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  1. Writing a poem about survival is not survival.
  2. @Leo Gura you've never talked about seeing dmt entities yourself. At least as far as I remember. Is it because you're not aiming for that? Or because 5meo is more “clean“?
  3. I don't really care how advanced I am compared to other species in other galaxies. I'm just me.
  4. Wow, a game! I read the description. It gives my the chills. Will have to try it out.
  5. I tried to compose a piece to express my experiences of depression. I also drew a picture. Maybe you can try to do the same or write a poem or something. Maybe we can collect some works here.
  6. If I accept the idea that I am already enlightened and I'm satisfied with that, am I being ignorant or wise?
  7. gratz
  8. Starting at 3:00 min. When it comes, allow it to be load. Don't even have to be tears, moaning is also crying. Expressing anger for example by throwing a something soft against a wall can help.
  9. Hi, i have a little exercise, that i want to share: Over the day, you count the cycles of forgetting and remembering the present moment. So whenever you recall, in whatever situation, you count one up. The next day, when you wake up, you start at 1 again. That's it. It's funny because at first, I tried this just because I was curious about how often I forget awareness and recall it again and if I could keep track of it. And then it turned out to be quite an effective practise to increase my level of consciousness. It helps to recall and then also deepen my awareness in various situations throughout the day. For example, while writing this text, I remembered again, count one up (to 86, it's evening now) and I am now staying kind of conscious still while writing, which is normally not the case. Best regards.