, or just really going out and going where people are.