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  1. @Carl-Richard I agree with you! I still think there's value in self-assessments and psychological testing, but it depends on the context and rigorous nature of it.
  2. Psychological tests are meant to measure constructs which represent an introspective experience. So yes its pseudo science since mood states such as happiness and sadness; and personality characteristics laziness or intelligence cannot be directly measured or observed. Instead what happens is social science will get a huge sample, establish a bell curve, and then measure you against it to identify you amongst the rest. Another faultiness of psychological testing is that they are self-reported which means people can lie, exaggerate or falsely assess themselves. The thing is, psychologists have never denied anything I'm saying, it's just average people take psychological tests as being Truth when its truly just a component in assessing or diagnosing someone. The only natural science regarding humans is Behavioral Analysis
  3. That's why we need solid values/beliefs to ground yourself in between all the work.
  4. I think you would not feel this way, if you planned fun activities for yourself. Then you will be having so much fun and not thinking about others, but instead on the good time you are having.
  5. Personally, I think there are better religious organizations to be a part of as an American. But I understand the attraction. Everyone is dressed simply and singing mantras and hanging out with like minded people. Just let them be. Clearly, people are needing that kind of energy and hierarchy.
  6. that sounds about right. Maybe it was 120ug or something, but one tab can definitely do what you described.
  7. @Thought Art I agree with everything you said. and I am in the same place. I do think Leo puts sufficient warnings and directions though. Another thing that may not cross the minds of people on the forum is that Leo has and still does go through challenging experiences even with psychedelics, I have no doubt about it. He wasn't just born matured. In the end, I don't really know Leo's life, but I know mine and others, and the themes are is that Life is hard and challenging no matter what. Suffering is necessary to transcend to higher levels of consciousness.
  8. Jesus Christ is man who transcended survival and took on the character of the Father/God/Love as a result became the Son of God because only a Son of God can transcend survival and forgive torture. I believe he was a real person. It doesn't really matter though, because today you have a story of a person who changed the world and can inspire you to be like the Son of God.
  9. Go outside and say hello to people. It'll wash away the strangeness you are feeling. You are pure love just like everyone else and all you need to do is realize that.
  10. I don't think you're giving people enough credit to think for themselves. At this point, you're acting like @Leo Gura is a loaded gun.
  11. I just did 3g of mushrooms by myself in my home yesterday and to me they are feeling healing inside out, even physically. They could be anti-productive, but I've also been motivated to get my 'shit together' immediately as I am coming down.
  12. There's all kinds of people out there. Not every women or men you meet is the kind a person would meet at a club. There are plenty of men and women who want to save themselves for someone special and have a low to no "body count". and there are plenty of men and women who just want to a free for all. Find the person who suits you. I'm sure we can all agree with that
  13. I gotta disagree, but that's alright man, do what speaks to your higher self!
  14. It's perfectly okay to do that and many guys do this.
  15. Because societies that practiced monogamy faired better than other societies.
  16. CRT appears to me to be about understanding how race has impacted US society and laws and as a result people of different races within the country. I don't understand the hysteria. I don't think proponents of CRT are asking white people to be ashamed, but to gain self conscious of their bias and have compassion for the plight of other races (that seems to be the goal). Seems factual, reasonable, and conscious to me *shrug*.
  17. So you didn't learn the lesson? - and it's all her fault too huh? don't wanna take any responsibility for entering a field with thorns? Lame.
  18. lol. That's what happens when you fuck around. Story so old that it's in the Bible.
  19. Think and Grow Rich
  20. I agree with this. Have a quality spiritual experience that blow your mind and you will come back to this forum appreciative of its structure and normalcy.
  21. you are thinking way too much about it and judging yourself which is why you feel terrible. If you'd just approach openly then you would transcend this fantasy you have about it, cause you'd have some real world experience and then you would know where to go from there. mind you, I have never done approaching, but I do know mental suffering lol.
  22. HAHA thats my words. When I said that, I was referring to how to deal with horniness, friend . So practically speaking, I was saying enjoy the feeling of being horny, without needing to do anything about it. I agree with your original post though. I find pick-up distasteful. Everyone is different though and everyone's situation is different.
  23. cottage cheese and pumpkin seeds are high in protein too.
  24. that breaks my heart man. Your son NEEDS you. I don't want you to feel guilt or worried. I want you to empathize with your son and become concerned with the power you have.
  25. I have the same experiences you've had especially after my first several LSD trips. I saw non-duality everywhere. My partner was my self, my parents were like me and even more so, were me. Everything become equalized and transparent, nothing had solidity. I was staring at a mirror all the time and it felt kind of empty - void. I really contemplated the meaning while living a 'typical' life; I was school trying to achieve good grades, maintain a relationship, and not appear weird to friends. and even then, I still didn't really know what IT is, which is why I was so confused about the meaning of meaninglessness or why everything is a mirror to me. What will happen if you keep going is you will transcend this and integrate it. you will let go of non-dual stance, the thoughts surrounding it and what will happen is you will just BE. and that Being will be who you are meant to be on earth. Not too long after of feeling the meaninglessness of life, I kept trekking on and I still didn't really know God, or rather, I could not differentiate God, I felt like what I was living was a disguise and Truth is purging of all my ego. Is God pure illusion? Is it a cruel joke? Are all creatures to suffer in illusion, until they realize it is? and then what, drop out? as in give up and die? Then I had a mushroom trip where I contemplated God and realized God is nothingness - the experience of no thoughts, and open awareness to what is. - Note this is different seeing non-duality via a neurotic point of view. I completely let go of trying to figure it out. I had a guitar in my hand and without any thoughts, I played what came to me, I completely let go, and there I found myself. Who I am in the light of God, who I am as a human; making sounds, vibrations, and ultimately I am fullness, I am love. I am nothing to my mind, but everything to God. I am experience; the suffering, the longing to know, the ache of being alive. What I didn't realize before was what IT was, what non-duality is, I saw it, but I didn't know what IT is made of and its made of love. So what I want is for you to keep on going until you realize that this meaninglessness you are feeling is actually the fullness of Consciousness, God and Love. To be full and whole is to be have a wholesome ego resting in the light of God. When I played that guitar, I had no idea who I was, but I was. That's the best way I can explain at the moment. but just keep going, please do not do something drastic until you are feeling whole.