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  1. Agreed. But it's always possible not just when you trip. Telepathy is a very broad and nuanced topic. There are many levels to it. Everyone is using telepathy even if they don't know. For example: People like getting love based attention that is free from agenda. So unconsciously people will tap into to the collective consciousness and know when their friends are in a needy state or in a giving, loving happy state and like this they know which friends to call or which friends to make plans with. I'm sure most of you have experienced this that if you feel very in bliss all of a sudden a bunch of people text you and when you are depressed people don't text you for days. In my experience you can establish telepathic connections when you make heart based connections with other people. Like this you will always know how they're feeling and you can also get input to what is going on in their lifes at any given moment. I wouldnt waste my time with that tho. Also you can do transmission of consciousness and raise their vibration if you want no matter how far you are apart from them. Again wouldnt recommend doing that too much as it is a bit pointless. People are where they are and need to experience what they experience. You can also establish a connection with your future self. Or with anyone you want basically. There you have to be very purified because when you still operate a lot from the ego it can always distort the information. You can also make a connection to Leo which is quite beautiful and funny also. He still experiences guilt jiji. Also with telepathy no one can lie to you regarding matters of the heart. Complete strangers can talk to you and you just know they're lying. Also your worldview is not anymore created by rationality anymore as it is for a lot of the people here on the forum. Things others read hundreds of books for to then allow their brain to try it because rationally their map of reality allows it with telepathy you just know these things. Telepathy comes with knowing through being.
  2. @michaelcycle00 Don't know which psych. How about the love of god? It's for free and it lasts a bit longer than 6 hours. It's kind of forever
  3. When you awaken there is no anxiety. Caring about what others think of you is a result of thinking you need to be a certain way to get their approval. When you are awake you have your own approval and love. You are on a platform noone can shake. This manifests chemically in your body and also in your energy field. Then you don't waste a single thought on what someone thinks of you.
  4. Name: Christoph Werner Age: 24 Gender: Male Location: Estepona, Spain Occupation: Vegetable Gardener, Meditation Teacher Marital Status: Girlfriend Kids: No Hobbies: acrobatic yoga, hatha yoga, exploration of spirituality, volleyball, meditation, psychedelics, traveling, community I got into personal development in 2018. After school I travelled for one year and I knew I want something more in my life then the examples that I've seen in my surroundings growing up. My dad programmed me from early childhood with "always think for yourself", "Be passionate for what you do"and "sustainability is important". 2018 I did some lsd with a friend and that changed everything, the day after, having many questions, I found Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, and Leo Gura. I was the most happy that day I found Leo's channel watching his video "What is God? Leo becomes absolute infinity" and looking at his channel I instantly knew I discovered a gold mine :). Personal challenges I've overcome: Healing childhood trauma from my mother who loved and hated me, which confused me a lot Forgiving my mother and developed a loving relationship with her Overcoming Cannabis Addiction Some achievements: telepathy, ability to go change the chemistry of my body into love at will, communication channel with a spirit guide that always puts me into the right places and connects me with the right people for my evolution, becoming attractive for women, transformed all my relationships into loving relationships, self discipline in food, and spiritual practise What I'm working on now: Fully merging with The Self, Transmitting and teaching other people how to connect to source consciousness, Educating myself about agriculture and building Community, Preparing people for the coming collapse
  5. @Leo Gura My advice for you Leo is not just teach concepts but actually start radiating god consciousness. Make your body a temple of god. Then you won't have to do all the ego editing That would truly be the next level of And it would be the end of your health problems also.
  6. @r0ckyreed I respect your mindset. However there is also the possibility of letting go of the self that needs to be loved ("always love yourself") and discover the Self that is love. And if you merge with the Self you probably will choose to always grow and improve your vehicle, in fact have goals that you can never reach. At the same time there will be zero need for any dissatisfaction with anything.
  7. @r0ckyreed To me it sounds like you are justifying your suffering here through building an identity of someone who will suffer to reach his full potential, who is above mediocrity. Do you feel guilty when you're not suffering to work on your goals? The story that you need to do something or achieve something or be a certain way in order to feel satisfied is an illusion. It's a story of the egomind. Like this the ego can delay satisfaction, always change the narrative of what needs to be done to feel satisfaction. And it is a black hole, because you can never satisfy the fantasies of the ego mind. Also this then manifests in your body. If you buy into this story a sensation of lack and incompletness will manifest in your body. Probably something like a hole in your stomach. Now there is also the possibility to let go of stories of lack and needing to be a certain way to feel satisfaction. If you truly let go of these beliefs you will find true satisfaction from seeing that you are already complete. And then if you choose to you can strive to improve yourself. But it will come through a motivation of love for something. I'm conpletely happy where I am, yet I'm striving to be better in Order to share this happyness with as many people as I can.
  8. True satisfaction only comes through being The Self. Then if you choose to, you can grow yourself to be more capable of whatever you want. Your insight sounds like a very twisted way of motivating yourself to me. Why not grow out of love for something and at the same time always be satisfied?
  9. Trans women are trans women! Most men are looking for a women that was born with a female body and has female reproductive organs and identifies as a woman. They are simply not attracted to trans women for survival of our species reasons. To them a trans women is not a women even if she identifies as one.
  10. I just listened to the podcast also. To me it seems like he's on the right track. He was talking about a theory of everything is impossible, consciousness as being fundamental, and other things you ( Leo ) are talking about. He also talked about practising meditation 3 hours a day since 20 years and studying spiritual traditiones, getting glimpses of no thought and a deep sense of love. @Leo Gura I think he would be very open to your ideas and worldview if you would ever talk to him.
  11. What has been most effective for me is a combination of Pranayama, Kriya Yoga, Meditation focused on the prana body, intermittend fasting, not eating meat and very important of course psychedelics.
  12. Nice and beautiful words. With the words above you screwed it up tho. Sounds like a bunch of nonsense to me. God is ultimate freedom. Why would he be able to understand men and not women? Both men and women operate on emotions. Both have ego and are striving for survival. Sane and Insane are conpletely relative and god is beyond sane/insane. what do you mean if her believs are false you will not be able to reach her? If you think you are a man you will never find God.
  13. For me I see a lot of numbers when my actions and ideas and thinking are in alignement with a higher intelligence.
  14. Many people around me tested positive for covid at that time. It was when the omicron variant hit. So pretty sure it was covid as it hit me quite hard for one day. Also last timeI got a cold was years ago. Just because yoga originates in india it doesn't mean a lot of them practise it. They don't. Also more than 30percent of their population is malnurished and if you've ever been to a city in India. They have super bad hygiene everywhere and cities full of waste and toxic air. China I don't know too much about. Actually I am around a lot of people usually, involved in a work group for gardening, going to seminars and Workshops, my girlfriend has a super big family, we have a market where we sell our vegetables every sunday.
  15. It's a controversial topic. My Opinion is just this, everyone should have the freedom to choose what to do with their body. I'm 24 and I'm taking care of my health very well. There is no reason at all for me to take the vaccine. I never take health advice from unhealthy people, that includes Leo. He is advocating taking the shots also, which is not something he should speak about. Furthermore if you truly care about other people and lifeforms on this planet, there is an energy that will take care of your wellbeing. This is my experience. Taking the vaccine is laughable for me. Also I think trusting big pharma is super naive. I know this is an unpopular opinion on this forum, but I don't care. You can make these experiments with your body, I won't. I had covid and recovered from it within one and a half days. This is because I train my immune system with cold exposure, also I do 1-2 hours of serious yoga and pranayama every day. Also I grow my own food. Two rats sit in a bar. One asks the other; have you taken the covid vaccine? The other responds, whaat?, are you crazy? They haven't finished testing on the humans ;))