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Formless? Even that word cannot justify what it is... it doesn't have a form or appearances... 

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Mindfulness meditation on a daily basis counts too. Don't forget this. I like how Thich Nhat Hanh explains it here:

I already commented on it here.

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There is this flow to life for the person. The person can choose to get on this wave or choose ego (eg. being frustrated, emotional, unhappy, angry, etc.)

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walk and imagine a bird, surrender all pain to the bird, so that you may become the bird, while in the process of decreasing the self, breathing and adapting. Focus on death, so that you may erode in the face of time, and surrender the self to the god head. walk, walk and walk. 

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i have a little exercise, that i want to share:

Over the day, you count the cycles of forgetting and remembering the present moment. So whenever you recall, in whatever situation, you count one up. The next day, when you wake up, you start at 1 again. That's it.

It's funny because at first, I tried this just because I was curious about how often I forget awareness and recall it again and if I could keep track of it. And then it turned out to be quite an effective practise to increase my level of consciousness. It helps to recall and then also deepen my awareness in various situations throughout the day. For example, while writing this text, I remembered again, count one up (to 86, it's evening now) and I am now staying kind of conscious still while writing, which is normally not the case.

Best regards.

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@Leo Gura Hi Leo. I'm a real newbie to this and am struggling a little with one of the exercises. I hope you might find time to just give me a little pointer? In exercise 4 you say that the object in your visual field is existing exactly where it is. I understand all that completely and have tried my best to become very conscious of it. However, I struggle to understand how I can be everywhere when the perception of the object is being seen with the eyes. 

I know this is an extremely basic question, but as mentioned, I'm a complete novice, but very, very determined to understand.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Reminding yourself about the reality of death can be very enlightening actually. It helps you focus on the essentials and cut the pointless time-consuming crap. "The Present" from Global Truth Projects even states this 'exercise' as the most important for one's growth. And that text is right about many things, IMO.

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Triggering the Experience   

Ok, let’s begin. (You should be alone and probably allow at least 40 minutes to do this) 

There will be a series of things for you to do, ponder, or read through. If you really want the experience, you need to take your time and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Remember, you don’t have to believe anything. However, you do have to follow what is said (especially when you're told to ponder something). 

Also, DON'T SKIP AROUND because the power of the words may be lost. 

Take your time and read it through to the end. 

[Note: As you read through this material, be aware that your ego may resist somewhat by responding: “This won’t work for me”, “I don’t have time to mess with this”, “Nothing’s happening”, etc.] 


First of all, what we’re trying to do is initiate the experience by utilizing several different 'triggers'. Therefore, don't worry if you don't resonate with a particular section provided. 

With that in mind, ask yourself the following question- 

What is the “YOU” that you think you are? 


    “Well, clearly, I consist of my personality traits, my body, my soul, my mind, etc.”  



Mirror Exercise


Imagine that you’re looking into one of your mirrors at home. However, you’ve just taken an “invisibility pill” and you’re completely invisible. Take a look at the mirror and observe the details of the mirror and the wall that the mirror is hanging on. Furthermore, notice the back of the room as it appears in the reflection of the mirror. Again, because you’re completely invisible, you can see the back of the room through the mirror.  

Now imagine that your vocal chords have been severed and you can’t speak. So now, you’re completely invisible and you can’t speak. 

What happened to your personality traits?  

Are “YOU” still out-going, boring, guarded, shy, self-confident, modest, secretive, friendly, vain, immature, courteous, rebellious, generous, lazy, cheap, aloof, etc.? 

What happened to “YOU”? You’re the same “YOU” (only now you're invisible and can’t talk).  

Your personality is simply a mental construct. It is a phantom. It is an illusion. “YOU” (and parents, society, etc.) have constructed it to define who you think “YOU” are. It’s composed of mere beliefs and judgments about who “YOU” are.


Multiple Personality Disorder


Consider the case of multiple personality disorder. Do two ‘YOU’s exist in a person with two personalities? You may say, “Maybe this person only has one real personality and one fake personality.” Ok, so which one is the real one?  

The truth is that BOTH have been constructed with the mind. The difference between us and them is that they’ve mentally constructed TWO personalities and we’ve only constructed ONE.


Consider the following hypothetical situation:


Little Susie (5 years old) is in the process of constructing her personality. Her mom tells her that she is a "good" girl. Her dad tells her that she is a "bad" girl. Since her dad is the more powerful influence on her, she takes herself to be a "bad" girl. 

Susie's mom tells her that she is smart. Her dad tells her that she's just plain stupid. Again, she is more influenced by her dad because he is more forceful, etc. Thus, she begins to see herself as stupid. 

At school, all the other kids think that Susie is extremely funny. All the kids laugh with her. Her dad doesn't think she is funny at all, in fact, he thinks she's dull. She again takes this to be the truth about her. 

SO, IS THIS TRUE ABOUT HER?  Is Susie bad, stupid, and dull? Over time, SHE thinks so. Her DAD also thinks so. BUT, IS IT TRUE? 

NO, it is simply a mental construct created through conditioning and repetitive programming. They are simply opinions (beliefs). They are illusory. They are not real. Would it matter if Susie thought she was good, smart, and funny?  No, it's still a creation of her mind. It doesn't make it true.


“YOU” are not your personality.  

  What is the “YOU” that you think you are?   


“Ok, fine, I’m my body, my soul, my mind.” 

Yes, “YOU” have a body. However, your body is autonomous. It can function on its own. It doesn’t need a “YOU” to breathe, supply oxygen to the brain, etc. 


Besides, is the “YOU” that we’re trying to locate just a 'body'?  




“Ok, fine, I’m my soul and my mind.”  

Let’s focus on Soul (or Spirit) first.

So, let's say that God (or Universe, the Source, the Almighty, Consciousness, etc.) created your Soul. But, why would God create both your Soul and a separate "YOU"? 

Looking at it logically, “YOU” can’t be both your Soul and "YOU".   

Really ponder this.  


Just see the logic and look………Look. 

We'll come back to the Soul in just a minute.


“Ok, I’m a bit confused, but it’s still easy to see that I am my mind (consciousness)."

So, if your mind is “YOU”, we should be able to define it. So, what is it and where is it? You might say that your mind is a combination of both your thoughts (the what) and your brain (the where). 

Obviously, your brain is part of your body, so we’ll leave that one alone for now. In any case, most people don’t feel like the “YOU” that we’re looking for is merely a 'brain'. 


Now, let’s examine thoughts. 


Here are some questions for you to consider.

So, the “YOU” that we’re looking for is just a collection of thoughts? So, “YOU” are a collection of “evil” thoughts and “good” thoughts? 

What about when "YOU" are not thinking any thoughts? Do “YOU” momentarily cease to exist?  


What if your thoughts tell you to do something “bad” to someone or even kill them? If it’s really “YOU”, why don’t you listen to “YOU”? 

Where do all those crazy thoughts even come from? Are they the “YOU” that you think you are?


“YOU” are not your thoughts. 

What is the “YOU” that you think you are?   



If your Spirit IS “YOU”, why did it create a separate Spirit called “YOU”?

If YOUR SOUL inhabits your body, why did it have to create “YOU” to inhabit it also? 

If your Consciousness IS “YOU”, why did it create another “YOU” to be Consciousness also?

If God created YOUR SOUL and put it in your body, why did God create another “YOU” to inhabit your body also?  

 If your Mind (Consciousness) IS "YOU", why did it create a separate Mind (Consciousness) called "YOU"?  


What is the “YOU” that you think you are?   There is no "YOU".


There is no “YOU”. Sit with it. Ponder it. No need to meditate on it. 

Don’t force it. Just see it for what it is. Let it settle. Let it simmer. 

Let it “take hold”. Surrender to it. 

There is no “YOU”. 

See it. Look at it. Focus.


Just look……….THERE IS NO “YOU”..........

Look……………See it………………LOOK………..........

An Equation

It might be useful to look at it like a mathematical equation. You’re saying in essence that there's my Soul and there's "me" (and they both combine to make "me"). 

So, the Equation looks like this: 


“YOU”  +  Soul  = “YOU”.  


In mathematics, you CANCEL OUT TWO IDENTICAL TERMS on opposite sides of the equation.  

Therefore, the Equation


“YOU”  +  Soul  =  “YOU”

CAN BE REDUCED DOWN by canceling out like terms (both the ‘YOU’s). 

“YOU”  +  Soul  =  “YOU”

The Equation now becomes simply: 



Here are two more examples:



“YOU”  +  Spirit  = “YOU”

CAN BE REDUCED DOWN by canceling out like terms (both the ‘YOU’s).  

“YOU”  + Spirit  =  “YOU”

The Equation now becomes simply: 





“YOU”  +  Consciousness = “YOU"

CAN BE REDUCED DOWN by canceling out like terms (both the ‘YOU’s).

 “YOU”  + Consciousness =  “YOU”

The Equation now becomes simply: 


The “YOU” that you thought was "YOU" is an illusion. “YOU” are a mental construct. "YOU" are a figment of your imagination. "YOU" are a fictional EGO-self (the illusory self). 

"YOU" simply don't exist. A "YOU" is an unnecessary 'extra' in all of these equations. 


The Mental Construct of  " I "

If the experience still hasn’t “taken hold”, you may be asking yourself:  


“I am aware that I am at my computer right now thinking about all this. If there is no “me”, then who is aware of me sitting here and thinking?” 

“I am able to observe everything that is going on around me. If there is no “me”, then who is able to observe everything?”

"I am conscious of looking at this webpage right now and feeling confused. If there is no "me", then who is conscious of looking at this and feeling confused?" 


' I ' am aware….. 

' I ' am able to observe…..

' I ' am conscious......

What is the ' I ' that is being referred to?  


Awareness exists. Observation exists. Consciousness exists. However, they are not "yours". They do not exist separately (in 'you') even though it appears so. 

Awareness, observation, and consciousness don't require a separate ' I ' to exist. They can exist without the mental construction of ' I '. The mind tries to connect awareness, observation, and consciousness to "something" tangible. So, it creates a separate ' I ' to make sense of things. 

Brief Exercise 

If you cease thought, Awareness is what remains. Try the following:


Take a moment and look out of "your" eyes and observe everything in the room without allowing any thoughts to enter your mind.



The Awareness that looks out of 'your' eyes is the exact same Awareness that looks out of 'mine'. The only difference is that of location (or access point).  [Note: I'm not talking about thought. I'm talking about Awareness.]

If you really look, you will not be able to find a separate ' I ' that is behind "your" Awareness. The thing you think of as ' I ' does not exist. In Truth, there is no separate ' I '.  

In other words: 

There is no "YOU". 


***Take your time and PONDER the above for several minutes***

The Thought of "YOU"

"The experience is still not 'triggering' (after several attempts of pondering all of the above)." 


This is likely the sticking point - Your mind logically assumes that since THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, and SENSATIONS exist (This is true), then a separate "YOU" has to also exist because something has to "own" the THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, SENSATIONS, etc. Thus, the first part of the assumption is true while the second part of the assumption (i.e. a separate "YOU") is false. The second part is not true even though it is quite logical.

It's tricky because it really does FEEL like there's a separate and distinct "YOU". However, it's just a THOUGHT or FEELING or SENSATION. There's nothing other than the THOUGHT, the FEELING, the SENSATION. There is the SENSE of a separate 'self', but no actual, individuated, separate 'self'. 



The THOUGHT of "YOU" exists. However, if "YOU" are not just a THOUGHT, where is your actual 'self'? 

The FEELING of "YOU" exists. However, if "YOU" are not just a FEELING, where is your actual 'self'? 

The SENSATION of "YOU" exists. However, if "YOU" are not just a SENSATION, where is your actual 'self'? 

The CONCEPT of "YOU" exists. However, if "YOU" are not just a CONCEPT, where is your actual 'self'? 

The IDEA of "YOU" exists. However, if "YOU" are not just an IDEA, where is your actual 'self'?

***Contemplate these questions for several minutes***


Without an actual 'self', you're left with merely a SENSE, FEELING, THOUGHT, CONCEPT, IDEA, PROJECTION, INKLING, ATTACHMENT of a separate 'self', but nowhere is there an actual, separate "YOU" to be found.




Can you conceive of the POSSIBILITY that there is just a THOUGHT, FEELING, or SENSATION that there is a separate "YOU", but no actual "YOU"?  

THINK ABOUT IT, in your wildest imagination, IS IT POSSIBLE?

If not, why not? 


***At a later time, take some time and contemplate this***

The FEELING of Existing


"I continue to have the feeling that there is a 'me', the feeling that I exist ."



The FEELING of existing & being alive is real. However, the mind incorrectly interprets WHERE that FEELING comes from.  

The FEELING of existing & being alive does not originate from a separate "YOU". Amazingly, the FEELING of existing & being alive 
is actually coming from the undivided WHOLE of Consciousness (or Awareness, Source, Life, or whatever label you prefer).

In other words, that FEELING of existing that you attribute to "YOU" is actually coming from undivided Consciousness. It is the undivided WHOLE of Consciousness. It is the undivided WHOLE of Awareness.

The greatest falsity in human history all boils down to a misconception made by the mind.

It's an incredible Paradox - The FEELING of existing is not coming from a separate 'self' (even though the mind interprets it that way). That inner FEELING of existing is coming from a unified WHOLE. It is not coming from a separate entity called "YOU".

In other words:


The Process of Looking


"The experience didn't 'trigger' for me."

From this point forward, it is no longer based on pondering, contemplating, or questioning. It's now based on LOOKING (for a "YOU"). 

If "YOU" consist of more than just the THOUGHT, FEELING, SENSATION of a separate entity called "YOU", then there must be some EVIDENCE of "something" more.

You must now LOOK to see where that is. 

The definition of 'Looking' is exactly as the word implies - Look for a separate "YOU" as if you were looking for your reading glasses in your room. Through FOCUSED LOOKING, the experience can be 'triggered'. 

Now, it's time to earnestly LOOK for that EVIDENCE (of "something" more). Try your best to not come up with logical arguments or some way to make sense of everything. In order to have the experience, you have to do the work.
At this point, you have to literally KEEP LOOKING to find that "something" that is the separate 'thing' called "YOU" (other than a THOUGHT, FEELING, SENSATION).  By going through the PROCESS of Looking, the experience can be 'triggered'. 

What is the “YOU” that you think you are?  THERE IS NO "YOU".

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@tashawoodfall I do understand a lot of what has been said in the exercises, both the ones posted by you and those that Leo posted.

The huge sticking point for me and one that I just do not seem to be able to get past for some reason is the brain. I have watched @Leo Gura video on the brain over and over again and I just cannot seem to get it to sink in. 

Whenever I feel like I’m making progress, up it pops again “You’re the brain!” It’s driving me nuts! I have sat for hours doing exercises and contemplation, simply for the idea to pop in there and destroy any of the hard work!

Thanks again for the little nuggets of wisdom. I have found them to be very helpful.

If there is anyone out there who can give me any pointers on this to finally eridicate this feeling of me being the brain, it would be much appreciated! @tashawoodfall I do see that it was a subject you were going to come back to in your post! ?

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@ryuzaki I've been trying that technique the past couple of days and it's helped a ton. Catching myself more often whenever I notice I'm not present. Thanks for sharing

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While the expression "Illumination" has been up for a wide range of discussions, I can state that of the greater part of the ways I have contemplated in the course of the most recent decade, they all consistently concur that a move from the psyche/sense of self into Awareness is a vital advance on the way to Enlightenment.

Here's a multi-day practice that can move you into Awareness and help to free you from the jail that is conscience. As a rule, Awareness doesn't know about itself as the spectator. Rather, the lion's share of people is completely wrapped up in thought.

Spend the following 2 days in this way.

Know about something visual that eyes are seeing, and also something capable of being heard that ears are hearing, while at the same time thinking in the meantime.



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squats, deadlifts, pushups, pullups.. Enlightment without caring about body is just bullshiting yourself

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"We have a bag full of goodies, and we could go with hands outstretched...you may never speak about it, but your pores will. The pores of your skin. That's teaching..."

- 10 Ox Herding Pics by Shinzen Young 


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Ask yourself several times a day "what is happening right now?". 

If you practice meditation,  you might know by now that a constant state of awareness, is more important than your formal meditation session.... and that is because, being centered in awareness no matter what, IS what will truly harmonize your life. Simply because your emotions, problems and behavioral patterns cannot dominate you the same way anymore

This question is meant to develop your awareness without having to sit or be alone for it, you only need to save some minutes, several times a day and the more you inquiry the easier will be for you to observe without judgments, recenter yourself into a expanded state of awareness and see reality as a soft touch of god. 

Sold it? ;) 

Sorry if it seems that easy!



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