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  1. The big majority of covid deaths were either very sick people or very old people. That's why USA for example had a lot of deaths because the average health of americans is terrible and US has already lots of health crisies. To healthy people the virus is non threatening. I had it, was quite sick for one day and then completely healthy again the next day. I am not anti vax. Whoever feels to take the covid vax from the pharma businesses that they came up with in one year, sure go ahead. But don't go on a moral high ground and look down upon those who chose not to. which is it now? You see when we talk about covid the truth is just that really nobody has any idea. Rationally speaking it's an incredibly complicated topic. When you think the vaccine is safe, that's a belief. When you make all these judgements on which data are they based? How do you know your sources are reliable? You're just parroting expert opinions that you gathered up. How do you know which expert is right? Life is your imagination. So why the need of a vaccine for safety? Just imagine you are safe and you will be. Now this is obviously advanced stuff. Not for the Population. But we are on the actualized forum, no?
  2. The vaccine doesnt stop the spread. They never even tested that. The vaccines have more to do with business than health. Neither the pharmaceutical companies nor the government care the slightest about your health. Most countries have a multitude of far worse health crisies than covid, but close to nothing is being done. Only when there is big opportunity for monetization and policies that give governments more control they start to "care" about your health.
  3. I agree in that there are much higher levels of consciousness which are unaccessable as long as you imagine living a human life. Luckily we are not a human. Why seclude awakening to there not being physical form? How can the ego die when it is just a fiction? To me awakening is to be conscious of the eternal presence of God and forever recognizing God is you and this does not contradict imagining yourself living a human life. You can live a human life fully aware that you are God playing a character. If there is a post awakening marked by the return of an ego it just means you had an awakening experience not awakening, and you are giving away your power to a ficticious self fabricated ego. Yes you limit yourself down. Doesn't mean you cannot be conscious that you are the One that created the game and that you are all the characters in the game and none of them. That is playing the game in awakened mode.
  4. Are you really telling God what it can not do? God can imagine anything. It can imagine living a human life god realized. All human activity is Love. You can live a human life beyond survival. You choose to take part in survival in order to spread Love to human beings and at the exact same time you are completely unconcerned with survival because you know who you are.
  5. There are states of consciousness and levels of understanding so far beyond human reality where human understanding just seems laughable and you can learn to access these states with psychedelics, there is no question about that. But to claim that you cannot live human life being conscious of God all the time and to imagine you can access these states of consciousness only through psychedelics and actually being convinced by that story is pure Delusion. Who would prevent you from living a human life god realized? Who would prevent you from producing any kind of psychedelic state that you want with your body? The highest understanding a human being can carry is complete surrender to God.
  6. @Leo Gura Is the intelligence of alien consciousness higher that the intelligence of formless consciousness? Will there be any free content on alien consciousness? Is alien consciousness a higher teaching than love? How much love do you experience in your day to day life as a human? How important is it to awaken to a point where love becomes your baseline experience of life and did you achieve that, and if not, why not?
  7. What are your top lessons when it comes to psychedelics? Life is a game, Die before you die There is no distinction between a psychedelic trip and your daily life. Insights and inspiration come from being connected to the source of consciousness, the level of connectivity to the source has a chemical basis in the body. In the case of psychedelics the inspiration and insights fade away as the chemical foundation changes during the comedown, they do however still have a lasting effect, but the true growth comes from learning how to align the chemistry of the body with the source without psychedelics, this is the way to embody the insights and inspiration. Most growth from psychedelics is done after the trip by integration. If you need a psychedelic to sit in bliss, you are not awake and you don't understand reality. Accept everything that is. All is you. Everything you could ever want is already inside of you. How to use them most effectively and safely? The most effective way to use psychedelics for me is before and during the trip to surrender to silent presence and to the energy that arises when you do so. Notice how much resistance the mind has to be silent and present. I do this through yoga, meditation breathing and also guided Meditation. Once my mind is established in the silent presence and connected to the bliss I like to contemplate or also listen to different spiritual teachers. Often tho hours fly by just sitting in the profound bliss and love empty of thought. Once in this state on lsd I listened to Leos reading a poetic description of god consciousness. My Imagination had no human limitations and so the words of leo were translated into a profound experience. His words and descriptions became my reality. Safety? Well don't be an idiot. Consider all saftey measures before the trip. Pick a good location where you're safe without noise, close to nature. Don't take very high doses. What do you wish you'd have known before you started? Nothing. Exploring this stuff is a lot of fun. Dos and don't when psychonauting? Dos: Fast before and during and after the trip. If you want to eat, eat fruits. Warm water with honey and pure cacao is also nice. Be warm. I like to wrap myself in a mandala when sitting in Meditation. When it's dark, light safely placed candels. Wear comfortable clothing. Commit yourself before the trip to not distract yourself. Be free of fear and negativity. Go offline. Don't be uncomfortable with insanity. Don'ts: Don't eat during the trip! Don't look at your phone. Don't look at screens too much or better not at all. Don't distract yourself. Don't trip in noisy and crowded places. Don't trip in a City.
  8. Shunyamurti is stating god-consciousness similar to Leo.
  9. the best strategy is to not eat a big meal 4-5 hours before. You don't need to have food it clouds the trip. If you really have to, eat some fruit like bananas 2 hours before. Fasting is an important part of spirituality. Aim for higher states of consciousness in your trip, then you can make use of an energy source that is non physical. In India they call it Shiva Shakti.
  10. I think Biden is a joke. Like a middle finger from those who are in control. He's obviously mentally unfit to run a country. The political subforum here is very strange to me. It's a bit like you can parrot leo's political views or you're out. Don't go to far out of his box. Don't dare to speak about covid vaccination or a "conspiracy theory". Well for me, I take one look at Biden and I see that he is not taking any decision, he's almost like a empty vessel not really knowing where he is and what he's doing. I take one look at people like Dr. Fauci and I instantly know he is a corrupted liar. I have this since always, I always know when someone is lying. It happens with complete strangers, I just know they're lying even tho I've never seen them before, 10 minutes later I talk with them about their deepest emotional wounds. Obviously what I said is a joke. Biden is doing a great job. I hope he gets elected for another 4 years. Knowing people by looking at them and connecting to their energy is self deception and a fantasy. And take your booster shot by the trusted pfizer company and boost your children.
  11. @Razard86 Don't spend so much time on internet forums. The time & effort you put on this forum, apply that to your life. How do you have so much time for making all these posts? Don't you have better things to do? What story in your mind tells you it's a good idea to spend your life on a forum? How many hours a day are you on this forum? I think you are confusing the map with the territory. I think you are making an identity of being some kind of spiritual genius that no one understands at the same time failing to recognize the stupidity of yourself and the limits of concepts. I think you think you actually know stuff, which is obviously ridicoulus. You don't realize the stupidity of your thoughts. And you get off on one upping others. Telling others how to think and what to do, because you will never listen to your own advice.
  12. I don't know. Maybe I'm watching the wrong media, but the guy looks like he has dementia to me? Like mumbling all the time, forgetting how many people live in his country, shaking hands with air, falling asleep, falling on stairs/ from his bike, mumbling nonsense. I don't think he's making any decision really, it looks like he is someone that is following orders and reading teleprompters. So I think Biden is a pure Joke, the ones who are making the decisions don't even care to hide it anymore.
  13. I think it's possible also. Would be a very valueable skill to have. Well explained! I totally understand and agree, there is a lot of value in doing that. However I also feel some are taking it really overboard, I also feel it getting toxic at times and for some users always this need to be right or one up the other. For me also, even at my stage, there is this urge to share the insights, beauty, freedom, lightness and love that I get from my spiritual way of life with other people. I just started spirituality 5 years ago. Already I found a way to share my Insights with people and even at my stage of still talking to myself a lot, sometimes getting a bit into drama or victim mind. Even so the effect I can have on people Just offering an atmosphere suitable for meditation and openness. Sharing insights from me or from teachers I listen to and guiding the group into a deep meditative state. Basically I do some practices with them and at the end through improvising a guided meditation, that is reminding me of a lot of insights I had, I go into a deep meditative psychedelic like state, offering this vibration all the people connect in whatever way is possible for them at the time. After the session people are floored like after a trip, they share their visions they had and they mostly just feel amazing and inspired.... Litterally works every time. The point is the way people are talking on this forum I feel they are much more advanced than me, yet still have somehow hours of time every day to spend on this forum. Or is it just me that feels the urge to share this?
  14. Isn't it an assumption that we're experiencing life through "the lense of a human being"? Just because you feel and see a body doesn't necesarrily mean you see life through the lense of a human being, right? There are many Yogis who claim they can be without thoughts. Sadhguru says sometimes he is not thinking a single thought for few days in a row. And even I experienced it before. I'm aware I am not the thought, especially sitting in Meditation and it does not happen often anymore that I get identiefied with thoughts that lead to suffering. Yet, If i were to analyze, at least over 60-80% percent of my thoughts are nonsensical self talk. They are simply unnecessary. Maybe the mind is more than a "thought generating machine" and we just haven't figured out to use it at its highest potential?